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Kiva RSK-8001 Silk Neck Wallet - Black
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Product Description

Made from comfortable spun silk, our sturdy, ultra-light Neck Wallet provides pickpocket security for those whod rather not wear a money belt. (Shown in Natural) For Every Body: Its smooth neck cord is adjustable, so you can wear it over your chest, tummy, or shoulder-holster-style. Secure Storage: The main zippered compartment features a moisture-barrier liner perfect for deep storing your airline ticket, rail pass and passport. Easy Access: A second zipper reveals two easy access compartments one for your cash, and one for your debit or credit cards.

  • For Every Body: Its smooth neck cord is adjustable, so you can wear it over your chest, tummy, or
  • Secure Storage: The main zippered compartment features a moisture-barrier liner perfect for deep
  • Easy Access: A second zipper reveals two easy access compartments one for your cash, and one for
  • Design is stylish and innovative. Satisfaction Ensured.
  • Great Gift Idea.

Customer Reviews:

  • Does the job
    The wallet does what it is supposed to do. The big zipper pocket is a little funky with how the plastic liner is folded. Works well around the neck and waist. My girlfriend used it around her waist when she got a bit of a sunburn on her neck....more info
  • Good wallet, good value
    Bought this specifically for a 10 day trip to NYC and Rome, Italy. Was pleased with the quality and construction, although I also read prior reviews and reinforced the cord to make sure it did not break. My only suggestion to anyone purchasing and using this wallet would be to rinse it out in a basin of soapy water every few days and let it dry overnight. I do not have sensitive skin, but found my skin becoming irritated after a few days of wear. I figured out it was probably my own dried sweat that had accumulated on the wallet (sorry, I know it's TMI!)that was irritating my skin. So next time I will be sure to empty the wallet of it's contents and rinse it out every few days. I also wore it holster-style across my body as my husband, a former Marine, suggested so a potential thief can't choke you with it! ...more info
  • Good, but plastic insert gets crumpled
    This was a nice, lightweight way to keep my passport next to me, but the plastic insert got crumpled, thus making it very obvious that it was "hidden" under my shirt. Once I removed the insert it was fine, but then my passport got damp. Not sure if this is a brand-specific problem, or just the nature of these types of products....more info
  • Redesign of zipper required
    Item is made of durable material and the pockets are amply sized. Unfortunately, the zipper pull is very small and broke with the first travel use....more info
  • Neck Wallet Worked for Me
    It rained all 10 days of my trip but the plastic insert kept my euros dry. A previous review warned of the delicate zipper so I was very careful with it and it held up fine, although that is the item's weakest part. I especially liked the little zippered pouch in front that holds a metro pass perfectly. The whole wallet was lightweight but stiff enough to reassure me it was still there under a fleece. The neck strap was OK. I was happy with the product. ...more info
  • Rick Steves Silk Neck Wallet - two weeks in Spain
    Rick's neck wallet was light weight and therefore easy to wear under garments. Multiple compartments allows for ease of "hiding" multiple objects/travel documents. The fact that the neck wallet is visible, even though it is under clothing (especially during warm weather), limits its use somewhat. The plastic liner inside the wallet helps to manage body heat/sweat issue helping the wearer protect valuable documents. ...more info
  • not durable
    The string broke off before my plane landed. The zipper broke off. The adjustable string didn't stay the length I chose because the string was too slippery....more info
  • works as advertised
    used it on recent trip to mex city.... it is a little wide, esp if you pack it with dough and credit cards. the cord is a bit long and it does have a thing to adjust it with but that leaves it dangling behind your back...i just tucked it in my shirt and it didnt bother me any...but it might bother some....more info
  • Could not have lived without it!
    We went to Prague and my mother bought two of these for us right before we left. I was concerned by the reviews so when they arrived I turned it inside out and went over the cord several times with a needle and thread. Because we were carrying our plane tickets, passports, cash, credit cards, ID, and basically anything of importance I bought two lenths of tan ribbon and made an additional "safety net" cord on each. The original cord is only held in place by one thread so that should definitely be improved upon.
    We had no problems with the zippers, although the pulls are a little small, but noticed some minor fraying (nothing anyone would notice) as we were returning.
    We spent 7 full days in Prague and two days flying. These things made life so much easier. No purse, no wallet, no thefts. I wore it under my clothes once and then wore it slung over one shoulder diagonally across my front the rest. This way there was no play in the cord and wearing it backwards (zippers facing the body) make it practically impossible for someone to touch it without me knowing. There is an outside, open pocket on the back but it is really deep. Still I would only keep things of minor value in there like coins. The small pockets on front at the bottom were perfect for credit cards and business cards of people we met and wanted to reach. The large zip inside pocket has a plastic bag that comes with it. We don't know if it was supposed to stay in or not but we used it for tickets and passports in case we got caught in the rain or whatever to keep it dry.

    There are others out there but I can only say that this little slip of silk helped my time in the Czech Republic so much easier. If the little flaws were tweaked it would warrant a full 5 stars....more info
  • So glad I bought this!
    My mom and I each had one of these on our recent trip to Rome, Italy. They were great, especially under winter clothes. I wore low and tucked into my waist. Never worried for a second that I would get pick-pocketed. It was also comfortable, but I would take out plastic liner. ...more info
  • Junk
    This thing is a piece of junk. I bought one for a three week trip to Europe and one zipper broke within the first week. Two days later the other zipper broke. Needless to say, the product is worthless if you can't zip it shut....more info
  • disappointing
    ought to be good, but didn't work out right.

    one of two compartments divided down the middle, limiting it's usefulness.
    Otherwise, really unhappy to discover that the zippers have metal tabs that set off
    security detectors in airports. .....causing a bunch of questions.
    a problem that would have been easily avoided with a good quality plastic pull....more info
  • Works for me...
    Nice product and a decent value. I've only tried it out at home -- it fits nicely under even a knit shirt and is comfortable. I plan to really put it to the test on my trip to South America in a couple of weeks....more info
    The items arrived in a couple days, and were as stated. I use these to hold an insulin pump in. The clip on cases always cause me problems, and with these pouches I can wear it with ease. The pouch is very soft, and comfortable....more info
  • Good
    The product itself is very good, with comfortable material and soft to wear around the neck ...

    But I would recommend more on the hidden cover underpockets which are available in the market as it is very uncomfortable to carry the documents around your neck...Hence we hardly ended up using it on our travel...

    ...more info
  • Silk Neck Wallet
    My daughter used this on her trip to Spain and it worked out well! It is lightweight and easily concealed....more info