2005 New Sales for Sentient Discover

Boston College, the University of York and the University of Bath have selected Sentient Discover - the leading resource management system

March 23, 2005 -- Sentient Learning announced today that Boston College, the University of York and the University of Bath have selected Sentient Discover ¨C the leading resource management system.

Boston College
Founded in 1863, Boston College is committed to the discovery and transmission of knowledge, seeking to integrate excellence and religious commitment. Boston College endeavors to educate a new generation of leaders (www.bc.edu). Boston College will use Sentient Discover to seamlessly integrate their WebCT Campus Edition learning management system with ALEPH library management system, SFX OpenURL Resolver and Metalib Federated Search Tool. Sentient Learning aims to help institutions maximise the awareness, access and utilisation of existing learning resources and technologies.

Bob Gerrity: Head of Library Systems at Boston College commented:
"The Boston College Libraries are pleased to begin working with Sentient Discover to streamline our Course Reserves operation and provide greater integration of library resources into the campus online learning environment. We feel that Sentient Discover has tremendous potential to improve our internal processes related to Course Reserves and the creation and maintenance of reading lists. We also think that Sentient Discover will allow our subject-specialist librarians to play a much more proactive role in creating resource lists for use by faculty in the campus WebCT environment."

The University of York
The University of York was founded in 1963 with 200 students; it has expanded to 10,000 students with over 30 academic departments and research centers (www.york.ac.uk). Rated 6th out of 172 Higher Education Institutions for research, the University of York has chosen Sentient Discover.

Elizabeth Heaps: University Librarian commented:
"The University of York has chosen Sentient Discover to manage their online resource lists, after a careful evaluation. The University recently selected Blackboard as its VLE and Sentient Discover will be implemented alongside the VLE, and the Library's management system, Aleph from Ex Libris. We believe that the integration with Blackboard which Sentient Discover offers will significantly enhance the teaching and learning process at York, improving the student experience and making life easier for staff. We look forward to working with Sentient Learning to achieve this aim."

The University of Bath
The University of Bath received its Royal Charter in 1966, but it can trace its history back to the Bristol Trade School of 1856 (www.bath.ac.uk). The objective of the University is to advance learning and knowledge by teaching, research and through working closely with industry and commerce.

With a one year trial of Sentient Discover, Sentient Learning is extremely pleased to welcome the University of Bath to the user group community. Sentient Discover will provide academics and students with one click access to their learning materials and library resources in the SIRSI Unicorn Library Management System.

As a contributing member to the IMS Global Learning Consortium, Sentient Discover allows institutions to achieve seamless integration between the best of breed e-learning solutions across different vendors.

Sentient Learning would like to welcome Boston College, the University of York and the University of Bath to the Sentient Discover user community and wish them luck in their implementations.

For additional information about Sentient Discover please visit: www.sentientlearning.com or contact e-mail protected from spam bots.

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