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A State of Trance 2008
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  • Really good, but not a knockout
    I've listened to CD1 (on the beach) several times. Love it. CD2 which is suppose to be the hi energy CD seems to lack. I like it, but there are too many loops, the songs are almost overmixed. I gave A state of Trance 2007 5 stars, I don't think this one is "quite" the caliber. In fact, I find CD 2 kind of sloppy....more info
  • Fabolous!
    Here we go again. Another amazing mix by AVB. Nothing more, nothing less. Very similiar to his 2 hour set on November 1, 2008 Fabolous Festival Las Vegas. To hear this set on an incredible sound system makes it 100 times better! Thanks again AVB!...more info
  • A musical Journey
    Flat out, I am EXTREMELY impressed with this mix. First of all, if you are new to trance, THIS is how it is supposed to be listened to. With other genres of music, you usually are looking for a good artist. Not necessarily the case with trance though, you really want a good DJ that can mix different artists' songs together, giving you tastes of the best of everybody's flavors. Well, Armin is the #1 DJ in the world right now, and for a reason.

    The mixing last year was impecable, and this year, better than ever. Songs flow into each other beautifully. Some thought was definitely put into not just the song selection, but song order for the mixing of the songs into each other. Other DJ's can just throw songs into each other and it usually comes sounding ok or good. Armin here, adds the extra touch, the whip cream and cherry on top if you will, with little ambient noises added in here and there. Little things that make everything flow into each other. Basically, if you gave the original songs a listen, they are slightly different than on here. Armin takes em', puts em' together, and then molds them into each other creating one big melody of trance bliss.

    Also I've found with other DJ's that try to do this, choose songs that are very similar and put them next to each other thinking that they mix well together. Well... there is some truth to this, but this can not be followed, because this gets boring after a while. A DJ CHANGES the mood, doesn't keep it the same the whole time. Imagine if you went to a wedding and every song was a country song... even old Uncle McGraw would get sick of this after a while. Song selection and mixing have to be perfect to perform a drastic change in musical moods like this to be received well by the crowd, or in this case, us listeners. Armin is wonderful at this. Example is "Satori Waterfalls", which is a beautiful song, with melodic 'tribal' chanting that provides the main melodies. Well right after Armin turns the "electro" nob up and gives us "These Shoulders". If you listened to these two songs separately, you wouldn't think they would go well together... Armin thought other wise. He thought right.

    One more thing, there are some things done here I have not heard before, even on his shows or Tiesto's. It's a good change. Trance has been kind of doing the same stuff for a while here, it's time it evolves some more. Armin is doing this, pushing trance where it hasn't gone before. Different styles of songs, different ways of building up and climaxing. Again, I'm just really really impressed. A large fan should be supplied with this so whenever you get to one of these moments on ASOT '08, it can add to your "blown away" effect.

    All in all, this is beautiful. From the melodic uplifting songs that will make you want to chill out on the beach and just listen while taking in the waves coming in, to the catchy electronica that will have you up and dancing, sending electrical signals to areas of your body that you didn't know existed, everything here is Grade AAA....more info
  • Not quite as good as previous ASoT but still very good!
    The tracklisting is wrong. Here is the actual -

    CD 1: On The Beach
    1. Armin van Buuren feat. Jaren - Unforgivable (First State Remix)
    2. DJ Tatana - Spring Breeze (Martin Roth SummerStyle Remix)
    3. Mike Foyle - Bittersweet Nightshade
    4. M6 - Amazon Dawn
    5. Andy Moor - Fake Awake (The Blizzard Remix)
    6. Blake Jarrell - Punta Del Este
    7. Benya feat. Penny Nixon - Serendipity
    8. Ohmna - Satori Waterfalls
    9. Signalrunners feat. Julie Thompson - These Shoulders (Club Mix)
    10. Myon & Shane 54 feat. Carrie Skipper - Vampire (Club Mix)
    11. Julian Vincent - Certainty (Mark Otten Dub)
    12. Tenishia feat. Tiff Lacey - Burning From The Inside (Tenishia's Burning Dub)
    13. Mr. Sam feat. ClAud9 - Cygnus
    14. Lange - Out of the Sky (Kyau & Albert Remix)

    CD 2: In the Club
    1. Arnej feat. Josie - Strangers We've Become (Intro Tech Dub)
    2. Sunlounger feat. Zara - Lost (Club Mix)
    3. Offer Nissim - For your Love (Sied van Riel Remix)
    4. Ilya Soloview & Paul Miller - Lover Summer (Orjan Nilsen Remix)
    5. Markus Schulz - The New World
    6. Robert Nickson & Daniel Kandi - Rewire
    7. Giuseppe Ottaviani - No More Alone
    8. The Thrillseekers feat. Fisher - The Last Time (Simon Bostock Remix)
    9. Stoneface & Terminal - Blueprint (Club Mix)
    10. DJ Shah feat. Adrina Thorpe - Back To You (Aly & Fila Remix)
    11. Andy Bluemann - Time To Rest (Live Guitar by Eller van Buuren)
    12. Thomas Bronzwaer - Certitude
    13. 8 Wonders - The Return
    14. Jochen Miller - Lost Connection
    15. Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon Den Adel - In And Out of Love (Richard Durand Remix)...more info
  • Heaven
    The soundtrack to Heaven.

    (oh and thanks above for recognizing the completely off track listing) I know I'm crazy but not that crazy....more info
  • Not the Armin I Know...
    Yea Yea hes the #1 DJ in the world. He's amazing live and typically his ASOT mixes are top notch. The track selection for 2008 is DECENT. Its the mixing that i was totally not impressed with. You can tell that this mix was totally ABLETON'd out, every mix is so abrupt. This is clearly not a live mix as it has been in 05,06. I still think ASOT 2006 is by far his best compilation and mix of the series....more info
  • Keeps getting better
    Armin Van Buuren returns again with another ASOT collection. The series that put Trance music on the map continues to amaze and educate even the must advid fan of this music. I must have for those already a fan of AVB and a pretty good "starter" disc for those interested in learning what the Trance thing is all about! Check it out....more info
  • Flawless.
    Is it possible to start a whole new religion based on an audio cd? If so, this is the strongest contender to make it happen. Wonderful whispy female vocals, captivating synths. It is hard to ignore mr Van Buuren after this release. Not recommended for highway use! It will actually put you in a trance! Buy and enjoy. You can thank me later, at mass....more info
  • The New ASOT - Good For Beginners and Veterans
    Once again Armin has done it. With each sucessive A State Of Trance album, Armin has created an aural atmosphere of trance music worth nodding your head to. I've listened to these trance mixes a few times so far, and I must say I am impressed with the overall array of trance contained on each disc. What I am saying is valid because I own each and every ASOT since 2004 and a few episodes from his continuing radio series under the same title. My favorite so far is 2005, with 2006 a close second. If you like any of those two, you WILL like this set.

    This set is mature, enthralling, deep, euphoric, sexy and many other adjectives not worth mentioning beacuse the point is clear.

    This is true trance music to the core.

    The only qualm I have with this compiliation is that neither disc can be labeled as "On The Beach" or "In The Club". For some reason, to me (the seasoned trance veteran), the "Beach" album sounds like it could be played in a club and the "Club" album could possibly be played on a beach.

    What I liked about ASOT's 2005-2007 is that you could differentiate easily whether the disc was club oriented or visa-versa.... not so much here. Either way, each disc in 2008 is worth several (A Lot Of) listens.

    -|2yan...more info
  • His best since State of Trance 2006
    Yeah, he finally did it again! Both discs are ridiculous they are so good. i always compare any Armin to his in the club 2006, to me that was his greatest mix he has ever produced so to have something even come close is amazing. I really dont know how other Dj's dont take a clue from him> i would say the closest thing to him is now Above & Beyond or Tiesto's ISOS vol 4 Latin America disc 2, which is the best he's ever produced in my opinion. I hope Armin keeps this up and knows why people are loving his mixes, cause i dont want him to go the oaky road and start making what sound like early 90's dance albums. Buy this......more info
  • There is something amiss with Armin's SOT 2008
    Let me start by saying I own just about everything this DJ has released. Most are quite good.

    A state of Trance 2008 is ok. The 1st CD is about what you would expect from Armin's "On the Beach" CD. A bit laid back. The problem is that has gone so electronica that maybe it has lost it's uniqueness. After a few listens, I find myself bypassing tracks. This is rare for me.

    CD2 is just amiss. The songs are very over-produced and lack anything to grab on to and feel like "Yeah, now it's time to crank up the volume". It is very lackluster. The songs sound very generic and full of the same loops, over and over again.

    Quite honestly the pose on the CD cover fits what I think Armin must be feeling. "What can I do, I need to do something different and unique". Unfortionately, this isn't the way. Believe me when I say that you will find CD1 "On the Beach" satisfying to a point. You will listen to CD2 "At the Club" several times, often asking yourself, where is the buildup to a climax. The music never builds. It feels like track 1 just kind of morphs throughout the CD and none of the songs are that great.

    A State of Trance 2007 leaps over this release in many ways. Only those with money to spare should get this at the price. Wait for it to go to the bargain bin. It is simply Armin Confused 2008....more info
  • best since asot 05
    must have for armin fans, track after track kicks it to another level
    Both cds are great!...more info
  • Incredible! Definitely Worth the Wait! Highly Recommended!!
    All I have to say is... WOW!!

    Talk about some amazing and beautiful trance melodies! ASOT 2008 was definitely worth the long wait! Before listening to ASOT 2008, my favorite compilation of the year was Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise 7: Asia. But this one blew Tiesto away! I own the entire A State of Trance series and this album is tied with 2007 as the best! The first CD "On The Beach" is filled with gorgeous, melodic tunes that fill up your car, your living room, your workout at the gym, or, like the cd says, on the beach at a beach gathering! Alot of trance can be repetitive with the same old ambient sounds and beats. Not in this selection. You get melodies and beats from songs that are unique and original in their own way with exotic and beautiful vocals. But the beautiful and impressive part is how Armin put these tracks all together into one continuous dance marathon. That's the most difficult part that will make or break a compilaton CD, and Armin created a masterpiece! The second CD "In The Club" is filled with high-energy, beat-pumping, trance and progressive trance that will give you goosebumps and make you feel like you're in the middle of a club on the island of Ibiza -- known as the greatest and most popular party island in the world!

    Overall, this is an absolutely amazing album and the best compilation in 2008! You can listen to this album in almost any setting... if anything, buy it for your workout at the gym. Forget creatine and use this music as your fuel for your weight training and cardio! I usually play the ASOT podcasts from Armin's radio show on my iPod in my car and use it as my morning coffee on my way to work. This album will be playing in my car for quite some time! ASOT 2008 shows why Armin Van Buuren deserves to be ranked as 2007's #1 DJ in the world, and if the new DJMag polls do him any justice he will be ranked #1 again for 2008 (DJMag new rankings released Wed, October 29th, 2008 in London, UK). Thank you Armin for your time, consistency, and dedication in creating the best trance and dance music in the world! Long live Armin!!...more info
  • Havent heard an album like this in a while
    Ill start off by saying that i havent always been the biggest fan of Armin Van Buuren's ASOT (A State Of Trance) series. They always sounded kind of shallow or cheezy, and played more like a random compilation. I am more a fan of deeper progressive trance DJs that can tell a story with their track selection and mixing abilities, like Sasha, Digweed, Above and Beyond, and Markus Schulz. I will say that the ASOT series has gotten progressively better each year. Last year's 2007 ASOT was pretty good, but still didnt quite meet my expectations. His newest offering takes the series to a whole new level that the previous ones never seemed to quite reach. This ASOT is by far the best of the series. Armin's taste and mixing abilities have matured by leaps and bounds from his last ASOT. For once, he exceeded my expectations. CD1 is phenomenal from start to finish. I can honestly say i havent heard a CD that has held my undivided attention from start to finish since Markus Schulz Ibiza 2006 CD1. CD2 is also extremely good, but i prefer the 1st one personally. If you are a fan of Progressive trance, buy this album. You will not be disappointed. ...more info
  • Great as always
    I am sure that for those who have bought all the A State of Trance collection this CD will not disappoint anyone....more info
  • Great trance cd!
    I love this cd! Armin Van Buuren is really good, a great birthday present for me. Great deal with getting 2 cds too. I really enjoy it....more info
  • Armin Van Buuren stays at the number 1 spot...
    ASOT 2008 is amazing, buy it and listen. Enjoy!

    On the beach...Uplifting
    In the club...Thunderous!...more info
  • Flat fantastic!!!!
    Wow - Elegant, edgy and very refined! State of Trance 2008 could be the perfect balance between tempo and content. Mr. Van Buuren is getting very serious about delivering an experience that moves into another realm allowing you to suspend thought and ride a trance audio vibe that is truly fresh. Aside from the volume of pure music (2 CD's) the quality of the content is flat fantastic. I own all of the State of Trance series and 2008 is the one CD I would grab on my way out the door of a house fire - Buy it!

    ...more info
  • Best thing this year
    This album is freaking amazing and is a borderline obsession. I've been listening to it everyday for over 2 weeks -- which is rare for me since I usually prefer to mix my music up. Anyway, I'm riding this for as long as it will take me. There's a lot of great music coming out lately (in multiple genres), but this is up there with the best of them all. I can only hope Armin's coming back to Austin soon - hint hint....more info
  • Definitely not a #1
    You don't have to be a top dj in the world to put someone else's tracks on a cd and start selling it. All you need is a name and Armin finally has it. Soo now he is selling... almost as well as Tiesto does. Glad I didn't buy this one because ASOT 2007 was a complete waste of money.
    Although, I have to say I like a few tracks here

    Thomas Bronzwaer "Certitude"
    Giuseppe Ottaviani "No More Alone"
    Markus Schulz "The New World"

    ...more info
  • Great!
    out of all the ASOT compilations, this 2008 mix feels the most complete. Armin uses many examples of trance from vocal to instrumental and blended them together perfectly. if you like trance, i highly recommend getting this....more info
  • Double Outstanding Vocal Trance CD
    I've always liked Trance music even though I've listened to various styles of dance music over the years. After sampling Tiesto and PVD, I can say that I've turned into a AVBuuren fan after listening to State of Trance 2006. State of Trance 2008 however, is different to me. It has more vocal tracks and less of that energy on the 2006 CD. I gave this 2008 ASOT CD 4 starts because I found the songs could've been mixed in a non-stop fashion to enjoy the beautiful tracks selected by AVB. I understand this is a different CD than the 2006 version but non-stop AVB Trance is better than interrupted AVB Trance. AVB being one of the most popular DJ's could've just mixed this CD non-stop. I bought the 2008 version here as a download. Am not sure if the version sold by the record company is mixed in a non-stop fashion. Either way, I've given the 2008 4 stars. Either way, buy the 2008 2-CD set. You won't regret it! ...more info