Sycamore Meadows
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  • Sycamore Meadows = Another Butch Walker Disappointment
    Once again Butch Walker has released an album to appeal to his new core audience, the teenage and 20-something indie rock hipsters. While there is no denying that Butch writes great lyrics, the music on Sycamore Meadows is just plain bad. There was a time when Butch Walker wrote songs with catchy rock and roll riffs but these days all of his tunes are slow to mid tempo indie snooze fests. He doesn't even dress like a rock star anymore, instead he dresses like the guys in Death Cab for Cutie, wearing clothes from three decades ago that he bought at the local thrift store. "Left of Self-Centered", which was released in 2002, was the last great Butch Walker album. Maybe in a couple of years when the popularity of indie rock has faded Butch will go back to releasing the good rock and roll music he was once know for....more info
  • New Approach, Same Result: Awesome
    If there is one thing I can expect from a Butch Walker record, is to be blown away. Sycamore Meadows is far more acoustic-based and intimate then anything we've heard before from his solo career besides a few songs in Letters. The majority of the songs do have a slower pace, which takes a few listens to fully appreciate the melodies, but you can not deny his talent at song arrangements. Well written, not over/under produced, and never dull. Some of the highlights for me are ATL, Here Comes The... and Summer Scarves. I've always been a big fan of his more rock-out numbers but there is no question he is extremely gifted at ballads. It's incredible that he can write songs so well at both ends of the spectrum. But that's Butch, so I shouldn't be surprised.

    Outside the ballads, I have been listening to Ponce de Leon Ave. and Vessels constantly the past day and I am thoroughly impressed with how Butch setup these pop-rock songs. Musically, they have a cutting-edge sound to them with great big choruses and interesting musical instruments. The bells in Vessels give the song a very dramatic vibe to it. As for Ponce..., it's the party song of the CD. I love the beat during the bridge. Am I the only one who feels 10x cooler when I listen to a Butch CD?

    Thanks, Butch for giving us another phenomenal record.
    ...more info
  • Butch is back!
    Prepare to be blown away! This is Butch's best album yet. The lyrics are phenomenal and definitely some of the most heart-felt he has ever done. This album absolutely oozes acoustic emotion and if it doesn't touch you in some way, you haven't been living life in this world. He also proves he hasn't lost his rock edge either...

    "The Weight of Her" (if you don't think of Tom Petty when you hear this track, I don't know what rock you've been hiding under) -- brilliant track.

    "Going Back / Going Home" -- love Butch's "rap" near the end...

    "Ships In A Bottle" -- my personal fav

    "Here Comes The...", "Passed Your Place...", "Summer Scarves", "ATL", "Untitled" -- hauntingly beautiful ballads and slower songs from the heart and soul that IS Butch Walker...

    The whole album is exceptional, personal, and very well done. Great job, Butch!

    ~~Brandon "SPYKE"...more info
  • Sycamore Meadows
    While a big departure,this is a great album filled with great songs that hold up to anything Butch put out before....more info
  • Butch Does it Again!
    The great thing about Butch Walker is even though you don't know what you're going to get, you know you're going to love it! As always he pulls from his personal experiences and his musical inspiration. After one listen, the 2 songs that stood out for me were "Going Back/Going Home" and "ATL." They continue to be my personal faves on this album. "ATL" will rip your heart out!...more info
  • Butch Does It Again!
    This CD by Butch Walker is more like LETTERS than Butch's last CD with the Let's Go Out Tonight's. It is very well written, as are all of his CDs, and the musicianship is superb. Every single track is great.

    This is highly recommended!...more info
  • Glam is Gone
    Butch goes back to more of his roots with this album. His last album left a nasty taste in my mouth, but this is definitely a breath of fresh air from him!...more info
  • He does it again.
    After I fell in love w/ LOSC, it took a bit of adjustment on my part to appreciate "Letters". Since then, it's become one of my favorites of his. Now, he's back, better than ever, (with a couple CDs in between) with Sycamore Meadows. My take? Better than them all. His sincerity and honestly comes out in every song. Be sure to check the hidden track about 4 minutes in after "ATL".

    If you heard the rough cuts he released last year you'll be amazed at how they've evolved. Adding P!nk to the vocals on "Here Comes The..." was a wise choice. Harmonies are fantastic.

    If I could give this CD more stars, I would. It's THAT amazing....more info
  • Amazing Album from Butch Walker
    I don't know where to begin. This record is great. Every song is well written, crafted, and produced. I've been a fan of BW's since the early days of Marvelous 3. Sycamore Meadows is his best effort to date. ...more info
  • Excellent Return of Butch Walker
    I like the new offering by Butch Walker - I certainly enjoy it more than the last effort which I wasn't bad but did not appeal to me in a mass way.

    Butch has really grabbed my attention as he has written songs that reflect personal experiences, many of which are about love lost, inspirations gained, and pain felt, as those experiences are the ones that many others have also encountered. I feel that this is his most successful album as an artist and I hope that he sells many copies as this is an album that deserves to heard as this music would appeal to the masses and what better way than to focus on topics that have meaning for multitudes.

    A strong stand out track is "Ships in a Bottle", which is a song about love's flame that quit burning and the pain that resulted is sung in its pure art form: The entire construction of the ship in a glass bottle is done with pliers' and tweezers as the bottle opening is much too small to allow bigger tools. Because of the small bottle opening, each piece must be able to fit through the opening, so you can imagine the tedious work this is. In time, the pieces become a ship inside a bottle. The ship, fully constructed, is incapable of being taken out of the bottle as, fully assembled, it is too large to fit. Hence, it is stuck unless disassembled piece by piece or the bottle broken.

    With time, with bottle movement, the ship begins to break down, similar to what the song says, "Breaking down, sails falling off". Trying to stay afloat inside a place you can't survive. Symbolism for how the person Butch describes in the song is feeling "stuck with the pain of love lost and no way out, like a ship in a bottle, falling apart piece by piece".

    The entire album is good and one which you can listen to from start to finish, which is a rare thing in today's music industry.

    Further memorable tracks include: "The Weight Of Her", "Here Comes The...Heartache", "Vessles", "The 3 Kids In Brooklyn", and "Summer Scarves".
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