A Baby Cam Built Into a Cuddly Teddy Bear!

  • Watch from your own TV as your baby sleeps
  • No wires are used between the TeddyCam and your TV
  • Use it in any room of your house

    It may look like an ordinary toy at first glance, but don't be fooled; the TeddyCam is smarter than the average bear. Despite his cuddly appearance, this bear is outfitted with an advanced baby monitoring system that lets you watch your child on your own TV, without running wires throughout your home. AC adapters are included.

    With a camera built into his nose, the TeddyCam blends perfectly in the environment of a baby's room. Plus, a built-in 2.4GHz transmitter sends video signals to the receiver you connect to your TV, eliminating the need for wires. Altogether, it's the perfect solution for affordable baby monitoring, without making your infant's bedroom look like a TV studio.

    Because it's a wireless system, you can use the TeddyCam in any room of your house, so long as there's an AC outlet nearby, and a TV within 100' to 300' (range varies, depending on the layout of your home).

    The TeddyCam is built with a 1/3" CMOS black & white camera, with an impressive 582 lines of resolution and an incredibly low minimum light level of 0.5 lux - perfect for capturing images even in low-light situations. Also includes a four-channel 2.4GHz receiver, complete with a directional antenna, as well as two AC power adapters and an A/V cable that connects between the wireless receiver and your TV.

    Note: The TeddyCam is not intended for use as a toy, or as a covert nanny cam.


    eSolar Commerce Product No.:

    Frequency Range:

    Use within 100-300 ft. of TV

    Picture Output:
    Black & white

    Image Pickup Device:
    1/3" CMOS

    Minimum Illumination:
    0.5 Lux

    582 lines

  • TeddyCam Baby Monitoring System

  • Transmitter

  • Receiver

  • Cable

  • 2 adapters