24-hour peace of mind for seniors
"What if something happens? What if I fall?" It's a difficult problem for seniors living alone, and for the family members who care about them. Seniors are hospitalized for injuries related to falling five times more often than for all other injuries.1 The fear of not having anyone there to help in case of a fall, an injury or some other emergency, can often force seniors to move out of their comfortable homes into another living arrangement.

ADT Companion Services ? a welcome solution.

That's why ADT, with its expertise in 24-hour security, has developed Companion Services. The program provides in-home monitoring around the clock against medical emergencies ? allowing seniors and clients who may need assistance to get help at the push of a button.

How does it work? The client wears a wireless Personal Help Button as a necklace pendant or wristband. When the button is pressed, an alert is sent to our Monitoring Center.

An ADT Monitoring Specialist then responds to the call, speaks to the senior over an intercom unit, and will notify a relative or neighbor or call for an ambulance, if necessary. The system also allows a senior to answer the telephone at the push of a button, using the intercom unit as a speakerphone.

Quick response is vital. After a fall or other emergency, 90% of people who get help within one hour will continue independent living. Because the odds of survival are proportionate to speed of response, the first-hour window after a fall is the "golden hour."2 ADT Companion Services can make all the difference.

An independent service for independent seniors.

Companion Services is not an add-on to an ADT security system. It works independently, which means all seniors ? even those who do not own their own houses ? can benefit from this valuable protection.

And it's made to be affordable. There's a one-time activation fee of $49, which provides the intercom and pendant, and the monthly monitoring fee for Companion Services is only $34.95. The unit is easily placed by the user, but for a fee of $50, the unit can be placed by a certified ADT Companion Services technician.

The program also helps seniors to feel more confident about living alone. And many seniors appreciate the independence and peace of mind that home monitored protection like Companion Services offers.

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