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  • Let God sort 'em out...
    This is one of those great action movies where the hero isn't burdened by doubt, ineptitude, or guilt. He knows what he has to do and he does it coolly and ruthlessly! What he does is kill bad guys... Lots and lots of bad guys of all nationalities, races, and creeds who deserve what they get. Very efficient and ecumenical...

    I lost count, but Liam Neeson must have killed about 50 bad guys in this one. And they keep on spawning so he has more to kill. I haven't seen one hero take on so many bad guys who keep on reproducing since Steven Segal made "Hard to Kill"...

    The action is non-stop and the retribution is very satisfying. There is a lot of violence, but this is not an explicit blood and gore film. Just good old Hollywood movie violence that hits you at the gut level. "Taken" is a nice vicarious vigilante thrill for all the rest of us who must play by the rules. Liam Neeson does an excellent job! Highly recommended for action fans......more info
  • Neeson at his Best!
    I haven't seen a action flick like this for a long time, it will never bore you. Liam Neeson is my new favorite actor, his role is so cool. The fight scenes are amazing with out being to unrealistic. The blood and gore are kept to a real minimuim in fact there really isn't any. If you enjoy action flicks with style and substance, I would think that you will enjoy this. Its a treat! I give it 5 stars....more info
  • Neeson vs. 007 vs. the transporter vs. Jason Bourne!
    Wow, Liam Neeson kicks some serious butt in this movie...As a thriller, this has all the elements you want. Granted, the hollywoodlike setup to the events leading to the plot are extremely typical and standard...but it delivers the goods anyway. Liam Neeson would give 007 and Jason Bourne a run for their money! The scens of him kicking butt are great, and you no doubt will root and cheer as he mows through the bad guys to get to his daughter. Very entertaining from top to bottom....more info
  • Sometimes, you just have to fight.
    What a great fast action movie. I was cheering for the father all the way. It is a movie worth watching. I was glad that the good guy won....more info
  • Stars for Neeson and Grace
    The stars are for Liam Neeson and Maggie Grace, but not so much for the film. It's a standard action/international thriller--nothing that has not been done a thousand times before. Shooting an innocent woman in the arm to make her husband talk does not make me admire the so-called hero in the story, and neither does his leaving a man to be electrocuted repeatedly until the power eventually goes off. Yes, I get that he is trying to rescue his daughter, but if it were so easy, there wouldn't be so many women still hidden away, as they are right now.
    There's also no indication that he was going to notify the French police or Interpol about all the captive women he saw. Sure, they could be moved, but at least there would have been some leads and perhaps DNA left behind.
    ...more info
  • Would You Mess With Ra's al Ghul? Are You Kidding?!
    "I Will Look for You. I WILL Find You. And I'll Kill You." You do NOT want to be the guy that Liam Neeson says that to in Taken.

    If you thought that Liam was bad (and by bad I mean gooood) as Ra's al Ghul in Batman Begins, wait 'til you see him as an ex-spy whose daughter is abducted while visiting Paris. Unfortunately for the abductors, Neeson was trained to "prevent bad things from happening." So when you combine a loving, overprotective father whose daughter has been abducted with a ruthless cold-blooded "preventer of bad things from happening," you'd better not be in his way.

    While some of the scenarios in Taken go a little over the top, the action is thrilling to watch, and Neeson is flawless in his role. I don't mean this to be a Neeson love-fest, but the fact is that the movie is 90% Neeson; he's on-screen in at least 90% of the scenes. It is indeed Neeson that takes Taken from being an average movie to being a really good movie.

    You won't fall asleep watching Taken. Surprisingly the movie is PG-13; even the Unrated Extended Cut doesn't cross the PG-13 line (as far as I remember anyway). There's lots of action. Good acting. A simple plot. Taken worked for me...I'd highly recommend it for you.
    ...more info
  • Neeson Exudes Charisma in a Machiavellian Way
    "Taken" is one of those movies for your personal library. Liam Neeson does a convincing job of demonstrating the virility and vitality of the aging Baby Boomer. He's what Jason Bourne grows up to be. Neeson's character doesn't knock you over with quick quips and a bevy of beauties. He's merely a dedicated former government agent who has learned some "tricks" of the trade. The screenwriter did an excellent job of creating a "He-man" without becoming a clich¨¦'. By Neeson recovering his daughter where his ex-wife's new rich husband isn't able to rise to the occasion, says the man who can really protect his family with sheer prowess is the better man. How could the ex-wife go back to a normal life when the real man (Neeson) lives across town? Of course, all this is subtle subtext.

    The salient point is that Neeson is amoral, doing what is appropriate for the situation to affect an ideal outcome. Neeson does the unthinkable in ways that are believable. No extraordinary special effects, no superhuman feats only possible for a man 20 years younger. In short, just plain old "Americana." Man encounters challenge. Man meets challenge head-on. Man triumphs!

    I highly recommend "Taken". Neeson exhibits the subtle charisma of a Harrison Ford.

    Edward Brown
    Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute
    ...more info
  • save your money and just rent.
    typical action movie, but not very likely to be possible in real life at all. Liam I am sorry for your lost, but this movie suck big time. ...more info
  • A straight up Good vs. Evil, Right vs. Wrong Thriller
    TAKEN is a movie only marginally enjoyed by critics (57% at Rotten Tomatoes) but loved by the American public. Liam Neeson stars as Bryan Mills, a retired government employee who has moved to California to be closer to his daughter Kim, played by Lost's Maggie Grace. Bryan is hesitant when Kim says she is going on a trip to Europe with her friends, but agrees to let her go if she promises to call. Kim does call from Paris, and while she does, Kim witnesses her friend Amanda being kidnapped. Suddenly, Bryan isn't retired anymore. He goes into "government employee mode" and tells Kim that she is going to be kidnapped and that he will come and save her.

    While working for the government, Bryan was a "preventer." He prevented bad things from happening. You get a picture of what those skills were when he begans encountering and dispatching with thugs easily in France. The action is fast paced and brutal, but not overly gory since this is a PG-13 movie.

    Bryan's CIA friends tell him he only has 96 hours to save his daughter. Neeson effortly displays the passion and desperation of a father about to lose his daughter. The villians are solid, and Maggie Grace is good as Kim.

    I enjoyed this movie and believe it did so well at the theaters because it is about a father saving his daughter. It is about good versus evil. There is no gray area, if you are bad, you are killed by Bryan Mills, angry father and killing machine. There's no message in the film about the environment or terrorism or anything else that many big movies try to slip in to appease the critics. It's a simple movie where you know right away that all the bad guys deserve to die and you'll feel good when they do.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Movie! Worth buying.
    This is one of the best movies that I have seen in a very long time. Excellent!...more info
  • Convincing
    Liam Neeson is awesome in this movie. The fight sequences in this movie where very realistic and didn't look heavily choreographed. The gun play in this movie was great too. I liked everything about this movie. Most of the time I'm frustrated by martial arts movies that seem so choreographed that the heroes never get knocked down or injured during a fight. I hope that Liam does another movie of this type maybe a sequel or even a prequel to this movie would be great.

    ...more info
  • This is one you could watch over an over again...
    Taken is by far one of the best movies of all time. I know that is a bold statement to make, but I really feel it to be true. Liam Neeson could not have done a better job in this film. The action scenes are brilliant, and leave you wanting more yet satisfied all at the same time. Taken is a movie that is not only worth renting...but buying. As soon as I saw it in theatres I knew I had to buy it, and as soon as I got off work today...I did. Amazing movie...buy it...NOW!!!...more info
  • Liam Neeson releases his inner Jack Bauer

    **** ? Out of 5

    Release Date- February 27th, 2008 (France) January 30th, 2009 (USA)

    Running Time- 93-Minutes

    Rating- PG-13

    Screenplay- Luc Besson & Robert Mark Kamen

    Director- Pierre Morel

    Starring- Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Xander Berkeley, Oliver Rabourdin, Katie Cassidy and Famke Janssen

    Upon seeing the preview for Taken I was quite interested in seeing this flick I came across the abduction scene when flipping through the stations and it got me hooked and I found it quite intense and was very much looking forward to this movie. In recent years the action genre has really gone downhill. And even action flicks made outside of Hollywood feel as if they were made by Hollywood. Taken does sort of feel like that at times, but this is the type of movie Hollywood once made when the produced quality movies.

    Taken isn't the most original movie ever made and you've seen variations of the plot done many, many times and maybe it's just me, but Taken also sort of had a feel of the TV series 24 in tone and in some of the scenes and in the main character. As much as it is an action movie Taken is also a suspense flick and both these elements work very well.

    The screenplay by Luc Besson & Robert Mark Kamen was well written, but not without its flaws. The lead character Bryan Mills played by Liam Neeson is a former CIA agent and due to that he has connections that allow him to track down the people who abducted his daughter, but the problem I had is things come a little too easy. Bryan gets a little too much done too easy and certain aspects of the plot aren't developed enough, but despite that Besson and Kamen do a solid job. Bryan Mills is the main character and really the only character that truly matters.

    And Besson and Kamen do a bang up job with the character. He's well developed and is a take no prisoners kick butt character. The rest of the characters are just sort of there and not given a whole lot to do, but in no way does this hurt the movie. Luc Besson has made some movies under Hollywood, but most of his flicks are French productions, but clearly geared at American audiences, but his movies are just a whole lot of fun. They might have a Hollywood feel, but they work better than most of the junk coming out of Hollywood these days. Robert Mark Kamen best known for the first three Karate Kid movies often works with Besson and both these guys work very well together. In general you may not get a cinematic masterpiece, but you do get your money's worth and Taken is by far their best work to date as writing partners (and possibly even on their own).

    Director Pierre Morel does a solid job even if sort of by the books. The pacing is solid and early on it moves slowly, but steady and is interesting and none of the scenes feel like fillers. The action sequences are highly enjoyable even if they lack some originality. Quite a few times I couldn't help, but think of 24, which I suppose is more due to the script, but some of the scenes feel like something done on 24. But despite some lack of originality, Morel does an excellent job and shows some potential as a filmmaker. Taken is well made and moves at a very nice pace and always remains interesting. Even if the action scenes lack originality at times they are again highly enjoyable and there are some scenes that are highly suspenseful. Also don't let the PG-13 rating scare you off. A lot has changed in cinema and movies that would once be R-rated get away

    What really elevates Taken is the performance by Liam Neeson; Neeson is one of the most talented actors of his generation and is one of the few actors that can pull off any role and do it great. Here as Bryan Mills he delivers one of the best if not the best performance of his career and is without a doubt one of my personal favorite performances of 2008. Anytime I write a review for an action flick I always mention how the action stars out there now really leave a lot to be desired. Gone are the Stallone's and McQueen's of the action genre. Liam Neeson though makes for the perfect action star; he has the no nonsense persona done perfectly and is also a great actor. While there are many actors who have done action flicks and gave excellent performances most of the time it isn't about the actual performance, but Neeson plays the tough guy role perfectly and also delivers one hell of a performance.

    Maggie Grace as Kim gives a slightly awkward performance; I haven't seen a lot of her work outside of The Fog, which was simply a put a pathetic waste of time, but I thought Maggie did well with horrible material and showed some potential. At the time this movie was made I guess she was about 23 maybe and she just didn't fit playing a 17-year old girl and actually the character comes off a lot younger than 17. It's very common for actors in their mid 20s and in some cases late 20s too play teenagers and some pull it off and some don't. Maggie Grace doesn't deliver a bad performance per se, but slightly awkward. Again she wasn't bad, but just didn't fit the age of the character and came across younger than 17, but some of that is more on the writing and directing, but again it was just awkward.

    Famke Janssen, Xander Berkeley and Oliver Rabourdin are solid in small, but vital roles and Katie Cassidy was good, but not given a whole lot to do. All the performances are mostly solid, but like I stated before its Liam Neeson that takes center stage here and really elevates Taken. Without Neeson, Taken would have been an enjoyable flick, but Neeson takes the material and makes far more out of it.

    Overall Taken is a solid movie that just slightly falls short of being brilliance, but when all is said and done the movie works on pretty much every level and again I have to state it's Neeson that really elevates the movie.

    The Blu-ray release is quite solid in terms of picture and sound; the action sequences sound amazing and the picture is sharp. I haven't gone through all the extras yet, but they all seem to be solid....more info
  • 10 star action!
    Liam Neeson at his best! He is every Dad's hero. A man of his word, he is strong, skilled, smart and will never give up. Liam is as good or better than his performance in Batman Begins. Subject matter will keep your daughter home without you having to say a word! The action,the story, and drama is on par with the best movies ever. Rent it, but you'll want to buy it. Let's hope that they bring Liam's character back for a sequel! ...more info
  • Taken- Blu-ray
    I'm going to start off by saying that I really enjoy this movie and all of the great reviews are well deserved. The reason I've gone down the middle of the road with my rating is because of the poor transfer. When I buy Blu-ray I tend to expect a great picture. Taken has a little too much grain through most of the movie with the worst scenes being low-light situations (especially right after the construction site scene: at this point it looks like the movie was projected onto a rough tweed backdrop). If the filmmakers did this for effect it was a bad move because it takes me right out of the movie and gets me thinking about stupid things like transfers... Again, I liked this movie enough to buy the Blu-ray after I had already seen it, I just don't feel like I got what I paid for....more info
    Taken, is everything you would expect and then some. Great movie with a little feel of the Bourne Identity. Smart and well paced.

    Picture Quality 8 out of 10 sound quality 8

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Empty Nest Syndrome
    Despite my being a big fan of Luc Besson and enjoying Liam Nesson's work, this film just never gelled for me. Whole lotta action, whole lotta stereotypes, no particularly interesting characters, no character development at all. You know all along what's gonna happen and what he's gonna do, it happens and he does it....more info
  • Wow! Non stop action flick with top notch acting
    Let there be no mistake - Taken is a no-holds barred, balls-to-the-wall action film. But it also has first rate acting and a gritty feel to it. Liam Neeson is well cast as a former covert agent for the U.S. Government who has retired to spend more time with his seventeen year old daughter. He is unhappy when his daughter decides to embark on a tour of Europe with just a female friend. His fears are confirmed when the two girls are kidnapped as soon as they land in Paris by mobsters who turn their victims into prostitutes.

    Neeson then goes on a one man "Dirty Harry"-like rampage to track his daughter down. There are also a few plot twists along the way that keep things interesting. The only thing that I didn't care for was the fact that Neeson was cast as an American and so had to lose his Irish accent. They could have had him play an ex-MI5 agent who had married and moved to the USA etc. to explain his accent. Nevertheless, its still worthy of a 5-star rating. Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to go buy the extended director's cut version....more info
  • Taken - Action Packed - Focused
    Former CIA Agent Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) has 96 hours to find his daughter who has been kidnapped and who may be forever lost. His daughter, played by Maggie Grace (Lost seaons one and two) goes to Paris with her friend, all with Mills' reluctant permission. Mills then goes into hyper drive working to find his daughter, reaping vengeance along the way.

    Neeson is very strong and the mood of his intensity is set from the beginning. He has friends who he was worked with in the past that give us a view of what he was like before he retired to be close to his daughter who lives with ex-wife (Janssen). The movie helps us to appreciate Mills who after years of neglect, feels a need to be there for his kid.

    The movie takes us to Los Angeles and to Paris. There are some very interesting chase sequences, one in a construction site at night, interesting sensation for sure. There are a few intense fights that are seemingly unrealistic, however, who cares, he is trying to save his daughter.

    Each encounter with the bad guys gets more and more intense. The movie crescendos at last with a fight scene on a yacht. Better than any James Bond type of view, and very interesting indeed. I think this could be a prequel with Mills and his friends doing their actual work. I think it would make an interesting story line.

    I got the Single Disc Extended edition. Not sure what was added that the movie lacked in the theater. This is a great movie as I watched it. This disc was a little lacking in extras, that I would loved to have had to fill in some of the details of the whys and hows of the movie after the fact.

    Otherwise, this is really good viewing overall....more info
  • Laughably Terrible
    Watch Man On Fire or The Brave One instead. This is a sad, sad attempt to capitalize on the revenge movie genre. At no point can this movie ever be taken seriously. The dialogue is laughably convenient with the subtlety of a sledge hammer. Neeson's character is comically professional at what he does; remaining perfectly stone-faced and professional as his daughter is abducted and kidnapped. His character is beyond ridiculous and everything he says or does is utterly hilarious.

    The beginning of the movie is exceptionally artificial and transparent because every scene is so clearly an excuse to bluntly tell you something about his character. NONE of it feels natural, which is okay on a certain level but the movie tries to take itself seriously and that's where it all falls apart.

    The acting is pretty bad overall, despite many of the actors being very good in other movies. This is a sign of bad directing and bad editing. This is likely because the director's previous movie was District B-13; an enjoyable action movie that is very short and in which 2/3 of movie is action. The problem comes when this director tries to make an action movie with drama and everything falls apart.

    The most important ingredient to a revenge movie is motivation and the movie just has none. Despite its many attempts to establish characters, I never felt anything for anyone, least of all the daughter. The only thing we have to go on is that they tell us the girl's his daughter and some nights he sits looking at childhood photos of her. There's no reason to care about her, especially when she blows off her father's heartfelt gift because her rich stepdaddy bought her a pony. That's right, a pony. Could it get anymore cliche?

    Seeing a shallow, 60-year-old man brutally beat up and shoot countless people, only made worse by the juvenile directing and editing, was the source of immense hilarity to my friends and I. I don't know why Neeson doesn't turn and wink at the camera spouting off lines like "[I'd sacrifice everything for her]", "[I'll tear down the Eifel Tower if I have to", and "[I could follow you across Europe. I'm very good at not being seen]." Neeson's attempt at the [Batman voice] was also hilarious; "WHERE'S MY DAUGHTER!" He's way above this material but even his acting is crap.

    There's 0 drama in this despite the constant attempts to force it down your throat. In my mind, I cannot imagine anyone taking this movie seriously. It really is an unintentional parody of the highest calibur right up there with Wanted. I also can't believe this movie was written by Luc Besson. He has made excellent action films like Leon: The Professional, The Fifth Element, and Unleashed. It seems like a 12-year-old wrote this. Then again, he was involved in the Transporter movies and those are meh but at least they DON'T TAKE THEMSELVES SERIOUSLY.

    Also, pretty much every time someone dies in the movie it's so poorly handled that it's to the point of parody. The shots he uses and the context of many of these are hilarious. Like a truck coming out of nowhere and running over someone, or showing a guy look through a port hole only to have Neeson pop into frame quickly and shoot the guy in the face through the port hole. Or the part that takes the cake is when Neeson quickly stands up and shoots an innocent woman in the arm... FOR NO REASON! Maybe in another context many of these things could have felt more natural, shocking, or interesting but it's all so hilarious here. I'm glad I didn't see this in the theater because I would have likely been kicked out for laughing so hard.

    It's a terrible movie overall, but an excellent choice for a comedy rental but no one should ever own this trash.

    Picture quality and audio seemed very good. Extras are meh but I guess that depends whether or not you like the movie and are interested in the commentaries and the small amount of behind the scenes material....more info
    It appears that several dozens of people liked TAKEN despite its many plot holes (several of which are listed in the professional review on the first page of this marketing site). This film does have much that would appeal to teenage boys: lots of fast-cut action with flying fists and bullets, plenty of "foreign" villains who get wiped off the face of the earth by an American good guy with a righteous cause, and miles and miles of car chases! And, for middle-aged women, it has LIAM NEESON--towering over other men, emoting, flexing his middle-aged muscles, and saying all sorts of heart-fluttering semi-off-color things.

    There are many other heroic-fantasy films which are just as good when it comes to fast, violent action: the BOURNE trilogy, the TRANSPORTER series, and HITMAN with Timothy Olyphant come to mind. If a person, for whatever reason, prefers to see fast action mixed with an erotic component, then HITMAN is superior to TAKEN and these others.

    In this film, Famke Janssen, as Neeson's character's ex-wife, is physically quite good looking (but unattractively bitchy most of the time). On the plus side, when it comes to screen presence, Liam Neeson still has it, and his delivery of the few witty lines of the script is effective....more info
  • Simply Awesome!
    Being an avid movie buff and Liam Nesson fan for years, I couldn't wait for this movie to come out in theaters, I knew it was bound to be something special...Liam Nesson, who is one of the most underrated and underused actors in Hollywood gives a knockout performance...The movie had its fair share of critics who didn't like how "convenient" the situations that he got himself in played out, but let's please not forget this is Hollywood and this is a MOVIE...movie starts of somewhat slow but once it gets going man does it pick up the pace...the ninety minutes will truly fly by...I guarantee that you will love this movie! ...more info
  • Don't Try This At Home
    Taken is a very well paced thriller about an ex-CIA field agent who shoots his way through Paris looking for his kidnapped daughter. Liam Neeson does a good job playing the father, who kills a whole bunch of white slavers in the film (Interpol, please take note) while dodging bullets like Max Payne.

    Despite the torture scene, I enjoyed this film. I actually wanted to see it in the theatre but it wasn't there for very long. I don't regret buying Taken since the DVD will be viewed more than once....more info
  • Jack Bauer: The Retirement Years
    While watching "Taken", the first thing that crossed my mind was: "Wow, this could be the story of fictional TV character Jack Bauer's retirement years!". Considering the success of 24, suffice it to say that I mean that as a compliment and thoroughly enjoyed this film.

    Basically, the plot of this film centers on Liam Neeson's character, who is estranged from his daughter (played by Maggie Grace) and really has no way back into her life anymore. Though tenuous about her decision to travel to Europe for a summer with a friend, he knows that not signing the consent form will only further drive a wedge between them, so he allows it. Of course, her and the friend are immediately targeted by European slave traders and kidnapped right out of their apartment, sending Neeson into action to try and get them back. The kicker, though, is that "Neeson", now retired, was once a government agent who worked for an agency not unlike that of "CTU" of "24" fame (at least that is how it is described). As a result, Neeson actually has a fair shot at tracking down his daughter's abductors for the remainder of the movie.

    What really separates this movie from other action fare, though, is the character development at the very beginning. Where other pure action films (Eagle Eye comes to mind) spend just a few precious minutes to develop the characters, the entire first 30 minutes (out of only 90 total) of "Taken" really fleshes out the father-daughter relationship. This makes you the viewer root even harder for Neeson cause when his daughter is taken.

    The acting is also very solid, albeit in a subdued fashion (at least from Neeson). Whereas Kiefer Sutherland's Jack Bauer emotes wildly and often, Neeson's take on "government agent" is much more simmeringly intense. We understand how badly he wants his daughter back, but he doesn't have to pitch a fit to convince us. Also, Grace ("Shannon" of LOST fame) transitions from well from small to big screen, as her innocent portrayal of a young girl also helps the audience become emotionally involved with the film.

    Thus, while this film is not epic in any sense of the word (hence the four-star rating), it is still very entertaining in a straight-forward sort of way by doing all the things that a good film should: developing characters, creating emotional attachments, and having enough of a plot to keep the action moving forward. If you are a fan of the "thriller" genre, please check this movie out...it may not shoot straight to the top of your "favorite movies" list, but you will also likely not be disappointed, either....more info
    I really enjoyed this movie. I did not see it in the theaters and I usually wait it out and buy my movies used from AMAZON. I really did not want to wait to see this one so I brought it at the full price. I have no regrets in doing so. This movie delivered big time for me! Great story line with lots of action. Well worth my money....more info
  • Got Dendrites?
    This film has more holes than my Kuru-riddled brain.

    Treating a pernicious industry like the sex-slave-trade in a comic-book fashion is ludicrous and irresponsible. I've lived in SE Asia, working not in, but alongside crusaders fighting this sorry malignancy. I know...it's only a movie. It's only the well from which our culture draws its knowledge.

    The good guy (Liam) has less dimension than a straight line: he is simply not believable and thus is never engaging. Liam is always liam, whether in kilts, Jedi rags, WWII garb, or Les Mis stripes. Abysmal, our movie icons.
    Anyway, the bad guys are NEVER shown being brutally bad, thus there is little reptilian satisfaction in their roastings, plumbings and guttings. Being one of the largest money-making businesses in the world, all of its prime-movers and lick-spittles are not morons, surely.

    The film allows the viewer to know only a spoiled, perfidious, reckless teen-aged daughter...so where's the emotional investment for her plight?
    Her mother (bitter-bitchy-ignorant but beautiful and shapely) is ex to Prozac-Crack-Liam, trophy-wife to handsome, rich-as-Croesus indulgent step-sugar daddy? No stereotypes here. Briefcase full of valid passports, ID's in reflections, homicidal trucks, venal trusted friends, etc...all original themes.

    The final rewards are delivered at the endings (2)...landing at LAX, without a warm and fuzzy welcome from Interpol and the FBI? A singing audition for the air-headed kid? Did she learn nothing? Obviously a product of our public schools.
    Come on, Hollywood, work on your introductions and endings (and everything in between). For instance, how the hell did they get off the yacht (with the other girls...he can't hand them over to the authorities) and out of France, severely wounded, with the miscreants and the police hot on their spoor? There is a good story there. A great story. Getting back across the Pond and into the US without the daughter's passport could have been another challenge...well, all right, fictionalize THAT challenge. And finally, disappearing into the fabric of LA/USA/upper Chad with reasoned vigilance and disabling paranoia would have been a reasonable exit.

    You may enjoy the ride until there is a synaptic snap somewhere higher than your mesencephalon. If not, mark your territory again, just in case your essence is growing faint. Rehydrate yourself with another brew.
    The reason I bothered reviewing the thing is because I enjoyed it on a visceral level. I rue missed opportunities.

    ...more info
  • Blu Ray quality is horrible ...
    Taken [Blu-ray]

    While this movie is AWESOME, the blu-ray's quality is really bad, especially in low light scenes, like the car chases, it looks very "pixeled out", kinda makes you want to stop watching the movie ... This happens in like 40-50% of the movie.

    Still ... this movie is so awesome that I'm watching it for the 2nd time right now ... but I would've bought the DVD if i had known the blu-ray had such bad quality....more info
  • BUY, BUY, BUY!!!
    The only thing I can say about this movie is one word. FANTASTIC! The acting is superb(especially Neeson) and the plot leaves you gasping with the non-stop excitement. There is never a dull moment in it and the ending is great. If you purchase one movie this year, make it this one....more info
  • It was simply a good movie
    For the few who gave it bad reviews I say relax man, it's a movie not a documentary. I found the movie to be interesting and entertaining. Besides, I always like to see the bad guy get his due. One of the most memorable parts of the movie was his line about having special skills, I will find you, and I will kill you. I thought Liam did a good job portraying his character. It had a good ending as well and that's always cool, for me at least. I and my wife sat there watching the movie and just went for the ride it took us on. In all, I just plain liked the movie....more info
  • BeSt MoVie 2 wAtCh wIth UR MaN
    I love this movie. It got tons of action and twists that i like. I took my boyfriend to see it and he fell in love with it. So good, I had an adreline rush from it. But seriously it is such a good movie to watch....more info
  • Wow... not bad at all!
    I just watched this film and was pleasantly surprised. Liam has always been an excellent actor no matter what role he plays and this movie is no different. Simply put, the movie is fast-paced and well put together. My only pet peeve is his daughter who is 17 and continues to run in every scene she is in like a clumsy 10 year old. ...more info
  • The Hand to Hand is Ridiculous!
    This is one of those movies that the old summer blockbuster always wanted to be. The scene where he shoots the cop's wife is out of control, and sums up everything that is good about Luc Besson and the French action flick. Like Bourne, like Jack Bauer, but all in a good way. Check it out!...more info
  • Ye Olde Man Kills Everyone Movie
    I've seen this movie a couple dozen times now. A man loses a family member and kills everyone responsible. There's no tension because you know what's going to happen. He tortures, kills, etc., his way to the goal. Man on Fire is a much better version of this same story. Liam Neeson is an extraordinary actor and he adds a little bit of coolness to an otherwise cliche repetition of the same old thing. By far the best part of the movie is the phone call where Neeson says menacingly and coolly that he's going to come kill the guy. But I saw that on the trailer 100 times already. ...more info
  • Oskar Schindler as Super-Agent...
    "Taken" is one of those action thrillers with a main character who is or was a double-dog secret government wreaker of mayhem. Written by Luc Besson, who also made "Leon: The Professional", "La Femme Nikita" and "The Transporter," you go into this film expecting that there will be several scenes featuring our hero single-handedly taking on a room full of bad guys and, as my Granny used to say, whuppin' the tar out of them. Actually - he does more than whup most of them. Most wind up looking pretty dead, although no one stops to check for a pulse once the bodies start piling up.

    The distinguishing characteristic "Taken" has over its brethren is the star. Instead of Jason Statham or The Rock (20 years ago it would have been Steven Seagal or Jean-Claude Van Damme), "Taken" stars lauded Irishman Liam Neeson. The guy who played Schindler brings a degree of gravitas to a role not yet earned by most action stars. There's a reason he provides the voice of Aslan in the Narnia films.

    In this film he plays Bryan Mills, who spent most of his married life on the road doing secret C.I.A. stuff, and enjoying it, but neglected his wife and daughter. As a consequence Lenore (played by Famke Janssen) is now his ex-wife, and daughter Kim (Maggie Grace from "Lost") lives with mom and new step-dad, a super-rich businessman.

    Bryan regrets not being a better Dad and husband, so he has retired from the agency and moved near Kimmy, but when Kim lives in a mansion worthy of an NFL owner, it's tough for Bryan to compete for Kim's affection.

    Kim is invited with a friend on a Paris vacation and Mom pressures Bryan to sign the necessary forms so that Kim can leave the country. After years of dealing with the world's shady characters, Bryan is reluctant, but signs the forms after giving Kim a few rules - mainly to stay in touch with an international cell phone Bryan gives her.

    Kim is in her opulent Paris digs for all of about an hour before Albanian drug and prostitute slave traders break into the apartment. Dad is on the phone chastising Kim as the bad guys break in, and Bryan is able to piece together a few pieces of information when he tells Kim to give him as much description as she can before she is kidnapped.

    The rest of the movie consists of Bryan tearing apart Paris, one room of bad guys at a time. At least four times he strolls casually into a situation surrounded by four or more baddies, and after the first few times the Mrs. and I would turn to each other and predict "I think THOSE guys are about to have a BAD day" each subsequent time he encountered more eurotrashy guys.

    At an hour and a half, Besson and director Pierre Morel keep the pace at a level that barely gives you time to catch your breath. It's entertaining in a Bourne kind of way, and it makes me feel better seeing a man ten years my senior able to whup the tar out of a hundred bad guys.
    ...more info
  • Single-Disc Extended Edition Case
    Let me first state that this is not a review for the Movie but a review of the DVD's case. I purchased this movie from a best buy in Fort Worth Texas. When I purchased it I was surprised at the flimsiness of the Case. When I opened the Case I found out why. In order to be more "Green" and save plastic the case had holes cut into it. on the front a recycle symbol and on the backside of the case they have removed the area directly behind the disc. So in other words the only thing that protects the disc is the plastic sleeve and the paper cover.
    ...more info