Star Trek: The Original Series - Season 1 [Blu-ray]
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Star Trek is an American science fiction entertainment series and media franchise. The Star Trek fictional universe created by Gene Roddenberry is the setting of six television series including the original 1966 Star Trek, in addition to ten feature films with an eleventh completed to be released on May 7, 2009 (May 8 in North America).

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Product in a Small Package
    This is the best quality of the original Star Trek series to date. I bought the double episode discs as well as the previuos season series DVD's and besides the convienance of needing less space for storage, the Blu-Ray quality is superb. The discs can be viewed with either the original graphics or the new computer generated graphics which encompass mainly exterior shots of space. I think if I were to wish for an improvement, it would be for a wide screen version that would fill the entire screen. Amazon did sell this at a great price for which I am greatful. ...more info
  • Incredible value!
    I own numerous blu-rays as part of my collection. I have been waiting a long time for the blu-ray edition of Star Trek.

    Fantastic! Excellent restoration. The colors are much more vivid, sound track significantly improved and the enhanced definition in blu-ray really does to the lighting design, cinematography of the series.

    Worth every cent!
    ...more info
  • What a Treat!
    I'm not a Star Trek fanatic but the original series was a treasure. Back then, I watched it on an old B&W tube TV with horrible over-the-air reception. Imagine my surprise when, with the clarity of Blu Ray, the suits worn by the landing party on one episode looked like they were sewn by an amateur at Joanne's Fabrics! I am enjoying every minute of each episode. A MUST HAVE for any Trekkie....more info
  • Thoughts from an original, pre-Trekkie fan of the NBC series before the Big Bang
    I became an instant fan of this intelligent ground-breaking sci-fi series from Paramount Television in its very first year on NBC. They didn't call the fans "trekkies" yet, but that was to come. And boy did it come!

    If I recall, what happened is that NBC made the huge mistake of cancelling the series due to what in their infinite wisdom they called "low" ratings.

    Well, let me tell you! That single dumb move by the programming department at NBC unleashed a fury that was unparalleled in the history of television at that time. Thousands of letters of protest were sent to NBC, and out of that fan fury the "Trekkie" was born.

    Eventually, the protests became too overwhelming to ignore any longer and the Star Trek series returned to the NBC schedule. Proving once again that in unity there is strength.

    The rest is history.

    But it is a classic example of what happens when the "suits" at a large corporate TV network can't see the forest for the trees.

    ...more info
  • Discs would not play in two players!
    I tried these discs in two different Blu ray players and they would not play in either one. I was disappointed....more info
  • Beam this title into your collection!
    Well I've been a Star Trek fan since the mid 80's.

    I'd also like to say that this is going to be just a review of the Blu-Ray release itself and not the show because almost every one here knows about the show and there are a lot of other reviews that can tell you about the show itself.

    The highly-desired "Star Trek" TOS Season One package has finally beamed onto Blu-ray with stellar results. This is a seven-disc set, complete with 1080p high definition video, DTS-HD MA 7.1 lossless surround sound, plenty of worthwhile bonus features, and the inclusion of both the original and digitally-enhanced versions of the show.

    Star Trek TOS Season One will prove hard-to-beat for status as Blu-ray television release of the year, and may proudly throw its hat into the ring as a competitor for best overall Blu-ray release of 2009. Now positioned as arguably Blu-ray's strongest supporter in both quality of discs and number of titles released, Paramount has once again exceeded expectations with this remarkable set, one that is sure to please both 'Star Trek' and Blu-ray fans alike.

    Video 4.5/5
    Star Trek beams it's way onto Blu-ray with a most impressive 1080p, 1.33:1-framed transfer. This aspect ratio retains the show's original 4:3 television presentation, resulting here in vertical black bars on either side of the image when replayed on a 1.78:1-sized television set.

    The first thing that many viewers may note is the presence of grain in most every shot, occasionally spiking in intensity but practically always visible at normal viewing distances. The film elements have been cleaned up nicely, though, with only a few speckles to be seen here and there. Colors are marvelous and strong in each episode; the red, blue, and gold crew shirt uniforms are strong and distinctly reproduced, each shade bold and true to the original intent. Likewise, the various doodads found scattered about the ship -- particularly the bridge -- and the many locations visited throughout the season, from a replica of 1960s Earth to the many barren planet surfaces populated by Styrofoam rocks and matte paintings, all offer standout color reproduction.

    Detail, too, is remarkably high; viewers will see plenty of sweat glistening on character faces, the stitching and fabric on the clothing and Starfleet patches, and the small details that make up communicators, tricorders, and phasers. Many planet surfaces look appropriately phony and crude, but nevertheless effective considering both the age and feel of the show, under the scrutiny of 1080p high definition.

    Likewise, the Enterprise's bridge looks better than ever, with even the bad paint jobs on the ship's conn standing out as plainly visible. Flesh tones and black levels are both suitably good. A few shots take on a slightly soft and fuzzy appearance, but the vast majority of each episode should positively thrill longtime fans and newcomers alike.
    Save for the outdated sets and costumes, "Star Trek" looks almost brand new on Blu-ray, this video presentation a revelation to be sure.

    Audio 4/5
    "Star Trek" warps onto Blu-ray with a wholly satisfying selection of audio presentations, including a DTS-HD MA 7.1 lossless option. Music and sound effects are heard subtly but distinctly across the front and occasionally in the rears, though much of the track is focused straight up the middle.

    During the show's opening title sequence, however, sound swoops nicely but not aggressively across the soundstage. The effect is much more pronounced when viewed during the remastered version of any given episode; the path of the Enterprise is practically felt as it moves throughout the listening area, featuring much more volume and presence than that accompanying the original title sequence.

    On board the Enterprise, the hums of the various gizmos and gadgets, from Spock's bridge science station to the beeps, hums, and thuds of the transporter room, are heard clearly and distinctly, even under dialogue and music. Alarm claxons reverberate throughout the soundstage on occasion, signaling imminent danger to the ship and her crew while also making for some of the more interesting sonic material the show has to offer. Bass is never noticeably powerful, but rather sufficient, particularly as heard accompanying a few explosions during "Where No Man Has Gone Before."

    "Star Trek's" classic score as presented here sounds sharp and crisp, with excellent fidelity across the board. Most of the track remains focused in the front channels, the quartet of rear speakers coming into play occasionally for atmospherics and only a few discrete effects. Dialogue, the heart and soul of the show, is always heard distinctly and clearly. "Star Trek" may not make for a surround sound extravaganza, but it's never sounded better than it does on this Blu-ray release.

    Supplements 4/5
    This Blu-ray release of "Star Trek" should energize fans with its excess of bonus features spread across all seven discs in the set. The following is a disc-by-disc breakdown of features.

    Disc One:
    Disc One begins with Starfleet Access for the episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before," a feature that "grants you security clearance to explore Starfleet Command's Database." This supplement features a diverse selection of "Trek" Producers, Writers, Historians, and Authors, including Michael and Denise Okuda, appearing throughout the show in a picture-in-picture window discussing the story, props, characters, score, updated effects, and more.

    Also included is a text-based pop-up trivia track, often appearing simultaneously with the secondary video presentation. Next up is Spacelift: Transporting 'Trek' Into the 21st Century, a fascinating look at the restoration process used to clean up the video, re-record the score, and the creation of the updated visual effects. Also included on disc one is the trailer for the upcoming Star Trek film previews for each episode appearing on disc one -- "The Man Trap," "Charlie X," "Where No Man Has Gone Before," and "The Naked Time."

    Disc Two:
    Disc two features only previews for the five episodes included on the disc -- "The Enemy Within," "Mudd's Women," "What Are Little Girls Made Of?," "Miri," and "Dagger of the Mind."

    Disc Three:
    Disc three once again features Starfleet Access, this time accompanying "The Menagerie, Part 1" and "The Menagerie, Part 2." Reflections on Spock is a piece featuring Leonard Nimoy recalling his character and his career, discussing, among other things, his book, I Am Not Spock. Finally previews for "The Corbomite Maneuver," "The Menagerie, Part 1," "The Menagerie, Part 2," and The Conscience of the King" round out the third disc.

    Disc Four:
    Disc four once again features Starfleet Access, this time accompanying "The Balance of Terror." Also included is Life Beyond 'Trek:' William Shatner, a short extra featuring Shatner discussing his love of horses. Once again, the disc is concluded by a quartet of previews for "Balance of Terror," "Shore Leave," "The Galileo Seven," and "The Squire of Gothos."

    Disc Five:
    Disc five contains a pair of featurettes. To Boldly Go...Season One features "Trek" cast and crew, including William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, recounting briefly the history of the first season. The Birth of a Timeless Legacy is a solid piece that looks at how "Star Trek" came to be, with particular attention paid to the show's dual pilot episodes, "The Cage" and "Where No Man Has Gone Before." Finally previews for "Arena," "Tomorrow is Yesterday," "Court Martial," and "The Return of the Archons" conclude this disc's extra materials section.

    Disc Six:
    Disc six sees the return of Starfleet Access, this time accompanying the episode "Space Seed." Sci-Fi Visionaries looks at what makes for good Science Fiction and why "Star Trek" works so well in the genre, with special attention paid to several episodes. Interactive Enterprise Inspection takes viewers inside a shuttlecraft and outside the Enterprise for a formal and informative tour of the vessel. As usual, concluding the supplements on this disc are previews for "Space Seed," "A Taste of Armageddon," "This Side of Paradise," and "The Devil in the Dark."

    Disc Seven:
    Disc Seven also features Starfleet Command, this time attached to "Errand of Mercy." Billy Blackburn's Treasure Chest: Rare Home Movies and Special Memories features the actor recounting his small roles on "Star Trek" and sharing his experiences on the sets of many of the classic episodes, all intercut with behind-the-scenes footage. Kiss 'N' Tell: Romance in the 23rd Century looks at the many lovely ladies of "Star Trek" and the romances between characters. Also included on disc seven are previews for "Errand of Mercy," "The Alternative Factor," "The City on the Edge of Forever," and "Operation -- Annihilate!" Rounding out this final disc are Enhanced Visual Effects Credits and BD-Live (Blu-ray profile 2.0) functionality.

    In conclusion 5/5
    The only thing I don't like about this set is that it doesn't feature the pilot episode "The Cage", here's hoping it get's put onto either season 2 or 3 blu-ray release.

    For as dated and sometimes comically so as it may now seem, "Star Trek" represents groundbreaking television for a number for reasons. From spawning eleven feature films and 26 seasons worth of spinoffs to being one of the first programs to cast an African-American woman in a lead role and assembling a true multi-national cast, no other television show has had such an impact on entertainment, culture, and philosophy as "Star Trek."

    Although many of the show's sets, hairdos, costumes, gadgets, and gizmos meant to represent progress hundreds of years from now have been far surpassed in the years since its debut on September 8, 1966, the show remains crucial viewing for its stature as the epitome of Science Fiction, tackling the issues of its day, many of which remain relevant today, in the guise of sometimes easygoing, sometimes exciting, and sometimes through-provoking entertainment.

    Although now featuring the option of viewing the episodes with updated special effects, the roughness, charm, and simplicity of the original effects remain one of the show's trademarks, for "Star Trek" has been, and always shall be, about its characters, themes, and social commentary. Paramount delivers season one of "Star Trek" to Blu-ray with fantastic results.

    Featuring a breathtaking video transfer, a solid and clear lossless soundtrack, and plenty of extras, including the option of watching each episode with either its original or updated special effects, this is a set that boldly goes where no "Star Trek" collection on home video has gone before....more info
  • Star Trek The Original Series Season 1 Ultimate Version
    Hi. The first time I have seen these episodes were on a regular TV in the 70's and in french ! Afterwards, I recorded all of them on TV and bought a few episodes on VHS then DVD. I then bought the HD DVD combo of season 1 months ago. I can still play it on HD DVD as I have a combo player. So after I read it was finally coming out on BD (Blu-ray), I was extremely happy. I have only seen a few minutes of it but I can report it is extremely good. 1) the case compared to HD DVD combo is fantastic now. 2) We can now toggle between enhanced and non-enhanced versions with the angle button. Great ! We have both versions of the show, by the way, even greater ! I personally like the enhanced version better, the special effects are not overwhelming and they look so nice. 3) We have tons of extra stuff on it, PIP features (picture-in-picture) for BD players v.1.1. and it's also BD-Live 2.0. 4) The discs are loading ok in my player and we will not need a firmware update to see this. Thank god ! Paramount/CBS have done it right ! 5) a decent price (80$ cdn), and not in the 140$ cdn range like a few years back ! 6) Sound Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono and DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1. Wow. Can't wait for seasons 2 & 3 coming hopefully this year with the same quality. If Paramount/CBS execs are reading Amazon's reviews, I tell you this: continue on this path and congratulations on this awesome release. My HIGHEST RECOMMENDATIONS on this BD. Take care all. (ps: my BD player is a Samsung BD-UP5000). ...more info
  • Definitive Season One for Trek nerds as well as the rest of us.
    It's taken more than 40 years, but I think this is a contender for "best edition of classic Star Trek ever." I'm too young to have seen the original broadcast run, but I have fond memories of WVIA PBS TV running 3 gorgeous restored, uncut episodes back to back every Saturday night without commercials. These prints were from the original 35mm masters, which were the source for these new discs.

    Until now, I considered my VHS recordings of those broadcasts about as good as any commercial product out there. Prior sets were either prohibitively expensive (the VHS sets, the later DVD sets), obnoxiously collected (2 episodes per 1 disc in a standard amray case?), or endangered species (HD-DVD? I don't think so).

    The series is still syndicated on cable TV, but it's typically hacked up to make space for commercials, annoyingly running for 90 minutes because of the extra filler. As I write this, Netflix has this same first season (featuring remastered visuals) on it's instant streaming service, and that's very convenient. The streaming version has sub-DVD picture quality and no extra content, so it really can't compare to this new set.

    This blu-ray set is everything my late-night PBS marathons were and more. Gorgeous color saturation, no visual noise, a wonderful new surround sound mix, sensible pricing, and tons of documentary extras. By far my favorite feature is the seamless branching that allows you to press the ANGLE button on your bluray remote to switch between the original janky special effects, and the remastered effects that blend surprisingly well. I can't overemphasize how well the new visuals blend into the show -- they aren't overly flashy, and they don't mess with the original timing or sound. It's as if the screen is finally showing what you had in your imagination all along, only hampered by inferior TV resolution until now.

    I'm thrilled to have such a high quality rendition of this great old show. This presentation significantly raises the standard for other collections to follow. I hope seasons 2 and 3 look as good as Season 1....more info
  • Star Trek: original series in blue ray
    This is the first season of the original Star Trek series presented in Blue-Ray. The great thing about this set is that it includes two versions of the re-mastered episodes: one as was seen originally, and the other with enhanced special effects. Included are special features, such as the how the show was re-mastered, as well as commentaries about the individual episodes. It's also nice to see a straight forward, elegant set without all of the awkward packaging that is sometimes found with other box sets. ...more info
  • An Amazing Improvement !
    After viewing only a few episodes I could quickly see and hear an amazing improvement in this fantastic Blu-ray edition. I compared this new set with the earlier DVD of the complete season and noticed some striking differences. First, the older edition was stretched, and that never looked right. Now, the picture on the Blu-ray edition is shown in it's original aspect ratio with black bars on the outer edges of the screen. Second, the picture restoration is just tremendous, especially with the use of contrast in order to create more vivid color and clarity, although I did notice some very minor noise still left behind. That said, the picture here is the best ever for this series. Now, because I consider myself a purist and a fan since the show debuted, I was more than a little skeptical about the new visual effects, but to my surprise found them strangely compelling. The new effects in no way take you out of the experience, nor do they feel excessive. Once I see all the new effects, I may return to the original, but don't hold me to it. As for the new 7.1 surround sound, I still prefer the original mono mix, but as I've mentioned, I'm a bit of a purist. The new mix does sound bright with great dynamics throughout. This is the third time I've purchased this series. I believe Star Trek fans have finally been offered an edition worthy of this brilliant program. I highly recommend the Blu-ray edition of Star Trek The Original Series Season One. It's a wonderful value for the money, and I can't wait to see the next two seasons. A must have for every Star Trek fan....more info
  • Fantastic transfer to Blu-ray for "Star Trek"
    The good news is that the Blu-ray FINALLY gets it right. The show looks terrific with a digitally cleaned up transfer. Colors are more vibrant than before. The new CGI effects look quite good particularly in episodes that were redone a bit later (the original visual effects are included, too) and with a newly recorded opening theme as well as the mono original soundtrack. The only weak part is that some of the CGI work needed a bit more detailing in some of the earlier redone episodes but otherwise the visuals are quite accomplished. I particularly found the use of CGI to create some of the alien landscapes to add to the episodes. Kudos to the team that worked on this for also doing a nice 7.1 lossless digital audio mix.

    Fans will be happy to hear that both the original visuals and the digital face lift can be viewed via seamless branching and you can toggle between both using the angle button on the remote. The special features are exactly like the previous HD/DVD combo disc that CBS/Paramount released last year. This is the definitive version of "Trek" (at least until they figure out a way to make this holographic...then you'll have to buy it again).

    We get PIP's for certain episodes that allow commentary from a variety of "Star Trek" experts including D.C. Fontana and some of the actors. We also get a very good featurette on re-recording the theme and they found the original track of Shatner's narration over the theme to recreate the opening.

    The original negatives were used for clean up. Many episodes here have new landscapes seen in long shot that open up the studio where the show was shot. For example, in "The Man Trap" we see the wasted landscape of teh planet. There are little touches that you might not even notice initially that improve the episodes such as a scene where Scotty is using a phase to burn through a bulkhead in "The Naked Time" where they forgot to add the animation and it has been added here.

    I'm really looking forward to the second season since it has one of my favorite episodes and one that benefits the most from the new visual effects--"The Doomsday Machine" where the visuals varied from very good (the "Doomsday Machine" itself) to poor (the badly damaged other starship)in the original version of the episode. An ATM model of the Enterprise was burned and used for that episode and it's quite clear it's a smaller, plastic model in the original visual effects. CBS did a spectacular job on that episode creating imaginative visuals for the most part that had qutie a bit more detail and looked more realistic.

    Being able to see these with both the original effects and remastered ones is the way that this set should have been presented before for the HD/DVD set.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Nice, but overrated
    I have the first season on DVD and now on Blu-ray and I've compared them using the OPPO BDP-83 Blu-ray player and a Samsung 46" 120Hz LCD.

    The majority of the video is sharp as a tack. I don't see how it could be any better. There are a few short scenes that are exceptions to this, but I think those involve effects such as the scene when they beam onto the planet in The Man Trap. If you watch the original versions, all of the exterior shots, such as Enterprise flybys look pretty bad. Exterior shots and flybys seem to comprise the bulk of the new effects shots.

    The good video is sharper than the SD DVD video upconverted on my OPPO, which uses Anchor Bay's VRS technology, but the difference is not like night-and-day. The bad video on DVD is still bad in original versions on Blu-ray. The scenes redone for this high-def release look great, but they just look "wrong" to me. They don't look wrong because they look clean and new, but because they are done from different perspectives and angles. They didn't redo the old shots, they created completely different shots. The Enterprise might have flown by left-to-right at a distance in the original, but in the new version it might be flying straight at you and fill the screen.

    Furthermore, some of the new scenes seemed out of place. One second you're looking at a state-of-the-art CG shot of the Enterprise orbiting a planet, and the next you're on the bridge looking at razor-sharp images of displays that were obviously thin sheets of translucent material that weren't even flat. I think the overall effect would have been better had they made more of an effort to maintain continuity with the overall feel of the rest of the show when creating the new shots

    In the end the new scenes felt more like curiosities than improvements.

    In the final analysis for me this doesn't offer much over the DVD versions other than the extras (the DVD releases had none). While there's an enjoyable aspect to seeing everything in ultra-crisp detail, it doesn't really add significantly to the overall enjoyment for me. I watched these shows on broadcast TV when they were first aired in the late 1960s. The difference between what I saw then on a 25" tube TV and what I see when I watch an upconverted DVD on my HDTV is huge. The difference between that and Blu-ray is far less, and unlike people who seem more interested in state-of-the-art effects than plot and character development, my main source of joy in watching Star Trek doesn't come from my ability to count the pores in Leonard Nimoy's skin.

    I've docked this a star for three reasons. First, for completely changing shots in the newly created scenes and what I felt was a lack of effort in maintaining continuity with them. Second, because the menus seem kludgey. There's no menu screen with a list of all episodes on a disk. Instead, the episodes are presented in a small area of the screen, one episode at a time. And finally, I'm not convinced there's enough value here if you already own these on DVD. If that's the case, this is an upgrade, but to me not a compelling upgrade. If I'd seen this before buying it I'm not sure I would have bought it.

    I realize a lot of people will probably disagree with my take on this, as a lot of Star Trek fans seem opposed to any criticism of anything thing Star Trek, but that's my take as someone who has been a fan for over 40 years. Even now, more than 40 years later, it's still about the stories and the characters for me....more info
  • Never looked so good!
    This is the smartest choice you can make right now. I know you're smarter than the average bear because you're interested in a blu-ray copy of one of the smartest TV shows from the early days of Science Fiction television. The film transfer is more beautiful than I expected. The sound is rich and full. The color is more real than any incarnation you've ever seen in your life. I only hope all episodes of every Trek series gets the blu-ray treatment! To pass this collection up would be illogical....more info
  • Pleasantly Surprised
    I couldn't believe I was buying yet another version of ST:TOS but after watching a couple of episodes I'm glad I did! These discs really take advantage of the BD format, with seamless branching (I love switching between the original effects and the new "enhanced" effects on the fly!), excellent picture and a dynamite 7.1 DTS HD audio remix. I'm also glad the new BD discs show the enhanced CGI effects in the 4:3 aspect ratio instead of the 16:9 wide-screen aspect the HD-DVDs used; in 4:3 the effects don't seem as jarring as on the HD-DVD presentations and really do "enhance" the experience. The BD version also takes advantage of PIP video capabilities to display video commentary tracks on 5 episodes, and uses pop-up graphics for the trivia tracks instead of "subtitle" text. I really thought these would be a straight port of the HD-DVD version but CBS/Paramount has done much better than that. I'm looking forward to checking out the new HD special features and now can't wait for Seasons 2 & 3! I hope the feature films come out as good as TOS: Season 1. Highly recommended.

    ...more info
  • A must...
    This series was and is fantastic, and the new version with restored colors really makes it even more so. You can see little subtle things that you couldnt see on the older, more washed out broadcasts.

    In the episode I reviewed last night "Charlie X" the subtle human expressions that Blu-ray can show made the viewing much, much better for me. The Childish angst of the man-child Charlie came across much better, and therefore the psychological aspect of the show was much better.

    In the fan adored "Balance of Terror" The ship to ship facelift was fascinating without looking sort of overdone. (I felt this way on the Star Wars remasters)You got to see ship drift, comet particulares (needed for the story)

    In the episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before" planet side we see cloud momentum, and Gary Mitchell was alot more interestign with the richness of detail to his face and silver eyes. it was more human, yet inhuman.

    I got this as a very casual fan, I have not watched the series or anything of it in many, many years but I do recommend this set. To me it is the best restoration job I have seen in a long time.

    ...more info
  • Oh its on Blu-ray!!!!!
    You know what you can't make a standard def look any better than it is. go buy a upconvert DVD player and buy this on dvd. it may not be the same but most people i talk to say they can't tell the difference. Anyone who trys to say the differnt is huge is just to invested into blu-ray and does not want to see that the only movies that are going to be true HD are going to be new movies and tv shows. ...more info
  • Just a Fan
    Restoration near perfect quality i like the ability to view both enhanced and original effects. Lots of special features. Great for any fan of the show....more info
  • Treking in HD!!
    Having been born in the 70s, I didn't get to see the Star Trek series during its original run. I totally loved the movies as a teenager. I watched ST:TNG, Deep Space Nine, and some of Voyager, but I never really watched the original series.

    Having purchased a PS3 for Blu Ray movies, I thought I should plunk down some hard earned change and get the original series. All I can say is "WOW." This show looks fantastic in HD, and it sounds very good as well. The updated visual effects brings you into the action more than some guy holding a cardboard cut out of a planet. The new exterior shots of the Enterprise look great as well, and the updated audio track sounds sonic. I get goose bumps when I hear Alexander Courage's Star Trek theme during the opening credits.

    Fantastic job from CBS/Paramount (or whoever is responsible). Any Star Trek fan with a Blu Ray player owes it to himself to pick this first season up!!!...more info
  • Star Trek The Original Series Season 1 Blu-Ray
    There is no question that this blu-ray set is thus far the best looking and best sounding home video release of the Original Series. The picture quality is superior to the original DVD release issued about ten years ago. And it is superior to the season sets issued a few years ago. The supplemental materials are superb as well. But in my opinion what steals the show is the viewers ability to watch either the original versions of the episodes or the enhanced versions with modern CGI effects. For the purists who insist that this is somehow an insult to the creators, I politely disagree. The improved effects only make the show shine even more brightly. Indeed, the set contains a documentary in which surviving creators of the show explain that the new effects are what they would have done had they had access to the technology. At $65 this collection is a steal. My only problem is what to do with my older season sets? Perhaps I'll donate them to a needy friend!...more info
  • Has it All
    "Space. The last area left to explore. This is the story of the spaceship Enterprise, for five years it will look for unusual planets, find different cultures, and will be determined to go to many new locations."

    All my research points to this being a great value, and is a huge improvement over the 2000 DVD's. Buy it and live Star Trek all over again! You know you must....more info
  • Even better than expected
    As a kid, Star Trek wasn't something that I watched all of the time. I got much more into the show via the movies. So watching this Blu-Ray and marveling at the quality and all of the extra features has made the experience a total joy. Watching Season 1 after viewing the new movie just added to the overall enjoyment. I truly appreciate the care and attention that went into remastering this jewel for the BD format....more info
  • Excellent!
    I've been a fan of the original series for many years. This set definitely makes the old Trek new again! It looks and sounds beautiful. I only have two negative comments about it. 1) They should have done something to remaster the opening "space..the final frontier". It sounds very tinny. 2) I would have liked the previews of shows to have been remastered too. But other than those things, I highly recommend this set to any Trek fan....more info
  • Here's a simple concept to to justify the high price...
    7 Dual-Layer BD-50s.

    Those aren't cheap by any means (price any blank ones lately?) and there are 7 fully-loaded discs in this set. I'm not a Trekkie (my friend is) but this is certainly a good value for what is offered. I'll probably check it out for th 7.1 HD audio--not going to get that on DVD or HD-DVD....more info
  • Pleased, but not over excited
    The only reason that I bought it was that I could watch the both the original style of the show as well as the "enhanced" version and to switch back and forth between the two. I haven't made it through the complete set, but I think there is a difference between the Blu-ray version and the DVD version (besides the enhanced versions), but I can't put my finger on it. Oh well, I still have the DVD version also....more info
  • Like watching it for the first time
    I have always loved the original series and over the years have watched them over and over. When they put the first season out on Blu-ray I had to buy it. I never realized that they remastered the original and added new footage I was amazed! It is like watching it for the first time. The sound is ok and is low at times but the picture is amazing and when you switch from original to enhanced you really see the work put into these Blu-rays. I cannot wait to get the next two seasons....more info
  • You Get What You Pay For
    After reading the reviews here about this movie, I simply have to comment about the apparent cost of this set of disks. This release is not merely a transfer to Blu-Ray, which is, in and of itself, an expensive technology, nor a mere digital remastering of the original masters. This release incorporates total digital re-engineering of the soundtrack
    AND a totally alternate version on the same disk in which the special effects were redone with todays CGI capabilties. I watched a video with a side-by-side comparison of the old effects and the new CGI. It was very impressive and should be considered a new authoring of the original series. For those purists who say this is a bastardization of the original series, I would have to agree
    save the fact that this rendition with the new CGI can be ignored if one
    wishes. Both versions are immediately available to switch back and forth, thereby rendering that argument without merit. This represents a new enhancement technique which adds entertainment value to the original series, and at no small expense. Probably the ultimate outcome of such change will be the creation a new "Generation" of fans who watch the enhanced version while many of the parents will remain loyal to the original cheezy matte-photography effects incorporated in the original.
    After all, production-values of a particular era are part of
    the fun of watching classic movies and television, are they not?
    So, as they used to say, "You pays your money and you takes your choice". This is an interesting concept which will more than likely be reproduced in other remasterings of original productions....more info
  • New Trek, old memories.
    The last time I viewed The Original Series (TOS) was back in 1996-98 when they didn't even have DVD's. So for me to go from VHS to this was extremely significant. I bought this series right away, because I was always a fan of just mainly the original crew (Kirk, Spock, McCoy, etc.). After seeing the new movie, it renewed my interest, (excellent marketing Paramount!) The HD picture is so much better on this set and the new special effects shots are stunning. I am in shock and awe that this series came out in the 1960's. You will be also when you see the new effects. I also noticed that some of the action is remastered in HD audio. For example, when Kirk throws a punch, you hear it well. The only issue I was curious about was whether they would decide to remaster "The Cage"(the original pilot) or just leave "The Menagerie Pt. 1&2" as enough of the episode. This show is really great and a must see for anyone....more info
  • Star Trek TOS
    I just received TOS only 5 days after I ordered it (super saver). Great job Amazon!! I'm also a first time buyer.
    This bluray is beautiful. It's almost too good. As we were watching it,we could see the shadow of a boom mike in the background. Also the holes in the lenes of "Gary Mitchell" along with some other things.My 16 year old son who loves all the Star trek series, thought the special effects were lame. I had to remind him that it was filmed in 1966-67, and was a very low budget series.

    I'm very pleased with it. I even don't mind the 4:3 format. It was filmed that way,so there is no distortion by streching it.
    It enhanced effects do not distract from the story, it makes it better. No more shaky ship circling around a blue, red or green blob.All the colors pop.I even noticed Spock had a slightly green tint to his face in the "Where no man has gone before" episode. You can watch it in it's orginal format as well. I like the new effect.
    It seems as though the episodes are out of order. There is a small problem with the audio.I have to turn up the volume on the dolby 7.1 to be able to hear the dialogue.The stereo 2.0 seems better. I read about this on the reviews.My Onkio system handles it ok,although 40 is a little loud.
    Can't wait for seasons 2& 3 to come out. Hope it's the same price! Live long and prosper.....more info
  • High quality release
    This a really cool box set. You get all the classic episodes remastered and in blu-ray quality. What really put's it over the top is having all the episodes in their original format or with new, updated graphic effects. The new effects are excellent and never go to far to take away from the classic feel of the episode....more info
  • A Must Have for Star Trek fans
    I started watching Star Trek beginning with its first episode in 1966. Then it was on a black & white TV. Didn't miss an episode. Later I purchased all the episodes through Columbia House video on VHS tapes. Until you see this in HD it's hard to explain. First, if you are a diehard and don't want to see any enhancements to the color, etc. you can see the episodes untouched. But for the rest of us . . .hold on to your captain chairs. They went back to the original music score and instrumentation and re-recorded the theme music complete with a Soprano singer and today's sound technology. Talk about depth and separation of sound. They also went back to the master film negative and corrected all imperfections (scratches, missed laser beams, etc.) Then they enhanced the contrast, brightness and color gamma. No more faded looking colors or missed skin tones! They made the planets look like planets instead of colored masses. Added a few extra fly-bys of the Enterprise with enhanced definition and different perspectives. Even added frames of the Enterprise laying probes from working bomb-bay style doors aft(only mentioned not shown orginally). You can also watch the episodes in enhanced and with a press of a button have it go split screen, showing unenhanced on the left and enhanced on the right. They made some additional enhanced graphics / definition in many scenes. I particularly liked the way they redid the ship leaving earth of the past. As they approached the sun it now increases in size as they draw near. It looks like a fireball with solar flares, and the ship "banks" around (instead of staying horizontal)just before whiplashing away. There is an additional hour long feature that discusses all the changes....more info
  • Trek Fans Dream !!!
    Ok, let me first say that if you are a true Trek fan from the beginning then you have got to have this set and the other seasons that will follow in this Blu-Ray series! There has been much controversy over anyone attempting to enhance or alter in any way the look, feel and mood of the original series. I totally get that concern. What you have in this set is the best of both worlds folks. You are given an extremely pristine copy of the original series untouched!

    However, what will astoundingly blow you away is the painstakingly enhanced version of the original series. There is a most excellent short documentary included that is a must see. It chronicles in a very interesting way all the care that was taken to clean up the original very badly fading tape of this series and NOT do a cheap colorized glitzy make-over but a very clean update of these films. We see a number of the original people behind the scenes with Gene Roddenberry who admit that "THIS" indeed is the look they and Gene were originally attempting to get but couldn't at the time due to technology limitations.

    The films truly are spectacular in either version and the sound has really been improved. Yes, I know many so-called fake & phony purists will say "but it wasn't done originally in 7.1". Yawn! Duh?, because Gene didn't HAVE 7.1 at the time! Well we do now and it's great and it works and you'll love it! Gene didn't do it in Hi Def either because he couldn't, but he sure would have if the technology was there and Paramount gave him the budget. Well we have it today and it works and works well. The original magic of this series is very well preserved and I was delighted to see the original people who made it say so!...more info
  • Star Trek TOS
    I just received TOS only 5 days after I ordered it (super saver). Great job Amazon!! I'm also a first time buyer.
    This bluray is beautiful. It's almost too good. As we were watching it,we could see the shadow of a boom mike in the background. Also the holes in the lenes of "Gary Mitchell" along with some other things.My 16 year old son who loves all the Star trek series, thought the special effects were lame. I had to remind him that it was filmed in 1966-67, and was a very low budget series.

    I'm very pleased with it. I even don't mind the 4:3 format. It was filmed that way,so there is no distortion by streching it.
    It enhanced effects do not distract from the story, it makes it better. No more shaky ship circling around a blue, red or green blob.All the colors pop.I even noticed Spock had a slightly green tint to his face in the "Where no man has gone before" episode. You can watch it in it's orginal format as well. I like the new effect.
    It seems as though the episodes are out of order. There is a small problem with the audio.I have to turn up the volume on the dolby 7.1 to be able to hear the dialogue.The stereo 2.0 seems better. I read about this on the reviews.My Onkio system handles it ok,although 40 is a little loud.
    Can't wait for seasons 2& 3 to come out. Hope it's the same price! Live long and prosper.....more info
  • Perfect for Star Trek Fans.....But....
    Eagerly awaited this blu-ray set for a long time ever since the originals came out as HD/DVD and then just regular DVD sets. There's not much else one can say other than for $64.99 at the moment of writing this it's too good to pass up. My only complaint so far is probably due to my own lack of understanding or owning a HD TV but for some reason my picture is stuck in a box. It's black bars all around making the image a box and not stretched to fit the screen let alone in widescreen. Is there a way to watch it without this way or was this just how these were made?...more info
  • A Fan's Delight
    Extremely well done with interesting commentaries from D.C. Fontana among others. Both the (painstakingly restored) original and the artfully updated special effects versions are included - it's as though a fan custom ordered them and I can't wait for the rest of the seasons to follow - I hope that they will see fit to treat the movies as well in a future Blu Ray release....more info
  • Great show, great look
    I found nothing to complain about. the episodes are good, the choice of old or new effects is awesome, and the sound booms. The extras aren't great, but when have the extras ever been the best part of a DVD or Blu-Ray set.
    The only thing I would have included, had it been up to me, is the old blooper reel that never seems to be published at all. It's out there, I know, my brother even has it on an old super 8 reel.

    Also, the case wasn't even broken when it arrived! A first for me when ordering multi-disc sets from Amazon....more info
  • Simply Amazing!
    I've owned Star Trek on DVD before, but I've NEVER seen it look like this! It's so clean, bright and clear. The upgrade over the DVD boxsets is remarkable, and the new FX are great too. A very worthwhile upgrade!...more info
  • Ain't your father's Star Trek
    Excellent. Trekkers add a star. Trekkies add 2 stars! Can't wait for the remaining seasons! Blu ray quality is outstanding. Sound and picture. This ain't your father's Star Trek. (Even though it is.)...more info
  • Bought it today
    Just got done watching the first episode and I must say it looked very nice. I watched the remastered version and it did not take away from the story at all. They did not do what Star Wars did and throw in CGI for the sake of CGI, it was well done. If you are a purist then you can watch the shows as it was originally aired. It is nice they gave you the choice rather than making you buy the original and the remastered *cough* you listening Lucas *cough*.

    The price is very nice as well. I paid $62 for this at Walmart and I challenge anyone to find me 7 blu-ray disks worth watching for $62. To those who claim it is over prices you are idiots. Last year I bought season 1 DVD for $80. It is a great deal....more info
  • Evaluate The Product!
    Star Trek fans are an amazing bunch. The tone of many negative posts seems to center on price vs entertainment value. The current street price for this 7 BD-50 disc set is $65. That's well under $10/disc. You receive both video and audio that is easily the best this series has ever looked or sounded. The option of the CGI and enhanced sound are entertaining, and you can always choose to view the unaltered, original effects versions, which still look great. The color saturation, facial detail etc is excellent for any program that was fist done in the '60s. I watched the original broadcasts (I'm old) and the beauty of these BD discs is stunning by comparison.

    If you own, as I do, DVD versions of Season 1, I suggest there is no comparison to these Blus when viewed on a 1080p screen. If $65 is too much for this set, then ANY disc, of any entertainment, standard or Blu, is over-priced.

    This is an excellent product, bargain priced and satisfying in every way. Whether you choose to buy this set, or not, it represents technology advancing the enjoyment of the Star Trek franchise. Fans can only hope the BD version of the films is this great.

    So buy it, already!...more info