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MAGLITE Heavy-Duty 3-D Cell Flashlight
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  • Great product, but go for the LED
    I consider all my Maglites to be great products. I purchased this 3-cell along with a 2-cell LED Maglite as gifts. I hadn't seen the new LED Maglites in action so wasn't confident getting this 3-cell as an LED too - plus the LED isn't available in the gift-receiver's favorite color - purple.

    If having a purple Maglite isn't a priority, go with the LED version. The light quality is much bluer and crisper than the standard bulb. I don't know if the bulb puts out less lumens than the LED, but the visual perception is that it is not as bright.

    If purple is a must-have, you can upgrade with an LED module - which is what I plan on doing with all of my main Maglites....more info
  • Maglites are the best!!!!
    Come On!!! Many people have said that this brand is just ot heavy, and that you shouldn't by it because other brands are lighter. Well, unless ur a cop, these lights are great! Perfect for camping and blackouts, especailly the mini maglite. I would recommend the 3 Cell, its not to heavy, unlike the 4, 5 and even 6 cell ones. Also, remember to register yours at info
  • Old Technology
    These were cool once, but by today's standards the light output is very poor. My SureFire and Arc flashlights are much brighter, more robust and a fraction of the size....more info
  • the fall of water
    one day i filled up the sink and put my mag instrument 3d cell battery flashlight next to the sink went to use the washroom and when i got back it fell in the sink i took it out and to my surprise it still worked...more info
  • Great, Heavy Flashlight
    If you've never owned a mag light, you don't know what you're missing. On mine, however, the rubber cover on the on/off switch keeps falling off.
    ...more info
  • The technology is too old
    Maglites were once considered the best of the best, but that was over 20 years ago. The Surefire and Streamlight brands are quickly becoming a favorite of Law Enforcement Officers. Mags are just too big, too heavy and too dim. Get yourself an Arc or Surefire instead...more info
  • Purple Flashlight
    This Mag light was the best as always. There is no other Flashlight that can compare to Mag lights. This light is the best for anything. I am simple not interested in any other Flashlights, unless they can be proven to out last a Mag light, as to which I doubt very serious....Gary! ...more info
  • Still the Best
    After working with some of the so-called "tactical" flashlights out there, I've come back to the Mag Light. You just can't beat the classic heavy duty construction and standard batteries. Mag Instrument still provides the best customer support if you ever need any spare parts. Just give them a call and they will send you almost anything you ever need for repairs....more info
  • Great workmanship
    Super flashlight. I wanted black but they raised the price so I had to go with red. Color is not a big deal....more info
  • Terriffic
    Great flashlight and beautiful color. Knurled grip with ON-OFF switch as opposed to the twist action required from other models. Twisting still allows you to adjust the focus, however. The light comes with an extra bulb that's stored inside the base. ...more info
  • the fall of the titans
    I once put my 3D cell black maglite flashlight on the closet shelf and i was leaving the room and i heard a thud i went to turn on the flashlight and to my surprise it still worked...more info
  • " CLUNK ! "
    I've bought some Mini-Mag's before, but even though Streamlight and Pelican were coming out with these new terrific lights, I realized that dealers were hard to find, and although Maglite is the older kid on the block, they are easy to find, and it's still a great light. I bought my second 3-D size at my local "Wally Mart" and went to work the next night (I do mobile security). I've owned a 3-D size before and always found it better than anything I've ever used, aside from a super Coleman 9-V lantern. Sometimes I end up in alleys, corridors, and even my favourite, fields that are growing new but under construction houses. Still, nothing makes me feel safer (super boof on the head if under aggresion by a hoodlum) and well prepared with it's great power, both in spot and flood modes.

    Here comes the bad news. I almost forgot that my other light died from the same reason this one did. I have dropped both of them a few times (clumsy me), yet was reminded that these are shock resistant. Well, on a fateful day in an office building, with new batteries too, I accidently dropped my Mag and as it hit the 'carpeted' floor, it went off. I tried to turn it back on, but after a few tries and even changing the bulb just in case it was burnt out, I realized that my Mag had expired. Terrific. The other downfall is that if you drop it and it switches off while you're in the dark, good luck finding it if you're in the woods. That happened to me once, but I ALWAYS carry a backup Mini-Mag, so I found it later (it's black, and trying to find it in the woods with dark branches around isn't easy, so it's hard to find).

    Take this as good advice: buy it if you are in the woods or on softer ground-two of mine died falling onto carpets. The other thing is to at least get the "silver" or "light blue" coloured versions. At least they're easier to find in moonlight. I just got the black since the black looks best. Ah, still. Hats off to Mag....more info