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Motorola Motorola Em1000 By Motorola

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  • Excellent radio.
    This radio works very well in hilly terrain and is easy to use. Reception is clear. One suggestion: the online product information should indicate that the "R" in EM1000R refers to the fact that the pair of radios comes with a recharging bay (with a slot for each radio). This will make comparison among products clearer....more info
  • pretty darn good
    That work well, but it would be nice if the light told you when the charge was complete... to soon to tell if they just keep charging, or not. If they do I would guess the battery won't last long, but so far so good...more info
  • Couldn't be more pleased!
    We needed a reliable, clear and reasonably priced communication system recently to help us run a huge outdoor event spanning two days. After reading the reviews and the features and specifications on these, I decided that this item fit the bill for us.

    The event was a huge success -- and I'm so pleased with these that I'm buying 4 more.

    ...more info
  • There's nothing Better Than These!
    I just got these radios for a blowout bargain on Amazon! The package came 5 days earlier than the origanal delivery date! I walked a long way up a hill with many slopes and got a signal as clear as I was talking to the person! The LED flashlight is an excellent feature along with the NOAA weather radio! It also came with a free car charger in the box! It also comes with a nice desktop charger that works very well. The backlighted screen is amazing! The 121 privacy codes are great for not getting interferance by annoying other people. There is a great hands free feature so you do not even have to push the talk button! There are many call tones that you can pick from. Overall I would recommend this Motorola Talkabout Em1000r radio over any other radio! It is the best quality and signal you can get!...more info
  • Very good two way radios
    I've been using these radios constantly for a couple months now and I'm very pleased with them. They get very clear reception and are perfect for road trips, hunting/fishing trips, or a way to communicate in a large work environment. The batteries hold a good charge, and can be used constantly for about 8 hours before they're drained. As the batteries lose juice the radios do lose some signal distance however. These are a much better deal than radios that require AA batteries. A little most costly at first, but they make up for it if you use them a lot. These are great little radios. If you need a set, these are a good option....more info
  • These babies do the job!
    Since I didn't originally have my GMRS license, I was hesitant to buy these, but getting my GMRS license was a snap online (as long as you are willing to pay the $85 fee...good for five years). These 2-way radios work great! Don't expect a 20 mile range. Expect more like a mile or two. As long as you set that level of expectation, you will be happy with these units. I am perfectly happy with these radios. My buddy and I each have our own boat, and we use these radios to talk with each other when we are out on the water....more info
  • Ok for what I need
    this product does not work in a city setting but no more than 200 feet but when you go in the field it works for like 2 miles but i use it as a baby phone and it works good it goes a little farther than a baby monitor if i had the chance to buy this product all over again I would NOT buy it. ...more info
  • motorola EM1000R 20-Mile 2-Way
    Good product, I like them, good quality but they are not going even 1 mile in the city (I live in a small town). I like the usb charger and the light....more info
  • Free car charger included!
    These are very nice radios. I am very happy with the purchase.

    - These radios came with a free car charger in the box! The sticker on it said it was for a limited time..
    - They look nice. They have a high quality feel to them.
    - The rechargable batteries included are the 3 AA cell batteries. That's a plus because I can easily use AA alkaline Batteries from the shop if I run out of juice.
    - It comes with built-in LED flash light.

    - The batteries are only 650 mAh Ni-Cd, which are a bit low compared to current NiMH. Maybe I'll throw in a trio of eneloops in if I start running out of battery.
    - The stand alone charger is a dumb charger which I think keeps on charging once full (potentially dangerous). The manual is a bit confusing regarding this fact....more info
  • Great for kids
    I was a bit hesitant that this was overkill and too serious for my kids but was pleasantly surprised:

    -size works well for even a 4 year old
    -the beep after send makes it easy for them
    -menu lock makes it very simple for them to just press PPT and not worry about anything else
    -rechargeable cradle is easy to use
    -manual says must be 5 feet away but seems to work fine even if the kids are right next to each other

    -auto charger was not a standard Motorola-quality - seemed like a cheap knockoff

    Overall, very highly recommended....more info