2-Year Extended Warranty for Kindle (2nd Generation)
List Price: $65.00

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  • Protect your Kindle 2 for two full years -- Adds an additional year and more comprehensive protection than the one-year manufacturer's warranty, including coverage for accidental drops and damage (limited to one incident).
  • Offers one-time coverage for accidental drops and damage.
  • Hassle-free replacement of your Kindle 2 for any device failures during normal operation. Includes free shipping both ways, for your damaged and replacement Kindle.
  • Customer service and claim support available 6 am to 10 pm PT, 365 days a year -- call (877) 441-3836 for warranty claims.
  • 2-Year Extended Warranty for Kindle 2 available for any Kindle 2 shipped within the past 30 days. Only available to U.S.-based customers.

Customer Reviews:

  • Reviews Turned Me Off
    My wife gave me a Kindle for my birthday and I love it! I was solicited to consider the extended warranty. I was seriously considering the purchase until I read the customer reviews. Not so complimentary. Amazon is generally very good at listening to their customers. Mr. Bezos, your customers are speaking to you. I would love to protect my new Kindle but perhaps you should develop a different plan or choose a different company to represent Amazon. The current offering just isn't good enough for loyal Amazon customers. I guess I will be unprotected after the first year unless something better comes along from Amazon....more info
  • Havent received anything on this
    I havent received anything so far that corresponds to the 2 year warranty.
    I was expecting some paper work, a card, or something, but I havent seen anything as of yet..
    So, highly disappointed. ...more info
  • It's only good when and if I'll ever need it
    I like the one time replacement offer. I won't know how good it is until I need it. So far I haven't needed it....more info
  • Beware of Visa Warranty ...
    I checked my double warranty info on VISA Signature cards....it only doubles the manu warranty which DOES NOT COVER Accidents. I will call to verify, but I read the Kindle warranty and the Visa verbage says it covers only what the original one does for additional time. The Extended Warranty listed here.............does cover accidents for the 2 years -- both the first year (not covered by the manu warranty) and the second year....more info
  • 30 days to purchase even though I waited 3 months for my kindle?
    I am not happy that I waited 3 months to get my kindle but was only given 30 days to buy the extended service plan. I missed the 30 days by 1 week and now I cannot buy the extended service plan. Hopefully Amazon will be reading this and change that policy. You should be allowed to buy the extended service plan up until the last day that the 1 year warranty expires on the Kindle. ...more info
  • :(
    I have not yet received any material about this warranty except for email confirmation of my purchase. i am not at all happy with this vendor, and am considering asking for a refund, and purchasing a warranty elsewhere. can you help me?...more info
  • Service Net is OK if you are not in a hurry
    I bought a Service Net extended warranty for a flat screen video monitor. The monitor failed and I contacted Service Net. After 51 days, a dozen phone calls and emails, I got a check. Deducted from the check was the cost of finding out what was wrong with the monitor. The maximum amount you will be reimbursed is the cost of the device minus any "costs". If you buy a device that costs $300 and it costs $200 to fix it the first time, the most you will receive the second time it fails is $100 regardsless of how much it costs to fix it. Don't be confused. This is not an insurance policy. Read the fine print. Buyer beware. ...more info
  • Worked Great
    I purchased this one day after I dropped my Kindle2. I got my replacement Kindle in less than a week. Cheaper than buying a new on....more info
  • I'm a Risk Averse Person, So the Extended Warranty Was an Easy Choice to Make
    I take very good care of my electronics, but I am rather risk averse--I always get the extended warranty for my car, laptops, etc. just in case it comes in handy. When I saw that they now offered an extended warranty for the Kindle2 and that it would also cover breakage, I knew that the cost was well worth it as the purchase of a new Kindle would be much greater. I am glad for the peace of mind it gives me, since I am a heavy Kindler....more info
  • Better Safe Than Sorry
    Since I am human and have dropped things around the house, I decided that the insurance which protects the Kindle2 against accidential damage was probably a good idea. The Kindle 2 reviews have numerous people telling about dropping their Kindles a few inches to a few feet with horrible results. I'd rather have the piece of mind....more info
  • Warranty misrepresentation
    I bought a Kindle2. Amazon sent me an email recommending I buy the warranty. Good idea, so when I went to buy it, the message on the PC said I was not eligible for a warranty. Very bad marketing, and sales promotion. No one can answer the question. ...more info
  • Warranty for Kindle 2
    It is a great ideal to give an extended warranty. I like the fact that we were able to purchase it after we bought our Kindle 2.

    I thought the price was reasonable for an extended warranty....more info
  • 2-yr extended warranty
    This is a great warranty. If you have the same luck as I do, you need extra warranty service....more info
  • Life Saver
    No one ever really wants to buy a warranty, but for an item such as the Kindle that costs quite a bit, it is a worthwhile investment. I can attest to this. I unfortunately dropped my Kindle on accident. I was really bummed. The corner of the screen was damaged. I avoided calling the Service Net, because I misplaced my warranty information thinking it would be a hassle, but ended up called them from the number on the website. After talking to a very nice young lady and explaining what happened, she took care of it right away. Excellent customer service. A new Kindle was shipped out, free of charge via one-day shipping! No deductible, no hassle! Very pleased and would strongly recommend the warranty for the accidental coverage alone! ...more info
  • Why is the Kindle not covered out of the US?
    I reviewed the fine print on this extended warranty and noted that the Kindle is not covered outside the US. So for us travelers, it isn't worth as much as I would have liked.
    Has anyone ever tried to file a claim when outside the US with your Kindle?...more info
  • Never received anything!
    I've never received anything regarding this warranty. I've sent email to the vendor - no response. Still waiting for any information! This is the first time I've been dissapointed in dealing with Amazon!...more info
  • Misleading wordage
    The two-year extended warranty offered on the Kindle 2 is a good bargain money-wise, but after finally receiving a hard-copy confirmation in the mail I was chagrined to read the details.

    The wording of 'two year extended warranty' implies to me that the extended warranty begins after the manufacturer warranty ends. Conversely, the first year of the extended warranty runs concurrently with the manufacturer's warranty. Rather than a three-year total package I now have two....more info
  • I am very pleased with my purchase
    The insurance was a welcome relief if I ever have any problems with my new Kindle II (which I LOVE)....more info
  • Not really "Two Year"
    My eaperience with third party Warrenty companies is BAD. Second, $65 a year is much too expensive for what is offered.
    Amazon needs to make up its mind. If it is going to be a component supplier
    they have to stand behind the products they put their name on.
    Now that other brands of e-books are on the market and Amazon has compettion,they have to support their products directly. If they want to sub-contract the actual service let them do so with Amazon being the contract holder. I would only buy service directly from
    ...more info
  • warranty
    I tried on multiple occasions, before being billed, to contact this company by email to get one of the warranties cancelled since I only need one. I have gotten no response from them and the second mistaken warranty was charged anyway. I am very upset about this....more info
  • Great for people who trael often
    For someone reason, people who have reviewed this item must not have read its description before purchasing. The description clearly states that it is adding 1 year to the manufacturer's warranty and adding protection against damage from drops and abuse.
    This is ideal for someone who travels a lot like myself. Even in the leather cover, several of my coworkers have dropped the kindle2 or dropped something on it and the unit was damaged. Since each of them bought the replacement, they had their units replaced in a timely manner. I have not had to use my warranty yet, but I am glad I have it.
    Credit cards do not protect against drops and other such damage so please keep that in mind if you are trying to make an educated purchase. ...more info
  • Certificate Retention
    Warranty arrived as a paper document. Sometimes these things get lost/misfiled. Instead provide a selfstick label with owners name, serial & model numbers with expiration date. This could be affixed to the back of the item. ...more info
  • Kindle 2 extended warranty
    I ordered this extended warranty online only to be notified later that I could not be recognized as an owner of Kindle 2. I was asked to supply the serial number of the unit I had purchased in order to verify ownership/purchase. I received an email later stating that I would be refunded the amount of the charge since they could not find that I had purchased a Kindle 2, much to my chagrin. At this point I don't know what to do as my emails have been ignored to date....more info
  • warrenty
    It is kind of hard to review a warrenty...until it is needed, you don't know if it is good or bad...more info
  • Kindle
    I love my Kindle, so i got the extended warranty for it. I took the Kindle on vacation and was able to get the USA Today every week day to read, it was great....more info
  • One of the worst deals available on Amazon
    The other negative reviews have hit it dead-on. Make sure you know that you're only "extending" your warranty by one year. Also, they don't send you a hard-copy of the warranty. They simply e-mail your information to you. Make sure you print it or have a really good e-mail filing system!

    (OK, so they DID send a hard-copy well after I got the e-mail copy - STILL a bad deal!)...more info
  • I'm buying
    I debated about this, too. I've never like buying these things and I have read all the pros and cons here in the reviews. For me the one time drop replacement is key. The fact that the warranty includes the shipping both ways if you need to replace means an additional savings of $25 or so at least.

    I checked out the company - they've been around for 12 years and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

    I'm taking my Kindle on several trips in the next few months, I read it on the subway to and from work, and carry it with me everyday. The chances of something going wrong or it being dropped or bashed into are probably greater than for others. $65 is worth it to me.

    For those complaining that this is only for a year - it's for an ADDITIONAL YEAR but the drop protection is the value added item which starts with purchase. If you subtract the roundtrip shipping (since that is part of the protection) you're actually paying $20/$25 a year for drop protection over the course of two years.

    Even if drop protection WAS one year with no postage included, we're still talking $5 a month (one less latte or McDonald's breakfast per month) in order to have peace of mind. SOLD....more info
  • Totally worth it; Don't end up like the Jeff Macke from Fast Money
    1 incident of accidental drop? Heck yea sign me up. I've already dropped mine.. Granted it was from my bed and I have the leather case. Guaranteed with as much as it's changed my life - I carry the thing everywhere, it's awesome to have access to so many books on the plane... this warranty is worth it. And the warranty lives with the device if I decide to upgrade and give this one to a friend... Smart, very smart. Don't end up like Jeff Macke on CNBC's Fast Money - he showed off his Kindle 2 with a broken screen this week; begged Bezos to send him a new one ;)...more info
  • necessary evil
    After spending a tidy sum on the Kindle, I wanted the extended warranty "just in case"...more info
  • Good idea to buy the warranty
    Haven't needed to use it yet, but glad I have it. $65 didn't seem like too much....more info