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NEW Leather Carrying & Protection Case (Perfect Fit) for Verizon Wireless Blackberry Storm 9530, AT&T Samsung sgh-i607 Blackjack-I, sgh-i617 Blackjack-II, A827 Access, SPH-i325 ACE, Sprint m80
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Product Description

Get this stylish case for your phone today! The following are some features of the pouch. This case if very difficult to find in your local retail store. Don't worry about dropping your phone or leaving it somewhere! Keep it attached to your pocket, belt, or purse! Color: Black (as pictured) Compatible with: VERIZON WIRELESS BLACKBERRY STORM 9530, AT&T Samsung sgh-i607 Blackjack-I, sgh-i617 Blackjack-II, A827 Access, SPH-i325 ACE, Sprint m800 Instint, PANTECH Slate c530, Motorola Q, Q9c, Q9h, Q9m, LG CU920 / VU / CU915, KU990 Viewty and Apple Iphone 4gb 8gb 16gb 32gb Perfect Fit Leather Case (All Versions Including 3g)

  • Premium quality leather with great craftsmanship!
  • Inside of case is made of material that will not scratch your phone!
  • Wear your phone sideway on your belt and always have it at your reach!
  • Provides excellent protection from the elements
  • Leather wrapped metal clip and also a belt loop incase you want that extra security!

Customer Reviews:

  • good, but don't get wet
    I liked it, but then it rained and it got wet, then the clip was soft and the card board inside fell apart and fell off, the clip did. Now I have to find another case, that can hold my phone. ...more info
  • Does not deserve even one star
    - This item that is claimed for Blackberry Storm Leather Case is not the case for blackberry storm.
    - Phone doesn't fit in there and the top does not close / align completely.
    - It is so tight and very hard to put it in and pull it out.
    - During removing the phone from the case, it usually activates some functions. Even if the phone is locked, it may unlock and activate a function or application.
    - The case is so tight that it removed a part of the screen protector, now I need to go buy a screen protector.
    - The case covers a lot of functional buttons and unable to use the headset when the phone is in the case.
    -The edges of the case is so poorly done and several places on the edge missing the leather / plastics, exposing the white material under it.
    - The picture shows a nice logo on the closing side and there is no logo.
    - Buyers be aware, it is a very cheaply made and more likely will go in the garbage....more info
  • not designed for the blackberry storm!
    The openings do not align with the button and plug-ins on the Storm. The case is not sturdy - when I bend over, the case pressure activates a random option on the phone. I can't use the headset with it. I can use the car charger. The case is too tight - I cannot easily remove the phone from its case to answer a call or use the phone. When I use the clip, the phone bangs against my hip. I'd send this to the trash can before giving it to anyone or recommending it....more info
  • Leather Cell Case
    Really excellent cell carrying case, I got this for my daughther's Pantech phone from AT&T and it fit perfectly, she loves it! Would highly recommend it, it is comfortable to wear and easy to reach....more info