A Covert Digital Video Recorder With Removable Memory!
  • Records and stores events on a removable memory card
  • It's like getting a VCR with external video motion detection, an external PIR and CCD camera in one
  • Works with easily-found MMC-type memory cards for up to 64MB of storage Event recording has never been easier than with the MemoCam Plus, a compact, palm-size black & white CCTV system that records and stores events on a removable memory card when triggered by motion or an alarm system output. Because the memory card is removable, the MemoCam Plus is perfect for alarm-based event recording in locations where running video cable is difficult or impossible due to physical constraints. Recorded events are easily analyzed by simply removing the memory card from the unit and inserting it into a Memory Card Reader (sold separately) connected to a PC.

    Flexible Recording Triggers
    The MemoCam Plus recording feature can be activated by any of three methods. For example, you can use its integrated VMD (Video Motion Detection) feature to detect motion within specific areas of interest within the picture frame. It can also be triggered by the standard, heat-based PIR motion sensor integrated into the main unit. It even offers three dry contact inputs for external triggers, like door/window contacts, glassbreak sensors, etc. Recording can be activated by any one of the above methods, or a combination of them to increase reliability and reduce false alarms. In addition, you can use the included remote control to arm or disarm the event recording process, or to record events manually.

    Popular Applications
    Because of its flexibility, the MemoCam Plus can be used in many applications. At home, the MemoCam Plus can be used for nanny monitoring, visitor and intruder identification, or even as a video door phone with recording capability. Or use the MemoCam Plus at the office for entrance/exit recording, trespass verification in confidential locations, or recording of after-hours activity. It's also an ideal loss prevention system for retail locations or stock rooms.

    Two Recording Modes
    The MemoCam Plus offers two recording modes. The first is Fixed Mode, which records events until the memory card is full. The second recording mode is Cyclic Mode, which records events successively, overriding old data when the memory card is full.

    Expandable With Additional Cameras
    The MemoCam Plus has the flexibility of being expanded with up any two external surveillance cameras, including the . This feature is ideal for converting the unit into a multiple camera CCTV System.

    Other features include:

    • A video output that allows you to view live video from a selected camera when connected to a CCTV monitor. This feature simplifies the camera adjustment process and provides additional monitoring capability.

    • A built-in weekly scheduler that allows you to automatically arm/disarm the system at predefined times and days.

    • Simple automatic setup on the memory card defines the: image quality mode, camera visual parameters, frame rate and number of frames per event.

    • Image integrity where each image is digitally signed and can be authenticated.

    • A fully functional PIR that can be connected to an external control panel.

    • Three color-coded LEDs indicate the status of the MemoCam Plus.

    The MemoCam Plus includes a 16MB MMC-type memory card (upgradeable to 64MB, which stores 10,000 black & white images) and a palm-sized remote for arming/disarming the event recording process or to record events manually. To review the camera images, you'll also need any standard MMC-type memory card reader, like the Flash Card Reader/Writer (#7527MCR, sold separately), which connects to a PC's USB port and acts an external hard drive that you can use to drag and drop images to and from the memory card.

    Note: To use this product you must have a Multi-Media Card reader. If you do not already have one, 7527MCR will be required.

    The MemoCam Kit includes the following items:

    • MemoCam unit

    • 16 MB Multimedia card

    • Protective card cover

    • Mounting Kit (brackets)

    • Power Supply

    • IR Remote Control Unit and 2 AAA Batteries

    • MemoCam Installation Manual

    • MemoCam Quick Setup Guide

    • MemoCam software CD

    Recording Specifications

    MMC Size
    High Quality
    ~20KB per frame
    Medium Quality
    ~10K per frame
    Lowest Quality
    ~5 KB per frame







    Video Inputs
    2 (for external cameras)

    Video Output
    1 (for adjustment and monitoring

    TV standard

    420 TV lines

    0.1 Lux (F2.0)

    Pinhole lens
    F4.3 mm

    Recording Format

    Picture format

    JPEG with automatic Thumbnails Support

    Picture quality options

    Good, Great, Better, and Best modes, from 5K up to 20K image sizes.

    Recording rates

    From 3 images per second to 1 image per 5 minutes.

    Recording options

    - Records fixed number of events until memory is full.
    - Continues recording from start when Multimedia card is full.

    Delay time between alarm triggers
    1 sec to 999 sec

    Number of images per event
    1 to 101 images

    Motion Detector

    Lens Type
    Hard Spherical Lens

    Detection Speed
    1-5 ft/sec

    Pulse count

    1,2 Dipswitch; 2-3 Automatic depending on speed spectrum analysis.


    Wide angle 90o (60ft x 60ft)

    RFI Protection
    30V/m 10-1000 MHz

    EMI Protection

    50,000V of electric interference from lightning or power through.

    Terminal Connectors and Switches

    External input
    Isolated dry contact input

    Relay output

    28VDC, 0.1A with 10 ohm serial resistor, opens for 1.8 sec upon detection. Normally Closed

    Control relay - Normally Open

    Tamper switch
    If cover is removed.

    Dry Contact Input
    3 (for external triggers)

    Separated power feeds

    Optional Separated power feeds for PIR and Recording module sections.

    Power Supply & Size

    PIR detector only
    Typical - 30 mA @ 12 VDC

    Total power consumption
    Maximum - 500 mA @ 12 VDC

    2.67"w x 5.31"h x 2.20"d

    8.8 oz.

    PC Minimum Requirements

    Pentium II 200MHz or higher

    16MB or higher

    Operating systems

    Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT, or XP and Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher


    Multimedia Card Reader

    Pocket PC Minimum Requirements

    ARM (or compatible)

    16MB or higher

    Display resolution
    320x240, 16 bit or higher

    Operating systems
    Windows CE 3.0 or higher

    Multimedia Card Reader