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Kingston DataTraveler 16 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive DT100/16GB
List Price: $45.99

Our Price: $26.99

You Save: $19.00 (41%)


Product Description

You've trusted Kingston's DataTraveler with your most important files. Now Kingston proudly introduces the sleek and capless DataTraveler 100. It holds all your documents in an affordable, convenient device and helps budget-conscious users break storage barriers, allowing them to easily store and move large files in a device no bigger than a pocketknife.DataTraveler 100 was built with simplicity in mind, allowing you to focus on your data. The USB connector is safely housed inside the sleek case, so you don't have to worry about losing a cap. DataTraveler gives you plenty of room to hold just about any document, from term papers and theses to digital images, spreadsheets or other important documents.

  • Compliant ? designed to Hi-Speed USB 2.0 specifications
  • Convenient ? pocket-sized for easy transportability
  • Simple ? just plug and play into a USB port
  • Practical ? USB connector protected within case
  • Guaranteed ? five-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • 16 GB Kingston Traveler Flash Drive
    I'm very satisfied with the flash drive. It was offered for a good price and delivered promptly....more info
  • This seller is a thief
    Did not receive the flash drive and contacted the seller few times without any luck. I think Amazon should take action against this seller to keep its reputaion....more info
  • Data Traveler Review
    The data traveler works as expected.
    I wish there were an easy attachment for the device as their is with micro cruzer and the ativa brands.

    Jim Eckel ...more info
  • DataTraveler a worthwhile purchase
    The Kingston DataTraveler 16 GB USB Flash Drive serves now as my primary backup medium and has replaced earlier similar drives of lesser capacity which I've passed on to others. The unique feature of this drive is the pop-out USB connector but this is somewhat of a weakness only because it's activated by a slider that is difficult for me to extend and contract.

    I've always had a flash drive with a cap and the caps are a nuisance. The DataTraveler solved that problem and with a slight bit of manufacturing rework I'm sure Kingston could get that slider to work a bit easier.

    If you're data storage needs are within the range of the flash drive capacity, these little gadgets make for a much easier storage medium than CDs. I'll carry all my data, virtual machines, utilities on this big (capacity) little (form factor) drive....more info
  • Fast, robust, and high capacity!
    Hey, not much more to say than what I said. Solid case construction, fast data transfer speeds, and all in all a great product from a trusted company.

    ...more info
  • Kingston 16GB Flash Drive
    Product arrives promptly
    Plug and play immediately on the PC
    Tested by installing Full 16GB data on drive.
    Pass the test
    satisfaction passed...more info
  • Kingston DataTraveler 16 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive
    I bought 3 of these and all three quit working after about 30 days

    Kingston DataTraveler 16 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive DT100/16GB...more info
  • Kingston 16gb DataTraveler
    Not too much to say as it is what is, a USB 2.0 flash drive. It works great, as do most other Kingston memory products I have used. Two things I would change (read - things I didn't like):

    1)The LED that lets you know when the drive is in use is barely visible (partly from poor placement, and partly from being quite dim,) and only flashes when data is being transferred. It would be nice if the LED had a steady slow flash rate to acknowledge that is is connected to the computer...just in case you are having some sort of computer issue and need verification that it is connected (or was somehow disconnected,) then when transferring data it would switch to a rapid flash rate.

    2) It would've been nice if the pocket in the top of the drive for attaching a lanyard (which was not included) were deeper. I happen to have a lanyard laying around from another drive and I struggled threading it through the pocket. A deeper pocket would've made the action much simpler.

    Outside of these two things, I believe it to be an excellent product that I should have in service for many years. You can't go wrong with Kingston products!...more info
  • Great Thumb Drive
    This is a good flash drive from a good company. The retractable usb connection is a good feature is eliminates the need for caps that are easily lost....more info
  • Inexpensive and useful gadget
    Great device, it's expensive, good design and big capacity. Just remember where you keep it....more info
  • Affordable but quality jump / flash / thumb drive
    This is not a complex item to review. It's the most affordable 16 GB flash memory drive on right now and has had excellent compatibiltiy on Windows 2000 and up systems that I use. Do yourself a favor and go portable with all of your data on this drive...after you encrypt with of course!...more info
  • High Capacity - Low Cost
    I purchased 2 of these 16GB Kingston drives. I use them with my WD HD TV video unit, where I load video onto them using my computer, then take them upstairs to the WD HD TV unit to view the videos (movies and tv series). So far, they both have worked 100% perfect. I've got about 15-20 hours "live" usage time on each drive so far, and not once have I had a glitch.
    The ONLY reason I gave it four starts instead of five is this: The plastic housing of this unit feels a little cheap. I am not sure how much abuse this thing can take before it falls apart. In my case, I always treat these things like fragile glass, so hope it stays together. But for those of you who like to put these kind of things in your pocket, throw around, etc., you might find it to be a problem.
    But if you are gentle and are looking for a high-capacity USB thumb drive, then this is it and the price is outstanding!...more info
  • Nice flash drive, and does the job
    I bought this 16 gig flash drive to add capacity as the 8 gig flash drive I already had didn't hold enough data.

    I can load 5-6 full-length movies on it to watch with my ASUS Eee PC 900 notebook during my 3? hour dialysis sessions. I also took it along and watched movies during my recent 6? hour flight to Las Vegas....more info
  • Great price. Small device. Large storage space.
    Great product. No tax and no shipping charges were a plus from Got the Kingston flash drive on time, in a tiny package. Just to inform anyone else wanting to purchase this product, it lists 16 GB, but its actually 15 GB. But that goes for all flash drives, you never really get the full amount. Also, it is in FAT32 format, so if you are using XP and up, I would recommend formatting the drive to NTFS to make it faster.
    Overall, great product, small form factor, no need to look for a missing cap, and it has a green flash indicator to inform that it is being used....more info
  • Great product for a great price
    Got the flashdrive, which hasn't crashed on me yet and isn't loaded with a bunch of software, for a great price. No complaints....more info
  • lots of space and reliable
    I've had great experience with past Kingston products and this is no exception! Plenty of space to transfer your files and it works perfectly! ...more info
  • Flimsy construction doesn't inspire confidence
    The slider mechanism does not lock in the out position. When plugging into a tight fitting port it is difficult and clumsy to handle....more info
  • Absolutely Perfect
    I cannot put imto words how my I love this jmp drive. I know people who have spent [...]+ dollars for this drive and they almost fell over whn I told them [...] bucks. I couldn't be happier with its capacity and USB SPEED...more info
  • Nice Thumb Drive
    It seems to be an excellent thumb drive. Well built and great features with retracting plug protected until ready to use. Solid!...more info
  • Perfect solution for backing up important files
    The Kingston 16 GB flash drive (less than $30) is the ideal solution, at least for me, for backing up my real important files. Since I am retired I really don't have anyplace to keep backup files in a separate location.

    So I just update the files on the 16 GB Kingston every so often and keep it in a small insulated toolkit bag in the glove compartment on my car....more info
  • Very Impressed.
    Its a great product that has plenty of storage. I have been using it for about a month now and have no issues with it. Highly recommend it for the price....more info
  • Upgrade to 16GB
    Owned a 8GB drive and upgraded to 16GB. Very happy with the performance and the extra space. ...more info
  • Good price and good product
    Pro: Good Product and solid construct with its 16 g

    con: NONE...more info
    The product is sold at a great price and the size is so convenient. I can put 10 movies and still have room for other docs. Item arrived on time....more info
  • 16GB?
    I bought this memory to use with my new Kenwood car stereo receiver with a usb input. I had no trouble transferring music to it at all. My stereo "reads" the flash memory and switches between tracks very fast,faster than a commercial cd. I havn't as of yet experienced any data loss. My only complaint is that this isn't 16gb. Brand new out of the package,my pc shows it at 15gb. I can understand some storage space being used for formatting purposes etc;but an entire gb?My MP3 player uses less space for its firmwire! ...more info
  • Just what I Needed
    Couldn't be more satisfied. Keeps my backup documents safe and sound and nowhere near my computer....more info
  • Movility + big storage = A must to have
    If you have large media files and programs, consider buying this product, it is also great if you need a quick back up to format your computer if you don't have a partition in your hard drive. I have also two computers in my home with wireless network, but if you can't wait too long and you must move large files (+ 2GB) between them, moving it with this flash drive will be quicker, as it is USB 2.0).

    I highly recommend it....more info
  • 16Gigs is HUGE
    I got this to transfer files between computers and it works great. It is very fast and works on my PC at home and the Mac at school. Most people I meet are jealous of my 16Gig stick. All the womens think its so huge o.0...more info
  • happy with my purchase
    Happy with my new usb drive. It's fast, large capacity, great price and no shipping charges. The delivery was fast too. I wish more companies would do bussines the way Amazon does it....more info
  • Amazon does it again......
    Ordered, received, and utilized the Kingston fkash drive, without a hitch. Amazon is amazin. Have never had a bad experience with them. Will, no doubt, be purchasing from them again in the near future....more info
  • All washed up!
    Have to give kudos to Kingston for this drive. I forgot it in my pants pocket before doing my laundry. It went through a full wash and spin cycle and about 20 minutes in the dryer on high heat before I heard it rattling around. Figured the 3000 or so pictures on it were gone for good, but popped it in the PC and everything worked fine. And my photos were so soft and fluffy! Honestly though no complaints here. Great drive....more info
  • Great little worker
    I bought this product to do some major transferring between 2 laptops. Hasn't failed me yet. The speed is pretty decent but not the best for a Kingston product.

    My only criticism is that the casing looks flaky. I feel like I am going to break it if it falls. On the other hand i did drop if a few times and it still works great.
    ...more info