Black Belt Patriotism: How to Reawaken America
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It seems like wherever you turn these days, the news is bad. Illegal immigrants are swarming over our borders. Our nation and American families are crippled by debt. We remain vulnerable to Islamist terrorist attacks. Judges ignore the Constitution and instead legislate from the bench. Faith and traditional values are under incessant assault from the media, leftist lawyers, and the liberal establishment. The core message of the Declaration of Independence-that everyone has a God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness-is under threat from liberals who deny the right to life (or even the very idea of God-given rights), and who think the answer to every problem is a government program. They think that God, if He exists, might not know best, but liberal-run government certainly does. If you-re worried about the direction our country is going, you-re in good company. Chuck Norris remembers a better America-an America of faith, freedom, and respect for tradition, history, and human life-and in Black Belt Patriotism he shows what we need to do to reawaken the American dream, reignite the American spirit, and give our children and grandchildren the America they deserve: an America of freedom, opportunity, and faith. In ten practical, down-to-earth chapters, Norris gets back to basics, mining the insights of our founding fathers and applying their wisdom to the problems of today: immigration, the culture wars, the war against global terrorism, national (and personal) debt, even the epidemic of obesity that is killing more Americans than terrorists do. With the optimistic, get your-hands-dirty, can-do spirit that typifies what-s best about America, Chuck Norris grapples with the toughest problems facing our country and proves that they-re no match for Black Belt Patriotism.

Customer Reviews:

  • Book is an amateurish advertisement for a mediocre TV actor
    The cover of Black Belt Patriotism reveals a key weakness right under the author's name: it says Chuck Norris is a "karate master, TV actor, political activist". Karate master? Yes. TV actor? Yes. Activist? No. And that's the trouble. Norris is a heavyweight fighter but a lightweight thinker, and his "prescription" for America is really a naive rehashing of simplistic ideas from the Christian right which makes numerous mistakes and offers vague generalities as solutions.

    Surprisingly, this book is not totally clueless. There were some intelligent solutions buried in this right-wing handout. The best idea is FairTax, a terrific bi-partisan approach backed by $29 million of research which promises to end the horrific complexity of labyrinthine tax codes, promote savings, tax consumption, which has rebates to protect the poor, and which might end the calculation nightmare Americans face every April. FairTax is a sensible way to help re-start a stalled economy. Further, Norris has intelligent ideas about home schooling, as well as intelligent observations about currency -- he asks why do pennies cost 1.2 cents to make, when they're worth less than this? And when Norris says he knows something is wrong about America, well, I agree, but this isn't new information.

    But that's about it for the plusses.

    I think America's problems are so substantial that neither a right-wing nor a left-wing strategy will fix them. The political process has broken -- partisan gridlock rules a corrupt national government. Legislators have rigged the rules for re-election so over 90% of representatives are routinely re-elected. Power has shifted from the states to Washington, and within Washington to the executive where there is a dangerous risk of tyranny. Some experts think we're one catastrophic terrorist attack away from martial law. The Supreme Court has become politicized, making quasi-legislative rulings, despite being composed of unelected officials who are unaccountable to voters in elections. The federal structure has broken down, depriving state governments of authority to regulate their own economies. Washington has become the main economic regulator, and it does this job badly. The architecture of government hinders smart foreign policy, so we're left with a system that largely depends on the quality of the president -- a good president and we're okay, an incompetent president and grave dangers can result. Constitutional scholars have increasingly long lists of flaws with the Constitution, which has been redacted to where it bears little resemblance with the Framers' intent. And the signs of breakdown are everywhere: financial meltdown, corruption, lobbying running rampant, inability to face serious issues like social security underfunding, environmental warming, and so forth.

    The most dangerous problem is unprevented nuclear terrorism, in my view. He has no solution to this problem. Chuck Norris is one more clueless American who has spent too much time in front of cameras and not enough time reading or listening or questioning or thinking. So it's a shame his lame-brained book squeezes out more intelligent approaches in the limited space of the American bookshelf. I doubt Norris has ever read Benjamin Ginsberg's "The American Lie" or Kevin R. C. Gutzman's excellent "The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution". I doubt he's ever read my book: "Common Sense: How to Prevent the Three Types of Terrorism." He hasn't read "Up To Our Eyeballs" so he doesn't understand the debt problem. The real villain, here, is Regnery Publishing, which should be boycotted for publishing such junk.

    Norris makes many blunders. First, he assumes people are "citizens". We're not. We're consumers, investors, workers. But we don't pay attention to politics, we don't discuss politics, we rarely visit our local city halls, we don't even know the names of our congresspersons, we rarely vote (except for the last election because it was the first competitive contest in many years.) Why are Americans not citizens? Norris doesn't know. His cluelessness leads to a slew of naive suggestions, aimed at Americans, as if they're somehow empowered to fix the problem, but we aren't, and Norris doesn't understand this. So all of his suggestions have a naive aspect. Norris suggests Americans read the Constitution (most people are too busy watching lame-brained karate TV actors punch stuntmen); write our congresspersons letters (they're thrown out routinely by staffers, but Norris doesn't know this); spend less (Norris doesn't understand how the removal of safety nets has caused Americans to use credit cards in their stead). The height of this folly is Norris giving fitness suggestions -- eat more fiber! take multi-vitamins! I'm not making this up. Norris took one too many blows to the head, and he's apparently confused writing a political book with his personal TV fitness regimen.

    Norris lists eight problems with America. (1) we've forgotten our roots (solution: begin by "educating yourself" -- Norris should take his own advice here) (2) run-away spending (agreed but there is no analysis of how this happened) (3) not enough border patrols (4) no moral compass (solution: Norris will begin his sermon here about God and such) (5) not enough value for human life (great, to fix America, let's confuse structural reform with a no-win divisive topic like abortion) (6) no future for our children (7) dissolution of the family (8) "no might to fight". This last one leads to his "fitness agenda". Solution to terrorism? He favors pre-emption. Didn't this get us into trouble in Iraq?

    This book is a sad ad for Chuck Norris TV star, a sign that publishers like Regnery think Americans are so dumb that they'll buy anything with Norris wearing a white karate suit with an American flag patch. And this unfortunate nonsense clutters bookstore shelves.

    This book may appeal to non-thinking members of the religious right. Be warned: America's woes are serious. Our nation needs non-partisan structural reform, not more partisanship. Chuck Norris has his heart in the right place by wanting to fix America, but he'll do everybody a favor by staying out of the political sphere. Norris should return to the fake punching of fake TV villains on fake TV shows and stop faking being a political activist.
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  • Endorsement
    Norris' book is surprisingly literate. I am a Norris fan, but his book goes beyond rhetoric, with very good bibio cites supporting and developing his thoughts. I recommend it....more info
  • A text for everyone's bookshelf
    With a copy of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Ten Commandments in it, as well as our Founders recommendations for 8 critical issues in America, this book needs to be on every American bookshelf as a resource to how we can find our way back home to the America our founders created. ...more info
  • The book the USA needs.
    Chuck Norris' book is a well thought out and researched plan to address some of the greatest problems facing the United States of America today. From his history lessons on the founding fathers to his unashamed pronouncement that Christianity made this nation as great as it is to his chapter on the problem of obesity, Chuck tells it like it is and lays out the facts before us....more info
  • The Game Plan America Needs
    This book should be the new game plan for America. We have deluded ourselves into believing that we know better; better than the life lessons of the bible, better than the wisdom of our founding fathers, better than previous generations like "The Great Generation" who defeated the Nazis or the first generation who defeated the British and established this country.

    Chuck Norris has an agenda with this book. It is the agenda of our founders. And yet for most young people or even those in their thirties or forties today, it is hard to swallow because it is steeped in the truths of our founders and of common sense and proven reality.

    Mr. Norris simplifies in his book what others would prefer to complicate. He lays out the basic, irrefutable problems with today's America. The problems he points out are the stuff of today's headlines. But rather than dwell on doom and gloom, he quickly turns our compass to an optimistic heading that points back to true North. We have clearly lost our way and "Black Belt Patriotism" helps us find it again. Every other celebrity gets their air time and national attention for their generally uninformed views and solutions for our nation's or world's problems. We are constantly bombarded by ill-concevied solutions derived from view points that are not fully informed with facts. Chuck Norris should be given equal time on all major networks to address the issues he has addressed in this book along with the solutions. They are the issues that we are all saddled with.

    Mr. Norris proposes that we study, embrace and return to the actual principles that give us the freedoms we enjoy, but that are slowly being eroded. Mr. Norris makes beautiful use of numerous quotes, with context, from our founders to provide a real history lesson to the reader. He shows us in very clear terms, where we have strayed from basic principles, values and morality (Yes, there is a right and wrong - for society to function and be sustained we must be bound by structure, discipline, rules and the morality upon which the country was founded.)

    He does not dump on America, but shows us where we have issues and then provides an optimistic view for the future, if we all get involved. Chuck Norris may be a conservative, but his views and his actions demonstrate immense compassion for others and for America. His efforts involving programs such as his beloved Kickstart program are evidence of this. Mr. Norris is highly compassionate toward America and those who want to get out of the rut and make a better life for themselves and virtually anyone can if they are not deluded into thinking that all of the good things in life should simply be entitlements. What we are entitled to is to strive and reach as high as we care to dream.

    What is so refreshing about this book is that people can empower themselves with a return to the basics, the values and principles that are already ours - that our founders and every previous generation has fought to pass on to us. His book does not call for a purely government solution, but a solution embraced by individuals; a solution where the common man rises to the occaision as they always have througout our history.

    These are not abstract arguments for philosophical debate, they are the hallmarks of what this county is all about and the anchors to which we must re-attach ourselves if we are to avoid a slow, but inevitable descent into a country living in bondage introduced by ignoring what made us great. Our freedoms in all areas of life are being eliminated or lost the further we depart from the values and principles of old and that is what scares Mr. Norris.

    If you love freedom and you love America and opportunity and you have hopes and dreams for a better life - build it yourself, empower yourself and get started today. Become a force for good in your own life, your family and community. Read Chuck Norris's Black Belt Patriotism - and then read it again and make yourself a list of personal goals, rules and dreams so that you too can make your life and America great!

    Thanks Chuck!

    Kevin Brett is the author of "The Way of the Martial Artist: Achieving Success in Martial Arts and in Life" He is the CEO of Kevin Brett Studios, Inc.
    The Way of the Martial Artist: Achieving Success in Martial Arts and in Life!

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  • Black Belt Patriotism by Chuck Norris
    Great book by a great Patriot. I bought it for my grandson who is in first year high school. I know he won't learn anything true about America in the federally funded schools who get their orders from the ungodly United Nations. America's only hope is a divine intervention....more info
  • Black Belt Patriotism
    It is a good book, Talk about America that need to be re-awaken. THe moral are declining in recent years. And education is getting worse every year, and so on... People need to read books and understand better on why Conservative is good for America, not Liberals. ...more info
  • Outstanding
    My husband (a Navy SEAL) and I are huge fans of Chuck Norris and loved this book. We shared it back and forth as we read it. His views on patriotism, our government, Christianity and our founding fathers go along with everything my husband's family taught him and my family taught me. Read this book. It's a must for any American.

    We soon celebrate the 64th anniversary of our taking Iwo Jima and a turn for the better in WWII. I loved WWII Navy vet Arvy Geurin's account of what it was like on the beach that day in Walking Through Fire, An Iwo Jima Survivor's Remembrance That's a hero....more info
  • A must read for voters
    this is one of those books that you can't put down once you get started. Such common sense from an actor is refreshing. I wish Chuck was runing for office...more info
  • Tough guy with significnat weak link
    It is a short plainly written book, only 189 pages not including the Ten Commandments and the Constitution in the back. It lays out basic christian conservative values and positions. For example: "God is our national treasure." and the author yearns "...that the America of yesteryear becomes the America of tomorrow." Chuck Norris attacks our enemies like Muslim extremists fiercely as you would expect given his TV image. And he slams processed food and obesity really hard. There is no soft spot in him for fatness. But he reveals a big soft spot for great multitudes of law-breakers. The tough guy is a pussy cat when it comes to illegal immigrants. The TV Texas Ranger "solution" is an amnesty program that will sow the seeds for more great waves of illegal immigrants in the future. The black belt solution will profoundly transform "the America of tommorow".

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  • Cheers for Chuck
    This is mostly a superb book which should be read by everyone who can read English. I was especially appreciative of the inclusion of The Declaration of Independance and the Constitution in their entirety.
    Two things kept me from rating the book 5 stars:
    1. The chapters on health and nutrition are inadequate. Both are extremely complex subjects which require separate books each as a minimum. The result is a vanilla treatment of the subjects which detract from the power of the rest of the book.
    2.His idea of one Representative per state undermines the foundation of the United States. The House of Representative is the seat of Democracy and the Senate is the seat of a Republic. Our country is neither a Democracy nor a Republic: it is both and that is the true Genius of our Constitution along with the Separation of Powers. However I do agree that the House is too big and unwieldy: maybe 250 mermbers?
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  • every American should read
    Even though the title is a bit peculiar, I hesitantly bought this book because I appreciate Walker Texas Ranger. I expected an actor and martial arts expert to deliver a tome of personal opinions and agenda; however, I was pleasantly surprised with the research, history, and scholarship with which Chuck Norris composed this work. (The book has over 300 endnotes! but I would like to see a bibliography included.) Not only does he identify eight of the most serious ills of our country, he offers practical commonsense solutions as well. Maybe all of his proposals are not practicable but certainly his sensible sound advice would be a step in delivering us from the predicament we are in today. Every American should read....more info
  • A Black Belt in Deadpan Humor
    As you can see, this book is by "Chuck Norris: Martial Arts Artist, Actor, Political Activist." But don't think he's serious! This Texas Ranger has the time of his life waltzing the reader through his humorous agenda for a better U.S.

    Norris is somehow able to keep a straight face as he ladles out hilariously specious reasoning among great quotes from great Americans. And you'll chuckle your way right through it. For a sampling, here's an arbitrarily chosen passage from p. 188:
    Charles P¨¦guy once said, "Tyranny is always better organized than freedom." Boy, is that the truth! The question still stands: Are we willing to sacrifice to assure not only our freedom but the freedom of future generations? Patrick Henry asked a similar question, "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?...Give me liberty or give me death!"

    ...This is why John Quincy Adams' challenge still beckons across the years, "You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it."

    And what is good use?... Even Jesus said, "To whom much is given, much is required"....

    More than ever, our nation needs a new generation of patriots. You will know them by the fact that they will still be the ones born in the trenches of life-- in the midst of adversity. Their courage is like a tea bag: you never know its strength until it's in hot water. In other words, it takes guts to leave the ruts!...

    Thomas Paine could be speaking to us today when he said [incredibly, more quotes follow... and I'm still on page 188!]....more info
  • The new "Culture Warrior" for the Christian world!
    A few years ago Bill O'Reilly wrote "Culture Warrior." Chuck's book reminds me of it, but with a deep concern to return us to our Founders' America--one that was entrenched in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Christian religion. The book is not "left" or "right," but "American" in the heritage of our Founders. He addresses 8 problems with their solutions. The book is also an equipping and apolgetic book for every Christian. I didn't expect that when I purchased it, but it really is a defense manifesto par excellance. Very well researched!...more info
  • Excellent Reading
    This book is written in the true spirit of American Pride and the resiliance of the American people and how the government continually gets in the way of progress. Renew your faith in God, Country and the American Citizen with Black Belt Patriotism!...more info