35mm Lens fits CCD machine vision cameras
35mm Lens fits CCD machine vision cameras.
35mm Lens fits CCD machine vision cameras.

February 12, 2002 07:54 - Model 23FM35L 35mm F/2.1 machine vision lens fits mid-range applications between 25mm wide-angle and 50 mm telephoto lenses. It has 30.5mm dia and filter size of 25.5mm. Distortion compensation ensures high resolution from corner to corner even at close minimum focusing distance of 0.3m. Locking mechanisms on focus and iris make it suitable for use in places with significant vibrations.

Tamron's New High-Resolution Lens Meets Demand For Mid-Range Focal Length For Machine Vision

35mm F/2.1 Joins a Line-up That Includes a 6.5mm F/I1.8, 8mm F/1.4, 12mm F/1.8, 16mm F/1.4, 25mm F/1.6, 50mm F/2.8 and 75mm F/3.9

Commack, New York, January 22, 2002. Tamron's 35mm F/2.1 machine vision lens completes the company's 2/3" Fixed Focal High-Resolution product line-up. In order to meet the demands of its machine vision customers, Tamron has added a mid-range 35mm F/2.1 lens with locks for 2/3" CCD cameras. As 1/2" and 1/3" CCD cameras gain popularity, this high-resolution mid-range lens satisfies the needs of customers who find a 25mm lens to be too wide and a 50mm lens too telephoto for many applications.

The new 35mm (23FM35L) joins an extensive line-up of 2/3" High-Resolution lenses including a 6.5mm F/1.8, 8mm F/1.4, 12mm F/1.8, 16mm F/1.4, 25mm F/1.6, 50mm F/2.8 and 75mm F/3.9. The new lens features the same compact design as the rest of the Tamron High-Resolution lenses. It features a 30.5mm diameter and a filter size of 025.5mm like the rest of Tamron's high-resolution line-up. The compactness and unified size of Tamron's high-resolution lenses give you greater flexibility when designing a machine vision system since any number of lenses can be used for different purposes.

High quality and precision are imperative for machine vision use and Tamron's new 35mm high-resolution lens is specifically designed to provide the quality demanded in this field. The high resolution achieved by the lens is a direct result of the thorough compensation of aberrations that are successfully lowered by Tamron through the use of advanced optical designs. Additionally, this technology provides tremendous distortion compensation that ensures high resolution from corner to corner even at the closer minimum focusing distance (M.O.D.) of only 0.3m.

In order to endure the vibration of factory automation apparatus, solid mechanisms are used in Tamron's high-resolution lens series. This makes it possible to maintain the finest quality even after long periods of use. The locking mechanisms on the new 35mm are for both the focus and the iris. This makes it ideal for use in places that suffer significant vibrations.

The Tamron 35mm F/2.1 with Locks (23FM35L) for 2/3" cameras is available now at a list price of $271.00.

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