21st Century Locks Appointed Distributor for FingerLock Range of Fingerprint Locks

21st Century Locks, LTD. is pleased to announce their appointment as a distributor for the FingerLock range of biometric fingerprint locks manufactured by T.S. Biometrics. Following this appointment they are seeking interested businesses and individuals to become resellers of this exciting biometric technology.

Columbus, Ohio March 19, 2004 -- 'In an ever increasingly insecure world biometric technology is being used to secure against unauthorized access to areas where you want to limit access to authorized people only. Biometric fingerprint locks offer the best, and most economical, method of making your business, office or home secure against unauthorized access, said Rob van Gils, VP Sales & Marketing, 21st Century Locks, LTD.'

'Traditional key locks, no matter how sophisticated, all have one weak point - the key. If a key is lost, stolen or duplicated anyone who has the key can open your door, to be safe you have to re-key or replace your lock(s) which is both time-consuming and expensive.'

'Card locks suffer from the same weakness as traditional key locks, if you have the card you can open the lock.' he said.

The advantage of biometrics is that access is granted on who you are, not on what you have - a key or card, or what you know - a combination or PIN number.

'The FingerLock range of fingerprint locks brings the security and convenience of biometric access control to a price where it is now an affordable option for small business and residential use. The addition of the FingerLock range of biometric fingerprint locks to your current product line is your opportunity to be a part of the move to the exciting world of biometrics, said Rob van Gils.'

'We are currently seeking businesses to join our reseller program and welcome inquiries from interested parties, he said.'

For further information contact Rob van Gils, 21st Century Locks Ltd, Phone: 614.209.9364 or visit us online at http://www.21stcenturylocks.com/resellers.htm for further information.

About: 21st Century Locks, LTD. is a Columbus, Ohio, based start up company specializing in fingerprint and digital keyless door locks and deadbolts for homes, offices and small business. They are also an authorized reseller of Panasonic Authenticam? Iris Recognition cameras and SecureSuite? computer security software.

About: T.S. Biometrics were founded in 1993 and were one of the pioneers in introducing biometrics to Korea in early 90's. As a leading biometric company, they design and develop various applications of fingerprint authentication technology. In 1998, they introduced the very first fingerprint verification door lock in the world as the first application of the technology.

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