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Far Cry 2 by Ubisoft is the anticipated sequel to the award-winning original that brings players into the beautiful and hostile world of Africa. Far Cry 2 for Xbox 360 features open-ended gameplay that allows you to play the game whichever way you choose, with the choices you make affecting where the game leads you.

Far Cry 2

Offline: 1
Online: 16

Multiplayer Modes:
Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Diamond, Uprising

Native 720p high-definition output.

Far Cry 2 brings you to Africa where you'll explore the savannah and the jungle. View larger.

Far Cry 2 features real-time night-and-day cycles. View larger.
Outstanding Graphics
Ubisoft developed the Dunia Engine specifically for Far Cry 2. Among other things, the Dunia Engine delivers realistic, interactive environments, special effects, real-time night-and-day cycles, and smart enemy AI.

Expansive, Realistic Environment
Far Cry 2 is set in a fictional region of Africa where you are caught between two rival factions at war. The Ubisoft team spent a lot of time filming and photographing in Africa to get all the details of the landscape and native wildlife. The result is a huge gameplay area that is 50 square kilometers, taking players into and out of the jungle and savannah. Wild animals such as zebras, buffalo, gazelle are encountered during the game, with both players and enemies allowed to interact with them.

Far Cry 2 features an incredible level of detail and realism, with a minimal in-game interface to detract from immersion. For example, players will need to navigate the world using an in-game map and navigation system, weapons will disintegrate over time, and fires will spread and propagate.

Each of the actions a player takes is reflected in the environment and changes the content of the game. To fulfill your mission, you need to play the enemies against each other, using both strategy and skill.

Huge Range of Weapons and Vehicles
Far Cry 2 offers gamers a wide range of weapons, from a machete for hand-to-hand combat, to a sniper rifle that can stealthily pluck off enemies from afar. As weapons disintegrate over time, they might jam or even explode in your hand.

There are also a large range of vehicles such as gliders, trucks, cars, and boats that will let you fly, drive, slide, and hover over the open landscapes.

Multiplayer Options for up to 16 Players
Far Cry 2 supports up to 16 players and has four gameplay modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Diamond, and Uprising. Players can choose from six different classes in multiplayer, each with its own set of pros and cons. Just as in the single-player mode, multiplayer games will feature dynamic elements, making each session unique.

You can explore the world of Far Cry 2 from inside a car or flying on a glider.

  • First-person shooter for Xbox 360 gives players an open-ended gameplaying experience
  • Roam the beautifully detailed jungles and savannah of Africa
  • Pick up a wide range of weapons and hop into different vehicles
  • Dynamic environment, including day-night cycles and fire propagation
  • Online multiplayer supports up to 16 players

Customer Reviews:

    As it stands, this game is NOT recommended for purchase until UBI-Soft corrects the "Cannot save" problem. Ubi-Soft has a forum that is filled with complaints on this issue on all formats. The issue remains and Ubi-Soft has not corrected the problem. If you had a new car and could not turn off the engine, and the dealer/manufacturer new about it and failed to correct it...Get the word out! Don't BUY this nor any other UBI-Soft item until they clean up their development department. This is a MAJOR bug that is well known and as of today un-corrected.
    see: [...]
    Zero Stars!!!
    Wayne T. Fisk...more info
  • Botched
    Looks great, but it's just one similar boring gunfight after another, and takes 3 hours to get to it. And the fun pills you have to take constantly. I am not sure what they were thinking here...

    The first 2 Far Cry games on the 360 are still 2 of my favorite games, from the incredible landscapes, the strange creatures, dual mini machine guns, the water effects, the FUN....

    This game looks nice and gets the mechanics right. The idea had potential to be a kind of first person Mercenaries type game, but it just gets to be all the same...and it takes about 2 hours to figure that out.

    It does not bring me pleasure to say this game was a huge let down. Technically right, but more of a well controlled chore.

    There are about 11 other better games out there than this. Or rent it and be bored by the time it's due back.

    I gave it an overall 3 star rating because half the reason I stuck with it was because of how impressive it looked; I really enjoyed the lapses of time when you would sleep to save your game; There is no denying this is a beautiful looking game, even though I prefer the type of setting as found in the 1st 2 games. ...more info
  • Snooze Alert
    Urgh. I shouldn't have bought this game. First off the gunplay, the most important part of any FPS, is boring. It's just not very visceral, the guns look real but sound and behave kind of stiffly, shooting people isn't satisfying (especially since they come back after being hit 50 times), and when you aim your arm sticks straight out like a broom handle with no motion and no feel like you actually have a weapon in your hands. For me this kind of ruined it right from the start, but add to this the fact that you spend 90% of your time driving around the countryside (which is beautiful I'll admit) looking for your next mission or objective and it all ends up feeling kind of meaningless. I have never spent so much time in a video game just trying to make something happen. And forget it if your car is blown up or you forget where you parked it (yes, this is possible in this game). You end up being stranded out in the middle of nowhere, just praying you stumble upon a truck or a boat so that you can enjoy the pleasure of driving yet more miles to complete another seemingly pointless mission.

    Far Cry 2 does have its strengths, including a few nice attempts at realism such as digging bullets out of your own leg or shooting up a box of ammo to watch bullets spew all over the place, or lighting a brush fire to confound your enemies. And as I said the environment is beautiful, but these strengths are far overshadowed by the fact that you just don't care much about where the game is going. What's the point of making it from point A to B (which is usually a long process) when you'll just end up being sent out on another errand to complete after that?

    This is probably one of the first games ever where I will not play thru to the end. I just don't have the time or the patience, and the payoff I suspect will not be worth it. ...more info
  • Great game marred by broken programming.
    Everything good that is said about this game in other reviews are true! HOWEVER, there is a glaring bug that corrupts your save game randomly in the southern part of the map about halfway through. It hit me at 88% completion and about 38 hours of actual playing time. Be warned. Wait for the patch to fix this before purchasing it, or you will become very very frustrated....more info
  • A good game at best
    The core experience of Far Cry 2 is essentially a gameplay mix of the Call of Duty franchise and Grand Theft Auto 4 in the jungle. The problem is, absolutely every aspect of the game is executed in a sub-par fashion. The story starts out with a mercenary (selected from a list) entering an unnamed location in Africa with a mission to kill a man who is funding the local civil war by providing weapons for both sides. You contract malaria, and you are left for dead. I really don't want to spoil any more story for you but let me say this, there is absolutely no real drive after this sequence. When you get a mission, the briefing provides no real reason to pursue your mission. What the whole experience boils down to is you are wandering around doing missions and looking for diamonds to buy all the weapons and upgrades in the game.
    The shooting mechanics are very similar to the COD franchise with the exception that you have no aiming reticule (however a reticule can be activated in the options screen). You raise a gun to your shoulder and aim down the iron sites or scope. The truth is, wandering around with the goal of completely upgrading your arsenal is actually a pretty decent motivation to complete the experience but you will complete the game wishing there was more meat to the story than whats there.
    As for the size of the map, that is entirely up to personal preference if that annoys you or not. I personally found the experience of first person driving to be fun and actually opted to not use the quick travel buses 90% of the time. In conclusion, buy this game if you are up for a bare-bones shooting, free roaming experience. Have a nice day and I'm out.
    ***Also please note that everything here is my opinion and everyone is allowed to disagree with me....more info
  • Severly lacking in greatness.
    Far Cry 2 is certainly not a bad game. There are aspects that are done very well, and others that completely missed the mark. The result is typical of many next-gen games -- tremendous potential, but fell miserably short of hitting the target.

    Let's start with the good aspects. Most obvious is the map -- the game world. It's massive. It's diverse in its landscapes and it's the embodiment of the free roaming feature that many games aspire to. Then comes the FPS part. Each gun feels very unique and combat is fun and realistic (as if I've ever been in actual combat).

    There are other things that are done very well. Far Cry 2 probably has the best fire system in any game. Also, the way you approach a task with regard to strategy is completely up to you, although you will probably end up finding your particular strategy and sticking to it the entire game. Personally I chose a stealthy sniper.

    The rest of the game is pretty bad starting with the voice acting. It's absolutely horrendous. I'm usually not a critic of voice acting, but in Far Cry 2, it's so bad that you can't ignore it. It's like the exclamation point stressing how little they cared about story in this game because the story is just a murder delivery system rather than an entertaining part of the game.

    Then comes travel. I find it interesting that the best aspect of this game, the massive world, is also the most tedious aspect. It wouldn't be such a big deal if EVERYone didn't try to kill you (and I mean everyone) and checkpoints didn't repopulate enemies after a few minutes of you clearing them out. On top of that, your character is no track star. You can only run for about 30 paces before you tire out. That makes traveling around without a vehicle that much more tedious. Your character is also incapable of climbing anything, which makes no sense.

    Now, when it comes to video games, what makes them fun is that all the little annoyances of reality are left out. For example, you don't have to go to the bathroom or eat. It's just assumed that it happens. In Far Cry 2, they included many of these annoyances. Your character has Malaria and goes into fits of yellow fever every now and then. Why? Why?!! Also, you have to whip out a map when you want to see where you are going. There's no mini-map. Then there's the whole jamming guns thing, which is actually fine because it becomes a non-issue later in the game when you buy good weapons and upgrade them, but still an example of odd choices that take away from the fun.

    I mean, because if we're being completely realistic, then you wouldn't be able to use your map when you go in the water because your GPS is not waterproof. And you wouldn't be able to heal bullet wounds with a pair of pliers and some magic health injections.

    Then comes the game. Far Cry 2 is an FPS that strives to have RPG elements, but it's ridiculous. You basically walk around Africa and murder everyone you see because everyone you see, if not specifically related to the story, is trying to kill you. They see you driving past them at high speed, they shoot. There's no discretion. They just kill everything. It makes the game rather one dimensional. I mean, how the hell do they know that you're the enemy if you are driving in their car? Please.

    So, when it comes down to it, Far Cry 2 is little more than a fire and murder simulator. If you pass on this game, you're not missing much.

    Then to top it off, you lose all of your Safe House Upgrades mid-game and you have to get them all over again. It was at that point that I returned the game to Gamefly. I didn't even bother with the multiplayer because I have Gears of War 2....more info
    DON'T buy this until the patch comes out, IF (?) the patch comes out. Google "Far Cry 2 save" and see for yourself!! I would love this game if I didn't have to start all over every 2 nights....more info
  • Freakin Amazing
    Ok so I first played farcry 2 when it was released on PC last year. I got to maybe around 30% when my save game got corrupt. Sold my game after that. About a month ago I got a 360 to replace my gaming PC since upgrading it wouldn't be cost effective nowadays.
    I was so excited that Ubisoft patched the problems with the corrupt saves earlier in this month. So with that said, this game is almost perfect now.

    Im at 54% and I cannot put this down. The graphics are amazing. Gameplay is solid, story is good...

    Heres some things I do not like-

    The re spawning of enemies at guard posts. I wish they were permanently gone after you scout at the post for the first time...but oh well

    Seems the only quick way to kill someone is a headshot. Four rounds to the chest from a .45 wont do it??? Come on.... Takes a bit of ammo to kill someone if you dont get a headshot, didnt like that.

    Malaria. I actually dont mind this so much as other reviewers have pointed out. Doesnt really help the game either though.

    Traveling can get old after awhile. But it makes sense if you wanna find the briefcases.

    Bought this for 30 new at best buy. I see its only 20bux used on here...PICK IT UP!
    ...more info
  • I haven't Cried so Far....Hardy Har Har!
    This game has gotten a bad reputation. Some people have complained the story is lacking and gameplay is repetitive and i suppose i agree with them. But i didn't buy Far Cry 2 because i thought the story was going to move me and i came into it knowing that it was going to be me, a gun, a grenade, and an unending supply of bad guys in a jungle setting with vehicles. That being said, this game is entertaining. I really like the fire propagation even if it isn't entirely accurate, thats some fast spreading fire geez. The fire adds a "smoke em out" strategy that i haven't seen in a game before. Its a blast to pick a spot and start firing your flare gun into an enemy camp and watch them run in a panic as you mow them down with a silenced mp5. I have to agree with the whole respawning thing, it is a bit ridiculous. I also don't care for the malaria thing but it doesn't happen that often. I haven't run into the nasty save bug i've read about, but im sure if i did, my opinion of the game would drop. ...more info
  • Trying to get into it
    At first having spent nearly 5-10 hours on the game, I find it hard to get into. The wide-open environment and graphics are superb! IMO, best graphics in any 360 game to date.

    The gameplay however....

    I HATE first person perspective while driving.

    the controls for looking at the map is terrible, I cant find anything!

    I found the left joystick controls SOOOOOO awkward. I adjusted the sensitivity but it just seems to move really slow to a point, and when the joystick is almost fully maxed to either left or right, the movement is sped up beyond control. So there is the slow -to super fast feel while looking around the environment. Makes it a b* to aim.

    The AI is terrible. People shooting at you from so far away that don't move, just stand there, you cant even tell where it is coming from half the time. People shoot at you while driving before they can really tell who you are. They seem really good at being able to hit you while your driving past them at 80 MPH too.

    The AI also seem artificial, like a texture pop in animation. To me, they don't blend in with the environment.

    I will give this one more time, but man it is tough to deal with.

    ***UPDATE*** never finished it. I can get $10 selling it to Amazon, Hmmmn. Last FC game I will try....more info
  • Fun for the Hardcore
    Far Cry 2 was one of the most hyped games this year. What's odd about that is the game fits more of a less mainstream prescence. This is not your everybody party game, it requires focus and concentration. The map editor is insanely complex and requires plenty of learning before one can make a fun map. If you think you're gonna pick up this game and be pushing out monuments like those seen in the previews within in a week, you're sorely mistaken. The multiplayer is more like CoD4 than original Far Cry or traditional shooters. Stealth is required unless you have a whole squad with you, even when you play as the gunner class. Cover is essential, and this time around trees won't cut it. The game also feature deterioating environments. And that's just the multiplayer. The Single player is extremely complex, requiring survival skills as well as shotting skills. The world is huge and difficult to travel. One thing they could have had was hunting (a la MGS3) as other necessities are required. Despite what other reviews may have said, the plot is brutally realistic and you'll soon lose sight of whose the bad guy and whose the good guy. In fact, the moral desicions you make here are more major than those in Bioshock, though there isn't any real variation in the outcome. Buy this game if you like the digital outdoors and are willing to devote all your game time to it....more info
  • I wanted to love this game, but...
    OK, so I wanted to love this game so badly. Overall I would give it a C+ or so. It has so many strong points, but a bunch of weak points as well.

    Strong points: Perhaps the most amazing landscapes and scenery I have ever seen in a game. You really do feel like you are in Africa. The story line progresses nicely. I liked the game play/action. Nice weapon system. It's not quite to a call of duty style gun action, but it come close. Light years ahead of the older Far Cry games.

    Weak points: This may be the most repetitive game I have ever played, missions never seemed all that much different from previous ones. The board, while beautiful, just may be too big. Or at least they need more bus stops or something because driving around takes FOREVER. Plus, every other minute you get ambused by a passing car. Come on now, seriously, could they have not at least made every other car attack you for no reason rather than every one! You end up losing half your Ammo before you even get to where you are going. It is never hard to beat the outposts or ambushes, so much of the time spent playing the game really serves no more than a waste of ammo.

    I tried out the multiplayer, but quickly lost interest. The customizable maps are a waste. It seems you could create a fanastic map on your own, but in fact most of the custom maps you come across are just plain a waste of time to play on....more info
  • Bugged and Broken
    After completing half the game saved games will intermittently become corrupt, causing you to lose large portions of your progress. Stay away from this monumental waste of time.

    The corruption of saved games is something that numerous people are encountering and there is a discussion thread on the Ubisoft official Far Cry 2 forums dedicated to the issue. Do not purchase this game until the issue has been resolved -- There are many disgruntled gamers (like me) who paid full price for this supposedly triple-A title and are being forced to constantly repeat sections due to corrupt saved-slots.

    The core game-play mechanics already involve your character visiting the same locations multiple times so that lost saved games result in repetition that is more frustrating than fun....more info
  • Good Good
    I very much enjoyed Far Cry 2 but a few things about it bothered me. The story was a little hard to follow for one...I understand it, but there were a bunch of times during a mission when I stopped and had to ask my self "what am I doing again?" The missions mostly involve 'go here...kill that...' and for some reason, everyone is trying to kill you! You'd think that there would be somebody on your side and not all of Africa against you. The game looks great and rarely bugs out. One thing that always bothered me a bit was the voice acting...it seems like the entire cast consists of 4 people: one for the bad guy, one for the journalist, and the other two fill the rolls of everyone else. And why does everyone talk so fast? Do they know what a period or comma is? Overall all far cry is a really fun game if you like shootin stuff and burning down half a country....more info
  • There's a potentially great game here...
    Far Cry 2 does something that a lot of famous First-Person-Shooters DON'T do - it gives gamers the opportunity to say, "What would I like to do next?" At any given time there are probably close to a dozen different options, and that alone gives this game a 4-star rating.

    Far Cry 2 was built to have a lot of realism. This is both good and bad. The ease and ability of creating brush fires is ridiculously fun, and eerily scary at the same time. The same fire you set to wipe out baddies can end up cornering you between a rock and a hot place. Guns will jam on you when you least expect it, which can make for some awfully panicky game play. There is no radar, and there is no pandering. If you hit a guy with a truck, he dies. If they hit you, YOU die. I took a headshot during a gun battle. I know it was a headshot - I went from full health to falling to the ground. Luckily a buddy "saved me," relieving my need for a reload.

    And that's the basis of Far Cry 2. There's a LOT of challenges in the game, from jamming weapons, to the need for Malaria medicine, to frequent and recurrent gun battles all over the map. But you can PREVENT a lot of these from becoming issues if you prepare yourself.

    Tired of guns jamming? Stop by the gun shop and buy a new one. Or at least pick up a new one if you've already purchased it - brand new guns are available (once purchased) in every segment of the map.

    Malaria medicine? Not that much of a problem, really - I got the first bottle and haven't run out yet. It'd be nice if they gave us a quantity left, so that I could know how long until I need some. I'll admit it's a useless addition to the game, but again, it hasn't really posed much of a problem.

    Tired of fighting the same battle in the same place? Once you've scouted a guard post, just barrell through in your truck of choice, or go crashing through the jungle to avoid the battle entirely. I've avoided many confrontations this way. Also, ride the rails whenever possible - very few areas of hostility along the train tracks.

    If you're expecting a gunfight (which you should ALWAYS be expecting,) make sure your female "buddy" is ready to save you. You only get one save, then you have to stop any any pre-established safe house to "reset" her - then she'll be ready to save you again.

    The graphics of FC2 are amazing - simply amazing. You can actually start to recognize where you are - it's not like the city sand-box games where it all just blends together. There's dizzying heights and deep rivers. I really like how long a day lasts - games like Grand Theft Auto run through a game-day in about an hour. FC2's game-days run about 4 hours, maybe even more. It really lets you plan your strategy and never makes you feel rushed.

    I get irritated by a few things, like how a civilian drives past me and feels compelled to jump out of his car and open fire on me. Or how guns you're carrying seem to just dissapear... Turns out if they jam and you don't hit the unjam button, he'll just throw them away.

    When a first-person shooter can keep you entertained for 30+ hours, that's a feat. Few games can pull that off. Yeah it's not a perfect game, but there's a lot to do here if you understand the intended strategy. I've actually enjoyed playing Far Cry 2, and I have already found myself aiming for various "completionist" achievements because once you get past the challenges, there's a pretty fun game inside....more info
  • very fun game still with flaws
    Hi everyone, I'm here to tell you about a game that has planted it's seed in gaming history...no sorry it's not mario, far cry 2. Lets talk about the gameplay

    so first things first the sheer scope of the game is good, even though not on the same scale as that of oblivion it still is very hugh and gives you much to look at. We have all played games that make us stop and just look around and say goodness well far cry 2 does that just that then some looking at the sunset or sunrise is just awe inspiring to say the least. Another thing is the wild life when your in a jeep or dune buggy or hang glider and you see the animales running along the tundra or beside you it makes for a awesome sence of being in africa. Another fun aspect of the game is the freedom to of time to take on a mission or to take out an outpost, the game has a day/night cycle and dynamic weather from hot sunny days to warm cool nights or rainy days/nights offering more cover for sniping, now you have flame thrower an it's day time you see an outpost start a fire then pull out your sniper rifle and shoot an ammo box and let the wind an bullets kill your enemies. You also have to find diamonds throughout the land even though it really doesn't do much to change the game it is the currency in the game to by bigger and better weapons, you also take part in weapon shop side missions they are repetitve but it help to also unlock more weapons/vehicle/player abilities. to really bring the game to life all weapons have a life cycle for example if you tend to use a sniper rifle more you will not only see your weapon get rusted but it will jam/break on you and in the middle of a gun fight that=death. You can however take your enemies weapons but and I mean BUT if you do that, that gun has a higher chance of jamming/breaking on you because the militia can't afford good weapons. So gameplay wise it's kind of a balancing act but it still makes out to be one heck of a ride.

    GRAPHICS: To make a long stroy short the engine was built ground up just for this game the draw distance is insane the amount of destructablity in the game is just insane point blank the graphics are just rediculus

    SOUND: The voice acting is not that great or good but the music is just awesome for the setting of the game and you don't hear the same thing over and over while not fighting the music is very mellow not loud thus giving you the opprotunity to pay attention the music fades out and all you here are your foot steps the grass moving thunder in the sky and wild life in this department they cared for it they loved the developers showed alot of care

    overall this game is just huge eventhough some side missions do get repetitive the reward system will keep going through with it and there really isn't much of a story but the sandbox, weapons, graphics, and alot of other things the game will find a way just like me to keep you entertained and wanting more so with that said KEEP GAMING ALIVE!!!...more info
  • meh...
    some cool weapons.
    beautiful environments. but graphics still could have been better.
    ok ending.

    A LOT of driving, even to get to bus stations. kills most of the replay value.
    repetitive missions, for the most part.
    the malaria thing was annoying.
    lots of glitches. buddies may unexpectedly become listed as KIA or MIA.
    froze on me at 62% completion. luckily I made more than 1 save.
    makers decided that "realism" in the game meant instantaneous respawns in enemy guard posts and weapons that completely rust in a day....more info
  • Not the same as original
    Ok first off let me say this game is not like the ones for the original xbox. They took out the fun of this game meaning no mutants, no jumping 15ft, no running 50mph none of that. Your just a normal man with some guns. This game is one of the longest games i've ever played but also the most REPETATIVE game i've ever played. In FarCry 2 theres 2 maps North and South I beat the North map and went on to the South when i just quit. All the missions are the same go kill this man or drive here its just stupid. In some missions you might not even no were to go you might get stuck and the map wont help you at all. You have to find your money which sucks i mean ya you get money from missions but if you want to fully upgrade your guns you must find diamonds which is sorta easy but stupid.

    There is also this annoying thing that will happen when your walking. You will suddenly hear a loud VROOM-VROOM which means they somehow saw you and are coming to kill you. Also if you fix your vehicle and it gets shot about 4 times well time to fix it up again. If your almost done fixing it and get shot well you start all over. Oh and if you were a fan of the original FarCry games and loved to make maps like me well they still got that but you cant play offline multiplayer unlike FarCry Insticts.

    My brother, Me, and my friend all hated this game. My bro sold it after 1 week, my friend traded it for Bioshock. I truly do not recommend this game to people that loved FarCry Insticts and FarCry Insticts Evolution....more info
  • Taking a step back
    For those who remember the first one, it broke the mold on the FPS genre. It gave us a semi-linear path but still allowing players to tackle enemies or locations at multiple directions, tactics and weaponry. It threw at us creatures and armed guards, bringing back an experience as fun as Half-Life. It seemed with Farcry 2, they were too eager to jump into the sandbox bandwagon with such games as GTA.

    "Go anywhere and do anything" gone bad. The map is broken into regions and traveling within them isn't bad but foot or vehicle movement through several regions can be painful. Other than intersection outposts and scripted enemy vehicles; traveling off of the beaten path fairly uneventful. Missions are extremely repetitive, making you travel several miles to complete an all too familiar objective.

    The true strategy comes from your weapon loadout. The game only allows you to carry one primary, one secondary and one special weapon. The large arsenal facilitates several playing styles and allows you to swap weapons fairly easily if you must change tactics. Being able to strike a base with a combination of sniper fire, machineguns and/or mortars is the highlight of the game play.

    There are a few of features that make Farcry shootouts particularly fun. The first feature is fire; using a great physics engine to reproduce how fire spreads through the environment can be utilized tactically....and is fun to watch. Using ammo crates as an offensive tool is a rare occasion but cooked rounds flying all over the place was a good addition. The last feature is enemy AI with wounded comrades. Using wounded enemies as bait to flush out other targets added a new approach for those who favor sniping.
    ...more info
  • A critical look at a great game.
    I give this game 4.5 stars, but rounded up.

    First thing's first: Far Cry 2 isn't Far Cry 2. That is, this game really doesn't have anything to do with Far Cry, other than its name. No Jack Carver, no Val, and (thankfully) no mutants. So, what is it about? Well, there isn't much in the way of story, but it basically goes like this: You are a mercenary hired to hunt down and assassinate a notorious arms dealer called The Jackal. The reason for this is The Jackal is supplying weapons to rivaling African factions, thus making possible an all-out war. In order to find him, you have to go to work for these warring factions so you can trace the supply line of arms back the target. So the game has you performing a number of side-missions that lead up to the Jackal in one way or another.

    As far as your character goes, you have a number of people to choose from at the outset. I don't think it matters much, as you don't seem to gain or loose any skills or qualities based off who you pick. It does, however, change the game a little bit. Say you pick person A instead of person B. If you hadn't picked person A, he would have been a character in the game, and you could become allies with him along the way. Either way, I think your character of choice has little to do with the game's outcome. I don't know why they even made this an option.

    Below is a basic break down of some of the game's other elements.

    The first thing you notice when you start the game is the amazing environment around you. Plants, water, buildings, character models, and even the weather effects are all beautiful. I've been playing games for a long time, and I can honestly say I've never been as awed by animated scenery as I have by Far Cry 2's. Environments are animated by the constant movement of shadows thrown by swaying trees, and there are plenty of little touches here and there, too - burned-out cars, rotting shacks, torn posters, rusting cans, and bites pocked into your forearms. Details are everywhere.
    Now, I've heard people say that FC2 isn't up to Crysis standards, but I've never played that game, and, quite frankly, I don't care.

    THE "WORLD":
    After you've played the game for a while, the second most stunning thing about it is its sheer size and scope. There are something like 50 square kilometers (about 20 miles) of desert, rain forest, villages, plains, rivers, and roads to cover in this game.

    Much of this game has the player visiting various people and taking on and completing missions for them. These missions vary in that some lead to story progression, while others are just sort of tacked-on. For example, in order to access some of the locked weapons at the gun shops found throughout the game, you can complete missions for the shop's owner. These missions usually involve blowing up arms shipments that belong to other dealers. Other times, you may find yourself being tasked by one faction to assassinate a member of another faction (which usually earns you diamonds to buy guns and upgrades). Also, you can find yourself doing something as mundane as delivering papers in exchange for malaria medicine (more on malaria later).

    As mentioned above, this game is huge. One problem with that is it takes a good deal of time to reach your mission objectives. In fact, a lot of the missions are at the edge of the map, and it feels like they purposely made it that way to artificially extend the game's length. Honestly, for better or worse, probably half of your actual game time will be spent just traveling to where you need to be. This can be interesting at times, but it is often tedious, as you regularly find yourself coming across and battling the same guard camps over and over again. Like Grand Theft Auto IV's cabs, there is a way to fast travel from one location to another, but this is done via bus stops, and you can only travel from bus stop to bus stop. This would be more useful if the stops weren't so few and far between.

    For all it's beauty and size, this is a dyed-in-the-wool first-person shooter. It's all about combat situations, and there are a number of ways to enter those situations in Far Cry 2. Often, you'll just stumble upon them as you're travelling, in which case it's time to let guns blaze and grenades fly. But you don't always have to fight in that style. When you're on a mission and approaching an enemy camp, for instance, you can of course go in guns blazing, or you can take the high ground and dispatch you enemies from afar with a sniper rifle. Or, you can take the camp my favorite way: with stealth. My load-out often consists of a suppressed MP5 and a suppressed pistol. I like to crouch down, scout out the camp with my monocular, get a fix on all the bad guys and then quietly take them out one-by-one.

    As far as actual gunplay, it's very fun, if a bit unrealistic. Enemies are tough... too tough, especially for having no better body armor than t-shirts. You can sometimes fire half a dozen rifle rounds into a bad guy's chest, and he is still some how capable of running, let alone breathing. Or you can shoot him in the arm, but have it take no apparent affect on his ability to wield his weapon and aim. Head-shots are quickest. If I had to compare the gunplay to any other game, it'd be Half-Life 2.

    One really fantastic element of the Far Cry 2 is its fire propagation system. Many things can catch on fire, including the tons of dry grass found in the game. This isn't just cool, it can be used to gain a tactical advantage in a firefight. For instance, if you want to cut off a wave of pursuing enemies, you can pull out a flamethrower, Molotov cocktail, flare gun, or whatever, and light the grass on fire. If you're lucky, the wind will be blowing toward you enemies and make the fire spread toward them!

    When it come to enemy A/I and tactics, I feel some elements are good while others are mildly lacking. The enemies employ good offensive tactics, such as 2 guys distracting you while another sneaks around and flanks. But defensive tactics are noticeably lacking, they generally don't make use of cover, opting instead to run around wildly. What's more, elements of stealth are somewhat inconsistent. For instance, you can shoot a bad guy in the head with a suppressed weapon, and no one will notice, but if you take him out with the machete, it seems like the whole camp knows about it instantly. What's the deal with that?

    As for the guns themselves, well, there are just lots of them. Assault rifles, sub-machine guns, sniper rifles, explosives of all kinds, even a flame thrower! And not only that, they are all truly useful and really FUN. Some games have these junk guns that might as well be thrown as fired, but not Far Cry 2. You will feel confident walking into a firefight with ANY gun in the game. Also, various upgrades can be purchased for your guns to make them more accurate and reliable (more on gun reliability below).

    You can carry four weapons with you at any given time (not including your grenades) - they are your machete (you always have this), a primary weapon, a secondary, and a "special" weapon (RPG, dart gun, S.A.W, etc). You of course can pick up any weapon you see in the game, but it takes the place of the weapon you currently have in that slot.

    One bad thing about the guns, though. Ubi Soft -- in an attempt to make the game more "realistic", I think -- included a gun deterioration feature to Far Cry 2. Every gun in the game is subject to getting dirty and rusty. The more you fire any given gun, the worse off it gets. This leads to it jamming (in which case you have to hit X again and again as your character struggles to unjam the weapon). Or, if it gets too bad, the weapon just blows up in your hands! The guns you pick up off of enemies are almost always in really bad shape, but the ones you buy new at the gun shop are pristine. Now that I think of it, I haven't had any issues with store-bought weapons. For one thing, once you buy a given gun, you can go to the armory (right next to any given gun shop), and you have an unlimited supply of that gun there. As for me, I just switch out my gun for a new one every few missions or so. This does away any reliability problems.

    Now, I think they were going for realism with this, but it is actually kind of unrealistic that an AK-47, for instance, would jam and blow up after having a few hundred rounds go through it. Those guns have been known to fire tens of thousands of rounds and work for years with little or no cleaning. Anyway, I just don't know what Ubi was thinking.

    There are a number of ways to get around in Far Cry 2. You've got Jeeps, buggies, generic assault trucks, generic cars, air-boats, hand-gliders, etc. Some are for just getting from A to B, while others have a machine gun mounted on them (which you can't use while driving). I question how useful the vehicles are, though. As with most games, the vehicles in Far Cry 2 take damage. The thing is, your vehicle gets damaged and breaks down so easily and frequently that it's often faster to just get to where you're going on foot, otherwise you have to get out, pop the hood, and fix the vehicle (which consists of turning a bolt with a ratchet), only to have it break down again. Breaking down in Far Cry 2 is about as fun as breaking down in real life.

    The system in this game works well. You can't save just anywhere, but you can save right after you've completed a mission, at the number of "safe houses" you've unlocked, and at various other times and places in the game. You never feel stressed to reach a save point, nor do you have to waste too much time if you die and retry a mission.

    The health system in this game in probably as good as any. Your health meter is divided up into a number of segments, and unlike many modern shooters, your health doesn't regenerate after a few seconds, at least not all the way. If one segment is partially drained, it will recover after a few seconds if no more damage is taken. To heal yourself completely, though, you have to use a syrette to inject yourself with some miraculous healing drug. You can carry a number of these syrettes with you, and you even have the option to upgrade your medical kit at the gun shop, which will allow you to carry more. Fortunately, there are a number of places in the game that you can replenish your supply of syrettes, such as enemy camps, your safe houses, the gun shops, and a few others. I think this system works well, as it allows you to complete missions without dying all the time, but you also feel a bit pressed, because you only have a limited amount of syrettes to restore your health. I like to think of it as a good hybrid between old-school health packs, and modern instant health restoration.

    Also, when you're health meter is depleted, and one of the friends you've made is on "standby", he will come and bail you out of the firefight by dragging you to safety. However, if you don't have any friends on standby, you simply die and have to reload your last save. I thought this was a nice touch.


    Minimal HUD
    One of my favorite things about this game is that there is nothing between you and the world around you. That is, there are no cross-hairs, health gauges, or blinking lights that are constantly on your screen. Now, you can press a button and your health and ammo status will temporarily appear, or you can choose to have cross hairs on the screen (the alternative is you have to manually raise your scope or iron sights in order to aim accurately). As far as navigation goes, your character physically brings up a map in his hands in real-time. This was a bit odd at first, but I think it's a great idea. Using it is much better than having to go to a start screen, or looking at a micro map in the bottom corner. Even when you are driving, your character can look down at the map he's holding in one hand, or, if that's a bother, you can put it away and look at the vehicle's on-board GPS display (they all have this). All of this serves to really make this game immersive.

    Right off the bat, you see that your character is sick. He has malaria, and immediately after the the opening scene, you wake up in what is basically your death bed. Later on, you have a little episode where your vision gets all blurry and you collapse, only to wake up again. You will continue to have these bouts of blurriness if you do not acquire the proper medicine, which you have to take about every hour or so (you are prompted to take the medicine when your screen gets blurry). In order to get this medicine, you have to do favors for "The Underground", a non-violent group. Now, I can understand that malaria is a rather common sickness in Africa, but I don't know what the developers were thinking by adding it in here. I mean, your character having to periodically deal with his malaria doesn't add to Far Cry 2 anymore than periodically having to change your peg leg would add to a pirate game. It's not that interesting, and it's certainly not fun.

    Despite its shortcomings, Far Cry 2 is an amazing game. It looks great, the controls are tight, the missions are varied and entertaining, and there are tons of weapons and strategies to play around with. All in all, because of it's length and high replay value, I think this game is worth a purchase and not just a rent....more info
  • Great open world FPS
    Far Cry 2 is certainly different from anything i have played before. Take a solid FPS and place it in an open, sand-box type environment...the results are great at first but do drag a little towards the middle. The problem is that some of the missions get a bit stale...the first time you attack a convoy is great, the eight time...not so great. The story lags behind a little toward the middle but picks up full force in the second half of the game with a fantastic payoff at the end...Even with its flaws this is a great game that FPS fans should give a chance. 4/5...more info
  • Old look, tired game play.
    I LOVE 1st person shooters. Can't say I have played them all, but I have played quite a few. When confronted with the choice of Far Cry 2, Dead Space, and Fallout 3, I chose to follow the path of an *old* (ok not SO old) favorite, Far Cry. I chose poorly. Far Cry 2 is a relatively weak attempt to clone games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (which I really enjoyed). Deeper than a standard run and gun, open gameplay (not a storyline on rails), Far Cry fails in several key areas. AI is weak. I'm about 1/2 way thorugh the game at this point. In what I consider a good game, I at some point find myself outflanked, caught by surprise, etc when I start to get complacent. Half Life was the first game that did this to me. While the AI in Far Cry 2 doesn't strand attackers in corners, behind boxes, or otherwise clueless, it does not in any way challenge me. The storyline is also less than compelling. It seems someone saw 'Blood Diamond' and thought 'Hey, we could make a movie based on the strife in Africa'. Characters are weak and uncompelling. Same with the storyline. As far as weapons, your default pistol seems to be more powerful than most assault rifles, as 3 shots puts just about anyone down where you can put half a clip into someone with a rifle before they collapse. Following Bioshock (last first person I had time to play thorugh, and which I really enjoyed), this is a very weak offering, and well worth skipping for better developed titles.

    Further commentary:

    I forgot to add in my original review that this game s make the CARDINAL mistake of all first person shooters: ENDLESS RESPAWN. Here you go through the map, killing bad guys, clearing out camps and outposts. Then you get an assignment to go do such-and-such. So you trek Back through a camp you already cleared. And lo and behold it has magically re-populated! This is what a game company does when it wants to skimp on map creation. It makes you endlessly trek across terrain you have already cleared, and fight the SAME enemies again and again and again and... Well, you get the point. The more I play this game, the more pissed off I am that I blew $50 on it. Simply put, this is the worst game/gameplay (on a decent engine) I have played in YEARS. ...more info
    The story is great first of all and the multiplayer is phenomenal. There are alot of sick weapons that are realistic and cool. In the story mode, there is so much freedom to do what you want, go where you want, and fight how you want to fight. Anyone complaining about the graphics needs a new to a new flat screen/plasma tv. Farcry 2 is the 2nd best first person shooter (HALO 3 is 1st)out there that has it all. ...more info
  • Incredible Game!!
    Wow...this game has it all. The world never ends, once its loaded (about 15-20 seconds) you'll never need to reload again for more of the map (unless you die). UBI did it again on this one. The story is awesome, a total thriller!!!

    Weapons are awesome, AI is never the same.

    What makes this game so awesome is the Map Editor. INCREDIBLE!!!! You can create anything you want anyway, shape, or form. Please check out a video on the map editor.

    Multiplayer is just another awesome thing. You'll also be able to play on your own maps on XboxLIVE! Their are many different ways to win, different game modes, unlimited # of maps!

    I HIGHLY recommend this game! ...more info
  • excellent value
    Reviewer does not need to repeat valid comments made by others on this game. Both negative and positive apply, except this: it is a GAME! it contains a very unusual degree of realism, not reality! Story line is rather simplistic, but has internal consistency and towards the end one or two genuine surprises if not shocks (to do with your buddies and the Jackal). For repeat players it would be nice to bypass the various speeches such as those by the annoying journalist, but you can't. Excellent soundtrack, especially the haunting title piece (could not find the proper credits of the strange androgynous voice). We played this game almost to saturation for months and still find new paths, new gliders hidden away, and new ways to do the same missions. Levels of difficulty increase from "Easy" to "Normal" to "Hardcore" to "Infamous". You get less stuff as you move up in difficulty, and you become much more vulnerable to injury. In "Easy" and "Normal" you can take a lot of abuse and still keep coming, but "Infamous" only takes 2-3 shots and you're finished, which means you have to slow down your game a great deal, or repeat missions until you win them, both options being very time-costly and ultimately a turnoff. It is possible to complete the game in "Easy" and "Normal" using only a pistol or pickup guns from fallen enemies, ie without buying anything at the dealers. In "Hardcore" it may be possible but becomes so difficult as not to be fun, so you have to buy and use good and especially long distance guns (sniper rifle, rockets). It is possible to diverge completely from scenarios and subvert a mission your way, of which the most obvious is the "oedward rex" mission - shoot the king, but keep the ring for yourself not give it to his son! It is possible to conquer entire towns just for the fun of it - Sefapane is relatively easy, and you can shoot up everyone in the place within the regeneration time when the game resets and everyone suddenly acts "normal" under cease fire. Much more difficult, but possible, to do the same in Pala, with far more enemies present. I have not tried the main town. A guide book (we used "Prima's") is a good idea if you want to find all or most of the diamonds. The gliders are a lot of fun, once you figure that certain diamonds are reachable ONLY from the air. Some remain unreachable (to us): one at the PetroSahel railcar roof, another on the rocks next to the legion fort. Attempting a help line at Ubisoft got us nowhere. They simply want us to register so we buy their stuff - understandable, but not out interest since we already bought the game. Best value for money weapon at any level is the jeep mounted gun, cost: nothing! Use it to clear out the annoying outposts while going from one place to another. Likewise, there are excellent AK47s hidden away in various places, available for free - guidebook maps will show where, since you are most unlikely to just find them. For dealer weapons, the PKM is by far the best overall value and available right from the start. Also possible to travel great distances with minimum fighting by skirting outposts or simply zooming thru them.
    In computer version you can quick save anytime, not in playstation where you have fixed save places. Interactive is a disapointment, because you have to connect via internet even for two people sitting next to each other on the sofa, and it is very complicated to set up, which is another turnoff. Overall, well worth the money, fully recommended for the gamimng value....more info
  • Lame
    I feel like this game was marketed differently than it actually plays. Sure the graphics are all right, but everything else feels off. The missions are repetitive, the enemy AI is terrible, the terrain is not as open as I was expecting, the voice acting is lame, the cars are no fun to drive... I could go on and on. I had this game for about a week before I traded it in for Fallout 3, which is sweet....more info
  • A Big Disappointment
    If what you're looking for is a solid and fun multiplayer ala COD4... look somewhere else. This game's multiplayer is a disappointment. The playability leaves a lot of things to be desired and it doesn't live up to all the hype.

    Playability is how much you enjoy a game based on the quality of your interaction with other players and the environment. For a FPS it refers to the ability to walk, run, duck, aim, fire your weapons, hide, ambush, reload, distinguish friend from foe, take damage and heal, know where the enemy fire comes from, the tools available to navigate the multiplayer maps, and how all this elements help you and your team achieve the goal of the game. Far Cry 2 falls short on all this as it just ain't smooth.

    In the multiplayer there's no map that shows your position or other player's; friends and foes look alike and the only way to distinguish them is a red/green banner on top of their heads showing your nome de guerre and a health meter (green=friend/red=foe). When you get kill and while waiting to respawn you can circle through some still cameras that show real time footage of the game, but again you don't know if that guy running with a machete down that dry creek is friend or foe (and for a last generation game to need a banner on top of your head showing whether you're friend or foe its unacceptable).

    Also let's talk about patience: if you get kill by a headshot then you're looking at around twenty seconds waiting before you can join the game again; if God forbid you get mortally wounded then you'll bleed to dead for twenty seconds waiting for someone to revive you plus another twenty seconds waiting to respawn. If you're driving from L.A. to San Diego twenty seconds is really a drop in a bucket, but if your team's diamonds have been stolen and you're down by a point with the clock ticking it can be not just frustrating but nerve wracking.

    When it comes to the single player the best way to describe it is: GTA IV with a first person perspective in Africa (yes, including that cell phone that doesn't stop ringing and the safe houses where you can safe your progress).
    Graphics are good; you can hunt wild game, sneak behind heavily armed foes with decent AI, drive vehicles, paraglide, get your gun jammed in the middle of a battle, create your very own maps, take a nap and wake up at night, blow stuff up and even set the jungle on fire but beware: setting the jungle on fire could be like spitting against the wind...
    I'm a multiplayer type of guy and don't really care for the game story, but if what you like is the mission this game is not a bad idea for killing a Sunday afternoon -no pun intended.

    To summarize my experience with this game: I paid $59.99 (+ 6.5% tax in NC/US) and if I could turn back time, I would've NOT purchased this game. If there's a Far Cry 3 coming out in the future don't bother checking for my review, I'll not buy it. I broke my golden rule on this game and paid dearly: rent it or play the demo, and if it's good buy it. And now I'm advising you: rent it, don't buy it.

    This game is like ordering a delicious burger at your favorite restaurant: medium rare Angus beef that comes to your table hot off the grill, topped with cheddar cheese, crunchy stripes of bacon and a side of crispy golden fries... everything looks and smells perfect, and when you grab it ready to take a bite larger than life you feel the soggy and mushy bread that holds it. And that bread is the playability.
    ...more info
  • Painful might have beens
    Far Cry 2 is not a bad game, in fact it is often fun. It is just painful to play and realize how great it might have been. The sandbox is great and combat is quite fun, but this is a very sterile sandbox. It just seems like a very dead world. Guardposts respawn as soon as you are out of sight, there is no reward for "exploring" them. There are virtually no civilians. A game like this begs to be able to accept side missions from village elders and refugee groups. Even better, have choices in accepting conflicting missions from a faction or from civilians. To have such an open sandbox world, and such a linear storyline is a shame. This could have been an all time great game, instead of next month's bargain bin...more info
  • A Far Cry from the first game.
    I only went as far as playing the demo for the first game and hated it. Upon reading enough reviews for this game I finally took a chance and bought it. And it paid off. The graphics are beautiful as well as the elements of realism this game has. Not super realistic as in you get shot twice and you die like in splinter cell or something. But my buddy watched a grenade explosion and said "That was the most realistic grenade explosion I have ever seen, except you would have been killed from where your standing."(I was like 25 feet away.) He is a SGT. in the US Army having served 2 tours in Iraq so I took his word for it, since the closest I have been to war is Black Friday at Wal-Mart. So far with all the exploring you can do in this game it has a lot of longevity to it, as well as a map editor and a decent multiplayer. I highly recommend this game. ...more info
  • Far Cry 2
    Far cry 2 is a very believable story, excellent gameplay and storyline. Trying to stay alive as your gun jams up, not so easy....more info