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Date Movie (Unrated)
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  • Special Feaures make it worthy of a rental.
    This is a terrible movie, truly. It can be enjoyable if taken in the same spirit as Ed Wood fare or a Disney movie from the 70's.

    I tolerate romantic-comedies as required watching, and I would love to see the genre skewered, drowned, and burned by a comedic genus. This is not the film to do it.

    A sampling of faults:

    - Most scenes are far too long and drawn out for the target audience.
    - A script offering too little material to fill a standard motion picture.
    - Actors almost perform to an acceptable level, almost.
    - Unleveled audio mixing! Even direct to DVD movies (usually) have acceptable audio -mixing!
    - The genre chosen to parody already relies heavily on parody; a parody of a parody is unsuccessful when approached on an obvious surface level.

    Two bonus features of this disk, the unrated DVD edition, are awesome and worth the price of a rental and possible a purchase as they provide a one-off form of entertainment from an unexpected and fresh angle.

    "The Quickie" is the entire feature chopped down to a six minute form that manages to convey both the plot (such that exists in the feature) and all of the gags that actually draw laughs. "The Quickie" demonstrate that "Date Movie" should've been a segment on Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, or similar television show. Skip the feature, just watch "The Quickie" and then move on to the "Anti-Commentary"

    "The Anti-Commentary" is a real jewel, a bonus audio track featuring two film editors, one who hated the film, and the other who feels compelled to apologize for writing a review that suggested that some people may enjoy this movie. Neither critic is particularly witty or charming, but they do speak honestly and lucidly for the duration of the film, and I found listening to them enormously entertaining. They do not try to be funny, like the "critics" in Mystery Science Theater 3000, and they do not understand why they were asked to do the commentary or how it will benefit the studio or the filmmaker. Rather, these intelligent and articulate men, without being pompous and while remaining earnest, talk about the movie and the context of the movie, and as an absurdist legal limitation they are forbidden to mention the names of the movies being parodied. "The Anti-Commentary" was a brave choice, and I am very thankful that it was included. Similar features should become standard fare. ...more info
  • always laugh at these parody movies...but not this one...
    The movie was funny the first, oh lets say about maybe the first 20-40 minutes. After that the movie is garbage. The humor and mocking was so dis-tasteful and a little offensive. The cat in the bathroom, "dead mrs.jones", the little jokes by the bachellor's parents, the bizarre family relationships, and the mock-sexual references to sex.

    I was very surprised at myself when i viewed the film. I hardly laughed and didnt laugh when I needed. Like I said I totally love these not another teen movie, scary movie type films...but Date Movie is pure garage. The humor is so awful and the mockery sucks too

    Bottom line: Horrible movie...never watching it again....more info
  • worst. movie. ever.
    I normally don't write movie reviews because movies are very subjective but in this case, I'll make an exception. I had the misfortune of watching this movie, as I'm a fan of "dumb comedies" but this one fails. On every level. Do not waste your time with this one...TRUST ME ON THIS. It is so bad; I don't even know where to begin.

    Skip it.
    ...more info
  • One of the All-Time Worst Movies Ever Made
    This movie is so horribly bad that I recommend mature adults rent it just to see how bad it is. My wife and I walked out on this movie after 20 excruciating minutes of stupid, senseless, parodies. At least there was a loose plot to Another Teen Movie and the first three Scary Movies, but not this one. Most of the kids in attendance were teens and preteens, which was not good because of the terribly insensitive scenes like the dating couple beating the heck out of a street bum, or the male date inexplicably faking a female orgasm for no particular reason other than to make you think they might be making fun of When Harry Met Sally.

    Only trouble is that these gags hit zero on the humor meter. Do not waste your money on this trash other than renting it for sheer morbid curiosity....more info
  • The Worst Spoof Ever!
    This movie is so awful that there is not a single funny scene or line in the entire film. There are spoofs on Bridget Jones' Diary, Meet the Parents, Sweet Home Alabama, etc., but the spoofs are simply NOT FUNNY! Sometimes the spoofs are so gross (e.g. man chewing on another man's chest hair) that you want to puke, not laugh.

    I actually liked Scary Movie and some of its sequels, and decided to give this movie a try. Big mistake!

    Stupidity doesn't get any lower. This DVD isn't worth a penny!...more info
  • Date Movie
    >Very funny! Made in awfully poor taste, just what I like. It absolutely spoofs other movies and television shows to death, leaving one to wonder where can it all end; what with so much ridiculous imitating of other productions going on, it barely has time to follow it's own storyline or plot. Some scenes are just plain gross, in the direct-in your face style that shocks and violates all of your six senses-which more often than not-repels, rather than sets one's affections for the eventual wedding couple;
    (let alone any other members of the cast)...However, it is hilarious and over the top, with nonstop ludicrous scene after scene-complete with a happy ending for the two young lovers that none of us would really want to know or meet up with anywhere. If I did I would RUN!-Kevin Griffin......more info
  • Date Movie - unrated version - dvd review
    Horrible horrible film

    Even worse than Superhero Movie. I think

    Could be the worst film I've ever seen. What is Willow doing in this trash?

    Yikes!...more info
  • don't waste your time
    this had to be one of the most boring movies i've ever seen. I stoped watching half way through, wish i could get my money bacck...more info
  • Total waste of time. . .
    I've alread wasted an hour and a half of my life watching this movie. And beleive me that's time I'd like to have back. It pains me to have to spend anymore time dwelling on this drivel.

    There are two major problems with this film. First and foremost it's not funny. Maybe I missed an e-mail or a memo or something but I thought comedies were supposed to be funny. And secondly why is this movie " unrated ". I saw nothing in here that wouldn't have been above a PG-13. My only guess is that without " unrated " plastered on the cover it wouldn't have appealed to such a wide audience.

    The four writers who had nothing to do with this movie have to be some of the smartest people in the world. So if you're eyeing this movie in the rental store, my only advice to you is to slowly back away and move on to the next movie on your list. Do that and you'll be lucky enough to be considered in the same breath as those four writers...some of the smartest people in the world....more info
  • Stupid...But The Michael Jackson/Britney Spear Thing is Hilarious
    "Date Movie" is basically the "Scary Movie" of romantic comedies...It's even by two of the writers of that film. This movie spoofs everything you can think of including; Napoleon Dynamite, Michael Jackson, Hitch, Sleepless in Seattle, Meet the Fockers, Meet the Parents, Pimp My Ride, Britney Spears & Kevin Federline, Star Wars, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Bachelor, Wedding Crashers, King Kong, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Wedding Planner, Kill Bill, & pretty much any other movie you can think of. The kicker is, "Date Movie" does what almost every romantic comedy that comes out nowadays...It uses old romantic comedy cliches. If you can even say this movie has a plot, it's about Julia Jones (Alyson Hannigan), who's desparately searching for a boyfriend. When she meets Hitch (Tony Cox, Bad Santa) he thins her up and puts her on The Bachelor. There, she meets Grant Fockyerdodder (Adam Campbell) and the two get engaged. While, Grant's parents Bernie and Roz (Fred Willard & Jennifer Coolidge) love Julia;
    Julia's parents (Eddie Griffin & Meera Simhan) are hesistant about letting the two get married. Then Julia finds out about Grant's ex-fiancee Andy (Sophie Munk) who is going to be his best man. If you've seen "Scary Movie" you see the basic premise. Now, right off the bat...This movie is stupid. That's the point, but it really is a freaking mess. It's not anywhere near as funny as the "Scary Movie" movies, in fact I only laughed a few times (Jinxers the Cat, Michael Jackson, and Kevin Federline were funny) but it is entertaining for the most part. It will probably appeal more to teenagers than to anyone over 35, but it's enjoyable.

    GRADE: B-
    Why is it that when Alyson Hannigan jumps on the motorcycle towards the end, she's white...But the person on the motorcycle is clearly black.
    ...more info
  • Unrated?
    I'm tired of all these movies claiming to be the Unrated Version and not offering a single thing that wouldn't be included without exception in a PG-13 movie. Add to that only seven or eight decent laughs in the whole movie and I'm pretty ticked-off. Explaining the spoofs would actually be funnier than the movie, so I won't do it.

    Tried and true spoof formula is not properly hashed out in cheap attempt to cash-in on quarter-of-a-century craze(Airplane 1980). Top Secret, Hot Shot, Hot Shot Part Deux and Not Another Teen Movie are much examples of this (art) form.

    Might have given it two stars if they left the Unrated off the box.

    A lot more of Josh Meyers might have helped.
    ...more info
  • Robbed of 85 minutes of my life & I want my money back!
    Take heed! Don't rent/buy or even watch this movie for free! Instead, get yourself some bubbly toilet bowl cleaner and watch it bubble for 85 minute - you'll have a MUCH better time. Yes, parodies can be funny, (Think Airplane! or Scary Movie) but when a studio stoops to pump out watered down trash like this it just ends up turning off people from an entire genre. The length of this move shows 85 minutes. 5 for credits & another 5 for repeated flashbacks, (which serve no purpose than to take up space) and you are down to 75 of pure trash. Why oh why?...more info
  • Disappointing
    "Date Movie" is about an overweight girl who suddenly gets slimmer and starts dating. Being a huge fan of Allyson Hannigan and the nonsensical spoof genre ("Scare Movie", "Naked Gun" series, "Hot Shots", etc), I expected to be entertained. Normally, this kind of movies are great at revealing contemporary Hollywood clich¨¦s and pretensions. However, this movie is criminally bad. The comedic timing is way off. All the gags last longer than they should, as if the editor was asleep when he/she worked on this. When I saw the trailer for this movie, I was excited because date movies are great for spoofing. Unfortunately, half-way through the film the writer ran out of inspiration and decided to spoof other comedies like "Meet the Fockers". Since "Meet the Fockers" is a crazy comedy that doesn't take itself seriously, spoofing it makes no sense and makes it look like the creators of "Date Movie" are simply stealing scenes from another film. The opening dance sequence is perhaps the most hostile and offensive treatment of overweight people ever recorded on film. Too bad this was so bad cuz the cast is pretty good. ...more info
  • Theater vs DVD
    I saw this movie at the theaters and it was awsome, funny as can be, so when it came out on DVD i bought it. Not quite so funny this time. I don't think it was so much that I had seen it before as much as it was that with out a crowd laughing alongside of you it's just not as humourous. It relys hevily on gross out humor and parody of some movies that weren't that great to begin with....more info
  • Terrible
    Wow, one of the worst movies we've rented in a long time. Weak spoofs, bad acting and multiple scenes that left you going WHAT?
    I can't tell you how often I was confused by some scenes that ended in a really bad placed joke that so disrupted the already weak thread of the plot.
    This movie stank, the spoofs stank, the writing and acting stank. Don't spend a dime or a minute on it.
    ...more info
  • zero would better suit but one is lowest
    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Allyson Hannigan can't even help drivel. This movie is godawful. TGFN thank god for netflix. ...more info
  • funny, spoof movie
    Ok, first things first, if you don't like goofy comedy, don't watch this, but if you loved Mel Brooks goofy movies, naked gun, etc. You will probably like this movie. I have already watched it twice, once by myself, and the second time with two other people. We all thought it was funny and had a blast trying to figure out the spoofs, so far we came up with the fockers, Mr + Mrs Smith, the wedding planner, Pimp my ride, Star Wars, Kill Bill, The paris hilton Carl's Jr commercial mixed in with Jessica Simpson's music video (not a fan of Jessica Simpson, so do not remember the song, just remember the music video came out right after the Movie about the dukes of hazzard) any it's goofy, parts might make ya cringe, but I still laughed all the way through it. I am glad I got the DVD instead of watching it on pay per view on tv, the extra features are good especially the alternate/deleted scenes....more info
  • Oh, for God's sake, calm down...
    This movie isn't half as bad as people make it out to be. Of course, it's dumb: it was meant to be that way. If you want a supposedly-clever-but-it's-actually-a-really-boring-comedy-made-for-anal-retentive-intellectuals kind of film, then of course, you're better off renting some other boring film such as Thumbsucker (can't believe it was labelled a comedy, I practically had to tape my eyelids to keep 'em open through the whole thing, but I digress). I'm not particularly fond of the Scary Movie franchise, as most of the time, I don't even know what movie they are spoofing. But Date Movie is cute, and while the spoofs are very obvious, I still think they are fun. I'm not one to give a movie a bad review simply because it's dumb; I think a dumb comedy is like junk food: if you have it just once in a while, it can't hurt you. Of course it's not a great movie, there are thousands of better satires out there. But I also think that they are tons of worse and less funny movies too. ...more info
  • fck the haters
    great cast and excellant acting a very funny movie one for the hall of fame ...more info
  • not really even funny
    First of all a sucky plot, second of all the movie contains very little funny moments...overall it sucked...not woth buying just rent it or borrow it from a friend...thats all...more info
  • Not funny, just gross
    This has to be the worst movie i have ever seen! I dont mind if they parodied other films, but all they do is take the exact scene from them and just make them stupider. Atleast they put a twist on them in the Scary Movie series. Aside from that, the whole moivie is NOT FUNNY AT ALL, just gross/stupid.

    In conclusion,this sucks. Avoid at all costs....more info
  • Date Movie: Ah where do I start?
    How bad is this movie?

    It's marginally better than "Epic Movie," which is not saying a lot. This is mostly because of Alyson Hannigan as "Julia Jones," an obese waitress in a Greek diner who dreams of finding True Love (but not before a makeover!) and Adam Campbell, who plays the WASPy love interest Grant - I can't spell his last name, but trust me, it's "funny." Many, many romantic films, such as "Pretty Woman," "When Harry Met Sally," and more recent ones are parodied, as well as TV shows, high tech gadgets. celebrities and other pop culture phenomenon. Other movies which don't fall under the romance genre are spoofed as well. Like "Napoleon Dynamite." Which sounds humorous perhaps, but it's not. The guy in the cubicle next to yours probably has a better imitation. At any rate, imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but without a twist of originality, the joke falls flat. It's like the filmmakers pulled a bunch of things to mock out of a hat and then put them all in a blender and pressed High for the ultimate in noxious pop culture blends. Recommended only for die-hard Hannigan fans or perhaps the inebriated.

    Dissing this movie is like double parking in the "Handicapped" space so I'll stop now.

    ...more info
    This by far has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. And damn, I'm in Iraq. We dont get a chance to buy many movies here, so I thought this would give me a good laugh. HAHA, there is the laugh. The comedy comes with the fact that this is supposed to be funny. Anyway, If I have helped at least on person from buying this putrid, piece of cinematic stupidity, then I have been successful. I would have rated this lower but there is no rating below 1 star....more info
  • What are your problems.....
    I thought this movie was funny as hell by the end my sides were hurting from all the laughing I did. True there were some scenes to stupid to be in a film but all in all this was a good movie. I've seen or know people that have seen the movies this film paradided and I got to see say if all romatic films were like this I'd have a bigger collection of films than just comdeys and horror flicks....more info
  • Astoundingly bad
    Perhaps the worst mainstream, major studio release in the history of American movies. If it was 100 times better it might reach the "so-bad-it's-funny" level, but it is far worse than that. Too bad- Alyson Hannigan is hot and the reason I watched this. If she had performed the entire movie nude it still wouldn't be worth watching.

    ...more info
  • Okay, but not as good as the 'Scary Movie' series
    Let me start by saying that I love the Scary Movie series and basicly love parody movies. This movie was okay. That being said, it was not a "I HAVE TO BUY" kind of movie. It did contain several laughs, so those 1 star ratings are overdramatic. The same goes those who rated this movie 5 stars. Personally, I liked this movie. It wasn't as good as I had expected, but still good. The reviews that said this movie contained too many spoofs were correct because it made the plot 'trip' to me. That's all I have to say....more info