A Complete Clock Radio Wireless Camera System Under $200!

  • Hidden color camera is virtually undetectable
  • Costs less than 50% of other clock radio camera systems
  • Transmits video to a wireless receiver that you connect to any TV or VCR within 200 ft.

    Hidden cameras disguised as clock radios have been around for years. The only problem was that it was almost impossible to find one for under $400 until now. This Clock Radio Camera Kit includes everything you need to transmit video to a TV or VCR up to 200 feet away, but for less than 50% of what similar systems cost! And since it looks like an ordinary clock radio, it's perfect for monitoring babysitters, nannies, housesitters, and more.

    Wireless Transmission
    The clock radio is fully functioning, with all the standard features found on most clock radios. The only difference is that there's a 2.4GHz wireless camera hidden behind the front panel. This hidden camera transmits full-color video signals to the wireless receiver, which attaches to any TV or VCR. There are a choice of frequencies, in case there is interference from another transmitter. The camera transmits a 330 line color image and needs at least 2 Lux of light. The camera lens covers a 70 area.

    No Batteries Required for Camera Transmission
    Unlike other covert wireless cameras that run on batteries, both the clock radio and the integrated wireless camera operate on AC power you won't have to worry about changing the batteries or telltale video cables that may make it obvious that there's a camera in the clock radio. Note: The clock radio does have a battery compartment in case you want to back-up the clock memory in the event of a power failure.

    This Wireless Clock Radio Camera Kit includes:

  • 1

  • 1

  • 2 power adapters (1 for the receiver and 1 for the clock radio cam)

  • Connection cables (from the receiver to the TV or VCR)

    We also offer the and separately.


    JSW Pacific Product No.:
    RC-820S + CCD-735R

    Picture Output:

    Camera Transmission Frequency:

    330 line

    Minimum Illumination:
    2 Lux

  • Wireless Clock Radio Camera Kit

  • Wireless Clock Radio Camera

  • Wireless Receiver

  • 2 adapters

  • Cables