A Camera and Motion Detector All in One!
  • Combines several units into one for cleaner security system installations
  • Costs much less than it would to buy all those components separately
  • Available with color or black & white cameras The best security systems are those that combine multiple protection methods, like motion-detection and surveillance cameras. The only problem is that the cost of buying all that equipment and installing it adds up quickly unless you have the D-CAM 500, an integrated solution that combines a high-sensitivity pinhole video camera and a PIR motion detector in one affordable package! Available in color or black & white, the D-CAM 500 works with hardwired security systems and time-lapse VCRs for total protection of your home.

    The first thing you'll notice about the unit is that it has been designed from the start as an integrated camera and motion sensor. Many PIR cameras are inexpensive motion sensors with a camera element kludged inside the case. The D-CAM 500's PIR sensor covers a wide 90-degree field of view and looks out 60 feet. It has adjustable sensitivity and pulse count to reduce the chance of false of alarms. The motion sensor, if sold by separately, would retail for about $50 to $70.

    Flexible Installation
    With matching PIR motion sensor and camera fields of view, D-CAM is the best choice for an integrated, hassle-free solution. And because it combines several items in one, you'll not only have a more a more cost-effective installation, but a cleaner, clutter-free look. It works with a wide range of operating voltage (12VDC, 24VAC or 230VAC). Internal voltage regulation ensures clear, stable camera images.

    Works With Time-Lapse VCRs
    The D-CAM 500 has two, separate dry contacts (relays). One dry contact is normally open (NO), and can be used to activate a time-lapse VCR. This feature is great if you only want to capture critical surveillance moments instead of continuous, uncontrolled recording over long periods. A user-adjustable timer can keep the contact closed for periods between 10 and 100 seconds, avoiding sudden disconnections, even when the contact is closed for one or more consecutive time periods. The other dry contact is normally closed (NC) and is usually used as a regular alarm PIR detector output.

    Power Connections
    The D-CAM 500 has two separate external power supply connections: one for the camera function and the other for the PIR motion sensing function. This feature allows you to use the power supply from an alarm system control panel (PIR motion sensing function only), eliminating the need for a backup battery. This way, if the power fails, the video circuit will turn off (because it draws most of the power) and the motion detector will continue to operate off the alarm system's backup battery. If you like, this feature can be disabled so that one power supply runs both circuits.

    Color D-CAM 500 The advanced signal-processing CCD color camera built into the Color D-CAM 500 provides a high-quality picture with high density (290,000 pixels). It offers a high resolution of 380 lines, an automatic gain control (AGC) circuit that provides good picture quality in low-light conditions, and automatic shutter speed control (from 1/60 to 1/100,000). It also offers full automatic white balance using TTL tracking, or manual light balance if you prefer.

    Black & White D-CAM 500 The CCD black & white camera built into the Black & White D-CAM 500 provides a high-resolution, 400-line image, with a light sensitivity of 0.1 lux. It has built-in back-light compensation for clear, distortion-free images, aperture correction and phase-adjustable line-lock capability for roll-free sequential switching. Other features include selectable DC driving iris control, composite video iris control or electronic light control.


    Model #

    Picture Output

    Number of Pixels
    290,000 ( Pixels)

    380 Lines
    420 Lines

    Minimum Illumination
    .5 Lux


    3.7 mm, 78deg. field of view



    Video Output Connector

    Detector Element
    Dual Element PIR

    D1.6oC (D 3oF) @ 0.6m/sec (2ft/sec)

    Detection Speed
    0.3 - 1.5m/sec (1 - 5ft/sec)

    Pulse Count
    1 or 2 set by DIP switch
    or Automatic depending on speed spectrum analysis

    Wide angle 90o (60ft x 60ft)

    Mounting Bracket


    Power Requirements
    9-15 Volts DC

    Power Supply
    Not included, use #7445

    Operating Temperature
    14F to 113F
    14F to 122F

    Dimensions (inches)
    2.8" wide x 2.1" deep x 5.3" high

    1 year

    The whole unit is for mounting to a flat surface or it can be installed in a corner. However, using a mounting bracket, sold separately, the D-Cam can be more precisely pointed, which will result in a video picture of the area of you want to monitor.

    Power supply sold separately.