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Midwest Life Stages Single-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate
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Product Description

The MIDWEST Life Stages folding Dog Crate/Cage cuts house breaking time in half and reduces behavioral problems, wether your starting again with a new puppy or starting again with a adult dog . The Life Stages line of dog crates/cages has everything you need to be successful! Each crate/cage has a FREE divider panel to ensure the proper size crate for your puppy from the start. Each Crate is equipped with safe and secure slide bolt latches, two plastic handles and a ABS composite plastic pan for easy clean up.

Customer Reviews:

  • A Great Crate!
    First, this crate is a really great price. I bought a dog bed to fit inside, and then started to worry if the divider wouldn't fit as a result. But, no worries! It fits great, since the divider isn't flush with the pan.

    Secondly, this crate arrived super fast! It was really easy to unfold and set up. It's just as easy to take apart and store under a couch or bed when not in use.

    I didn't want a plastic crate for two reasons. The first being that I hate the smell of plastic and didn't want the pup inhaling all those chemicals. The other reason I didn't want a plastic crate is that they typically have only a few holes so you can't see what's happening in the crate unless you are looking in from the door. This crate can be covered with a blanket when you want to give the dog some shade, but otherwise it's great to be able to monitor your puppy from any angle.

    Lastly, the overall construction is superb. The doors latch on the top and bottom and are easy to open. There are no springs to get pinched on.

    A great crate!...more info
  • Great Dog Crate
    This dog crate is wonderful for my 90 pound pit bull terrier. It is very sturdy and large enough for him to fit in comfortably. I would definitely recommend this crate to any large breed dog owners. ...more info
  • Great price, solid quality, poor packaging - not for escape artists
    Purchased from Amazon, this item ships in the manufacturers packaging which is a no-frills cardboard box - no edge protection whatsoever. So after a week of abuse by Fedex two corners were bent on delivery - both fixable, but not a hassle you want with a new purchase.

    We have a big malamute and the 48x30x33 is a decent size for him - he can lay without being cramped. As mentioned by another reviewer the locks are not as secure as many crate, straight bars which could be figured out by a smart bread. Construction weight is barely enough for the size of crate, meaning I know my 100lb+ mal could 'burst' this crate if he tried - but he won't because he's been crate trained from a puppy.

    This product is a great value, but if you have an escape-artist or brute-force escape dog - I'd not recommend it. As for the packaging, the manufacturer should but Styrofoam corners inside their packaging to protect the product. Oh and the 'rubber feet' will not protect your floor with a 100lb dog inside the crate - probably works well for lighter dogs in the smaller crates though....more info
  • Perfect Size Crate for little dog
    The crate is a perfect size for my kitchen and my Chihuahua who is 5 months old and weighs 6lbs. The crate itself does not take up too much room and is easy to set-up and fold. This crate also fits under the kitchen desk counter perfectly when I need to put out of the way. The color is perfect. I had no trouble transitioning him to this crate for crate training. He also has plenty space to turn completely around and sleep in the crate. When his brother visits I have had both in the crate with plenty space but the puppy is never in the crate longer then 2-3 hours....more info
  • dog kennel
    Very nice product. I love the way that I can change the size and the way that it folds up if I want to put it away. ...more info
  • Good Product
    This crate has worked VERY well for our German Shepherd puppy. As others have mentioned, the divider is a little bit difficult to install and adjust as the puppy grows, but it's a wonderful idea! We trained him to know his crate is not a punishment. Now he goes in there to lay on his bed and play with his toys. I would recommend buying a crate bed or placing a folded blanket or towel on the floor of the crate. The slide out tray is very convenient, but we haven't needed to clean it....yet. Another thing...this crate comes with handles, but isn't very portable!!! It's steel, and remember...steel isn't light, however, this has been an extremely durable enclosure thus far. I looked at several other crates, and I'm glad I purchased this one. ...more info
  • Great product
    This kennel is very easy to clean and to collapse. I am very happy with it. It is well made and the latches are easy to open and close. I would recommend this to anyone. We have the divider up for our puppy and it is nice to know we won't have to upgrade as she grows....more info
  • Midwest Stages Crate
    Easy to assemble. Easy to clean. Designed to grow with your pet. Great product at a great price....more info
  • Cocoa indoor crate
    I received this withing five days. It was exactly as described. Was very easy to put together. Cost was more than half that of the local pet store....more info
  • Great Product
    Great product, good price. Out of the box, set up and ready to go in under 30 seconds. Gives the small dog a lot of room to move around. ...more info
  • Great Crate!
    This is wonderful! The handle makes it easy to tote around. Assembly was simple. Cover it with a towel and the puppies loved it! Now they've grown so I've had to buy for each of them now.
    Highly recommend this - plus with two doors, you can put it anywhere!...more info
  • Very Nice
    We bought this crate so that our little guy(we have a havanese) wouldn't feel so enclosed when we were out. This crate is airy and large but still small enough to fit in a nice side corner out of the way. You will need a towel or crate pad for it as the bottom is a bit hard. Would highly recommend this to anyone and amazon had the best price plus free shipping....more info
  • Well designed product
    This dog crate is a very well designed unit. It sets up or breaks down in less than a minute and this particular size was just right for a 9 lb. Chihuahua. I was quite impressed with this product....more info
  • Exactly as described--dog likes it, too
    This crate is well-built, easy to assemble, and the movable divider makes it ideal for a growing puppy. It is not the most movable choice you can make however, as it is relatively heavy and barely fits through a standard house door, so take this into consideration. Both my dog and I are completely happy with this crate, and I recommend it....more info
  • Great create
    I bought this create for 11 weeks old puppy. Works great, not too heavy, divider helps a lot. My dog never tried to escape the create. She doesn't jump in it either. She just sits quietly or sleeps.
    I am not sure if that create will work if you are create training an older dog that is much stronger and doesn't want to be in it.
    My dog loves this create so do I. ...more info
  • Surprised!
    Thank God my dog is small (13lbs). I bought this as a second crate to have our family room because my dog sleeps in the basement in a larger crate where she is free to sleep and use the paper when needed. I did not realized the crate would be as small as it is and there is not a lot of turnaound room in it. At any rate, it was easy to assembly and durable. I will keep it!...more info
  • Good crate, but pictures are deceiving...
    This rating is more about Amazon's advertisment, then the crate itself. This is a good crate. It's solid, sturdy, and very easy to put together! It's a great size for small/medium dogs. I realize that dimensions are given in the description, however the pictures listed are a bit deceiving. In the "alternative view" pictures, they show a full grown Golden Retriever comfortably standing up inside of this crate. No way. This crate is NOT big enough for a dog of that size to stand fully upright in. ...more info
  • My dog loves this
    We needed a place to keep our dog at nights when he cannot be supervised, and he loves having his own space. He also likes having a place he can go when he is tired of the attention. The quality is great, and the price was right....more info
  • A wonderful crate.
    I am very pleased with this crate. It erected easily within moments, is extremely sturdy and big enough for all but, possibly, the giant breeds. My Rottweiler can lie down stretched out, if that is her preference, and can stand up without hunching over. She loves this crate far better than her plastic airline type crate as she has better visibility and I believe that she feels less confined. It is also much cooler in the heat of the summer than the plastic crate.

    The only caveat that I would add is, if your pooch is an escape artist, you might want to put an additional clip or two on the door. The fasteners are fine for most dogs but I know my Border Collie would figure a way to open that door in no time flat. This is not a major criticism, by any means---I heartily recommend this crate. Also, the price is good when you consider the free shipping. I've seen this item listed for much less money but by the time you add the shipping (this crate is heavy!), you will pay the same or more. Also, it arrived in about a week so no complaints there. ...more info
  • What size are you looking for
    Although there is no size description - the picture of the LARGE dog standing in the cage would lead one to THINK they are getting a large kennel. WARNING - this thing is for *toy breeds* according to the *tiny* box that arrived in the mail....more info
  • Does what I expected
    It was easy to put together and my dog's very comfortable with it. My only problem is that the puppy has somehow managed to eat the handles that I had hooked onto the crate....more info
  • Happy with Crate- Not so happy with UPS
    I'm getting a sheltie pup soon and ordered this crate for her because it looked like a good deal with the divider and double doors, which were on my crate wish-list.. I was happy to pay no shipping charges..

    The crate looks pretty good.. I think it will do the job nicely. And I was thrilled at how quickly sent it out, despite my choosing the free "super-saver" shipping.. I received it within days.

    Well, I'm jumping the gun here by reviewing the product before I even get my puppy and see how she likes it, but I imagine things will go just fine.

    However, I do have a complaint about UPS and I hope reads this and either re-considers their use of UPS or works with them to improve handling.

    The crate came in the box which was all smashed up and torn. I LITERALLY did not have to open the box.. the long side was allready torn open.. I was thankful that all pieces were there, nothing had fallen out or was destroyed.

    The rough handling and smashing caused the crate itself to be slightly warped. The crate comes folded together, and what should have been a super-easy set up was extremely difficult due to the way the crate was smashed together.. I had to pry it apart in a couple places, so to speak, so it would "pop up" like it was supposed to.. hard to describe. I'm not saying anything was bent or smashed beyond usability and it looks fine.. Possibly slightly warped.. but it will do.. But I was not happy at ALL with the condition in which I recieved. No major dents.. just slight "warping." I don't want to go through the hassle of return and replacement, but I wasn't happy.

    Now that the crate is all set up, as I said, it looks fine and sturdy enough.. but it would have certainly been much easier to set up if UPS had handled it better. And I'm sure some of the pieces would "fit" together a bit nicer (less "gaps") if it had been in better condition when It arrived.

    So.. I give Amazon and the company making this crate 4 stars out of 5 for what seems to be a very decent product. I give UPS 4 stars for rapid delivery, but only 1 star for handling.. ...more info
  • Cozy den for a golden retriever
    Exactly as described. Cumbersome (as to be expected), but not horribly heavy to navigate around the house.
    Our golden retriever is very comfortable in this crate.. plenty of stretching room for him!
    I would definitely recommend this crate without reservations....more info
  • Very pleased.
    Just what I was looking for. Good quality at a decent price. I would purchase this again and have recommended it to others....more info
  • great product
    I'm really happy with my purchase of the Midwest 24x18 dog crate. It is plenty big for my small mini schnauzer. She seems to really like it as well. I would definitely purchase again along with the 24x18 fleece mat by Midwest....more info
  • Great product you should most definitely buy!
    If you are bringing home a new puppy this is a must have. It will keep him contained when you are not able to be with him. It is very easy to clean and manipulate. I like how it also comes included with a divider. The only problem I had was getting the divider in, but you don't have to use it if you dont want to. Assembly all together was pretty simple. I shopped around for different crates and this one is the best by far. It is inexpensive and works great!...more info
  • A good choice!
    Midwest Life Stages Dog Crate Ls-1630 30L X 21W X 24H
    We are more than pleased with our choice of a dog crate for our 18.5 lb. mixed terrier. The assembly was easy and the construction is of good quality. The safety latch is easy to operate. Nellie uses the crate when we are away from home for a few hours and sleeps there at night. She has complete view of our bedroom and seems happy to go there to rest since it is so open. I would gladly recommend this to anyone. ...more info
  • Good size crate
    I thought the crates at Petsmart and Petco were overpriced so I looked on Amazon. We have a border collie so we wanted an intermediate size crate. The 36" long crate is a good size. I like that the crate is tall so she has room to move around. The crate is also easy to put together and sturdy....more info
  • Good service
    Received the crate quickly. Exactly what I needed. Because I am at the far end of the range for the smaller size I decided to get the next larger crate. That was a good choice....more info
  • The Perfect crate
    Midwest 1642 Life-Stages Folding Single-Door Metal Dog Crate

    It is the perfect equipment for a new pet owner. When it gets dirty all you have to do is fold it up and take outside. Then get out the hose and wash it down. Simple as that. I am looking forward to raising my puppy to an adult dog in it. I am glad that I bought the bigger size so that I want have to buy another one. Believe me when I say that you want go wrong to spend your money on this one....more info
  • goes together quick
    This assembles super easy and quick and it does the job. Very solid unit....more info
  • Dog Crate
    The crate is very sturdy and roomy for our sheltie. He can stretch out in it and stand up etc. It is easy to put together and take apart. We are very pleased with it....more info