Medialink Wireless G USB Adapter - 802.11g - 54Mbps - Windows 2000/XP/Vista Compatible
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Product Description

Offering the ultimate in simplified Wi-Fi installation, Medialink's 54Mbps Wireless G USB Adapter works with any manufacturer's 802.11B or 802.11G wi-fi router and offers a simplified one click installation. Insert the CD, click "install software" and the utility will auto-detect your operating system and install the appropriate drivers. Simply plug in your adapter and enjoy the convenience of your wifi network. Surprisingly, many wifi adapters on the market are not Microsoft WHQL certified to ensure trouble-free compatibility with Microsoft's operating systems. To provide our customers with ultimate confidence in our products, all Medialink adapters are Microsoft WHQL certified. In addition, this adapter features internationally recognized standards-based security features including WPA/WPA2, IEEE802.1X as well as 64/128/152-bit WEP for the ultimate in sucurity. MAC filtering is also available. With these enhanced security features, you can feel confident that you have state of the art wifi security options.. This USB adapter includes a Medialink Wireless Client Utility to auto-detect available wireless networks for quick connection. The utility also conveniently allows you to create and save detailed connectivity profiles for different accessed networks. The Medialink Wireless Client Utility also provides a number of tools to display current diagnostics and status information so that you can easily diagnose and resolve connection problems. Offering excellent wireless performance and network security, the Medialink 54Mbps Wireless G USB Adapter is an excellent choice for adding wireless connectivity to your desktop or notebook PC.

  • Simplified One Click Wi-Fi Installation
  • Microsoft WHQL Certified
  • Advanced Security Features: WPA/WPA2, 64/128/152-bit WEP
  • Auto-Detects Available Local Wireless Networks
  • Compatible with any Brand 802.11b or 802.11g Router

Customer Reviews:

  • Great product!
    Item arrived on time. It works perfectly fine, and it's very easy to use! I plugged it in, then installed software, and I had internet connection immediately. ...more info
  • Works great.
    No problems here. Installed the software, attached the adaptor and enterered my WEP key and instant hook up. Can't go wrong for the price....more info
  • A good wireless adapter.
    The adapter delivery was fast and the price was good. It was used with XP Home and a Linksys WRT54G2 Router. I made sure Wireless Zero Configuration was on Auto and Started. I used the Install CD. Very little input was needed. I put in my Key and was finished. It has worked perfect since the install. ...more info
  • Great Adapter
    Settup is easy..Run cd rom and(If you run Windows).After install, click on choose microsoft to run your wireless (in your system tray)..If your wireless is secured,just configure your laptop to run on your wireless network system using the wireless setup wizzard..Have your network name and key in mind in order to connect securely..
    I was online in 10 mins using this Medialink adapter and the belkin g-mimo router(GREAT BELKIN the way). ...more info
  • Works great on Apple Airport Work Network
    I have a lone PC that I needed to reconnect to my Apple Airport Wireless Network following an upgrade to a newer, faster and more secure Airport Extreme access point.

    Though this PC was on my previous network using an older Intel internal "High Rate Wireless LAN Mini-PCI Adapter with Modem II", when I upgraded my network, I couldn't connect unless I broadcast my SSID. Even though I'm running with encryption turned on, I still didn't want to broadcast my network name. I tried a Linksys WUSB54GSC Compact Wireless-G USB Network Adapter with SpeedBooster and had horrible luck. This was not my first choice in network adapters, but since it was brand new and since it worked fine in a relative's Windows XP machine on an Apple Airport Express Network, I figured I'd try it. The configuration utility doesn't give you enough easy control (despite being "one click") over changing a configuration once it's created and there doesn't appear to be a way to switch to the Windows XP Zero configuration utility to manage the adapter and its connections. Further, the Linksys adapter takes FOREVER to acquire an IP address every time I turn the machine on, wake it up from sleep or look at it crossways. I finally became frustrated enough to try my first choice - this Medialink adapter.

    Installation and configuration were simple and though I had a little trouble getting it to work with the XP Zero Configuration utility, the supplied Medialink config utility works fine and the adapter finds my network and grabs an IP address immediately every time. This is one of the only products that makes a point of saying that it's a qualified, compliant product that works with modern encryption methods. I guess the other manufacturers don't make that claim because clearly, their products don't work as they should.

    Boo Linksys. Hooray Medialink. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Deserves 10 stars and x2 A++
    Great product, easy directions that are on both, the disc and paper format. Works like a charm and I WILL be buying another, thx....more info
  • Cant get any easier.
    I bought this adapter to work with my netgear router. I was looking for such a product because the easy use of USB connection and because its small and easy to work with. I connected it to my new desktop and didnt have to do much of else. I was running Vista. Ready to go in less than a few minutes. Good size makes it good if tight spaces for usb slots are in tough places to reach. The price was even more amazing cause it does the job without having to reach deep into the pockets....more info
  • Works with Vista!
    After spending a weekend trying to figure out why my Vista computer could not install the driver supplied by this product, I called Medialink directly. They said try disabling any firewalls or anti-virus software, and voila, it worked... whew! After getting past the driver installation hurdle, the adapter is working perfectly....more info
  • Works perfectly in Windows 7
    The wireless connection seems just as fast as using an Ethernet cable.

    To get it to work in Windows 7, I just followed the same basic instructions for Windows Vista. (The Vista instructions appear on page 4 of the users manual.)...more info
  • Does'nt Work
    I don't know...maybe it is me but I couldn't get this thing
    to work. I ruined the packaging so I can't send it back....more info
  • Works with Linux using rt73usb driver
    This product uses a Ralink chip and works perfectly under Linux using the rt73usb driver provided in the kernel.

    Works like a charm. You need to download the rt73.bin firmware file from Ralink, which they make available through their support website for Linux, and put it in /lib/firmware/

    WPA2 security works great using wpa_supplicant....more info
  • excellent product and service
    Product works great. Easy to install, easy to set up/find networks, great network connection. Product shipped on time and was delivered 5 days before estimated delivery date....more info
  • Conks out a lot
    Routinely stops working, several times a day. Unplugging and plugging seems to fix it, but that's pretty annoying. I'm using XP....more info
  • Unit works great, instructions are poor
    Hooked it up to an older spare Dell computer about ten feet from my wireless router. I am not a computer wizard. I could not get it to work. I called Bell South DSL support and I think the guy was reading the solutions to my problems off a cue card. Anyway, I finally figured out to right click on the signal bars in my start menu and a Microsoft Option came up in a window asking if I wanted Microsoft to manage the wireless connection. Voila! It now works. The signal bars changed from red to green. The unit works great, just not much computer knowledge on my part and very poor directions in the maual (only four steps outlined for Windows XP)...more info