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Kellie Pickler
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Kellie Pickler is a Country music artist who finished sixth on the fifth season of the Fox television series American Idol. Her debut album has sold nearly 800,000 copies and garnered three hit singles. Kellie presents her self-titled, sophomore album in 2008 with the hit single "Don't You Know You're Beautiful".During American Idol, she met her personal 'idol' and strongest influence, the country music star Dolly Parton. The 42nd Annual CMA Award nominees nominated Kelie for New Artist Of The Year!

Customer Reviews:

  • Two Major Faults With This CD
    I am a huge kellie pickler fan. I got her first cd the day it came out. That cd was a journey through kellie pickler's life. This cd on the other hand is more of a 'look at me, i have a a new cd out' deal, Trying to sound like every other cd out there. I find two things really wrong with this cd. 1. We are only given 9 'new' songs. The cd only has 10 tracks with one being a song from her 1st cd. I would have liked to see at least 12 tracks on the album. 2. There were only a few good kellie pickler songs on here. The rest feel more like filler or silly songs.

    The Best Song IMO are:
    Dont You Know You're Beautiful - 3 Stars
    I'm Your Woman -- 5 Stars
    Rocks Instead Of Rice -- 5 Stars
    One Last Time -- 4 Stars
    Best Days Of Your Life -- 3 Stars

    The Songs i wish were left off of this cd are:
    Lucky Girl -- 1 Star
    Didnt You Know How Much I Loved You -- Repeat song from STG.
    Somebody To Love Me -- 2 Stars
    Makin' Me Fall In Love Again -- 2 Stars
    Going Out In Style -- 1 Star

    It just seems like after two years they would have found a few more 'new' songs to add to this collection and went with the style of "I'm Your Woman", "Rocks Instead Of Rice".

    I will say her voice sounds pretty good on this cd. Just a lack of good material that was present on her 1st CD!

    And let me just add that if the two 'bonus songs', 'Don't Close Your Eyes' and "Anything But Me" that are on the deluxe edition were added to the regular track listing of this cd and taken the track from the 1st cd "DYKHMILY" and added that as the BONUS track this cd would have made 4.5 stars from me in all honesty! Such a simple mistake they made IMO.

    ...more info
  • This is Kellie
    The album has a more current country sound than her debut, "Small Town Girl." This brings out the country Kellie that I think can be a potential star in country music. The album showcases her sassy sad as well as serious, emotional side once again. The album is millions times better than her debut, which I was not a fan of with the exception of a few songs. This album is going to a smash hit in the country music world, without a doubt! This album is bound to pick up some new fans along the way....more info
  • Much More Than a Small Town Girl This Time
    America's Small town girl is back y'all. But now she's not a small town girl, she's a big city woman. "Kellie Pickler" is coming out with some country anthems.
    The first track, is the contagiant and happy "Dont you know you're Beautiful", which is a powerful track talking about love yourself and give attention to your voice within.
    It's the fist single and it brought kellie singing like never before.
    The second single is gonna be "Best days of your life", co-wrote by Kellie, with Taylor Swift who made the backing vocals too.
    It's another powerful uptime song, talking about a cheater boyfriend kellie had.
    The CD has 10 songs, and the Deluxe version has a DVD with a video with some extras.
    All of the songs were well produced and brought kellie's best vocals on it!
    The CD has uptime, midtime and some ballads, like One Last Time, a track kellie co-wrote with Kyle Jacob, her boyfriend, who co-wrote "More than a memory" for Garth Brooks,
    the song talks about a person who loves another one and she doesnt wanna leave the person.
    Somebody to love me is another ballad which talks about a single person who wants to have somebody to love him/her.

    The Album is the best country album of the year!
    Kellie grew a lot and her music grew up with her!...more info
  • Sometimes Simple Is Better
    Everything seems to be in place for Kellie Pickler's second album, with the experience of touring and her solid debut, the CMA nominations, having her hand in more of the songwriting thus providing a lot of interesting topics from the trials of her life, and that undeniably 'goofy cute' personality on her side.

    One would think she would be more comfortable with the process this time around, but instead, on the majority of "Kellie Pickler", she comes across sounding as if she's "forcing" her way through it...and lacking the sense of real emotion heard on "Small Town Girl".

    I happened to catch her performance on "The Today Show", and I actually
    felt sorry for her. It sounded like there was some kind of problem with her ear monitors and hearing herself sing...she was so off tune that the average listener wouldn't even give her a second thought. Fortunately, she didn't have that to worry about when recording...but she still struggles with her vocals on the record as far as tone and emotion goes.

    The vocals have a weird "Minnie Mouse-like" quality...almost a high pitched nasal wail character that is much more prominent on this album than on her first...and while you could never expect perfection with Kellie, this could have been improved by the recording engineer.

    Most of the new material falls into the "I've heard this a million times before" category, but Kellie does stand out on the songs "Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You", and the closer, "Happy", although she still doesn't approach the pure emotion heard on "I Wonder" and "My Angel" from "Small Town Girl".

    I assume most fans of Pickler will like this record a's still good. However, I am more impressed with Kristy Lee Cook's "Why Wait"...the producers really got that one right, even though she will probably never have the success Kellie is having and will continue to have after this effort. This record, in my opinion, suffers from overproduction and lacks that 'down to earth' feel of "Small Town Girl". It sounds like they tried so hard to make the 'perfect' record that they went overboard... I believe, in this case, simple would have been better. ...more info
  • Crap!
    Utter and complete drivel. This album proves that Ms. Pickler was correctly dismissed from the pop competition American Idol. There is not a single song with any honesty or personality. The entire album is plastic and unenjoyable....more info
  • Pickler always does it well
    I'm a huge fan of Kellie and I would never imagine that her sophomore album would be better than small town girl. The songs are brilliant and there's not a bad song at all, here's my track-by-track review:

    Don't You Know You're Beautiful (3.5/5): A great song which shows that everyone is beautiful as the way they are. Not the best, but the more I listen to it, the more I like it.

    I'm Your Woman (4/5): It's so fun to listen to. I just can't stop listening to this song.

    Rocks Instead of Rice (5/5): Brilliant lyrics, sounds and voice. It's one of the best songs off the album, and it will probably be a huge success.

    Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You (3/5): It's better than the original, but I really don't see why they re-recorded it. DYKHMILV wasn't my favorite song in STG, and it isn't in this one. But what the song was produced brilliantly and Kellie's voice is way better than the first version.

    Lucky Girl (5/5): I love this song and it was produced brilliantly. I don't even have words to describe how much I like this song.

    One Last Time (4.5/5): Beautiful song, but not my favorite. I don't really like ballads.

    Best Days of Your Life (5/5): It will be a huge hit. Taylor and Kellie do the best when they are together. Hope there will be a Radio Edit with Swift singing more than she did in this song.

    Somebody to Love Me (3/5): Don't like ballads, but the song does the best when it shows the message.

    Makin' Me Fall in Love Again (4.5/5): Great song, very fun to listen.

    Going Out In Style (5/5): The melody of this song fits perfectly with Kellie's voice. And she sounds so funny in this one.
    ...more info
  • Not that good...
    I didn't care for any of the songs on this album...her previous album had more of a variety of material. All of the songs on this CD seem to be relatively similar, and lack that individuality that artists should bring to their music. There was also more of a broadway feel to this album, and broadway and country do not mix too well. Kellie's voice sounds like a little girl, and it just did not fit the songs selected for this album because her vocals were not strong enough for her to bring an individual feel to each of the songs. Aritsts need to bring something new to the table (like Carrie Underwood does), and taking ordinary/average type songs and make strong selections out of them is what needs to be done. You need to choose songs that fit your voice, and the songs on this album needed stronger and harder vocals. In my opinion, the entire album was week and I didn't like it. ...more info
  • Another great album
    i loved the first one and i love this one!
    i love the ballads, my favorite is "One Last Time"
    "Rocks Instead Of Rice" could be a become a big hit if released, great job Kellie....more info
  • She is a woman now
    she showed so much deep with this album... you can't tell that Kellie is mature woman now.

    my favorites

    1 - Somebody To Love Me
    2 - Don't You Know You're Beautiful
    3 - Lucky Girl

    great album, i am glad that she is back and i can't wait to hear the next one....more info
  • Best Country Album!!
    Kellie Pickler is a one of a kind female country artist! She is a talented singer. The songs on this album show the way she is. She is a perfect role model and some of these songs prove that. Most of the songs are personal. I would buy this cd for Somebody To Love Me and Makin Me Fall in Love Again. This cd is well worth the money and everyone should own this cd if they are country music lovers!!!...more info
  • Oh wow, she blew me away this time.
    We all know Small Town Girl was a great album. Almost everyone really enjoyed it. Now, with more time in her hands, Kellie just created an album that blew me away. You have everything here. Country ballads, country rock, country pop and even a bit of pop rock!!!

    Every single song can be a future single.

    Best Days Of Your Life is absolutely incredible and One Last Time will definitely bring tears to your eyes: it's this album's "I Wonder", even though it deals with a different subject.

    I also love Rocks Instead of Rice, it's REALLY funny. hahaha

    Kelile's vocals sound more powerful and ethereal than on her first effort, and the lyrics are more mature.

    I wasn't expecting such a perfectly produced and put together CD.
    I'm dead serious: BUY IT NOW!...more info
  • really good
    loved her on american idol and her full cd does not dissappoint .
    some really good songs on here ...more info