A Miniature Modulator That Lets You Distribute Audio/Video Signals to Any TV

  • Miniature size won't clutter your system
  • Digitally controlled audio, video, and gain
  • One-button setup
  • Comes with five-year warranty

    The NetMedia Miniature 1-Channel Digital Video Modulator takes audio and video signals from a security camera, VCR, or cable box, and converts them to a regular TV channel that can be tuned into from any TV in your home. Thisl video modulator is built with digitally controlled circuitry. This means that once you select a modulated channel, the modulator won't ever need to be reset°™even after a power outage. The video modulator also features adjustable gain control, so you can match the modulator signal strength to the strength of the antenna or cable. The video modulator can easily be set up using a single button. Coax cable and splitter/combiner sold separately.

    Once the output channel for the video modulator is set, its digital circuitry keeps the unit's frequency from drifting. The channel setting is stored in EEPROM memory, so it won't need reprogramming if power is interrupted. The modulator also has an internally generated test pattern. Due to the small size of the modulator, the audio source is input to the modulator via the included RCA to mini left/right plug adapter cable. An RCA video cable is also included to connect your video source.


    NetMedia Product No.

    .875" x 2.125" x 2.625" (2.223 x 5.398 x 6.668cm)

    .25 lbs. (.113kg)


    Transformer input: 120V AC, 60Hz
    Transformer output: 12V DC, 250mA
    Consumption: 2.3 watts

    Signal Inputs:
    1 Video input
    1 3.5 stereo jack

    Signal Outputs:
    1 RF output

    Frequency Ranges:
    UHF: 14®C69
    CATV: 70®C125 (excludes 95®C99)

    5 years

  • NetMedia Miniature 1-Channel Digital Video Modulator

  • AC adapter

  • Left/right audio cable

  • Video cable