A Fast and Easy Do-It-Yourself 4-Camera Surveillance System

  • See and hear what's going on around your house
  • Included sequencer automatically switches between multiple cameras
  • Works with any TV or security monitor with RCA A/V inputs
  • Weatherproof for indoor & outdoor applications

    Protect your home with this affordable, 4-camera color surveillance system! This easy-to-use kit comes with 4 color surveillance cameras with audio and a quad sequencer that automatically switches between cameras (user-adjustable from 1 to 30 seconds). Simply connect the components to any existing TV or security monitor, and your surveillance system is ready to go! There is no extension cable available for this device.

    See Any Camera in An Instant
    The sequencer can be set to shuffle between 2, 3 or 4 cameras. Manual override buttons also give you the flexibility to switch to a specific camera instantly. We even include a remote control so that you can switch cameras from your seat, rather than walking to the main console.

    Audio-Enabled Great for Baby Monitoring
    Each camera includes a built-in microphone so you can be alerted to crying or other sounds. A mute button is provided on the camera sequencer, and the remote control, for monitoring without audio.

    Easy installation
    Just mount the cameras (a bracket is included with each camera), run the supplied 30' cables from each camera to the quad sequencer. Then connect the sequencer to any existing TV or security monitor with RCA A/V input jacks. The cable between the cameras and the quad sequencer carries the power and audio/video signals. A separate power supply for the camera is not required.

    Capture Quality Images
    With a 330-line resolution, each camera will produce excellent images.


    JSW Pacific Corporation Product No.:

    330 lines

    Operating Temperature:
    10 ~ 50c

  • 1 4-input switcher

  • 4 color cameras with brackets

  • 1 remote control (uses an N-cell battery, included)

  • 4 camera cables (30' each)

  • 1 A/V cable

  • 1 power supply