Evenflo Big Kid DLX Booster Car Seat - Cactus
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Product Description

The Evenflo Big Kid DLX Booster Seat provides added cushioning and dual activity lights. The activity lights can be used during evening commutes. The added cushioning in the head and body will keep your child comfortable during long rides. The one hand full-body height adjustment allows the seat to grow with your child. Dual cup holders and pivoting armrests provide the added continence. The back easily removes to become a no-back booster. The Evenflo Big Kid is recommended for children 30-100 lbs. and up to 57" tall.

  • Side impact tested
  • One hand full body adjustment
  • Dual cup holders
  • Back easily removes to become a no back booster
  • Dual activity lights

Customer Reviews:

  • Love the seat!
    We just got this seat and I love it.It has nice and thick padding and the lights are not too bright, just right for driving at night.I love the fact that it is completely adjustable so we will have it for a long time....more info
  • Best Booster Ever!
    My kid absolutely loves this seat. He adjusts his own arm rests, pops out his own snack/drink tray, and every time we're out in the evening he asks "Is it dark enough yet?" because he wants to turn on his own lights to make shadow puppets on the back of the passenger seat.

    It is super easy to install and remove. My son likes that he can get himself out of it when we arrive at our destination (this may be a problem if you've got a kid that doesn't stay put when the car is moving, which is obviously not the case with us).

    It is comfortable for him. He falls asleep easily, and the generously side-padded headrest is really nice.

    I looked at every seat available when it was time to upgrade, and feel I made the right (the only) choice for us....more info
  • booster seat
    i love this booster seat for my 2 year old. the added features for the light is awesome. she can read or watch her movies at night. i would totally recommend this to another parent....more info
  • Lights are huge hit! Great design, comfortable, value, safety.
    I bought this booster for my now-5-year-old son at least a year ago now, and of course, the lights are a huge hit with him! He says it's very comfortable, too.

    The armrests easily going up and down is a fabulous idea, too! Makes it a lot easier for him to buckle himself, especially when wearing bulky, winter clothes or Halloween costume. I like that the back can easily be removed and that it's so easily adjusted for height, as well. We tried it without the back, and he didn't like it. I think he's so used to having it there, and the feeling of security, he didn't like it without. That's fine, he loves it, and especially the lights. I'm sure the lights are the REAL reason he didn't want me to remove the back! :)

    Having cupholders on both sides is an extra bonus, too, because his last carseat only had it on one side, of course that side was the one facing the door, so that was not a great design. They really thought of everything with this seat. Bravo, Cosco!

    Great carseat/booster, for sure! It's very sturdy, lightweight and easy to move to another car if necessary, and easy to clean, too. ...more info
  • Survived a Car Accident!!!
    We were recently involved in a car accident where we hit another car while traveling 35 MPH, and our car was totaled. My 4-year old little girl walked away with only a slight seatbelt abraison on her chest. This car seat did it's job-it saved her life. I am so happy with it, I bought the exact same seat for our new car. I recommend this car seat for anyone who asks!...more info
  • Nice Carseat!
    I looked at several carseats before deciding on this one. My son will be 8 years old in February but is pretty small for his age and will still need to be in a seat for a couple years I think. The only problem I've had is that it did not fit in my car very well ('08 Chevy Malibu.) It seems as time has passed, it has settled in and is going to work but at first I was very hesitant. The pattern of the seat is very nice (matches my car interior) and my son loves the lights on the side for when we're driving at night and he wants to look at something. I do not think he's fallen asleep in it yet so I honestly cannot rate how the head reast portion of it works. Overall, this seems to be a very good carseat and I would recommend it!...more info
  • Great Birthday gift
    My four year old has been ecstatic about her new booster, and the lights just put it over the top for her. I fear we will have to purchase an identical one for my 7.5 year old who has been insanely jealous ever since. Seat seems comfortable, easy to assemble, quite nice....more info
  • Keep Looking!!!
    If your child NEVER falls asleep in the car then by all means buy this seat. If they do, like most kids, then buyer beware. the sides aren't very deep so when your child falls asleep he will be suspended by the seat belt somewhere between his lap and the insufficent side wings.....hopefully staying in the middle (LOL)(because, as the two Evenflo Reps that I spoke with today, said) The seatbelt will yank them back in case of a crash.......which is better it be in the middle than to say be yanked back sideways (which is how my son winds up)into the plastic side wings. They don't consider it a flaw that your kid won't stay back in the seat if asleep.....one Rep even told me that her kid leans forward and bobbles around too....great! I guess if you get the seat for free and don't mind ignoring the fact that in a crash your child will most likely be paralized from what ever part of his spine yanks back into the hard plastic seat then fine...good luck sleeping at night. They must be oblivious to the fact that you could be hit IN THE SIDE....really how many crashed do you see that are head on crashes? Save your money, there are better seats out there with REAL side wings that DO PROTECT your kid from side impact and ALSO allow them to fall asleep with out hanging themselves on the seat belt. ...more info
  • Happy with our purchase
    I read all the other user reviews here before I purchased this booster seat and after having it for a few months now I agree with the others that this carseat is terrific. I don't know if I can add anything that hasn't already been said. Our three-year old loves the activity lights, the seat itself is super-comfy and the color blends perfectly with our car interior. The only negative, I guess, is that like almost all other carseats, our daughter's head slumps forward when she falls asleep in this seat, despite the little "wings" that kind of stick out on either side of the headrest. Still, she doesn't usually sleep in the car so this shouldn't be too much of a problem.

    Overall, a great purchase. A+++...more info
  • Great except no EPS foam
    I was really excited to find the Big Kid DLX Booster seat at a retail store. It was just what I was looking for except I did not like the leopard print pattern. I went online and ordered the Hawkeye pattern not realizing it does not have the EPS foam. I was very disappointed with that but decided to keep it. My twins love the lights so they can draw when it is dark....more info
  • Love it!
    My 2yr old Son loves this. It has everything he needs and it was so easy to install. Buy it - Buy it- Buy it!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Best Booster in town!
    I think this is the best car seat. My son is 6, and he has been in it for over a year. I am now looking for my 3.5 year old. Who is not yet in a full buster, I wish she could go into this one (not tall or heavy enough) We love the lights and the TWO snack / cup trays are AWESOME. Great for the money. And when my son wants to nap we crank the car seat back a bit and the booster goes with it. WE LOVE IT...more info
  • So far, so good.
    Just purchased this 4 days ago. My daughter is very tall for 3.5, so we no longer fit in the belts of a car seat. I had a car seat that was a convertible, but due to the bulkiness of the car seat, I have given that to my husband and I took the new seat.

    Great price. Easy to assemble. Fits in the car nicely. Reading lights are a great idea. Many times my daughter wants the car's interior lights on while I am driving - so we will be using these. Also, now that it's not so bulky, she can do the seatbelt herself. The other seat, she could only undue it, which wasn't the safest. It is much easier for me now that she can buckle herself in.

    My only gripe so far and it has nothing to do with the seat itself - is that I am not ready for my daughter to wiggle her way out of the seat while I am driving - which she pulled last night. This is more of a behavior issue, but I am thinking they should be able to design something to prevent this from happening....more info
  • Love this booster!!!
    We bought this booster for my 4 year-old son about a year ago because we were moving from Alaska to Arizona and driving for most of it. I can not tell you how easy this seat is to switch between cars or move around! It is extremely light and sturdy. My son was 3 when we got this seat and loved the big boy feel of it. The armrests move up and out of the way for him to get in and out or he uses them to climb up into our SUV.

    His old car seat (Cosco Alpha Omega) didn't work with the seat belt as a booster because the base was too wide (the seat sat over the buckle). We could only use it with latch and the 5 point harness. The Evenflo Big Kid has a much slimmer base that works well in my SUV with plenty of room for more car seats or other passengers. If you don't have a lot of room for bulky car seats, this booster is for you!

    The cup holders are great. At first, I thought, why would you need one on each side because his old car seat only had one. Then I realized, depending on which door he's sitting closest too, you need to open the cup holder on the opposite side (away from the door) for use. It's great to have somewhere for him to put his drinks and snacks. The head rest is extra cushioned which helps when he falls asleep. He has never had any problems with his head falling forward while sleeping.

    The lights are great and that's the main reason we got the DLX model instead of the regular model. Honestly, he only really uses them during the winter months now when it gets dark sooner. In the summer, he's in bed before it's really dark. The lights are great, he can turn them off and on by himself and they're not too bright to distract you while driving and they don't wake up his baby sister next to him who sits rear-facing still.

    Overall, a great seat. Still looks brand new and we use it every day! Cover holds up well and still just as sturdy after 1 year. I highly recommend this booster or the lower model without the lights....more info
  • Great Booster Seat
    This booster seat has been just perfect for my daughter. She loves the comfort of it and that she can have her own personal light at night when we're out driving. We were happy to find it in this color as well. Overall, a great buy at a great Amazon.com price!...more info
  • Love it.
    Purchased this when my daughter outgrew her Graco seat. My daughter loves her big girl seat and the lights. I was afraid she wouldn't sleep in the car anymore on long trips as it wouldn't be as comfortable, but she thinks it's very comfortable and snoozes away. I rated it a 4 because I've never used another booster, but from what I know - this one is a gem! (Well, my daughter wishes it came in pink.)...more info
  • Love it. But not sure of the diffrence between this one and the foxwood
    My daughter and i just bought this carseat and i got home and looked on here to see the reveiws and noticed that this carseat didnt have any reveiws but the same exact carseat but foxwood had all the reveiws i looked and looked and can't find ANYTHING diffrent about this one and the other one other then the colors. if anybody else does please let me know. i like the seat but it is important to me and my daughter that she is safe. I love the lights of this and the color of it also. i normally stick to graco also. i dont know if i can do this or not but if anybody reads this and see's the diffrence please email me at wheelockwife_2007@yahoo.com please and thank you Shannon and McKenzie..... ( she does wish it was another color though..) I love all the reveiws on the other colored carseat though :) ...more info
  • LIked it so much, bought a second
    My son loved this seat so much we bought a second for the second car. Now he has cup holders at his reach, not in the middle of the car where he had to reach and stretch the seat belt. He stays sitting the way he should. And the lights are the best part! No more blinding lights when driving if he dropped something. He can reach them himself and they aren't disturbing....more info
  • Booster Seat
    So far so good. My daughter finds it very comfortable for long drives and loves the retractable cup holders. We don't use the lights; batteries weren't included and we haven't installed them....more info
  • Big Kid DLX Booster seat
    This is an excellant booster for toddlers 40lbs.+ It's easy to install and use and is easy for kids to get into themselves. The height adjustment is a nice additional feature. I recommend it!...more info