3 Axis Web Camera
3 Axis Web Camera

- Advanced color CMOS image sensor
- Effective pixels 640 x480 (VGA)
- Still image capture up to 640x480 (VGA)
- Wide coverage viewing angle - horizontal 150 (lens pans 100 , left 50 and right 50 ) , top to bottom 110 (lens tilts 55 , up 40 and down 15 )
- In MSN Messenger and NetMeeting, the camera can be controlled via the internet by a remote-user upon request
- The first Web camera equipped with a high quality lens that has micro shooting capability, as close as 15 mm!

The OptiCam M1 is not just another web camera.
Not only is it stylish and innovative, it also allows you to move and control its lens. It covers about a 150-degree horizontal view (lens pans 100-degree) and a 110-degree vertical view (lens tilts 55-degree). Moreover, a remote user is also able to control the web camera upon request.
Micro shooting capability is another feature unique to this web camera. After adjusting focus, it can take pictures of images as close as 15 mm.
This web camera offers high-quality images, up to 30 frames per second on recommended systems in QVGA (320 x 240 pixels), as well as VGA (640 x 480 pixels) still images.
The OptiCam M1 works seamlessly with popular Instant Messaging (IM) applications, such as MSN Messenger, ICQ and Yahoo! Messenger. Equipped with a USB connection and built-in microphone, all you need to do is to plug the cable into your computer's USB socket. Now you are ready to add live video and audio to IM sessions!!

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