Linksys PLK300 PowerLine AV Ethernet Adapter Kit
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Product Description

The Linksys Powerline AV Network Kit contains a single-port Powerline AV Adapter, and a four-port Powerline AV Adapter, which let you easily create a network using the existing electrical outlets in your home. Now you don't have to drill holes in walls and climb through the attic or cellar to install network cables - just use the wires that already run through the building.With Powerline AV Network Adapters, you can connect computers or any other wired Ethernet device using the HomePlug AV network standard. Adding devices to the network is as simple as plugging a Powerline AV Adapter into an electrical outlet, and connecting your Ethernet-equipped devices to the built-in Ethernet ports. Additional devices can be connected to the same network using additional Powerline AV Adapters plugged into an electrical outlet anywhere in the house.Once your computers are connected to the network, they can share resources like printers and storage space, and all kinds of files - video, music, digital pictures, and documents. With high data rate, you can play virtually lag-free head-to-head network computer games, and run applications like streaming standard or HD video, and Voice over IP telephony. Plug your Internet connected router into a Powerline AV Adapter and you'll be able to get to the Internet from any Powerline AV attached computer in the house.The Linksys Powerline AV Network kit gets you started with easy, "no new wires", home or office networking.

  • Use your existing powerlines to network your computers and other devices
  • Share files, printers, storage, and networked games throughout your home * connect it to a router to share your Cable or DSL Internet connection
  • Easily add more devices to your network by plugging additional adapters into electrical outlets
  • HomePlug AV technology for data rates up to 100Mbps
  • Kit includes one single-port and one four-port adapter. Power 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz

Customer Reviews:

  • Fantastic product!
    These work exactly as advertised. I plugged the main unit into my network hub and the client unit into my computer and boom, instant networking across the power lines. Zero configuration, zero hassles. I plugged in 4 cables (2 power, 2 network) and it was operational. So great! I also bought a client unit for my XBox 360 in the TV Room and it works flawlessly as well. This is an amazingly good solution for those who don't want to physically wire their houses for networking!!...more info
  • PLK300 Ethernet Adapter
    I had just purchased a Samsung TV LN46B650 which uses an ethernet connection to handle firmware updates, as well as streaming of video, pictures and music. Since the TV is in a bedroom on the far end of my house; I decided to avoid the wireless adapter and try the Linksys PLK300 Powerline Adapters. I haven't tried video streaming; but everything else has worked well. There are other vendors of these types of adapters which may work for you; but these worked the first time. I did not use the encryption feature, which I see as most beneficial to apartment or condo residents who may share wiring. I have connected my Tivo to the adapter and it has also worked fine. My home is less than 10 years old; so I did not have the complicated wiring or rewiring that people with older homes might deal with....more info
  • Works perfectly
    Just received this today, plugged it in and works perfectly. Have been looking for a way to stream music from my music server in the office to speakers in the living room. Had tried Apple Airport Express which initially worked OK, but then discovered that it would get drop outs when using the microwave. Connecting to the APX using this instead works great without adding any wires. ...more info
  • Never got it to work.
    I purchased this item in hopes of extending my network to my bedroom, where my wireless network doesn't quite reach. It arrived promptly. I carefully followed the instructions included and voila ... nothing. I re-booted the router, re-set the security on the device ... nothing. I contacted technical support. After 18 minutes talking to an intake person (on a Saturday afternoon) I was connected to Lord ("Yes that's my name"), and I spent the next 28 minutes trying to get it to work. First he told me it wasn't working because the outlets I was using were on a different circuit (I have 2 in my house). He knew this was the case because I had 2 circuits and the product always worked, so it must be the circuits. After we explored this curious logic somewhat further, he asked me what I wanted to do. I told him - he recommended that I get a wireless network extender rather than this product. I had to prod him a little bit (since I already owned this product) and he agreed to help me some more. I suggested moving both adapters into the same room so they'd be on the same circuit. He thought this was a good idea - but this didn't work either - maybe the product was defective! He asked me to put the start-up disc in the computer (there is no start-up disc). He asked me to reset the PLK300 device (there is no PLK300 device - that's the name of the set comprised of the PLE300 and PLS300). He had me reset the security - it failed to correct the problem AGAIN. Finally he told me I should just return the product. I did. I gather from the other reviews that some people got this device to work. I'm no computer whiz, but I'm not a dunce either. Maybe I'll buy another and try again....more info
  • Works like a Charm
    Had a wireless adapter for second computer and it kept dropping the connection. Tried this home-plug concept and the setup was straight forward. Now I get the same 100 mps on the client computer that I get on the main one with no drops.

    One suggestion is that they include the easy security steps in the quick-set-up guide. With that they could throw away the cd....more info
  • Home networking made easy
    I could not believe how easy it was to set up a network with these devices!!!
    I have spent a long time setting up WiFi networks in the past and after going to HomePlug powerline I have taken the stance that if it has to be plugged into the wall it has to be powerline (I will still use WiFi for my handheld devices like my iPHONE). I also found that over the Linksys HomePlug products I was not getting the glitches I was getting with WiFi when I would stream video.
    I was going to try MOCA but I use satalite service and it will interfere with that service. I also like the ability to just plug into any outlet. I have a coax cable outlet in most rooms but only in one location and its never the right location (so says my wife ;)
    In any case I give the product 5 stars for performance, and ease of use....more info
  • Definitly not 200Mbs, but works well
    I'm using it for about2 weeks - actualy bought 2 sets of PLK300 as I wanted to connect 3 different location at my house. Installation is very simple, and it worked immediatly. The throughput is definitly not 200Mbs, and depands on the electric wiring - at my case I get ~30Mbs only - excellent for regular internet surfing, but not good for video streaming or transfering large files.
    Too soon to talk about railability of the product.
    Important to note that on 3-phase electricity, all adapters must be on the same phase, and that using surge protector significantly reduce the performence - so it's better to bypass it for the adapter.
    Bottom line, it works well, better then 802.11g WiFi on the same range, and radiates less....more info
  • MUCH Slower than Advertised
    I bought these hoping to link my entertainment center (PS3, Mac Mini, DVR) to my NAS upstairs on the second floor at a rate fast enough to stream home 1080p videos. If they would of achieved anywhere close to the advertised 200Mbps, or even half, they would have been keepers. Unfortunately, the best they could do was maybe 48Mbps (when plugged into the same power socket) in real world testing. I tested by downloading the same 1GB video file from my NAS to my MacBook via Ethernet (100 and 1000Mbps), wireless N and these Powerline AV devices. Ethernet 100 came very close to 100Mbps, Ethernet 1000 a little over half, wireless N about 80Mbps and Powerline AV about 32Mbps.

    The Good: They are very easy to install and have very low network latency ideal for playing games online.

    The Bad: Much slower than any other solution in my house. Do not come anywhere close to 200Mbps in real world testing. Not good for streaming 1080p videos. My house is about 12 years old and all tested sockets are on the same circuit. ...more info
  • works great
    Works great.. I have my new Panasonic Plasma TV and my Blu-ray player connected to the Powerline 4 port adapter downstairs...upstairs I have the other Powerline Adapter connected to my wires to has been over a month..without any issues...TV's connects to the internet with great speeds..
    couple of things to do not connect the Powerline adapters to surge protectors..connect them directly to the outlet..according to Linksys they have built-in protection...
    also takes a little bit to sync the security settings ups...pressing the buttons on each adapter...but keep trying you will get it..when setting up the security plug both adapters into the same outlet......more info
  • Better than wireless
    I purchased this product after doing some research on both wired and wireless alternatives to connect my Samsung LN52A750, my XBOX 360 and my Blu-ray player to the internet. They all sit at the same location and even though my house is wired CAT 5 with data outlets at every phone plug, there is not one anywhere near this location. I have a wireless G router and have been less than impressed with the speed and reliability of the wireless connection. In addition, I started looking at cost and by the time I bought wireless adapters for these three items and probably a new wireless N router (to accommodate the speeds required to stream video)I was better off buying this. Installation was super easy, basically just plug and go and the speed of the downloads are excellent. The XBOX downloads are very fast and don't have to worry about losing the wireless signal. I am extremely happy with this product....more info