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  • Lakeview Terrace - Blu-ray Info
    Version: U.S.A / Sony / Region A, B, C
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    Aspect ratio: 2.40:1
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    Subtitles: English / English SDH / Chinese / French / Indonesian / Korean / Portuguese / Spanish / Thai
    Number of chapters: 16

    #Commentary with Director Neil LaBute and Kerry Washington
    #Deleted Scenes with optional commentary with Director Neil LaBute and Kerry Washington
    #Welcome to Lakeview Terrace
    --An Open House
    --Meet Your Neigbors
    --Home Sweet Home
    --Behind the Story
    --Physical Production
    #BD-Live Enabled...more info
  • The movie really creeped me out!
    The movie's premise is about escalating crisis and tension between Abel Turner and Chris/Lisa Matteson the new interracial couple next door. At first the tension starts out mild with Turner shining a security light right at their bedroom window and watching the couple make out in the swimming pool, but things gradually worsen and escalate out of control as Turner make it a complete NIGHTMARE for the couple and tries to back them against the wall to MOVE OUT, OR ELSE...

    The "or else" part gets really out of control when later in the movie Abel hires someone he arrested before to ransack the Matteson house and arrest him to make him look like a hero. This is where things really gets scary and the audience become very angry. Things start to escalate out of control and darken at this point. If you want to get into a mind of a lonely psychopath who torments his neighbors because of deep seated resentments, this is definitely the movie to see!

    I only gave it 4 stars because there is a lot of violence in the end of the movie and this is definitely NOT a PG-13 movie. It is meant for adult audiences only because of the amount of gun violence involved in the 2nd half of the movie. I definitely don't recommend anyone under the age of 18 see this violent movie.

    In closing I just hope that this movie doesn't become a real-life story one day, although there have been similar incidents!
    ...more info
  • Did You See the Trailer - You Saw The Movie
    Lakeview Terrace is about 100 minutes too long. That leaves 10 minutes to run the opening montage, run the 3 minute trailer, and then the end credits. Honestly, the viewer would miss nothing in this film. If you've seen the trailer, you've seen the movie.

    The film is about two men that decide they don't like eachother based on a few words exchanged during the first 10 minutes of the film. From there the die is cast, the story moves toward it's logical end, the shoot out at OK corral. Instantaneously I disliked Chris, the new neighbor is a nasty arrogant piece of work. His wife Lisa is a sweet easy going tender woman, that doesn't deserve such a nucklehead of a husband. Abel the police officer neighbor vassilates between a creepy nasty voyeur and a righteous rule abiding person. I went from disliking him to thinking he wasn't so bad. The director builds conflict between the two men.

    The conflict escalates as the film wears on. The sad part of this film, it follows a hackneyed over told story line that is predictible from the outset. There is nothing shocking, nothing new, nothing to learn, the film just drags along to it's conclusion.

    Samuel Jackson as Able is the only reason this film is two stars. Patrcik Wilson as Chris, is simply awful. It was almost painful to watch him on screen. Kerry Washington had nice moments, the first 1/4 of the film, she is pleasant.

    Technically, this is no better than a television series. The camera work is awful - random camera movement. The editing is linear, like any daytime soap opera.

    Rated PG-13 for violence, and language. No nudity. There are two suggestive scenes - Chris and Lisa make love in their pool; and Able throws a bachelor party where strippers attend. In neither case were there any body parts visible.

    The DVD includes a director commentary, deleted scenes (of which I did not view because there was 100 minutes of what should have been deleted scenes already in the film), and a making of featurette.

    Avoid this one, unless you love Samuel L. Jackson. ...more info
  • A Tense, Riveting Thriller And A Definite Must-See!!
    I have to say I greatly enjoyed this movie. It was quite well done. Samuel L. Jackson has always been one of my favorite actors and his performance here is both interesting and fun to watch. It's a good thriller and cautionary tale as well as a riveting examination of the tensions that can easily arise and escalate between neighbors, and how you just never can tell that the person living next door to you could turn out to be the neighbor from hell.

    The story takes place in modern-day Los Angeles in the titular suburban subdivision of Lakeview Terrace amid the backdrop of some larger-than-usual, massive brushfires in the L.A. area. Chris (Patrick Wilson) and Lisa Mottson (Kerry Washington), an interracial, self-indulgent yuppie couple, have just moved into their posh, new starter home on Lakeview Circle within the neighborhood. Little do they know what they've gotten themselves into. Their new next-door neighbor is tough-as-nails, veteran LAPD officer Able Turner (Jackson), who seems friendly and amiable enough, yet still somehow has a subtly menacing quality about him. He's an ever-vigilant, suburban watchdog commando who makes constant, nightly foot-patrols of his neighborhood and whose house is equipped with super-bright, baseball-stadium-worthy floodlights installed in both the backyard and side of the house ---- right across from the young couple's upstairs bedroom. Able strongly disapproves of Chris and Lisa's interracial relationship (particularly their nighttime lovemaking sessions in the backyard pool) and its possible negative influences on his teenage daughter and son ------- so much so that he goes to extreme lengths to sabotage it, intimidate them into moving and generally make their lives as new neighbors hell. Able begins by grilling Chris about he and Lisa's amorous antics and all but threatens him to pack it up and leave the neighborhood. The tensions between neighbors mount slowly, until it escalates into a game of nasty, sly, passive-aggressive head games and pyschological one-upsmanship between Chris and Able, which occasionally borders on the comical side. There's lots of social commentary about race, class and tolerance throughout and how even the most well-meaning among us can have misinterpretations of each. The plot is somewhat formulaic and is comparable to several other movies ---- most notably 1992's Unlawful Entry ---- but director Eric Labute's direction is so well executed and the performances from the entire cast so nicely done that the film manages to hold the viewer's interest up to the end. Samuel L. Jackson's turn as Able Turner is hard, intense, funny, ever-watchable and it's evident Jackson was having a good time with the role. Look for the scene with Able as a guest at Chris and Lisa's housewarming party where he manages to create a tense atomosphere by verbally intimidating the other guests, running away with the conversation and even getting Chris in trouble with Lisa by intentionally blabbing about Chris's cigarette butts left around his property. The movie boasts many funny quotes and Jackson drops a lot of crisp, racially-charged dialogue throughout, most of it directed at Patrick Wilson's white character of Chris. In an early scene, where Able while on one of his nightly foot patrols encounters Chris in his car listening to rap music while having a smoke that, "you can sit here in that car all night and listen to that music until 8:00AM and you'll still be white." Hilarious. It all leads up to a tense, terrorizing and thrilling finale.

    An above-average, riveting domestic thriller that was very entertaining in a simple, purist-type way. I guess the moral of the story is that if you're a young, liberal, interracial couple, don't move in next door to Able Turner. I found it to be a pretty enjoyable matinee movie for the fall season where you feel like you've had a good time and gotten your five bucks worth afterward when you walk out of the theater. ...more info
  • cover
    This is a damn good movie!!!

    Could have a better dvd cover art....more info
  • Some of my best friends are like you people
    Samuel L. Jackson as tyrannical neighbor and cop Abel Turner, embodies the manifestation of what most of present day society likes to believe is an anachronism, a relic of a past generation wholly incapable of adaptation and acceptance of belief systems that contradict his experiences. From the moment Abel espies his new next door neighbors, Chris and Linda Mattson (Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington) a young interracial couple only interested in establishing a solid foundation to their recent marriage, it is evident the best that can be hoped for is strained association. Abel holds court with an iron fist completely devoid of the silk glove in all of his interactions and relationships; with his two children, with his fellow cops and most especially, as the self-ordained caretaker of the cul-de-sac.

    For the three quarters of the film, Jackson's character grows increasingly dislikeable and threatening while the Mattsons' also face some customary encumbrances that may confront any newlywed couple but compounded by the additional factors of ethnic distinctions and the intrusive neighbor. Ron Glass, in a supporting role as Linda Matteson's father, adds context where one can see that Turner's beliefs are not necessarily foreign to his generational peers. Yet, as the film progresses it unfortunately follows a path that leads to only one possible outcome, one that belies what the viewer has come to understand about Turner and his motivations.

    As usual Kerry Washington is absolutely alluring but the script does not offer much to work with as far as acting range and expressiveness are concerned. This a film that is not completely insulting but in the end it is little more than a moderately violent variation of a far too predictable theme. ...more info
  • Lakeview Terrace
    This movie movie brought out a lot of feelings people may have but are afraid to admit. I was very suprise by the end. ...more info
  • A fair movie
    Lakeview Terrace was not a great movie, but it wasn't horrible either. It wasn't as much of a thriller as I thought it would be.
    Sam Jackson is good in this, as are the other actors.
    This movie is something you would watch if you had time to kill on a weekend afternoon and didn't want to think too much....more info
  • Eyeopening
    Racism is not exclusive to one race. The prejudices of Samuel Jackson's character are not all that rare. The movie takes a look at issues that still make alot of people uncomfortable. As a 50+ black man, it made me assess some of my personal beliefs. A really good movie! ...more info
  • Lakeview Terrace
    Quality of the video that I received was in excellent condition. The movie was wonderful and exciting.

    Would purchase from this seller again....more info
  • 3.5 out of 5.0
    Take "Unlawful Entry" from 1992, only put the cop next door and add an interracial twist and you have "Lakeview Terrace". Though formulamatic and predictable at times I thought the actors were so good, it kept me interested till the end. The Samuel L. Jackson character is so pathetic at times you wonder why this couple, that has moved in next door continues to socialize with him. I found myself asking myself had I been put through the same crap, would I except a drink from this a-hole? Of course not. Jackson is very good in the role. He knows the character is unlikable and he plays it up 100%. In some scenes I noticed some people in the theater kinda rooted for Jackson, but about midway through the movie I'd say the entire theater was on the couple's side. "Lakeview Terrace" is a hard PG-13 w/ violence, language, and sexual situations. I feel with a movie like this you might as well go for the R rating. ***1/2 ...more info
  • Lakeview Terrace Movie Review from The Massie Twins
    Samuel L. Jackson has been in over 100 movies and proven himself as an entertainment icon. He has played both heroes and villains with charismatic gusto and rampant enthusiasm. In Lakeview Terrace he portrays the primary antagonist Abel Turner with a truly gleeful menace, but unfortunately the screenwriters have allotted such an elaborate back-story and copious amounts of piteous moments to this vicious manipulator that it's very evident the audience is supposed to sympathize with him. Herein lies the problem as Turner's descent into madness becomes so psychotic that such empathy is quickly lost.

    When interracial couple Chris (Patrick Wilson) and Lisa Mattson (Kerry Washington) move to an idyllic suburban neighborhood, they hope for peace, quiet, and a fresh start on building a family. What they don't expect to find is their racist, sarcastic, condescending, ruthless, grammatically correct and politically incorrect next door neighbor Abel Turner (Samuel L. Jackson) - who also happens to be a cop. With the law on his side and a sadistic grudge in his heart, Turner sets about antagonizing the Mattsons with increasingly violent tactics. Having nowhere to turn and an understandable obstinacy, Chris and Lisa fight back with mind games and diversionary methods, but little do they know the monster they've unleashed inside the unstable police officer...

    Sometimes it's hard to root for the "good guy." It's even harder when the antagonist is portrayed in such a way that the audience is supposed to sympathize with him. Lakeview Terrace does just that by offering us the full spectrum of disgruntled police officer Abel Turner's life, complete with two children and the stresses of his day job. We're given such an involving examination of his daily predicaments and hardships that we feel obligated to provide our empathy. Too bad he's a complete psycho and his ability to think rationally is rapidly disappearing. As the story veers towards its inevitable conclusion, the full weight of the situation dawns on us, but the film conveniently ends before the real tragedy surfaces, leaving the audience to ponder who, if anyone, actually triumphed from the whole calamitous confrontation.

    While Samuel L. Jackson is entertaining in just about everything he's in (entertaining, not exceptional) Lakeview Terrace runs dry with both its lengthy duration and the fact that its storyline is almost identical to 1992's Unlawful Entry. It's a mortifying thought to be unable to turn to the police for help - unfortunately we've already been through that fear with Kurt Russell and an equally impressive Ray Liotta in Jackson's role. Granted that Unlawful Entry is relatively obscure, but originality points still can't be rewarded. Additionally, the film includes so many unnecessary subplots that the audience practically begs for the drawn-out conclusion - repeatedly pounding themes into the viewer's mind accounts for frustration, not character development. Plus, many of the subplots are left unresolved or purposely forgotten in the hopes that the audience will focus squarely on the crisis at hand, but they still linger after both the expected conclusion and the rolling credits. Lakeview Terrace does provide thrilling moments and a villain who loves his merciless taunts, but contemplate the real value of the lessons learned and you might negate the fun you've had.

    - The Massie Twins
    ...more info
  • Interesting, but not one to own.
    My wife and I saw this movie the other day and to be honest ever since I saw "Snakes on a plane" everytime I see a Samuel Jackson movie I can't help but think of how terrible that movie was. So I admit that I am a bit biased now when I see his movies.

    But to be fair, the movie was good. It's the typical drama where you have a psycho neighbor. It wasn't what I thought the previews reflected, that being more horror/killer type. The movie was instead somewhat psychological with some terrible action. Throughout the movie we were both engaged and the movie wasn't half bad. Would I recommend watching this? Sure, it's entertaining and a decent movie when there is nothing else to watch. Would I buy it? Probably not as it's definitely not a "keeper" in my eyes....more info
  • B and B
    Very talented cast assembled for a solid B movie. This reminded me a lot of Unlawful Entry from back in 1992. To sum it up quickly, a mixed race couple move into a California neighborhood right next to an widower African American cop who has a big problem with them. Jackson who plays the off centered cop fairly well really cranks up the crazy as the neighbors go back and forth until things really get out of hand. The story is okay and entertaining enough as generic as it is, but the ending is a bit of a let down. This would be a rental for me....more info
  • uneven fare
    TO start off with, I am a huge fan of Samuel L Jackson, and was really hoping this film would be better than it was. The pace is slow, due to the development of the characters no doubt, but it never seems to really take off. The new neighbors are a interracial couple and this does not set well with Jackson's character, who is once again a over zealous cop. First, I doubt any single cops in L.A raising two children live in a trendy little complex that this film is set in. Second, I found it hard to believe that of all the crime and violence he sees daily, the one thing that drives him over the edge is his neighbors, escpecially the interracial thing. To me it could have been better, but to each his own....more info
  • Tense thriller with a dumb ending
    From the previews, I was expecting Sam Jackson's character to be a one-dimensional villain, but thanks to the acting and the script, his disturbed mental state was completely believable and frightening. Rather than have the two main characters immediately go to war with one another, I admired how the film gradually built up the conflict between them. The first few confrontations, with subtle hints of racism and hostility, are carefully worded and brimming with tension. Paralleling the story with the spreading wildfires in the background is also a clever touch.

    Unfortunately, the ending, with its obligatory shootout/fight, is cliche and unbelievable. I would have much preferred a "Changing Lanes" (also starring Jackson) type ending where the characters realize how stupid they're being and quit before resorting to Hollywood violence. Jackson's character starts out ambiguous--mostly bad but with some traces of good left in him. It would have been more interesting to see the goodness push through, rather than have him be all-bad in the end.

    Bottom line: A tense, surprisingly intelligent thriller with a dumb, cop-out ending.

    Richard Yee, author of Deliveries: A Collection...more info
  • Another example of a movie trailer being better than the film
    I had seen the trailer of this film early last year in april when it was shown with the prom night feature and I was very excited about it but when I watched the film , it misleads you from the trailer. you think youre going to see a action suspense film when you actually are watching a slow drawn out drama. please take this warning and dont rent it unless you rent it for a buck at redbox. that way if you didnt listen to me, you wouldnt lose that much money...more info
  • Midnight Cowboy 3D
    When Kael asks Dr. Tongue, "Why did you remake Midnight Cowboy?" He replied, "If we could do just a tenth of the business Midnight Cowboy did we'd be on easy street."

    I think the makers of Lakeview Terrace thought if they could do half the business Changing Lanes did they'd be on easy terrace. That's fine for SCTV but doesn't cut it here.

    This is a poorly conceived tit-for-tat revenge film reminiscent of Changing Lanes with an Unlawful Entry backdrop. It was okay for first half but pretty quickly you can tell this not headed toward any satisfactory ending and sure enough, it doesn't deliver. Disappointing and of course not recommended....more info
  • There's a limit
    to how bad anything Samuel L. Jackson is in can be. But this was testing those limits.

    1. How often do you see black men go off the deep end about black women dating white men? What is the probability that that would happen (black women/ white man marriages are very rare) and that a demented cop's wife would have died after engaging in an affair with a white guy?

    2. The acting was decent but not quite enough to cover a very thin plot.

    This movie is worth seeing as a matinee or a movie rental (better), but it not as good as some of Jackson's best work (Pulp Fiction).

    Maybe the movie could have come together more solidly with a better director or better scripting. It is not that the movie was horrible. Far from it. It was very watchable-- but it just didn't have the certain something extra that separates very good movies from mediocre ones....more info
  • Despite the cliches Lakeview Terrace works well

    **** Out of 5

    Release Date- September 19th, 2008

    Running Time- 110-Minutes

    Rating- PG-13

    Screenplay- David Loughery & Howard Korder

    Director- Neil LaBute

    Starring- Samuel L. Jackson, Patrick Wilson, Kerry Washington, Ron Glass, Regine Nehy, Jaishon Fisher and Jay Hernandez

    Lakeview Terrace is pretty much your standard suspense thriller that really doesn't offer anything new; the concept of someone terrorizing a young couple is something this genre has seen before plenty of times as well as in the horror genre and the fact the villain is a police officer is also hardly original. But despite the lack of original ideas and despite the clich¨¦s Lakeview Terrace manages to work well despite these problems. The biggest complaint it seems from the audience is the ending. But my question is what were you expecting? You should know ahead of time how the movie will end and it's not like the movie is going down one path than delivers the clich¨¦d ending. Again you should know ahead of time how it will all play out.

    The major thing I liked about Lakeview Terrace is the movie doesn't come across as preachy. The idea of an interracial couple isn't going to sit well with a lot of people, and while I have no problems with it I see as your life and you be with whoever makes you happy regardless of race or religion or whatever. But I don't watch a movie to be preached to even if I agree. And while I do believe cinema has a lot of power and can even change someone's life I don't think someone who is hateful will just stop after watching a movie.

    The screenplay by David Loughery & Howard Korder is overall well written, but it just lacks original ideas. Like I said we've seen this concept done plenty of times and the writers aren't really able to offer anything new. But despite that Lakeview Terrace is mostly well written and the main characters Chris Mattson played by Patrick Wilson and Lisa Mattson played by Kerry Washington are both likeable and sympathetic even if their characters are clich¨¦d. There are some attempts to flesh the characters out and it sort of works, but more due to the actors than the writers. There was potential with Abel Turner played by Samuel L. Jackson and while the character does work I can't help, but feel more could have been done with him. But despite these problems the script works and in the end gets the job done.

    Director Neil LaBute does a solid job even if he follows the typical format of this type of movie. He never really injects much originality in the movie and pretty much does it by the books, but the pacing is good and there is some decent suspense even if we the audience know how things will play out. I would have liked to have seen Neil LaBute try and throw some twists in there, but in the end he gets the job done and delivers a well made and enjoyable movie.

    The actors really make this movie a lot better than it should have been and bring a lot more to their characters than the writers had on paper. Patrick Wilson delivers a solid performance and is quite sympathetic and Kerry Washington is excellent, but while she is good enough actress it's her charisma that shines here. She's a really likeable actress and has a lot of charisma and here in helps elevate her character. As for Samuel L. Jackson this guy is always great. He has this amazing on screen presence and always shines no matter how good or bad the movie.

    I would have liked to have seen more done with the Abel Turner character, while we do learn a little about him we don't learn enough. Obviously he has a problem with Chris and Lisa being married, but was it racism or was more of a guy with a lot of problems? Again he's clearly not happy with a black woman being married to a white man, but to me the character just came across as more of a guy just lashing out rather than being racist. And what was Abel like before the death of his wife? Did that send him over the edge or was he always like this? I do think these things are important to address and they never really are.

    The only other complaint I have is the marriage between Chris and Lisa starts off strong, but with increasing pressure starting with Lisa's father and than Abel problems arise in their marriage. And those problems are them being an interracial couple. But it's quite clear from the start Lisa's father had a problem with it and it's just weird how now all of a sudden race is a problem. Like I said their relationship was rock solid, but chips away through the movie; we never see them when they are first together or anything, but one has to assume being in an interracial marriage they probably dealt with this in the past, but now all of a sudden puts a strain on their relationship.

    Despite the problems with Lakeview Terrace it's a highly enjoyable movie and while it offers nothing new to this genre it works despite that. While this doesn't come highly recommended it is worth a look for sure.

    The Blu-ray has an excellent transfer and sound quality; the extras are the same as the DVD. The only difference is the BD has the BD Live. The behind the scenes are brief, but offer a good look at the movie also included are deleted scenes and an audio commentary track from Neil LaBute and Kerry Washington....more info
  • Review on Lakeview Terrace
    I found Lakeview Terrace a very good DVD. I had heard it was really a great film and found it to be true....more info
  • this was a great movie
    received this movie in a timely fashion and in excellent condition, i am glad that i ordered it because it was a great movie...more info
  • Good Twist
    We always see the white racist never the black racist. Finally the other side of the coin. ...more info