Garmin nuMaps Lifetime North America Map Updates for detailed maps of U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico
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Product Description

Access to multiple map updates each year for life. includes new streets, highways, address and pois. card has product key for access to Garmin web

  • nĘ╣Maps Lifetime subscription lets you download the newest map data up to four times per year. No monthly fees or maintenance costs.
  • Know where to go when new restaurants open or streets change
  • nĘ╣Maps Lifetime is a one-time, single purchase that lets you download the most up-to-date map information on streets
  • With Single Purchase, You Will Have Access to Multiple Map Updates Each Year for
  • Map Data is Provided by NAVTEQ

Customer Reviews:

  • Gift Card A Good Deal - Painful Download
    When I would go to "update available" the site would take me to the place where you purchase the update. It seemed I was in a loop and couldn't get to the download point. You have to go to log in and go to:

    After I got it downloaded the update worked fine. ...more info
  • Util and hassle free
    This updates are very useful for any US driver because keeps updated your system and from time to time you will receive emails with the latest information regarding maps and references for your nuvi garmin. You won't be disappointed this is a good investemnt....more info
  • Download process not IE 8 compatible
    As I already had registered my Street Pilot C340 at the garmin site, it was very easy to go to [...] to enter the key under the scratch-off cover. I then spent several hours trying to figure out why the download process would not work for me on a relatively new laptop. Was it Vista SP2? Was it Norton or Windows security? Was it IE? After researching the net and trying several ideas that were not helpful, the evidence is that the conflict comes from Internet Explorer 8. After going to another machine with XP and IE7, everything worked fine; still time consuming as that machine is slower, but after about 3 hours the map was downloaded, expanded, and transferred to the Garmin.

    This does seem a better deal than paying for annual updates. Even after the update, the map still did not reflect one of the road changes I encountered on a recent trip, but that is more Navtec's responsibility than Garmin's.

    As cited elsewhere, the map is tied to one device, with no remedy if the device is stolen. As my initial C340 was stolen before I ever bought a map update, I did not lose the map update too. But when that happens, I will be even more irritated. ...more info
  • Garmin Lifetime Maps
    Garmin lifetime maps were easy to install, but be prepared for at least an hour and a half download time and upload to unit. Otherwise, great product, unit works as before but with new "brains". Haven't tried a second update yet, but expect the same process....more info
  • Invalid Product Key
    Not sure what happened here. Just received my card from Amazon - loaded up my Garmin - received the following: Invalid Product Key. Card is no good - I think I just lost $100. I did purchase the proper card that is "supposed" to work with my Garmin - I did everything 100% by the book - card is invalid. Not sure if these things have to be activated before mailed or what - but I can tell you this - it would have been worth the extra $19 to order directly from Garmin. Now I have to see if I can get a refund from Amazon - beware of this! ...more info
  • Garmin nĘ╣Maps Lifetime North America Map Updates
    This is a great option. Just you can update NA map lifetime with little extra. I got this deal in Amazon and I do strongly recommend for the Garmin users to consider this NA lifetime map update option rather than going for yearly updates....more info
  • Installation very easy, but took about 60 min.
    This is a way much better deal than the normal $65.00 a year to update your mapping. Took about an hour to download to PC then transfer to Garmin. Buying via Amazon saves about $20.00 and with no cost shipping a real deal....more info
  • Great deal for new Garmin users
    We have a 3 year old Garmin 350. We find the unit itself is very easy to use. Our problem is we used our fee update 18 months ago and it did not include much of the new road construction around us. We also found that the changing face of our city had many new, moved and closed businesses and our Points of Interest were also out of date. An update was imminent and it was going to cost us this time. I saw on the lifetime map updates on the Garmin site and thought I might find a bit better deal and that brought me here where one of the vendors had a great deal.

    If you are unsure whether an update has the new features you are looking for you can preview the detailed US map on the Garmin shopping site. Be careful there are lists of "supported Nuvi units" on some of the vendors sites that are woefully incomplete. For instance our 350 was not on the vendor list, but after a search I was able to find a list on the Garmin shopping site that seems to list all the Nuvi and other units. The product page has a ton of information but you may have to dig around a bit to find it.

    What you get in the mail is essentially a reward card size card with a scratch off code. My one gripe for all this is the shipping cost for this is almost unnecessary except the card is in a store theft control hard shell wrapper. If you upgrade at Garmin you will get the code immediately and therefore no shipping so be sure to factor this in the price.

    The upgrade was pretty straight forward but took me about 3 hours. The download is almost 2GB so a good internet connection is very helpful, I am pretty sure though you can get it on DVD for shipping cost.

    Bottom line, I really like the Garmin unit and the update will have paid for itself the next time I do it. It seems like a good investment to me....more info
  • Garmin Map Update
    We had not updated the maps on my wife's Garmin for a few years. The card arrived on time and the download was simple. Product works well and the price was competitive....more info
  • Saved $22 bucks even after figuring in shipping charges
    I wasn't sure about making this purchase, but I received the package in the mail containing a shrink-wrapped update card the size of a credit card, so it looked good. But then when I went to the Garmin website to update the maps, it wanted me to enter a "product key". Well the card had a product key area on the back, but there was an unreadable black space with wavy lines through it. I thought that maybe I'd been duped. Well my bad. Called Garmin and after being on hold about 30 minutes (I'm serious), they said scratch off the area on the back. Well I felt pretty dumb, but there were no instructions and I've never seen a plastic scratch off before. Go figure why they don't just show the key, because the card was inside one of those 3-hour pliars/razor blade shrink-wraps. So after a scratch-off followed by a very long online update process on the Garmin site (took at least an hour or longer), I'm in business....more info
  • Bad updates
    Garmin makes great GPS units. Too bad the updates are lousy. Not worth much. Their vendor keeps adding new stuff, but doesn't take out defunct businesses and such. So the files keep getting bigger. Eventually your older unit will just run out of enough memory to load it all. Tom Tom next time for me; the user community can upload corrections to the database so their business model is simply better....more info
  • Not recommended. Missing streets, incorrect locations, poor customer service
    The map updates have many bad addresses for businesses and points of interest. The original maps that came with my Garmin had the correct addresses, but the update seems to have put many points of interest at incorrect locations.

    Another thing to be aware of is that Garmin will not transfer the "lifetime" updates to a replacement unit. My GPS was stolen about a month after I purchased the update package and Garmin customer support's answer was too bad, buy another. A few key strokes in their database and I would still be a loyal Garmin customer, but their products just aren't that amazing on their own....more info
  • ifetime update a good bargain
    Although the item was delivered opened, the codes were still valid. Garmin has made map updates more affordable with this option if you plan to keep your GPS for a while. The process is somewhat tedious as you have to download a massive file from the Garmin site and then the transfer process to get the maps from the computer to the GPS is also very time consuming. I have been happy with the final result....more info
  • Be Careful Scratching Off the Code
    You have to scratch off a section on the back of the card to get a code you'll need to activate the card. On the card I received I couldn't read the code. I contacted Garmin and they said that was a problem with some of the cards. Even though I hadn't purchased the card from Garmin they sent me a new one in exchange for a photo of the one I bought on Amazon....more info
  • Lifetime map updates - hard to install
    I like my Garmin but the maps were about 3 years old, so I purchased the lifetime update.

    It took several hours to download the 2G file, and an hour and a half to open it each time I tried to use it.

    My problem? I didn't have a SD card for my Garmin so only had enough memory to update one region. I asked it to install the southeast region, once it finished none of the minor roads would show up at all. Contacted Garmin customer service, turns out the update had installed the northwest region. They said to redo it, I must have selected the wrong region.

    Tried again, (several hour process) same results. So I tried installing the northeast region which also included my Canada instead.

    Finally I bought an SD card which holds all the maps and now it works.

    But what an ordeal!!...more info
  • Garmin Lifetime Map update... GREAT
    I am very glad that garmin came out with this map update for the life of the unit for a one time fee. I bought mine from [...] as they are garmin authorized dealers and I knew I could trust my order at a authorized garmin dealer site. I found them very helpful and they clearly state what models this update works for. I recommend this product and the dealer.

    Thanks...more info
  • Buy it if you have lots of money to spend......
    I bought this lifetime map updates 2 weeks ago. After successfully installed, I took the GPS to use in Philadelphia. However, I input 2 addresses but the GPS could not find them. Then I tried a few POIs and the results were negative. Well, I know that nothing will be perfect but it should not be like that! I really hope the company will use the more updated map in the future released. ...more info
  • Not a plug and play
    Great value but difficult to down load updates.
    With a cd you can just load the software.
    With the Garmin nuMap Lifetime Updates you have to obtain updates from Garmin's website and its is difficult to navigate....more info
    Was excited to find this, but after I purchased it and opened it, found out it only works for certain Garmin models. Check the Garmin site for product details, they are not listed correctly on Amazon....more info