21st Century Locks announces price reduction for FingerLock TS-370 fingerprint lock.

21st Century Locks is pleased to announce the price of the FingerLock TS-370 fingerprint dead bolt lock has been reduced from a recommended $495.00 to $395.00. This makes the TS-370 even more affordable for residential and small business customers.

Columbus, Ohio February 22, 2004 -- Until now the security and convenience of biometric fingerprint locks has been the preserve of the well-to-do, Government departments and larger businesses. The FingerLock range of fingerprint locks supplied by 21st Century Locks has made these locks an affordable option for home and small business users.

The TS-370 uses a second generation semi-conductor fingerprint scanner which makes it impossible to duplicate the fingerprint onto another medium. It provides the ultimate security in that there are no keys to be lost, stolen or duplicated and only users whose fingerprints have been registered in the lock can gain access.

The fingerprint verification and dead bolt lock is combined in a single unit for easy installation, and removal. The locks are battery powered (4 AA size) and do not require connection to electric power. Battery lifespan is approximately 5,000 fingerprint verifications giving them a life of approx 8 months @ 20 accesses per day.

With the capacity to store up to 50 fingerprints, 45 users and 5 managers, there is ample capacity for even the largest families or a small business. Enrolled managers can easily add and delete fingerprints as the need arises.

Besides offering the security of knowing that only people you have granted access to can open the lock it can also be set to lock automatically after the door is closed. Enabling this option ensures that the door is never again inadvertently left unlocked. As an added safety precaution a safety-pin can be set from inside to de-activate the fingerprint sensor so that even enrolled users cannot activate the door from outside.

Not only do fingerprint locks offer the ultimate in security they also provide convenience and peace of mind. Fingerprint locks are no longer science fiction, they are science fact and the perfect way to protect your home or business.

For further information contact Rob van Gils, 21st Century Locks Ltd, Phone: 614.209.9364 or visit us online at http://www.21stcenturylocks.com

21st Century Locks is a Columbus, Ohio, based start up company specializing in fingerprint and digital keyless door locks and deadbolts for homes, offices and small business. They are also an authorized reseller of Panasonic Authenticam? Iris Recognition cameras and SecureSuite? computer security software.

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