Naturally Better Fruit Xylichew,Sugar Free,Chewing Gum 100% Xilitol 100-PCS Jar (Pack of 2)
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Product Description

100% Xylitol. Does not promote tooth decay. Naturally better. Product of Finland.

  • Sugar Free
  • Sweetened with 100% Xylitol
  • Helps Reduce Cavities
  • Fights Dry mouth
  • Wheat, gluten, and corn free

Customer Reviews:

  • I love this stuff!
    For one thing, Xylichew has a tasty fruit flavor. For another, it uses xylitol for sweetener, which is a product derived from beech tree bark: no freaky chemicals and low-cal. Just read an article, too, that says that women who chew xylitol gum while pregnant have babies who grow up to have fewer cavities. Go figure! One caveat: pregnant women probably want to avoid chewing gums with multiple sweeteners - a lot of domestic (U.S.) brands have both xylitol and aspartame/saccharine. ...more info
  • My son likes this almost as much as bubble gum with sugar
    Holds flavor and texture much better than all other xylitol gums I have tried. Good flavor (fruit) for kids and adults. ...more info
  • I should have done my homework first
    I really should have done my homework before purchasing two orders of this stuff. Several other reviews said that the flavor does not last as long as other gums. They are correct. The flavor is gone in about 5-10 minutes versus other Xylitol sweetened gums like Tridnet that last for about 30-40 minutes. The pieces are really small, only 1.1 grams each. Compared to Trident at 1.6 grams. Trident cost $1 for an 18 piece pack or $0.055 each piece. Xylichew cost 19.57 for 200 pieces or $0.097. So bottom line is I paid twice as much for a smaller piece of gum that last 1/4 as long. :-(...more info
  • Does a good job at helping with dry mouth but...
    The flavor is a bit lacking. When you first start to chew it, it has a pretty intense fruity flavor but after 5 minutes or so it has little to no flavor and becomes pretty hard and rubbery (almost like chewing on a rubber band).

    But on the plus side, and the main reason I bought these, the gum does help alleviate my dry mouth.

    So all in all the gum is a good buy (200 pieces for $15) and helps with my dry mouth, I just wish the flavor would last longer....more info
  • Great concept, but not taste
    While I love the fact that this gum does not have all the artificial crap in it that most gum does, it is lacking in flavor. It has a pretty good taste for a few minutes then it begins to feel like you are chewing on a rubber band. I got this for my son who can't have artificial colors and flavoring, preservatives, etc, and he won't chew it. My older son who has braces likes it and can chew it so at least it won't go to waste. ...more info
  • 'bout the only gum I chew
    I like this gum. This is my favorite flavor. Yes it does kind of lose it's flavor quickly, but the benefit of no sugar and seeing that it actually helps in keeping teeth healthy is a very big plus to me. This from a long time, advid gum chewer. I'm glad to see amazon selling this....more info
  • great healthy gum
    i have been in the search for a healthy gum that works and i finally found this one.

    it tastes great, it smells good, it chews nicely, it doesn't stick to your teeth. and the best part is that it has only natural ingredients, no ingredients that you can't even pronounce.

    it is sweetened by xylitol, a natural sugar, that doesn't promote tooth decay.

    i wished that it was organic, but i haven't found a good organic gum yet. but at least, as i said above, all the ingredients are natural....more info
  • Xylichew is made in Finland, not China.
    I am a big fan of Xylichew gums. My favorite Xylichew flavor is Peppermint. Xylichew gums are made in FINLAND. Cheaper xylitol gums like Spry are made in China. With all the health scares from Chinese products, I'd rather pay more and go with Xylichew. ...more info