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Speck Products MB13AU-SEE-AQU MacBook 13-inch Aluminum Unibody/Black Keyboard See Thru Case (Aqua)
List Price: $49.95

Our Price: $29.36

You Save: $20.59 (41%)


Product Description

Silky-soft to the touch with the same protection as our trusted SeeThru line; introducing SeeThru Satin! Give your MacBook a smooth, semi-translucent frosted finish that easily slips in and out your bag while retaining a grippy edge. Allows you access to all your important plugs and drives while highlighting the unique look of your new MacBook 13" (aluminum unibody/black keyboard.)

  • Great hard shell protection
  • Vented for safe heat disbursement
  • Does not interfere with opening your MacBook all the way back
  • Access to all ports, battery check button, Kensington lock, CD/DVD drive
  • Custom-fit for the new 15 inches MacBook Pro (aluminum unibody/black keyboard)

Customer Reviews:

  • Super MacBook Cover
    I am so glad I bought this case. After spending a couple grand on the computer itself, I thought it important to invest in a sturdy case...even if it cost a little extra. I've had it for a good two months now. First of all, it provides a solid barrier of protection for my macbook. I'm able to breath easier because there is less chance of nicks or scratches marring the computer. Even though its covered completely my macbook never gets hot. When you put it on, ease it unto the computer lid and bottom - it will snap on without any damage. I can access all the bottons, ports, and whatnot. So, its does not hinder accessibility at all. Furthermore, the aqua color is great. Its this rich turquoise/blue color. I love it!! ...more info
  • The best shield for your MacBook
    This case is the best you can have. It is almost weightless, you almost don't see it and it protects your gem. I have had it for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and for MacBook.
    It looks and serves great.
    Fits your machine perfectly....more info
  • love this case!!
    I've had this laptop case now for almost a month and I love it! It does exactly what it's supposed to and is easy to put on and off. I definitely recommend it!...more info
  • Very helpful case
    Well the case is pretty cool how it slips on with ease. I do have to take it off and clean it to remove dust that falls into the tiny gaps, as it causes abrasions to the plastic case (no bid deal) and to the laptop (yikes!)....more info
  • Perfect Case for the MacBook 13" Aluminum Unibody [not white plastic model]
    This is a transparent, hard-shell case for the newer [late 2008] MacBook 13" Aluminum Unibody, with black keyboard and no firewire, not the older white plastic model with removeable keyboard, and with firewire. This case is currently available in clear, pink, red, aqua, green, hazard orange, and purple; but there is also a translucent, 'satin soft-touch' version, available in black, purple, cranberry, pink and yellow. Most are hard to find.

    The fit is perfect and snug, and removal is fairly simple. No overheating issues, all ports are accessible, and the MacBook opens as far as I ever opened it before.

    The only complaint I've seen elsewhere is that dirt gets under the case and can scratch the MacBook. The instructions recommend removing the case and cleaning the MacBook with the included cloth at regular intervals to avoid this [as well as before installing the first time]. I've only had mine a few weeks, so haven't done that yet, but there is no dirt visible under my case.

    Overall, I'm totally pleased with how well it fits and seems like part of the unit. I forget it's even there, and a few folks have commented about not knowing that Apple came out with new notebooks in colors!

    Great!...more info
  • fabulous case!
    This fits perfectly and looks great. Goes on in 2 seconds. I just love it. Definitely would recommend it in order to keep my new unibody silver 13" macbook scratch free! Took it on a 2 week trip and felt confident that it wouldn't get damaged. Also great for use thru airport security....more info
  • Perfect for the Macbook 13
    This is must have for owners of the Macbook. It fits perfectly and preserves the elegance of the Macbook and allows users to handle the laptop with less risk of it slipping out of your hands while avoiding scratches to the laptop. I have only had it two weeks. How it stands up over the long term and what it looks like after you have travelled with it in the laptop bag to and from airports is too early to tell, therefore 4 stars ...more info
  • Product was not as described and would not let me return it
    Please read other negative reviews before purchasing anything from this seller. The product that I bought "Speck Products MB13AU-SEE-PNK 13-Inch Aluminum Unibody/Black Keyboard See Thru Case for MacBook (Pink)" didn't say anywhere that it was for a MacBook Air, so when I received it, I opened it and tried it on my computer. Needless to say, it didn't fit. And, because I opened it, they wouldn't take it back!! Are you kidding me? What should I have done, guessed? DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER. I Tried three times to reason with them before posting this review and they were completely unhelpful. Told me that they wouldn't issue me an RMA # and if I tried to return it without an RMA #, it would be refused. Now I have a brand new $40 cover that doesn't fit and my MacBook is still unprotected!! Read the other negative reviews; there are lots of 'em....more info
  • LAME. hardly the best option; simply: an option.
    I tolerate my speck case. It doesn't quite fit so it lets a good deal of dust and debris in under the plastic which results in forced frequent cleaning else I suffer scratches. (Didn't I get the shell to help prevent scratches?!) It's so loose that one of the clips (the one near the power button) doesn't even stay on the majority of the time meaning that much more gap-page. Now granted for under $40 it's not as bad as it could be, but I still feel that I paid hard earned money for a product that was specifically designed for my machine. It should fit!!
    My advice: buy this one to tide you over 'til Techshell makes a unibody case. I had that for my black macbook = LOVE. ::sigh:: ...more info
  • Easy to put on and nice compliment to the Macbook
    I ordered the clear case and I felt it was easy to put on. I watched a quick video on the site. I like how it seems almost not there at all. Nice product and I'm sure will help protect my machine.

    The only drawback: I was nervous when I picked up the box from the mail locker. I could feel it was loose on the inside. After I opened, luckily I found it undamaged, but it was very loosely packaged with little bubble wrap. ...more info
  • Good Product
    This is for the new aluminum Macbook. The product fits securely and seems to be well constructed. It does add a bit of weight. Also worth mentioning, a "Speck" logo is now located on the top portion of the case--probably about an 1.5" wide, and clear. This logo was not present on the previous Macbook pro case. I was a little disappointed to see it there and prefer to have the cleaner look of just the Apple logo.

    Good product overall though. ...more info
  • mac case
    excellent product but a little pricey for two pieces of thin plastic. we will see how durable they are for the money spent....more info
  • be aware
    This case is very nice, but not only does it look a bit fragile, but please keep in mind that this is for the new macbook. I have the model from about a year ago and ordered this case, and it doesn't fit at all. Don't make the same mistake and make sure you have a compatible computer....more info
  • Such an excellent case. Worthwhile investment for your MB.
    This is my first purchase from this company. I had purchased a clear see through case. It fits the MacBook 13 inch unibody like a glove. No gaps anywhere and the plastic "latch" (the grip that holds onto your MB) works well and doesn't seem to scratch the MB's body. One thing to note is that because of the "latch" on the screen cover and the "latch" on the bottom body does not allow the top and bottom of the MB to close COMPLETELY. It leaves a ULTRA small gap so the top and bottom magnets that hold the MB together when closed does not touch each other. So, if you were to ever hold your MB from the bottom only, the screen will easily open due to gravity. Kind of dangerous, but this is kind of expected and if you hold your MB carefully, which you should, you will have no problems.

    I love this case because it will prevent the bottom from being scratched up because I always push my laptop around on the desk. Also, it will protect the top of the MB from any scratches.

    The plastic is very hard and does the job really well. It's really easy to put on the case, however, I do recommend going to the manufacture's website because they have a quick video on how to put on and remove the case from you MB. This is a good video because it will help you to prevent any scratching during installation.

    I give it 5 stars. It is expensive (I think it should be priced @ $35), but it's AN EXCELLENT INVESTMENT that will last you till the MB's lifetime. Good job Speck, I will buy from you guys again.

    PS. I just remembered, there's instructions included with the purchase. On the cardboard box. Also, make sure you clean your MB and the case before installing it because any foreign particles (like sand or something) in between the case and the MB will surly scratch up both the case and MB during movement....more info
  • Love my new Speck case
    I love this case. I recommend it to anyone who has or is going to purchase a new aluminum macbook. ...more info
  • Love my PINK MacBook Case!
    This little pink case makes me smile every time I open my MacBook. Fits great and looks good too :)...more info
  • Perfect Protection For Your MacBook
    This see-thru case is the perfect protection for a macbook. I was always very careful not to 'slide' my laptop onto my desk or other tables because I was afraid it would get scratched. I didn't want to get a case like this one because I thought it wouldn't be a perfect fit, and it would make the computer bulky and look ugly, not to mention I thought it was a bit overpriced.

    I found a coupon for this product that provided me with enough of a discount to consider getting it, and I'm extremely happy with it. It is a PERFECT fit for my unibody macbook and being the 'clear' version, I can barely tell it's there. It does not make the laptop bulky at all, in fact I have one of those sleeves where the laptop fit quite snuggly, and having this case on is no problem at all.

    I would definitely recommend this product, and after using it I do not think it's overpriced, it's definitely worth the money to protect your investment and keep resell value high....more info