900 Mhz Wireless Indoor B/W Camera & 5" Monitor with Audio Video TV Output
The GigaMax 2501, totally wireless, system allows you to plug in the camera to any AC outlet, if no AC outlet is available the camera will run on batteries, then do the same with the 5 inch Black & White monitor (will also run on batteries) and you are ready to go! Transmission range is up to 300 feet. This system will work with up to 2 cameras, only 1 is supplied, you can add additional cameras as an option below.


  • Baby/Child Monitoring
  • Spy On Your Babysitter
  • Door Entrance Monitoring
  • Record Home Videos/Parties
  • Keep An Eye On Your Pets
  • Monitor Your Guests/Visitors
  • Store/Business Monitoring
  • Monitor Your Driveway/Car
  • Catch Vandals Destroying Your Property

What's Included:

  • Monitor
  • Indoor Infrared Camera
  • 2x AC Power Adapter
  • RCA (TV) Audio/Video Cables
  • Instructions Manual
  • Warning Stickers
  • Warranty/Registration Card

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