A Functioning Clock Radio with a Built-In Wireless Camera!
  • New and improved; Enjoy greater range and higher-resolution picture at a lower price
  • It transmits black & white images to your TV or VCR without wires
  • Camera receives power from the AC power, so there's no telltale video cables
  • Hidden camera is virtually undetectable Inconspicuously monitor babysitters, nannies, maids or housesitters with this fully functioning GE? clock radio, outfitted with an undetectable covert surveillance camera. The high-resolution color camera, strategically located behind the clock radio's front panel, transmits video over the 900MHz band to a wireless receiver that can be placed in any room up to 200 feet away!

    Unlike other covert wireless cameras that run on batteries, both the clock radio and the integrated wireless camera transmitter operate on AC power. You'll be able to covertly monitor any room without ever having to change batteries!

    The Wireless Clock Radio Camera works with two different receivers (each sold separately). The 7647F two-channel standalone receiver, which can be connected to a TV for direct viewing or to a VCR for surveillance taping, can display video from two separate 900MHz wireless cameras. The 7647H combination monitor/receiver can receive and display video from up to three different 900MHz transmitter cameras and can output its signal to a VCR for surveillance taping. The combination unit can even be set to automatically switch between two cameras.

    The camera offers a 380-line resolution and operates with as little as 0.7 lux.

    Clock radio functions include: dual alarm systems, AM/FM tuner, large green LED display, brightness control, date/time display, snooze button and 9-volt battery back-up.

    Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations state that users acquire an amateur radio license to operate this unit within the U.S.