2 Cameras + 1 Monitor = Peace of Mind

  • Two cameras with microphones transmit to a portable receiver
  • Ideal for home security and child monitoring
  • Up to 100 yard transfer range
  • Cameras include microphones for accurate security

    Protect your family and keep an eye on the kids at the same time°™with the same monitor! Eyez to Go is a portable security system that includes two cameras with microphones and a single receiver, so you'll always know that your home is safe and your family is fine. The lightweight color cameras contain 2.4GHz real-time transmitters that sends images and audio up to 100 yards away in open areas, 30 yards through walls. The receiver has an attached stand or is small enough to be carried in your pocket. The receiver can also be powered by 3 AA batteries (sold separately).

    The Eyez to Go system is designed to minimize external interference. Both the cameras and the receiver have an attached dipole antenna for optimal video and audio reception, and eight channels are available for you to select the best-quality option in order to avoid interference with other wireless devices. Online manual not available.


    GrandTec Product No.:

    Camera Dimensions:
    4" H x 3" D x 2" W with an attached 3 5/8" antenna

    Camera Speed:
    2.4 GHz

    Receiver Dimensions:
    5.25" x 3" x 1.3" with an attached 3 5/8" antenna

    Receiver Speed:
    2.4 GHz

    Video Systems:
    Supports NTSC or PAL

    Image Sensor Specifications:
    1/3" color

    Antenna Mode:
    Dipole (omnidirectional)

    Demodulation Method:

    TFT Panel Specifications:
    1.8", 300 TV lines, 300,000 pixels, 3 Lux

    Wireless AV Transfer Range:
    30M indoor; 100M outdoor

  • 2 cameras

  • Receiver

  • 3 AC cords

  • 6 screws