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Samsung Behold t919 Phone, Brushed Espresso (T-Mobile)
List Price: $399.99

Our Price: $29.99

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Product Description

An advanced touch screen phone with premium multimedia features and full web browsing capabilities, the Samsung Behold phone also supports T-Mobile's HSDPA 3G network (in select markets), which provides fast web downloads and multimedia messaging. It will also keep you connected to your closest friends and family members with T-Mobiles myFaves.

This touchscreen-enabled phone has a large, brightly colorful 3.1 inch screen, and it includes Samsung's intuitive and easily customizable TouchWiz user interface. And you'll enjoy high-resolution photos and videos thanks to the built-in 5-megapixel camera/camcorder with flash and autofocus. Other features include Bluetooth connectivity for both handsfree devices and stereo music streaming, MicroSD memory expansion (up to 16 GB), digital audio player and FM radio, access to personal email and instant messaging, and up to 5 hours of talk time.

The Behold enables fully colorful web browsing and multimedia on its 3.1-inch touchscreen display.
T-Mobile Service
The Behold operates on GSM 850/900/1800/1900 networks and is compatible with T-Mobile's UMTS/HSDPA 3G network, which operates on the 1700/2100 MHz AWS spectrum. This phone is designed to automatically connect to the best available network (3G or GSM/GPRS/EDGE) to provide faster data speeds when accessing the Web or downloading content from the T-Mobile t-zones content portal. T-Mobile is currently rolling out its 3G network, and it expects by year's end that its high-speed data network will be available in those cities where a majority of its subscribers currently use data services.

In areas where the 3G network is not available, you'll continue to receive service on the via T-Mobile's EDGE network (which stands for "Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution"). This high-speed, mobile data and Internet access technology is fast enough to support a wide range of advanced data services (with average data speeds between 75-135Kbps), including full picture and video messaging, high-speed color Internet access, and email on the go.

While this phone is optimized for use with T-Mobile's high-speed 3G network, many of its functions will also work well on the moderate-speed EDGE network. If you plan to access the Internet extensively on your phone, 3G network coverage may serve you best.

Activities that work well on EDGE or 3G networks:

  • Email, instant messaging, and texting
  • Downloading ringtones, CallerTunes, wallpaper, light data files
  • Sending photographs via e-mail or picture messaging
Activities that work best on a 3G network:
  • Viewing content-heavy websites (lots of images or videos playing)
  • Viewing YouTube and other video files (they will play on EDGE, but require loading time)
  • Uploading large files (photos, videos, presentations) to sharing websites
  • Downloading large files from an e-mail or a website

Call your favorite people with T-Mobile's myFaves service, which allows you to call up to five of your most common contacts--on any network, even landlines--without using any of your minutes. You'll also get free domestic long distance and no digital roaming charges anywhere across the US on all calls. (All myFaves plans require a two-year contract.) Learn more about myFaves from T-Mobile.

Download cool new games, HiFi Ringers (real songs by today's hottest artists), MegaTones (instrumental versions of songs), and wallpapers quickly, as well as stay connected via the Web, instant messaging, and email.

The TouchWiz interface has specially designed widgets to customize and personalize the way you use your phone.
Phone Features
The slim Samsung Behold smartphone delivers impressive images on it large 3-inch LCD color display (240 x 400 pixels, 262K colors) and offers haptic responsive feedback that vibrates when you press a button. For easy operation and navigation, the stylish Behold features three dedicated keys--call, end call and back--on the front of the device under the touch screen. The Behold also provides quick and easy access to a customer's favorite features through Samsung's innovative TouchWiz user interface, which has specially designed widgets to customize and personalize your phone. The quick and simple drag-and-drop feature provides instant access to your favorite functions, such as the clock, music player, instant messaging and photos and a custom widget for myFaves.

The phone has a 180 MB internal memory, which can be expanded via optional MicroSD memory cards (up to 16 GB in size). The internal phonebook can store up to 2000 contact entries, each with multiple numbers per contact and support for caller groups as well as picture/ringer ID. You can download MP3 real-music and 72-chord polyphonic ringtones, and the phone also includes a vibrate function for when you need to keep things silent.

Handsfree communication is easy thanks to the integrated speakerphone. This phone also provides Bluetooth wireless connectivity (version 2.0), and includes profiles for communication headset, handsfree car kits, and file transfer. With the A2DP Bluetooth profile, you can stream your music to a pair of compatible Bluetooth stereo headphones.

The 5-megapixel autofocus camera produces crisply colorful still photos, and it features an LED flash, smile detection, shake reduction, multi-shot capabilities, brightness and white balance controls, spot metering function, and a self-timer. You can also share them with family and friends by sending them to any e-mail address, T-Mobile camera phone, or MyAlbum. The phone can also capture video clips up to QVGA resolution (320 x 240 pixels). The digital media player is compatible with MP3 and AAC/AAC+/eAAC+ audio formats and H.264/H.263/MPEG4 video formats.

Capture great snapshots on the go with the 5-megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash.
Other features include:

  • Virtual, landscape QWERTY touchpad
  • Built-in A-GPS navigation allows access to location-based applications
  • Access to personal email with document viewer for attachments
  • Instant messaging via AOL, ICQ, Windows Live, and Yahoo!
  • Organizer tools: Calendar, alarm, calculator
  • Sync contact with Outlook
  • USB connectivity with USB mass storage capabilities
  • Voice dialing: Call someone with simple voice commands to keep your hands free for activities like driving.
  • Bluetooth version 2.0 with the following profiles: A2DP (stereo music streaming), AVRC (remote control), HFP (hands-free car kits), HSP (communication headsets), BPP (basic printing profile for text, email), FTP (file transfer), OPP (object push for business cards, calendar items, and pictures)

Vital Statistics
The Samsung Behold weighs 3.9 ounces and measures 4.1 x 2.1 x 0.5 inches. Its 1000 mAh lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 5 hours of talk time, and up to 288 hours (12 days) of standby time. It runs on the 850/900/1800/1900 MHs GSM/GPRS/EDGE frequencies as well as 1700/2100 MHz UMTS/HSDPA 3G frequencies.

  • Slim touchscreen phone for full web browsing and multimedia playback; compatible with T-Mobile's 3G network (available in select markets)
  • T-Mobile's MyFaves service provides unlimited calling to your five most called contacts
  • 5-megapixel camera/camcorder, Bluetooth stereo music streaming, MicroSD expansion to 16 GB, access to personal email and instant messaging
  • Up to 5 hours of talk time, up to 288 hours (12 days) of standby time
  • What's in the Box: handset, battery, charger, 1 GB MicroSD memory card, USB cable, wired stereo handsfree headset, quick start guide

Customer Reviews:

  • not so hot
    1.- doesn't keep your texting thread, meaning if someone replies to your text- the original text is missing. I used to have a Blackberry, and this feature was very useful. I think most phones keep the reply path thread when replying. WHY!- doesn't this phone???!!! just stupid if you ask me.

    2.- the word assist program is ridiculous. It seems tacked on due to the horrible touchscreen keypad. (see #3). Texting is faster without it. Rarely does it supply me with the word I'm about to type, and if what I'm typing isn't in the dictionary, I get the closest matching word which is never correct. I usually turn this "T9" feature off half way through a text out of frustration.
    (by the way, I am not a word-smith nor am I writing poetry on this thing. why does it come up with the longest and most underused words in the English language?

    3.- touch screen qwerty keypad is horrible. my fingers aren't that big and I still can't type a short text without glaring typos. Unfortunately the "O" and the "I" are close enough and the T9 spelling feature allows for a capital O's when my finger tip misses the tiny letters. If I'm not careful, my text ends up reading like an Irish folk song. Why?

    4.- why wouldn't the texting feature assume that when you hold down the n key that you want a capital n... "N"? not a stream of nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...? Why? instead, you have to cycle through a shift key twice as it is a Caps Lock key and not a single use shift key. Just ridiculous.

    5.- there is a "done" button when you are finished typing a message that is exactly where the "send" button is on the following screen that pops up. If you are too gentle or accidentally press it twice in a row, it tries to send the text- ready or not... really lame.

    6.- the "back" button is sunk inside the other buttons and you almost always end up hitting the "call" or "hang up" button instead, or in conjunction with the "back" button. Poor design.

    7.+ the camera takes decent pictures

    8.- my wife and I got the same phone (at the same time) and it picks up a lot of background noise and seems to amplify it. It only seems to happen between the two "Behold" phones... all my other calls don't generate so much of the street traffic, music, tv sounds etc.

    Unfortunately all of these things were not really tested to the extent that normal use would expose.

    do not buy this phone unless you have never had a phone before or you have no expectations about what a cell phone should do.

    or you can buy my phone off me and I'll go get a blackberry.
    seriously....more info
  • I love my new Behold!
    I just got this phone and a few days ago and I absolutely like it. My friends are trying to buy one now, but it is expensive. I'm still getting used to the touchscreen and the only problem I'm having trouble with is the phonebook search where you have to scroll up and down with an alphabet. Otherwise, I really love this phone. It's a big upgrade from a razr. ...more info
  • Close 2 Being Flawless (Wish it was on the AT&T Network)
    A phone PACKED with FEATURES.

    The Samsung Behold to me is considered a high end PDA/Smart phone without the ability to edit office documents. The best thing about this phone is that it doesn't have Window Mobile 6.1. Every time I see the window MS logo on a cell phone I just want to run for the hills. Anyways, thank goodness this is strictly Samsung. This brand is known for churning out exquisite top notch phones.

    This phone is a touch screen based phone with only 3 keys on the bottom. You get a gorgeous 3 inch screen with 262K Colors where the vibrant colors just really POP. You get access to emails, 3G, Web Browser, IM, Text, Multimedia Messaging, etc. The only thing is I felt the web browser was limited. You have a 3 inch screen and Samsung should really take advantage of it and have it take up the entire screen. If you're on YouTube you get to watch the videos but even when in full screen mode it doesn't take up the whole screen. Of course nothing beats the iPhone's Safari Browser. I must admit the Google Android G1 phone on T-Mobile comes pretty close to being a flawless browser. Despite the touch screen I feel it didn't flow as fluid as the G1 and iPhone did but great nonetheless. I've only had the phone for 1 day. I will test it out more and revise my review. I think the haptic feedback makes me feel the phone isn't operating as responsive as it should because I really don't need the device to vibrant whenever I confirm a selection. The 3G browser just recently launched with T-Mobile so don't expect it be spectacular but it does operate just fine.

    There's a 5.0 megapixel camera (About Time!) with built in FLASH. And it also functions as a camcorder. The device can accept up to 16GB on the micro SD. The back of the phone literally looks like a digital camera. I've also noticed that almost every Samsung phone on T-Mobile sound awfully LOW even when on the highest volume. But this phone turned up all the way sounds just fine. I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone who doesn't live in a major city because T-Mobile isn't known for impeccable & flawless reception unless you're in a major city. If you're in a huge metropolis that houses many signal towers you shouldn't have any issues. Where T-Mobile is now is where AT&T use to be 8 years ago.
    ...more info
  • A great phone
    This is an excellent phone. In the past week I have owned the Blackberry Storm and took it back because it kept locking up. The Dare, a good phone but navigating through contacts is not as easy as it should be, so I took it back and left verizon for tmobile. First off go get the phone from WALMART, it is really inexpensive and you don't have to get a data plan.

    Anyways, this phone is perfect for me. Screens are easy to navigate, menus are straigtforward, and my personal favorite any song you load on the phone can be used as a ringtone. The touchscreen is nice and responsive and the keys are "true" meaning if you hit L you will get an L on the screen. I have large hands(I am 6'4") and texting is not a problem. Keep in mind this is a PHONE, not a smart phone. If you plan on being on the net all the time, this might not be the phone for you.

    The only draw back is that I don't think this a true 5 megapixel camera because picture quality was just okay and it takes forever to snap a shot. Fine for people sitting still, but not if you are trying to get a kid to hold a pose or trying to sneak in a picture of some local crazy person you see walking the street. ...more info
  • Best phone I have ever owned, but has a few minor issues
    + Great design and weight; feels very comfortable in your hand for long periods of time

    + Easy to use and navigate through menus, hard to quickly get to a person in the address book though

    + Speaker phone comes in loud and clear on both ends

    + Bluetooth syncs at ease, but there is one issue that I have with it. I am not able to change the volume for my headset on the phone, has to be done on the headset which can be annoying, especially if you had it on loud the last time you used it. Not sure if this is on all headset types, but this is how it acts for my Jawbone 2

    + Great battery life, the best phone I've ever had for this. Lasts me a couple days with light use and including some Internet browsing; if multimedia is used, especially GPS, battery can drain very fast

    + Camera works wonderfully, taking great photos with the exception of the panoramic shot, doesn't always blend the photos together correctly

    - GPS has something to be desired, works ok, but if the signal drops, then it can be very difficult to re-connect. I practically have to exit out of the program and start it up again

    - Web pages can load up weird if not in mobile form, so it can be bothersome if you want to see the web page in its natural form

    - The QWERTY keyboard is USELESS!!! The letters are so small that you really need to have a stylus to use it. If you use the T9 system to type, which is all I have ever used before this, then I wouldn't worry about the QWERTY feature at all.

    All in all there are a few quirks, but the phone works great for what I use it for and am EXTREMELY pleased with it. This is my second Samsung phone the other one being a T809; I would never go back to a Motorola again....more info
  • Great design but mediocre call quality...
    Overall, it's a very well designed phone with great feel to it. Also has a very nice 5 MP camera with flash and the widgets seem to be a nice touch. But call quality in my area with this phone is very mediocre, sometime sounding very muffled and distorted so I would have to give the phone lower marks based on this......more info
  • Impressive Phone from T-mobile!
    Finally!! I think that T-mobile is heading in the right direction when it comes to new phones, I had the Razr2 V8 and I was dissapointed with the fact that t-mobile stripped out most of the capabilities that that phone could do. It seems that with the Behold they are letting the phone operate like it should. I have only had this phone for a week and I like it so far I didn't really want it for the music functions so I don't use that. I wanted a slim discreet touch phone that has all of the variuos functions even if I chose not to use them I satyed with t-mobile because I like the minute plans that they offer, and I just can't afford the Iphone. In my opinion I think this is a good alternative from T-mobile. Thanks for not stripping this phone. Tha t being said for functionality I think the G1 might be a better choice, I just found it to be too bulky....more info
  • My first touchscreen phone
    This review is for users that lean towards using this phone as a multimedia device, rather than a PDA.
    Update 1/1/2009:
    I did download the software (Samsung PC Studio) from Samsung's site and after a few minutes of tinkering, was able to convert an avi file to an mp4 and was able to play it on the vidoes on my phone. This was the same software I tried earlier but was not intuitive enough, so I had uninstalled it. Thanks to the next reviewer (the one after me), I went back and took some more time. Now this phone is more useful for me because I can do without a dedicated mp3/video player (like a Sansa or Zen), which was my initial idea in buying this phone in the first place.

    Tried the headphones that came with the phone, the microphone is so close to the left earbud that it literally pulls the bud out of your ears while hooked. Since the headphones feed off of the same usb port that is used for charging, data etc, there is no way to connect your own (better) headphones to this (comparing this with my old Sony Ericsson w810i, where you can remove the earbuds and have your own headphones connected to it,even though it uses the same kind of setup as this phone).

    Original review:
    I signed up with TMobile for a two year term and got this phone. This is a cool touchscreen phone but has a few limitations. One is with TMobile, which doesnt have 3G coverage everywhere and I just have to access the internet by whatever slow connection they offer right now. Pages load slowly, but they ultimately do. The operating system, being a proprietary one on this phone, doesn't have too many application written for it and available on the internet (compare, for example, with Windows Mobile based phones where there are scores of apps available, best one being the windows live search for GPS. You will have to pay 10 dollars a month to TMobile to get the TeleNav running on this phone).
    The user manual that comes with this phone is a total trash. It doenst tell you ANYTHING about what to do with this phone. You will have to figure out everything yourself. Great Idea - may be I should call Samsung tech support - right? WRONG. They dont know too many things about this phone either. When I called, they dont even have one phone of this model with internet connection (data plan) so that they can try what I am trying to explain to them, on that phone. My question was simple. How do I enter text in a textbox on a web page (like, when you go to [...] and want to search, how would you input your keyword into the search box)? The support person went around and couldn't figure out and said they will call me. Anyway, I just accidentally figured it out. You will have to double-tap the textbox so the keypad opens up and you type.
    The music player is nice, playlists etc are good. Call quality is fine, it is taking time for me to switch from my little Sony Ericsson w810i, the way it handles bluetooth. The video player is another let down, it only plays certain resolution, certain bitrate and of course, certain formats and the user manual and the [...] doesnt have any of this information. I went on internet forums and asked other people to find that it supports 320X240 resolution mp4 files with bit rate of no larger than 256 Kbps for video or 128 Kbps audio. And on top, there is no conversion software for video provided from Samsung so you are on your own. I hope Samsung fixes these things soon!!....more info
  • Finally T-Mobile Impresses Me!!!!!
    I have been skeptical about the touch-screen revolution, but also curious. I purchased the Samsung Behold, paid a little more than I would have ordinarily, and thought "why not at least try it?" I am more than impressed. I usually suffer from buyer's remorse thinking that I just invested in a fancy paperweight, not the case at all here!

    The Behold is worth every penny! The touch-screen interface works great, even with my large fingers. The music player is of great quality and it is so easy to transfer photos and music onto the player. Soooo surprised to be this pleased with a T-Mobile phone when I have gone through too many with few features and a lack of options. This is a great introduction to the new tech for me and I am still discovering new things that it can do....more info
  • behold this
  • Amazing Phone !! Way better than Apple I Phone!!!
    I have had the LG Dare and The Apple I phone and this phone the samsung behold, is by far the best one!!!
    Amazing little phone!!!...more info
  • I love it!
    I bought my Behold yesterday. The in-store price (including upgrade fee and tax) was $234, minus the $50 mail-in rebate. The phone is great! The phone comes with a 5 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus. It is not the best camera I have used but it will do. There is also a volume rocker on the side. There are 3 buttons on the front: call, end, and a silver back button. Now for the software. There is a widget bar, which is basically a short-cut menu that you can open and close on the left side. You can also customize what shows up in this bar and you can drag the items onto the main screen. At the bottom there are 4 shortcuts that always remain there. The touchscreen is very sensitive. I have yet to have to click more than once to open anything. For messaging, you have the option of using the classic cell phone buttons (where a,b, and c are on number 2, etc) or you can turn the phone horizontally and a qwerty keyboard comes up. I love this phone so far!!!! If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email!

    Update: I have now had the phone 2 months now. I still enjoy the phone. The only drawback I have found is that there aren't many games or applications to download. There are only the traditional ones available on t-zones. If you are looking for an 'application' phone, I would suggest the G1. ...more info
  • FAR better than the IPhone!
    When I purchased this phone I researched for comparisons on the IPhone and the Behold. With the reviews it really only seemed as though the real difference was the cameras MegaPixels (IPhone=3mp Behold=5mp. Since the purchase of my Behold, a very close friend of mine had purchased the IPhone. I had sent her a picture one day and she told me she wasn't able to open it unless it was in an Email because "the IPhone doesn't support Multi Media Mail" WHAT?!? Thats what this phone is FOR how could it not support pictures? Even my old crappy Katana would allow me to send and receive pictures right from my phone! I also found out that the IPhone is not A2DP compatible... meaning you can not listen to the songs wirelessly on your IPhone with an A2DP bluetooth ear piece. The Behold you can! So thats just 3 basic everyday things that you would expect the precious IPhone to be able to do but No... clearly the the Behold DOMINATES the IPhone, no comparison. Aside from the comparisons with the IPhone, I have ZERO complaints about this phone. It is easy to use, does everything and more than I could ever ask of a phone, and has nearly become a replacement to my laptop. ...more info
  • cool phone
    I've had this phone for only a few days and I just have to say:

    While this phone is pretty cool and I haven't had any issues so far there is 1 thing that bothers me (unless somebody knows how to adjust this function but I haven't figure it out yet). My 1 problem with this phone is that when I go to my phone book to make a call I find it really annoying to have to scroll and search for the letter group. I wish that the keypad was available in the phone book so that I can just choose which letter I'm trying to get to.
    In order to access someone's number you have to hit the Search then scroll through to the letter and if you remove your finger for the slightest moment you lose the search or end up tapping the wrong contact. This is very frustrating. If the search option didn't go away so quickly, maybe it would be less annoying cause then you have time to re-adjust your finger on the screen. For those that already have the phone understand what I'm trying to say.

    In short it would just be better if there was a keypad/letter pad to directly choose who you're trying to call.
    I get so frustrated with this function sometimes that I almost want to return it for a phone that has a keypad....more info
    Samsung makes awesome phones and the Behold is no exception. It is thin, compact, full of nice features. Unfortunately, this is the only touch screen phone in the T-mobile line-up that is NOT Wi-Fi so you can't really make any in-carrier comparison. I got this as an upgrade from a NOKIA 6263. I try to shy away from Samsung phones as much as I can not because they're not good but because (in my personal experience) Samsung phones probably has the weakest sounding ringer and speaker among the other brands that T-mobile carries. Compared to a NOKIA 6263 or 5300, Samsung's ringer and speaker is a one-star. FORTUNATELY for the Behold, it has improved very much. I can now hear the ringer and speaker sufficiently even in a noisy environment. Quoting what 2 reviewers here says: "Its an almost nice phone" and "Close to being flawless". This is a cool phone but for the price (and considering it is 3G), close to $400, they should have made this a Wi-Fi enabled phone. This phone is just $200 shy of the 1st generation i-Phone and at $400, Wi-Fi should have been a must for this nifty phone. I live in an area where T-Mobile signal is always strong so I have no reception problems. Call quality is great, it is clear & crisp. The functionality of the menu/navigation is another top-notch feature, it is very intuitive, not a lot of learning curve to do. The vibration feedback for the screen is very receptive, responds to confirmation when a function is working on the touch screen. The screen is sharp--very sharp indeed. The 5MP camera and the pictures it takes are very good, including videos. I have downloaded some videos on this phone and it is clear, no lag in sound or motion. The ability to put Micro-SDHC is another plus if the standard memory for this phone is not not enough for you. I also like the way you can customize the widgets, makes it look like a legitimate I-phone except that there are still a handful of applications out there that is not compatible with this phone. Overall a very nice phone to have if one cannot afford the regular Apple. Highly recommended!...more info