911 with the touch of a button!
Your kids spend nearly a third of each day away from home, making it impossible to keep a constant eye on them. Then there are your senior relatives, who you can?t check on every day. Not to mention all the time you spend outside your home?traveling to work, running errands or exercising. So you worry. Will your kids be safe? Will your elderly loved ones be able to call for help in an emergency? Will you be able to get help when you?re away from home?

Now you can rest easier, thanks to ADT's Mobile911? ?the hot button for emergencies.? It?s a revolutionary alternative to a cellular phone that lets you summon help with the touch of a button. What makes it great for you and your loved ones is that with Mobile911 there are no monthly charges, no activation fees and no contract. Just insert the four AAA batteries provided, and Mobile911 is ready to use.

Mobile911 features one button that connects you directly to your local 911 operator, and a two-way voice capability for speaking with emergency personnel. And unlike traditional cellular phones, it doesn?t need recharging. You?ll feel more secure during road trips, while jogging and during other outdoor activities.

With Mobile911 you don?t have to sign up your kids for cellular service. And if you have teens or college-aged students, that means not having to worry about them running up high bills. You?ll feel better knowing they?ll be able to call for emergency assistance on campus and on the go. Mobile911 even features a piercing 95-decibel siren that signals for help.

With Mobile911 you can have the confidence of knowing your senior relatives can get help anywhere, any time, just by pushing one large red button. Easy to use and affordable, Mobile911 can help you and your loved ones stay safe and secure away from home.

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