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Archos 7 320 GB Internet Media Tablet
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Product Description

The Archos 7 redefines the high-end portable device with its ultra-thin design and a black stainless steel body, a high-resolution 7" touch screen, combined with the horsepower of a laptop from the world's first implementation of the ARM Cortex superscalar microprocessor. You can browse the Web in full width just like on your PC. No need to zoom in and out, web pages are fully displayed on the ARCHOS screen. Plus, with Adobe Flash 9 video support, you can natively browse video-sharing websites such as Dailymotion or YouTube. When you are at home and want to watch a movie or listen to music stored on your PC, just browse its hard drive wirelessly and play any file stored on it without transferring the file. Just stream it via your WiFi network and play it immediately on your ARCHOS. In less than 3 clicks, you can access nearly 1,000 Web TV channels, over 10,000 Web radio stations and 100,000 podcasts. There's no downloading wait time. Radio and TV start streaming right away from a worldwide list of traditional and independent radio and TV stations. Registration required for Internet usage. Please check the Archos site for details. Built-in speaker, and built-in leg stand Power source - Internal Lithium Polymer battery, device charges via computer USB port System Requirement - Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, ME, 2000 or higher, MAC OS X and Linux with Mass Storage Device Support, and USB 2.0 interface Dimensions - 7.48 x 4.33 x. 629 [ 190 x110 x 16 mm] Weight - 23 oz [640 grams]

Archos, award-winning for its technology innovation and leadership in portable media players now introduces a new concept: the Internet Media Tablet (IMT). The Archos 7 is the jewel product of this new line, bringing you a new way to enjoy Internet, your media, and TV--all in a handheld device. It redefines the high-end portable device with its ultra-thin design, black stainless steel body, and high-resolution 7-inch touchscreen. Plus, it boasts the horsepower of a laptop, thanks to its ARM Cortex superscalar microprocessor.

Enjoy Internet, your media, and TV in a handheld device with a 7-inch touchscreen. Click to enlarge.

(Click on image below to change view.)

Buy or rent media from the Archos Media Club, surf the Web, and enjoy your music, photos, and videos anywhere, anytime.

Ultra-slim at just half an inch deep. Click to enlarge.

Uncompromised Web Surfing in the Palm of Your Hand
With an 800-pixels-wide resolution and a 7-inch screen, you can browse the Web just as you would on your PC--no need to zoom in and out, the web pages are fully displayed on the Archos screen. Plus, with Adobe Flash 9 video support, you can natively browse video-sharing websites, such as Dailymotion and YouTube. The Archos IMTs boast enough processing power to surf the Web on the go, giving you the same browsing experience as your laptop. No more endless waiting for the page to load; just grab your Archos 7 and check the latest news right away. Your PC wouldn't have even finished booting up by the time you've put the Archos back in your bag. Once connected to a Wi-Fi or 3.5G network, the included email software lets you to stay in touch no matter where you are. Check your email (compatible with POP/IMAP) whenever you want, view or send attachments (only compatible formats), and store them.

Download hundreds of useful and fun widget applications and then put your favorites on the Archos home screen. Check the traffic or the weather without having to start a new application. In less than three clicks, you can access nearly 1,000 Web TV channels, more than 10,000 Web radio stations, and 100,000-plus podcasts. There's no downloading wait time. Radio and TV start streaming right away from a worldwide list of traditional and independent radio and TV stations.

Your Digital Library in a Thin Handheld Tablet
The Archos Media Club remains the easiest way to get video and music content on the go. With an even richer library with new partners and the biggest industry players, the Media Club lets you discover a large library of movies, documentaries, music, and games. Buy or rent your entertainment in a couple of clicks and start watching it on your Archos 7. Enjoy a great multimedia experience on the go with the high-resolution touch screen. The 7-inch screen lets you comfortably share a movie or TV show with someone else, and with the Hi-Def Video plug-in, you can enjoy HD video support for the first time on any portable device. View your photos in high resolution and make slide shows with music and transition effects for viewing on the Archos tablet or TV. Don't leave any song from your music collection at home when you travel--the Archos 7 lets you bring along up to 190,000 songs and offers you advanced functions, such as playlist creation and album cover display. Listen to your music while surfing the Web.

You won't get bored in the train, car, or plane anymore, thanks to the fun Flash games. Premium games (strategy, sport, action) are purchasable directly from your Archos Tablet on Plenty of others are downloadable for free on the Web. When you're at home and want to watch a movie or listen to music stored on your PC, just browse the device's hard drive wirelessly and enjoy the files without transferring them. Just stream it via your Wi-Fi network and play it immediately on your Archos.

Experience the Best TV at Home or on the Go
With the optional DVR Station, you have the perfect match for your Archos at home and on the go. Schedule and record TV shows and movies in one step using the included remote control. Just locate the TV show on the program guide grid and make a recording to enjoy later at home on your widescreen TV or in the palm of your hand.

It will also turn your TV into a real multimedia platform connected to the Web. Enjoy all the Archos functions on the big screen of your living room. Watch your movies in HD (with the HD plug-in), listen to your music, share your high-resolution pictures, play games, or surf the Web.

Technology Meets Design
Any difficulties with portable screens are a thing of the past with the Archos 7's large 7-inch screen. You'll be fully immersed in your movies either alone or with others. Access all of your Archos functions without having to press a single button. The touchscreen technology ensures the most instinctive and direct way to access your movies, view your pictures, listen to your music, or browse the Web. Thanks to the 320 GB capacity, you won't have to choose just a few movies to take with you when you go on vacation--take them all! Store 400 movies on the 320 GB Archos 7.
Plug-ins: Add even more capabilities to your Archos 7

Free with registration:

Web browser: Open up your Archos device to the full power of the Internet with a full-fledged Internet browser. Surf the Web via the Opera web browser with Adobe Flash 9 video support.
Web TV & Radio: Receive via the Internet nearly 1,000 Web TV channels and more than 10,000 Web radio stations. Select your stations by popularity, genre, country, etc. from the Archos video and audio browsers.
TV Program Guide: Easily schedule your recordings with the TV Program guide embedded in the tablet. A couple of clicks are enough to check the scheduler, get instant information about the program selected, and schedule the recording.
Available for purchase:
  • Hi-Def Video plug-in for playing HD movies in 720p resolution at 24 f/s MPEG4 and WMV formats.

  • Cinema plug-in for playing movies in MPEG-2/VOB format with AC3 sound (or 5.1-surround sound via the SPDIF output on the optional DVR Station). Copy/paste your DVD movies from your computer to your Archos.

  • Video Podcast plug-in for playing video podcasts in H.264 MPEG4 format and AAC audio files.

  • TVportation plug-in for broadcasting your live TV to your portable device--such as a Smartphone, laptop, or Archos Wi-Fi player--anywhere in the world via a Wi-Fi connection.

  • 3.5G Ready plug-in for enjoying Internet everywhere via the 3.5G-HSDPA GSM network by connecting a 3.5G-HSDPA dongle to a Mini Dock or Battery Dock USB port.

The new graphical interface has been designed for easy finger touch control. Reach the main functions with only a tap, return anytime to the home screen and use the search function to easily find your video or music files. Add shortcuts to your favorite files and display them directly on the Archos home screen for quick access. Additionally, you can now bring your home screen background to life with the new animated wallpapers.

Finally, you'll be sure to enjoy PC-like performance with the world's first implementation of the ARM Cortex superscalar microprocessor.

Add-ons--Enhance Your Archos 7

  • DVR Station
    Record TV, play video back to your TV, and charge your Archos device via the DVR Station. With the included TV Program Guide, scheduling and recording from your satellite receiver, cable box, Digital TV adapter has never been so easy. You also can surf the Web or stream web video to your TV while comfortably laid back on your couch using the included remote control as a keyboard and mouse pointer.
  • DVR Snap-on
    Record from most any audio or video analog source on the move with the DVR Snap-on, a small device that's no bigger than a pack of gum.
  • Mini Dock
    Transfer your files directly from USB keys, digital cameras, or other portable media players with the Mini Dock. Quickly charge your Archos with the included charger/adapter. Play video out to your TV with video output in high quality S-Video or standard quality composite.
  • Extra Battery
    Double the battery life of your Archos 7 with an extra battery.
  • Battery Dock
    Benefit from all the great features of the Mini Dock and get extended playback with the built-in backup battery.
  • Helmet Cam
    Turn your Archos into a hands-free digital camcorder with the Helmet Cam, perfect for sports and family fun.
  • FM Remote
    A built-in FM receiver and microphone on the FM Remote let you listen to radio anywhere or make voice recordings.
  • Protective Cases
    Protect your Archos and show your style with a protective case.
  • TV Snap-on (Available by end of 2008)
    Watch live digital TV right on your Archos, record, and enjoy the time-shifting function.

What's in the Box
Archos 7 320 GB Internet Media Tablet, headphones, Archos USB cable, DVR Station adapter (DVR Station is sold separately), screen cleaning cloth, quick start guide, legal and safety notice.

  • 320 GB capacity for up to 400 movies, 3.2 million photos, or 190,000 songs
  • Up to 39 hours music and 10 hours video playback time on a single charge
  • 7-inch TFT LCD touchscreen; 800 x 480 pixel resolution; 16 million colors
  • Video support: MPEG-4, WMV, and M-JPEG; Audio support: MP3, WMA, Protected WMA, WMA pro 5.1, WAV; plug-ins available for further video and audio format support

Customer Reviews:

  • expensive toy
    The archos 7 320. 1: locks up on occasion requiring reset. 2: actually you need to buy the plugins to make it worthwhile. 3: docking/dvr station does not come with a hdmi cable. 4:tv adapter is difficult to navigate the icon to get it to function. initial setup is very tedious do to icon navigation. Player does not play some hi-def content even with plugins/ "size to large to be displayed" message appears. protective cases are not cheap. the low end cases are crap.
    about 750.00 if you want it all. (cost of a 42" plasma).
    the webbrowser does not accept cookies, effectively locking you out of most of the good online streaming video content. this should be fixed with a firmware upgrade what goods a media player if it wont play online video. ( i knew of this shortcoming before hand and am still hoping that they will get a better opera browser that accepts cookies like the pc version.. Oh yeah Opera in general.....Blah.
    Being a big PMP geek (currently own 4) I have found that the archos players are the only ones that play almost anything without size conversion. the RM/WMV (cinema) plugin works great. If you are downloading these compressions. Best picture of any pmp available. rated at 10 hrs of video playback life. actual just under 9hrs. Gets you thru a whole day at work.
    One quirky thing is that all the power supplies are identical (not simular) I dont know about the 5 but the 7 can be plugged into an outlet/ac or car without any special attachment. and all the docking stations will work no matter if you plug in the power from the dock, the player itself, and even not using the power supply at all.
    (also the power supply is not a dedicated archos so you can buy a generic car charger/power supply for about 10 bucks on ebay.. simularly the same with the home charger. 5v dc 2 amp (all my pmps use this power supply) the older archos's required a dedicated power supply.
    the new archos tablets do not have built-in av-out so the mini-dock and/or the dvr station (one or both) are required to port the content onto a tv or projector)
    Oh game packs.. why bother the game bundles are aweful....more info
  • Wow!!
    This thing is awesome. I have been wanting an Archos for so long now, and finally decided to go with the big boy. This does EVERYTHING I want it to do, which is everything it says it does, with only a few minor snags.
    - Yes, it did lock up on me within the first 5 minutes, but after updating to the new firmware, no problems since.
    - Yes, fingerprints will be all over it in a matter of seconds.
    - No, it didn't come with a case, or a stylus.
    Aside from those things, and along with the plug-ins and accessories I've also purchased, this is possibly the greatest gadget I've ever owned. I am very pleased with the Archos 7. I'm glad I didn't listen to all the negative reviews because I would have passed on a great product....more info
  • Comparison with a 2G 32GB iPod touch
    This device is abysmal. I am sure most of you know but additional format support costs money. Why would I pay $20 to get mpeg-4 video playback when that should be standard on this device? AAC playback is also really buggy. The device kept freezing on me even after I updated it to the latest firmware and I experienced a hard drive issue (I think it was a bad cluster). Archos touts this as their flagship player yet I have to spend an additional $100 on accessories and format support. I ended up returning the device after owning it for one week. Here are some direct comparisons:

    Screen - The Archos wins here as the screen is nice and big. The iPod touch has a brighter screen but the size of the Archos screen is just hard to compete with.

    Wi-fi - The iPod touch wins as I can connect to my home network anywhere in my house. The Archos is always dropping my wi-fi connection even when I am only 15 ft from the router. Why can every wi-fi device in my house (iPod touch, desktop, notebook, Wii, PS3, Pocket PC, and Xbox 360) maintain a steady connection yet the Archos is constantly dropping it?

    Browsing the internet - Again, the iPod touch wins. The portable version of Safari is more stable than the browser (Opera browser) on the Archos. I know that the Archos has a basic level of flash but I would take the iPod's browser over simple (and buggy) flash support.

    YouTube - The iPod touch wins. The dedicated YouTube app makes watching videos great. I can even watch videos that won't play on the Archos. I know that YouTube/Google transcode videos on-the-fly for iPod compatibility but that is much better than seeing error messages.

    Video Playback - The Archos may have the ability to play more video files but the iPod touch doesn't require money for mpeg-4 and mpeg-4 AVC video playback. Those are the two prominent video formats that I use and there is absolutely no reason why the Archos 7 doesn't support these right out of the box.

    Connectivity with PC - I think they are about equal. iPods have used their proprietary dock connectors ever since 2003 and this is nothing new. However, may 3rd party accessories have come out over the years supporting this port. Archos switched to their proprietary connection standard moving away from a known standard. I feel that iTunes is superior to Windows Media Player, when it comes to managing music and video files, but everyone has their own preferences.

    Amount of accessories - iPods always win this competition as there are just more accessories for them. iPods are more popular so there is a reason why there are more accessories.

    OS/firmware performance - The iPod touch wins. Its OS is more responsive, loads different applications and sections faster, and turns on a lot faster. Apple is also dedicated to coming out with updates for the 2G iPod touch. Sure, Apple charged 1G iPod touch owners for the OS update when 2.0 came out but Apple has not charged 2G iPod touch owners for anything.

    Hardware performance - The Archos 7 does not come anywhere near its advertised specs. I was able to get 16 hours of audio playback on a single charge and that was with 128kbps VBR AAC files. Video playback was limited to 3 hours on a single charge. I tried everything to increase the device's playback time but nothing really worked. I was able to get about 38 hours of audio playback on a single charge with my 2G iPod touch (this was with 128kbps VBR AAC files and 256kbps VBR AAC files). Video playback was able to last for 6.5 hours on a single charge with the screen brightness set to 50% and the wi-fi antenna turned off. Both of these are over Apple's advertised specs.

    Overall, go with the iPod touch. It uses solid state memory which is more stable than the hard drive that is included with the Archos 7, has better YouTube support, the iPod's web browser is more stable than the Archos browser, battery playback time is over Apple's specs (this seems to be a trend with Apple and their newer hardware), there are way more accessories for the iPod touch on the market, and Apple doesn't charge for increased format support. The only real advantage that the Archos 7 has over its competition is the ability to record TV (using a dock that must be purchased separately) and the large screen.

    Some people might be fine with spending $10 here and $20 there over the period of owning the device but I am not. This is a terrible device and Archos needs to rethink what they are doing. They need to look at the competition and make a device that can actually compete. The iPod touch is an extremely portable player that can easily fit in my pocket yet the Archos is too big for that.

    I know that the Archos seems like the better value with its extremely large storage capacity but I just can't recommend it for anyone. Go with an iPod touch or just get a 120GB iPod classic/Zune along with a wi-fi internet device (a PSP or PDA)....more info
  • Ouch!
    First things first, I am an Archos fan 1st Class and this unit disappointed me greatly. I bought the first one before christmas and it came out of the box with a bundle of bad pixels and a hard drive "chirp". Then, I got a replacement from Amazon that had a failing hard drive right out of the box. All in all, I wanted to love the A7, but it (like it's hard drive) failed me. ...more info
  • Comparison vs Archos 705
    As an owner of both the new Archos 7 as well as last year's model (the 705), I wanted to provide some points of comparison between the two for anyone trying to decide whether to save some money on the older model. In general, the two are very similar -- they provide essentially the same functionality, although the new 7 includes a couple of new features (and includes for free some of the plugins that you had to pay for before with the 705).

    Here's a quick rundown of the positive changes in the 7 vs the 705:

    * Speed -- particularly of the web browser. The new 7 has a much faster CPU and renders web content at a much better pace (probably 3x the speed of the 705). Using the browser on the 705 was often painful except on pages that were geared to mobile devices. The 7 can handle even most complex pages without a problem. Since I use the device for browsing quite a bit, this is a HUGE plus for the 7.

    * Email -- The 7 includes a native email client that supports GMail, Yahoo mail or any POP/IMAP server. It's very simple but usable. It's also free (i.e. not a plugin).

    * Better screen -- The screen on the 7 definitely is crisper than that on the 705. And the colors are rendered more accurately (at least from my subjective point of view).

    * Better responsiveness -- The touchscreen on the 7 is more responsive than on the 705. The increased sensitivity really helps the usability. That said, people who use other touchscreen devices (e.g. iPhone) may find that the screen is still not as sensitive/responsive as other devices.

    * Size -- although the screen is the same size between the 2 units, the 7 is slightly shorter and thinner than the 705 (but not by much). The 7's glossy case does collect fingerprints rather quickly, but that's purely an aesthetic issue.

    Advantages of the 705 over the 7:

    * Archos dropped the mini-USB plug that was used to connect the Archos to your computer. It now uses a proprietary connector for this purpose.

    * They also dropped the USB host port from that came with the 705. The 7 includes the USB host capability, but to use it you must purchase the DVR station or mini-dock add-ons. This was built-in directly in the 705 unit. This makes using the device to dump pictures from your digital camera more of a hassle as one more attachment must be carried just for this.

    * They also dropped the video out connecter that was standard in the 705. Again, to use this feature with the 7 you'll need the DVR station or mini-dock.

    * No stylus or case included -- I've found that using my finger generally works fine but a stylus is still better/more accurate on the screen. Luckily, the 705 came with 2 of them, so I use the spare with my 7. As for the case, you'll have to buy one from Archos to a third party if you want/need one.

    Things I wish they would have improved:

    * Weight -- this is one heavy device at nearly 1.5 lbs. Granted, the size makes carrying it in a pocket prohibitive, but the weight would do you in otherwise. Fine for a travel bag though and definitely much lighter than a laptop.

    * Most plugins still not free -- The browser plugin and "web radio/tv" plugins are now free, but to view many online videos and items ripped from DVD, you'll need to plunk down extra $ for those plugins.

    * Support for Flash 9 -- The Archos ostensibly ships with support for Flash 9, but what they don't tell you is that not all Flash 9.x versions are created equally. For example, while most clips on YouTube work, the version of Flash on the Archos does not support popular sites like Hulu. This for me is one of the largest disappointments of the Archos 7.

    * No HD or 3G plugins available -- despite what the product description days, the plugins that provides HD video thru the DVR dock (or mini-dock) and which support a 3G wireless connection thru a USB dongle do not actually exist. There's also a very good chance they never will. Archos is notorious for promoting features which are never delivered. If either of these plugins is critical in your decision to purchase the Archos 7, you would be best off waiting until they are released before making the purchase.

    For me, I use the 7/705 as a travel companion so I can watch videos, browse the web and store digital pictures. For web use, the 7 is a huge improvement. For videos, the better screen is a nice improvement, but for picture storage, the lack of the built-in USB host port and the need to carry the mini-dock is a bummer.
    ...more info
  • Thank you
    This was for my 17 year old for Christmas. He LOVES it. Thanks for the quick shipping to ensure we had it before Christmas....more info
  • Archos 7 320 GB PMP
    The Archos 7 (320 GB) is for people who enjoy video, music, and Internet access all in one device. The more you know about media (rights, formats, etc) the better. The PMP (personal media player) is easy to add files to, drag and drop. Touch screen monitor also has an understandable interface. Screen size and over all looks are great. Capacity at 320 GB that's more than many computers come with (always could use more in respect to video). Web TV from all over the world is really neat with a great Opera web browser (unlike many phone web browsers) that is Flash enabled. If you are into Flash programs they can also run on this device. Easy to work on with PC or MAC including transferring files between PC and MAC. Syncs with Windows media player. Be careful with this process. Windows media player tried to re transfer my whole library because it is not set up similar to the way Windows Media player wants it to be set up (music-artist-album-song). I have wma files, separated from mp3 and these two are separated from mov and flac files (three folders in music file mov, mp3, wma).

    The following cons are really for people that are very tech savvy the novice user will more than likely not notice these issues or care about these issues

    1. Can only perform one transfer at a time i.e.
    User selects 10 files to transfer then finds another one they want to transfer they must wait till the first 10 are done.
    2.During transfer the rest of device is usually unavailable, can't browse other directories while transferring. Similar to above.
    3.Add-ons to play (mov, wma, etc) runs about $40 extra.
    4. No carrying case comes with product and no stylus. Finger works fine but stylus more accurate.
    5. No High Def (hopefully coming soon) plug-ins.
    6. No Radio (AM/FM) - can purchase device to use with but now a days plenty of devices come with am/fm.
    7. Gives off a good amount of heat after hour or so of watching.
    8. Have to reset manually sometimes while watching videos. (in 2 months three resets).
    9. Some movies downloaded from DVD (digital copy) the user needs to know about registry entires to enable them to play on the Archos 7 (Some won't play at all).

    Now even with these issues, I still would not trade it or buy any other pmp on the market. I enjoyed it so much I also purchased Archos TV (250GB) and I am going to purchase the DVR station. Battery life is also good - three DVDs and four albums then on two cells. In addition from the previous model I feel there is a big improvement. I am a video artist and video applications specialist and this product will also help me with my own work.
    ...more info
  • Great Job Archos
    Finally a portable device that's sexy with brains too. A far cry from the Apple lineup. Love it!...more info
  • Near perfect...but not perfect
    Bought the Archos 7/320gb as a gift and have used and updated it so that it is run-ready prior to Christmas morning.

    Let me start by saying wireless routers and internet connectivity with personal computers have given me the fits over the years. Not so here. I'm not a tech geek (unfortunately), but I was wireless with a strong, portable signal in literally 3 minutes after the product was out of the box, happily surfing the internet. It detected my home network and the rest was automatic, as long as you remember your WPA password/security code. And within 15 minutes, of which 14 minutes was load time, the Archos 7 had detected all firmware updates and allowed me to install the free Archos plugins (warning, plugins require a PC/laptop...this is a PC supplement, not substitute).

    So...super-fast, user-friendly, easy to navigate, great touchscreen action, internet quite literally at your fingertips. So far so good. Some people have complained it's too heavy(???). It's not. What do you want, a frisbee to throw around? If you want a 7-inch screen, it's going to be heavier than a cellphone or iPod touch, sorry. So all-in-all, a no-brainer purchase, right?

    Well...a few minor things. First, the alarming potential for system freeze-up other website reviewers have talked about. The device completely froze once prior to installing the latest firmware, within the first 2 minutes of turning it on. Is there an "acceptable" amount of freeze-up on this $500 device? Not in my book. Hopefully the firmware updates continue to solve that.

    Also, no case or cover included..which is a pain because the finish is 1) slippery and 2) leaves prints EVERYWHERE. My hands were clean and dry, and within 10 minutes of use, the Archos 7 looked like I had been eating a bucket of BBQ wings and using the Archos as a napkin. Cheapest cover with screen access I've seen is $35. And the display requires a (not included) stylus to avoid some serious backtracking.

    Plus, to really get the most out of the 7, the DVR add-on is a must. Cha-ching, $90 more. (Plus side: it's well worth the $$$ to transform the Archos 7 from very cool to absolutely awesome).

    And, the screen seems a little fuzzy to me despite all possible adjustments -- just slightly, but again for $500, the screen should be fuzz-less. Some reviewers have said they prefer the Archos 5 because the resolution is better. It's borderline to me whether I should give up the extra 2 screen inches and hope for better resolution from the Archos 5. I will let the gift recipient decide that one.

    Finally: Does anyone know why this product is advertised as Flash Player 9 compatible? I installed all possible firmware updates and plug-ins. I still get a solitary "F9" icon when I try to watch video episodes of 30 Rock or NCIS. In other words, I can't watch my favorite shows on it! If anyone has an answer or can post assistance, I'd sure appreciate it. A UK reviewer also posted this exact same problem. Comments welcome, as this Flash 9 issue could be a deal-breaker.

    I'm sure Archos' attitude is: don't like it? Fine, try another 7-inch internet media tablet that can do all this stuff. Oh what's that, there's not one? Exactly. All-in-all I'd recommend it for sure -- definitely for its uniqueness and "cool factor" -- but hopefully they keep the firmware coming, to iron out all the bugs.

    ...more info
  • Exactly what I wanted, no problems in a week
    I have the 605 WiFi 160 for travel, and love it. But the Archos 7 is a much better size for video obviously, in situations where you have room for it. I also travel with a Kindle. I put my Archos 7 in a Kindle slipcase, it leaves 1" of space at the top where I put my earphones. Both of those fit in a small sort of manbag that I keep with me on the plane when I put my carry-on overhead.

    I have the 7 completely full with movies and TV shows (whole seasons) I never had time to watch, and many hundreds of MP3s. (Likewise with my Kindle, which has dozens and dozens of books). I could be stranded forever on airplanes and in airports and never run out of entertainment.

    I do also carry the biggest capacity external lithium battery that has a USB output (biggest Tekkeon), and both AC and DC chargers for it and the other two devices. That fits in my manbag thing too. Barely.

    I've been very pleased with the 7's performance, and have had no problems of any kind. I hope it stays that way, but I never had any problems with any of my previous Archos PMPs....more info
  • perfect
    Archos 7 320 GB Internet Media Tablet
    its really good > and perfect item....more info
  • Danger Will Robinson! Unreliable
    So far I'm getting more and more frustrated with this. I purchased this so I could watch movies and surf the web without taking out my laptop while on business trips. So far on the plane, this works great. I can watch hours of films without a recharge. However, there are some major, major cons.

    1. You can't transfer DVD's without paying for a video plugin that allows your to watch the native DVD .vob files.

    2. Wifi is weak and not even remotely as good as your laptop or even a cell phone's built in wifi.

    3. The headphones sound output is pretty weak. If you don't have sound suppressing headphones you may have a difficult time listening to anything in a crowded room.

    4. Internet tablet this is NOT! Most sites with embedded flash at this time do not work. MTV videos will not stream. Hulu will not stream. XM Radio online will not stream. Pandora will not stream. Most mature sites will not stream. You get the idea.

    5. Random resets when browsing the web. The unit will crash while online for not explicable reasons. I have had crashes logging into [..] and even while browsing [..]. Craigslist!!! Craigslist must be the simplest website on earth next to a text file and it crashes.

    6. I'm sure I'm leaving something out but I'm sure there is something here for late. Overall don't buy unless the web isn't of much interest.

    7. Oh yeah, the HD plugin is still not available for "Purchase" yet. Many believe it may never come out. Thanks for nothing Archos....more info
  • Money Pit
    After paying 600 bucks for this lead weight, you still cannot watch a movie until you pay more. MP4 cost you another 20 bucks and WMV movie cost another 20 bucks. Archos is very slow in support if any! I cannot download the plugins from my Archos, the site is not working. I called them on the phone and they cannot help at this time. More issues with this item is the wi fi connection. it just disconnects for no reason.
    All the widgets won't find the info on stocks, weather and updates. Archos won't even let me send it back to them. They offered no help.
    Run from this fast as you can....more info
  • Great device
    I'm a technology nut so I looked into getting a PMP and/or a Netbook device so I checked out the Cowon Q5W and the Archos 7. I did my research and looked at various sites including this one sifting through review after review and so I finally made the decision to purchase the Archos 7 after looking at the Cowon Q5W and it's multiple user interfaces. First and foremost the Archos 7 is a great device with flaws like any other technology but I highly recommend this product to all. Movies are great and easy to drag and drop movie and music files from your computer/laptop. Internet is cool but some sites using flash 10 may not play videos, however, Archos is working on the problem via a firmware update. Lastly, I would suggest that when purchasing this device make sure you get the Archos 7 from a reputable vendor such as Amazon with return policy in case this device isn't for you. Great product Archos!!!!!...more info
  • Freezes and no custumer support
    I bought an Archos 7 on early January from Amazon.
    It would freezes after playing a movie for about 45 minutes. Had to disconnect the battery to have it working again.
    I tried to contact customer service but nobody really answers the phone. After 5 tries and 45 minutes waiting on the line I talked to a customer service who advised me to return it to Amazon.
    Amazon sent me a new one in no time and no cost.
    Unfortunately the new one presented the same problem plus the fact that every few minutes sound would go on/off for about a fraction of a second.
    Tried to return again to Amazon but they declined and are going to issue me a refund.
    Too bad one can not talk to Archos.
    Apparently the French have no idea of what customer service means.
    ...more info
  • I really wanted to like this device
    I have not been more excited to receive a digital toy for many years, and after reading up on the capabilities of the Archos 7 according to Archos, I was eagerly anticipating its arrival. However, after playing with the device for a few days I must say that I am terribly disappointed. Perhaps, given that I have been in the tech industry for over 30 years, I have high standards, but I must say, in that 30 years no device has ever come to me so premature as the new Archos PMP.

    I can understand in today's economic environment that companies are cash-strapped, and the desire to have items on the market for the Christmas season. However, Archos has lost me as a customer - this device is in no way ready to have been released from their development cycle.

    Flash support. Some youtube videos work, though newer formats do not. That said, youtube was the only website from which I was able to view videos. Hulu, Joost, network websites - none of their videos would work. Technical support tells me that its a combination of Adobe flash and the Opera web browser that prevents these videos from working. Since I purchased the device primarily for this purpose, it scores a 0 here.

    Connectivity. Abysmal. I can detect my wireless network, go to a website and click on another link, and the device can no longer find a wireless network. So, back completely out, reconnect, go to the website. Sometimes wireless connection stays up, but most often the behavior is as above. Another 0.

    Email - crashed the device every time, I never got it to work with any mail server. 0.

    Transfer of movies. Why on earth don't companies that develop hardware devices also bundle software to transfer DVDs to their device? In order to do so, multiple other software packages are necessary, making a very cumbersome process.

    How many separate docking stations does one device need? This is clearly a method of Archos making more money from the consumer. It is absolutely ridiculous to have multiple addons that "kind of" serve the same purpose. Massive fail here - release one docking station that does it all, charge us for it, and be done with it.

    Additional $ for plugins. While I understand that licensing costs must be passed down to customers, Archos should quit nickel and diming consumers to death. Add it to the cost and be done with it. Given that we can purchase fully functioning laptops and netbooks for significantly less money, this device, as it is, is overpriced by a large margin.

    Effectively, this device performs at an estimated 15% of its manufacturer's claims. Mine is going to be RMA'ed, and I will be looking at competitive devices. Initially I wanted an iPod Touch, but went with Archos for flash support (that doesn't exist). Maybe Archos will resolve most issues in a few months, and it is possible that I go back to the device once this milestone has reached. That said, at this point in time Archos is high on the list of companies to avoid. I hope they got their needed cash inflow, but in releasing a product altogether too soon, they forgot to understand that the consumer too is cash-strapped, and we are not happy purchasing expensive items that do not live up to company promises....more info
  • Great/Prompt Customer SERVICE!!
    After making the purchase I found a website w/ a much cheaper price. I e-mailed the supplier and got a call the very next morning(I e-mailed them around 10pm and got a call at 9am the next morning)with a great representative who matched the lower price and I received the product 2 days later. Great Service...more info