21?Color Flat Screen Observation Monitor with Built-in 8-Channel Digital Triplex Multiplex

The SO5210MC is a professional-based, 21?true-flat screen video monitor with a built-in 8-channel digital multiplexer. Unlike most observation systems with quad processors, this revolutionary observation monitor features a triplex digital multiplexer that allows simultaneous recording, playback and live viewing. Multiplexer’s allow the user to define how they want each camera recorded independent of what is showing on the screen, whereas a quad observation system will only allow whatever is currently on the screen to be recorded. The SO5210MC monitor includes professional-based features such as dual modular RJ-11E and BNC video connectors that allow the user wide flexibility in selection of almost any type of camera. Other professional-based features include a 256-event alarm history log that can be downloaded to a PC via a RS-232C port, PC mouse for programming ease and multiple monitor outputs that allow simultaneous viewing options. This revolutionary observation monitor also includes IR remote control that can control all monitor functions, including new functions such as motorized dome pan/tilt control, video motion detection with user defined day/night schedules and 32X digital zoom for each camera. The SO5210MC monitor includes a PC mouse, IR remote control, instruction manual and power cord.


  • 21" Flat Screen Color Monitor
  • Digital Triplex Multiplexer
  • 21?true-flat screen, professional color monitor with 400 lines of resolution
  • Built-in 8-channel digital multiplexer
  • Dual RJ-11E inputs and BNC looping inputs/outputs for all cameras
  • Full triplex multiplexer operation allows simultaneous recording, playback and live viewing
  • Multiple monitor outputs that allow simultaneous viewing options on other monitors
  • Two programmable 16x16 motion detection grids with day/night settings for each camera
  • IR Remote Control of all monitor functions
  • PC mouse for programming
  • 32X digital zoom for each camera
  • Motorized dome camera pan/tilt control
  • Multilingual On-screen programming in 5 languages
  • 9th cameo screen allows text to be entered for leaving messages and reminders to users
  • Time/Date generator and 12-character camera titling
  • 256-event alarm history log can be downloaded to a PC via RS-232C port
  • VCR switch pulse input for synchronization with VCR’s having switch pulse feature
  • Separate power switches for system and screen only
  • Two-way audio from camera to monitor
  • Alarm outputs on monitor for optional external alarm accessories
  • Dimensions 19.3W x 17.4H x 18.7D in.

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