Killer Klowns from Outer Space
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  • Uhhhhhh
    I'm still trying to completely process what I've just watched. Despite the obviously bizarre concept, it's surprisingly hard to decide if the director wanted this to be a serious movie or a comedy. At times there's some hilarious moments, but you can't really tell if it was intentionally funny. I've come to the conclusion that this movie is in the same realm of Night Of The Creeps, in that it's trying to be scary, but also doesn't take itself too seriously and makes fun of genre cliches. It pretty much fails at being scary, although the clown costumes are surprisingly well done and detailed, but it certainly accomplishes making fun of those horror cliches. The plot is absolutely impossible to take seriously, but some people would say that's part of the genius of the film. The acting is pretty dismal (but again this could have been entirely on purpose), with the exception of the older middle-aged cop who is actually pretty darn funny and easily the best acted character of the whole movie. Overall the movie is worth a rent at the very least, some people will really enjoy it more than others, I'm sure there's a vast number of folks who will despise it as well. I wasn't really impressed, but it's worth watching once through....more info
  • Killer Klowns rock my World...
    The whole movie is cheesy, but you cant help but love it. Although I just recently upgraded from VHS to the DVD which was only $7.50 at walmart... so sorry amazon... walmart has cheaper cheesy... but other then that this movie is a total classic and i suggest buying it for the clown phobic friend:)...more info
  • Insanely funny. So bad, it's good.
    Insanely funny. So bad, it's good. A real pie in the face. I've been looking for this DVD for years. Chodo Bros. are worth their weight in
    bedpans....more info
  • Funny Yet Spooky.............But There's Something Missing
    I'll start off with the good points....
    1)the clowns [my favorites are the red one[I call him BIG RED] and the small green one [I call him LITTLE GREENY].
    2)the stupid police force
    3)the heroes
    Those are the good parts.....But the bad points are these....
    1)It's filmed at dusk
    2)Policemen Dave and Mooney act as if their Mocho Men
    3)Their is no SEX....I wish I could see the clowns having it
    4)Why'd the clowns kill the women rather than capture them and use them to their own advantage
    5)The clownzilla or whatever he was shouldn't of been in the movie at all
    Other than that I'd give this movie a thousand no a million stars for being funny,scary, and entertaining.I do hope the rumors of a second killer clowns is true.........I pray that their true at least.............more info
  • A movie for the ages
    this is a great horror/comedy movie, the sappy 80's effects are well done,
    Watch for a sequal sometime this year or possibly in '09...more info
  • Campy Brilliance
    If you like corny, campy, cult movies, this is it. I really can not add to the reviews here except to affirm what has been written. I loved the balloon dogs! My husband and I laughed all the way through this movie. If you like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and other films like it, you will love this horror spoof. (I wouldn't recommend it for young or sensitive children though!)...more info
  • Kampy Killer Klowns that drool low budget
    The movie starts out in the typical 1980's fashion. Bad music highlighted with make out sessions in the woods, geeks with coke bottle glasses and lots of cheap beer. At first you'd think this is the run of the mill type B-Movie, that is until the klowns land in their circus tent spaceship. Curious people cannot seem to resist the colourful tent in the middle of nowhere. Once the klowns get bored of the woods, they wreck havoc on the bewildered towns folk. The klowns are somewhat clumbsy and oversized, but pack a lot of killer gags. How can one resist pies that melt people to the bone, popcorn that borns little klowns, colourful toy laser guns that kill or shadow puppets that can eat groups of unsuspecting people? Want more, how about really bad acting, sub par script, super low budget sets with even super lower effects and scary looking klowns with sharp rotten teeth. Even better yet, it all seems to work in this campy and cheesey cult classic....more info
  • A Kult Klassic
    What fun this movie is! A wonderful, imaginative spoof of the 50s creature movies, namely "The Blob", this is much more comedy than horror.

    Who doesn't think clowns are creepy? These clowns, however (which are actually aliens) are too funny-looking to be creepy. I couldn't help but laugh every time one of them appeared. Especially the one dubbed "Fatso", who's a big, waddling blob of clown. The plot is pretty simple: a tent-shaped spaceship lands in a town one night, letting loose a group of silly-looking alien clowns that feed on the citizens. Actually, they turn them into cotton candy and store them on board their space ship for future consumption. The requisite teenage couple stumbles upon these happenings and become the heroes of the movie, along with a cop who conveniently used to date our heroine.

    The DVD is filled with fun extras, including commentary by the trio of Chiodo brothers who wrote, produced, and directed the film. Also featured are spots on how the special effects, music, and other things were done, so you get a mini lesson in filmmaking also.

    If you love cult or campy movies, you can't miss this one!...more info
  • I enjoyed this film....
    When I first saw this film at 13, I really enjoyed it, very cheesy but still enjoyable. The special f/x were simpler than they looked.
    I'm 27 now, still like it.
    At 13, most of my friends missed the point, not realizing there wasn't one. My friends now, some get it and some don't, I don't expect everyone to like it, but I'm impressed that so many here did. I too found the music video pretty funny but it's not on the DVD, oh well.
    I heard the commentary, a sequel is being considered, but to me this film should be left alone, Lost Boys doesn't need one either-but it's getting one! If Joel Schumacher has a hand in it, I'll consider it, otherwise I'm skipping it.
    My question is, what else can they do with Killer Klowns, unless they're gonna modernize it, which could work....more info
  • Great parody
    This movie falls into the cheesy guilty pleasure catagory.
    You realize the bad acting and low budget effects should
    turn you off, but somehow Killer Klowns with popcorn guns
    is simply too much fun to pass up. It starts off with a
    old hillbilly(He used to play on the western series Gun
    smoke alot) spotting a spaceship and decides to see what's
    going on.

    He then naturally becomes the movies first victim. The
    main characters are two teens Mike and Debbie. The thing
    is that despite being two of the main characters they
    add nothing to the film at all. The whole show comes from
    the Klowns and they're creative and cheesy ways to kill
    off the people put them in the cotton candy cacoons.

    This movie is more of a comedy than a horror film as
    nothing really is believable. But with the cheesy one
    liners totally funny klowns make this movie alot of fun
    to watch on a late night. Even better if you are totally
    wasted. The only boring parts is all the parts without
    the klowns. The best part is the scene with the bikers
    and the small klown. If you can't laugh at that you have
    no sense of humor at all. The scene with Mooney and the
    Klown in the jail is pretty good aswell.

    One of the best guilty pleasure movies that you will ever
    see....more info
  • cult classic
    Classic 80's film that is a must for any collection. This could be the reason so many people are afraid of Clowns.


    David...more info
  • Perhaps the definitive campy horror movie
    Frankly I find any one star review that actually goes on to critique Killer Klowns from Outer Space laughable. Do we really need to read any deeper than the title to infer that this doesn't aim to be any more than a campy horror movie that's good for laughs and violence? But in addition to those things, there is a myriad of other reasons why this movie is so great.

    A bunch of teenagers are gathered at a local make-out spot, when suddenly an unidentified flying object makes a landing in the nearby woods. Upon further investigation, our heros discover that the titular clowns have arrived, and that they don't take very kindly to humans. They now must dodge killer clowns, vicious popcorn creatures, man-eating hand shadow puppets, the token skeptical cop, and much more in an attempt to save the town and perhaps the world.

    For what it is, Killer Klowns from Outer Space is better than what you'd think. Great effort was put into creating colorful, and other-worldly set pieces such as the circus tent space ship, not to mention great special effects in general. The movie is also overbrimming with creative ideas such as guns that shoot popcorn, people being sealed in cocoons of cotton candy like webs and being sucked up through crazy straws, flesh melting pies, etc. It's rare that a movie of this nature pulls it off with the amount of success that Killer Klowns does. Best of all, this is pure IMAGINATION. Something that made countless classics what they are, and sadly something that has become largely forgotten nowadays. Had this movie been released today it would have surely faded into the sea of random, weird for the sake of being weird garbage that plagues film and television.

    That being said, I highly recommend Killer Klowns from Outer Space to anyone who appreciates fun, imagination, and horror too!...more info
  • A Killer Review
    This movie was Awesone!!!!!!!!!! It was so old school that it was cool. Everybody should see this movie....more info
  • Some fun to be had, but mainly boring.
    Killer Klowns is sort of a homage to paranoid sci-fi movies of the 1950's, but lacks the shlock charm of the Blob remake which came out in the same year.

    The plot is absolute nonsense. Killer Klowns from, you guessed it, Out Space land in rural America in their big-top spaceship. Their motive, to snatch humans away for dipping in their poisonous cotton candy. Told you it was nonsense, but the movie knows this and doesn't waste any time with sincerity (a fatal flaw with far too many cheapo horror flicks).

    The Klowns, in a very weird way, are quite cute. And I wasn't afraid of them. In fact, when they are not on the screen the movie gets rather boring. The main characters are total cliches with no charm. The Klowns however, are very funny (ironic considering I hate them in real life).

    As a stupid, but slick, no-brainer Killer Klowns works fine. As the Saturday Night's main event it's best to look elsewhere.

    The DVD is in good-looking 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen with Dolby 2.0 sound. There are quite a lot of extras too. For fans of this movie, this DVD is priceless....more info
  • So bad it made my brain hurt, so funny
    It made my sides hurt.

    Yes, three stars, but this is an average. One star for production values and acting (except John Vernon), five stars for a great concept (no matter how poorly executed), and slapstick humor.

    It was a LOW budget horror spoof... Everything was clearly done on a bare bones budget. The actors were mostly consistent with the budget, with one notable exception. John Vernon plays a jaded, cynical street monster of a cop, and does a superb job of showing the resentment for anyone with college education, and anyone with the bad manners to be young. Bravo.

    The concept was utterly camp, aliens invade Santa Cruz California (having visited there recently, I'm not sure anyone there would notice), and they look like clowns. Using popcorn guns, cotton candy cocoons, and ballon tracking dogs (balloon dogs, for tracking that is) they begin their conquest, or at least dinner. Yes, they eat people, draining their blood through a crazy straw. Whimisical, surreal, groteque, and playing on the scarriest thing on two legs; clowns. Of course, being clowns, everything was slapstick, and mostly well done. I like it. I just wish a little more effort and budget went into it....more info
  • The sequel is coming.
    I was researching on the computer two months ago and found out the chiodo emails so I said"what the hell"and I contacted them.

    The sequel is about a nasa space ship being shot down out of outer space then these clowns(klowns)land in none other but Cresent Cove.They have come for three reasons.
    1)To get more Cotton Candy Blood Juice
    2)To seek revenge on the ones that defeated them the last time they landed.
    3)To save(rescue)the little buddle of joy they left behind.

    Big Red,Little Greeny,Mr.Funkiller,Mr.Cool,Macho Klown,Yellow Mellow Shooter all return.(They took off in another ship.The other was like a decoy to distract the humans.)

    And no Klownzilla is not the leader.Big Red is.Do ya'll really think that thing could possibly lead that group of misfits?I don't think so.

    I got this information from the Chiodo Brothers themselves in an email.I still have the email too.
    Hope this helps....more info
  • cant believe they still have this movie
    this is an old movie i remember from the 80,s its still as dumb as it was then ,,i think dumber actually,,,but its good for a laugh>>>>...more info
  • This Movie Is A Horror Gem!!!(And Ms. Snyder Is HOT Too!!!)
    This movie is a Horror Gem and is sadly overlooked by many fans of the genre. A group of Killer Klowns arive from Outer Space and then proceed to kill and maim the inhabitants on Earth. The Klowns in this movie have a SERIOUS "Street Credibility" problem because after all, who is scared of a clown? However as Lon Chaney once said "There is nothing scarier than a clown after midnight" and I agree with that. This movie stars the absolutely GORGEOUS Suzanne Snyder whoi sadly we do not see enough of in film these days....more info
  • A Greet Low Budget Horror Movie
    It plays like a typical late 50's sci-fi film. Teenage couple explores strange falling star. Old man gets to it first, and becomes the first victim of the alien terror. Teenagers try to make the authorities believe them. Eventually, the police come around, but of course, not until after much damage has already been done.

    The alien spacecraft resembles a gigantic circus tent. Which is fitting since the aliens are Killer Klowns. These Klowns go on a hunt through a quiet little town, killing people as they find them and preserving their bodies in giant cotton candy cocoons. They use balloon animals, popcorn shooters, and even shadow puppets as weapons of death. The special effects and art design are actually quite good for such a low budget film. And the Klowns have to be one of cheesy science fiction's greatest creations: big, ugly, and grotesque, with wide grinning mouths, sharp teeth, and devilish eyes.

    Now it is true that the acting is mediocre, but I felt it actually enhanced the enjoyment of the film. This film deserves the cult following over it has earned....more info
    As a child of the 80's, I loved this movie. Every time it came on tv, I was mesmerized. But over time I had completely forgotten about it. Then I came across it at Blockbuster and rented it just for some nostaliga. I was instantly back in love with it and my 8 yr old daughter is now obessed with it. Over the couple of days we had it, she watched it probably 20 times. She even drew pictures of scenes from the movie. The title is the plot of the movie. These very creepy clowns land on earth in their circus tent spaceship and run amok in town. Using their cotton candy ray guns to spin unspecting townspeople up in cocoons or trapping them in giant balloons. It's up to Dave, Debbie and Mike to save the town. The only actor in the movie that I recognize is the actor who plays Dave the cop, he played Hunk Golden in another great bad 80's movie "HUNK."
    Another thing that I like about this movie is that it's creepy, weird and funny but it's not the typcal horror movie. There almost no blood, no nudity or sex and there's no brutal violence, it's more of a comedic Beetlejuice violence which was more suitable for older children to enjoy as well. ...more info
  • This Movie's AWESOME!
    "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" is hillarious! I'm also fond of the theme song. I'd have to say, these dudes are super clever, and they're so cool lookin'! I like the little dude with the green hair. Trust me, you'll really want to buy this movie....more info
  • Hilarious icon of sci-fi and horror trash
    "Killer Clowns from Outer Space" (1988 - 88 minutes), icon of sci-fi
    and horror trash, was directed by Stephen Chiodo and written by
    Charles, Edward and Stephen Chiodo. With funny special effects and a bizarre sense of humour, the film tells the history of a
    group of alien clowns, the crew of a circus tent shape spaceship,that
    lands on Earth to spread terror using the most varied circus
    techniques. A small American city is chosen to receive the unexpected
    visit of the evil and wicked extraterrestrials whose objective is to
    make fun and later on to suck the succulent body of the human beings.
    Hilarious....more info
  • Craaaaaazzzzzy!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh man, is this one ever entertaining. I watched this the same day I saw Clownhouse, and boy, was this much better! Killer Klowns is a crazy movie, very funny (the clowns are hilarious and very cool) at times, sometimes spooky at times, and just inspired lunacy the whole way through.

    Right from the start, the cheesy, campy and downright cool 80's theme for this movie sets the tone, and it gets more campy and enjoyahble from there. The movie borrows many campy elements, monsters coming down to eat lifeforms, something like a mend of old horror movies, only with the actual intention to make you laugh. It makes the movie hilariously enjoyable and absurd, instead of just making you laugh at how stupid it looks. Of course, the plot absolutely rules as well. I mean, what's cooler than alien clowns that wrap their victims in cotton candy to drink, color the walls a circus color, use a human for a marionatte, and can eat people with their shadows? That's right, nothing!

    So what makes the humor cool? Well, the exploding, acidic pies are just plain cool, and when a clown puts the cherry on top of the pile of acidic pies, that's funny. When you see a frail old man, pathetically yelling at the circus tent to give him back his dog, that's funny. When you see a fat clown drink one of his victims through a straw, that's funny. Oh, and the comedic duo that drives the ice cream is hysterical to watch, there so oblivious, comical, and stupid they are worth more than one genuine laugh. And the sets are cool to look at, and especially when they are decorated. It ends well too, as the every good guy dies is tiring and as lame as a glittering happy ending in these kind of slasher films.

    Simply put, watch this movie, and prepare to have some laughs. The way that this movie does with the horror genre is just great.

    B...more info
  • Very funny and inventive
    Killer Klowns from Outer Space is very funny and inventive. I watched it Christmas after my sister bought it for me. She said it would be right up my alley, because it looks cheesy. It is! That's what I like about it. The klowns look really creepy. The synopsis is like any aliens come to Earth movie. They come and try to kill all humans, but with a clowny twist. Popcorn guns, cotton candy cocoons, shadow puppet murders. It was great. I liked the creativeness. It's movies like this that are great to watch with friends. Of course this wasn't as funny as the Ring. (If anybody has read my reviews, then they would know my personal vendetta against that film.) The Ring was full of clowns that almost killed me with laughter. I would only buy this to put in my comedy section. Killer Klowns offers some great twists on the run-of-the-mill sci-fi/horror film genre. It is bound to entertain you. Buy this film and be prepared for a great ride through the original Carnival of Carnage....more info
  • Wild ride of campy fun
    Ok this is the disclaimer: For B movie lovers this is easily a 4 star film for the film lovers that want quality and enormous budgets it is a 2 star film.

    Why the disclaimer because this movie is by far not a GREAT movie but is great at being ridiculous, laughable and completely over the top and like no movie ever made.

    Aliens crash land on earth to collect humans for their inquenchable thirst of blood. Soon the town is being told of the strange aliens that have landed and they are being described as Klowns. It doesn't take long and the Klowns are in town creating havoc in a circus variety way. Typical horror movie fair the resistance begins against these Klowns from another world. You get the idea.

    "B" movie lovers will have to have this as part of their collection because of the many gags that are pulled off in this film. Such as wrapping people in cotton candy cocoons, drinking their blood with silly straws, shadow puppets that kill, pies in the face that kill you, and a space ship in the form of a circus tent. These are just some of the many strange killing devices in this insane movie.

    The more "normal"(I am the abnormal which love ridiculous cinema) movie lover may want to rent this first and see if it a film of their liking, because the plot is fluid but clowns killing people in zany ways may not be your ideal movie experience. Normal movie fan you have been warned, but I do encourage everyone to see it at least once to say you have had the "experience". B movie or campy classic lover BUY IT NOW for this price it needs to be in your librairy right next to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and Gymkata. ...more info
  • Coulrophobics Beware!
    A film capitalizing on Coulrophobia, in which a troupe of interstellar clowns descend upon earth within a craft in the shape of a big-top tent, and proceed to encase the resident humans in a small township inside jacaranda cocoons, for future meals. Yes, these clowns are here to consume the vital fluids of earthlings, yet there is no presence of a "cook book" entitled "How To Serve Man", although this presentation may have been partly inspired by that Twilight Zone episode. The only ones privvy to their intentions are "Debbie and Mike", a couple who had witnissed their ghoulish propensities, and go forth to stop them at all costs, yet no-one believes their seemingly wild tale, especially the Police - yet eventually, a deputy joins them in their quest to vanquish the gluttonous bafoons who exhibit all of the characteristics of their trade to the extreme. By utilizing the sheeple's gullibility, they are entranced by their antics, including an impressive hand-shadow display, until captured and preserved, and they do not waste their food.

    Particularly remarkable and amusing scenes include a small clown being harassed by a gang of bikers, who then proceed to enact some of his own justice by literally "knocking his block off"; the dispatching of the Police Chief by using the compassionate glamor of his jestery to catch him off guard; four clowns, after emerging from a small car, throwing acid pies at a security guard, reducing him into a globulous pile of ice cream - ulna & radius protruding from the gelatinous mess; a puppet show entertaining a teenager who ends up victim; a blonde attacked in the shower by baby snake-like clownheads, birthed into existence by popcorn seeds.

    In the end, after gaining the cooperation of a couple of horny brothers who own an ice cream truck, Mike and the deputy engage in the final showdown within the bigtop craft, scurrying through the mazes within, rescuing Debbie who had been previously captured and contained within a balloon, until they face a clown monster. Suffice it to say, the film has an explosive and colorful finale.

    I did like the appearence of the clowns themselves - with exaggerated features, demonic laughter, and pointed predatory teeth. These characters would make for acceptable Halloween Horror costumes.This is indeed a "cult classic", and purposeful B+ Movie fare in My estimation. No blood or gore, but more or less a comic book put to film. Regarding the soundtrack, see The Dickies video which is just about as good as the movie....more info
  • Awesome!
    This is by far the best clown movie ever made. It also includes a lot of funny one-liners throughout the movie. One of my personal favorites. Do yourselves a fvor and rent it one night!...more info
  • A B-movie classic!

    In a small town, an odd spaceship that resembles a circus tent has just landed near the town to lure people in. Suddenly two college students investigate it to discover that it's a spaceship and it's aliens are evil bloodsucking vampiric clown-like creatures whom's only intention is to eat the human race.

    Very entertaining and different kind of Science Fiction/Horror Comedy flick that has became a cult favorite over the years, but if you can just overlook the bad acting with dopey dialog, you can enjoy the film for it's special effects, realistic if creepy clown creatures and imaginative ideas for kills & weapons that only the red nosed invaders from another planet can do.

    The DVD has great picture with great sound, the extras are very nice like a audio commentary by the directors known as the Chiodo Brothers, 5 featurettes, bloopers, 2 deleted scenes with commentary, still gallery, storyboard gallery and Theatrical Trailer.

    If you love Sci-fi, horror and comedy with b-movies then this movie is just right for you.

    Also recommended: "Lifeforce", " The Blob ( 1958 and 1988)", " Predator", "Predator 2", "Aliens", "Alien", "Alien3", "Alien Resurrection","Alien vs. Predator", "Critters", "Critters 2", " Mars Attacks!", " IT! The Terror from Outer Space", " The Thing ( 1951 and 1982 versions)", " Species", " The Fifth Element", "Starship Troopers", "Total Recall", " War of the Worlds", " Attack of the Killer Tomatoes", "Return of the Killer Tomatoes", " Invasion of the Body Snatchers ( Both versions)", " Invaders from Mars ( Both versions)", " Vampirella", " Planet of the Vampires", "Bad Taste" and "The Deadly Spawn"....more info
  • Want to read Macbeth? Try this instead.
    My oldest son's literature teacher told him that Shakespeare was the height of the written art form. Well, I marched right into his office holding a copy of Killer Klowns and said, "Oh yeah?! Well, try this Bernie!" (The funny thing about this is that I learned that his name is not Bernie.)

    Anyways, I challenged this so-called "teacher" to watch this film and if he couldn't see how this rated as great literature, I would buy him a new car and not one of those sissy priuses.

    This film has everything great in classic literature. Human trajedy, soul-searching, existential questions about good versus evil, popcorn that turns into very toothy carnivores when put into a clothes hamper, random violence directed at bicycles, and pies ... lots and lots of pies.

    If more people watched this film, we would come together as a global community and really understand who the threat is. Please, let us act upon this before it is too late.

    Oh, and my wife and I disagree whether this should be categorized as a documentary or not....more info