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Trend Micro Internet Security
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Product Description


With Trend Micro Internet Security, you no longer need to choose between computer performance and maximum protection. Get smart, proven security that never sleeps, guarding your PC from the latest threats while giving you the freedom to browse and shop online. Safeguard your PC and your personal information without compromise.

Enhanced parental controls help you take charge of where and when your children go online. Click to enlarge.

Maximum Security. Online Freedom.

Why worry about malicious downloads and dangerous web pages?

Trend Micro Internet Security provides smart, up-to-date protection for your home network against present and future threats without slowing down your PC. Protection for up to 3 PCs per household.

Home Network Map lets you see all the devices connected to your network at a glance, manage the security of other network computers remotely, and block wireless home network intruders from accessing yours. Click to enlarge.

You can block websites with inappropriate content, prevent access at specific times, and even stop children from typing personal information in webpages. Click to enlarge.

Surf the web without worry
Smart security features in Trend Micro Internet Security protect the computers in your home as you email and browse online:

  • Prevents email and image spam from reaching your inbox
  • Halts access to dangerous web pages
  • Stops websites from installing dangerous downloads on your computer

Manage your children's online activity
Enhanced parental controls help you take charge of where and when your children go online:

  • Block websites with inappropriate content based on specific categories
  • Choose what times and for how long your children are allowed to go online
  • Monitor online activity reports to fine-tune your controls if necessary

Essential protection for your home PCs
Trend Micro Internet Security safeguards your computer and personal information against latest threats:

  • Detects and removes viruses, spyware, and other malicious threats from your computer, email, instant messages and downloads
  • Prevents unauthorized users from changing your critical applications, without impacting your PC's performance
  • Secures your home network with a personal firewall and Wi-Fi patrol

Home Network Protection. Online Safety for Families.
Trend Micro Internet Security secures your home network from the latest threats while protecting your family from unsafe and inappropriate web sites.

New and Improved Features:

  • New--Worry-Free Click protects you from malicious or untrustworthy links from email, websites, or instant messages.
  • Improved--Home Network Map lets you see all the devices connected to your network at a glance, manage the security of other network computers remotely, and block wireless home network intruders from accessing yours.
  • Improved--Parental Controls lets you take charge of when and where your children go on the Internet. You can block websites with inappropriate content, prevent access at specific times, and even stop them from typing personal information in webpages.
  • Improved--Powerful anti-spyware technology guards your personal information and privacy against spyware, rootkits, and other malicious software.
  • Improved--An award-winning anti-virus engine protects against computer viruses, worms, Trojan horse programs, and related security threats.

  • Easy-to-use protection for your home network, identity, and online activities from the present and future web threats
  • Home Protection for up to 3 PCs
  • Over 40% lighter on memory, nearly 50% faster bootup time
  • Customizable security for your home PCs
  • Designed to identify and stop attacks before they happen

Customer Reviews:

  • good product
    This product was for a renewal of the same software, but the speed with which I received it was great--just a few days....more info
  • Seems to Work Great for Us
    We used the 90-day period that came with the new PC from Dec-Mar, then bought & loaded this and have no trouble with speed or pop-up as noted in some other reviews. Happy....more info
  • Internet Security
    Over the years we have tried numerous brands for internet security. We had MacAfee which wasn't too bad and we had Norton 360 which was a big pain. So far we have been very pleased with Trend Micro. It hasn't messed up our computer near as much as the others if at all....more info
  • Average program, outrageous renewal fees
    This program came bundled on my Dell computer a few years ago. Unlike Symantec/Norton Anti-virus which slows your computer to a crawl and is truly an evil program, PC-cillin does its job without causing your computer to slow to a crawl. It is relatively easy to configure.

    However, I have seven other computers, none of which has ANY anti-virus software. These computers have never had a virus. Guess which computer has had three viruses? Yes, the one with PC-cillin installed. I am a computer programmer, so I know how to spot a virus, and therefore I am quite certain that the other computer do not have any problems.

    The real kicker on this program, however, is the outrageous Trend Micro renewal policy. Look at the price for this program at the top of this page, and then go to the Trend Micro page and type "renewal" in the search box. What you will quickly find is that a one year renewal for this program is $79!! That's right: they are going to charge you almost twice what you paid for the program -- and do that every year -- just to get new virus patterns, something other vendors sometimes do for free.

    So, even though I was happy with this program when I first got it (because I was coming from the horrendous Symantec fiasco), I am now terribly disappointed because of Trend's customer-antagonistic renewal policy, and its rather poor ability to actually prevent viruses....more info
  • Internet Security
    This is the same thing that came on my computer but when checking around it wasw at a greatly reduced price. Gret Product...more info
  • The judgement is out
    I put this product on my stationary computer. So far, so good. But on my laptop, the computer crashed....more info
  • Unsure version
    Ordered Trend Micro Internet Security 2009, when item arrived the box did not indicate the year of the program. In other stores the same box said 2009 or like last years 2008. I called Amazon and they couldn"t confirm that it was 2009 and said if I opened it to look on the CD I would have to pay a $25. restocking fee if returned. I didn't open it, but did return it...more info
  • great product & service
    The product arrived in excellent condition, as has everything I've ever ordered from Amazon. Keep up the good work!...more info
  • Trend Micro Internet Security 2009
    I renewed my Trend Micro by purchasing the full OEM version on Amazon for $29 vs $39 online with Trend Micro. The free shipping arrived in 3 days. I was unsure how to install on top of the current version to renew for another year. After reading a little, you can just enter the new serial number on the CD package after clicking on the subscription link within the Trend Micro control panel. I highly recommend this product for its ease of use and excellent features and protection. It automatically scans, updates and can be set to fit you needs easily and 2009 version is also very fast....more info
  • forced to "upgrade" from 2006 version and now conflicts with Norton/Symantec System Works
    The 2006 version of this software has been working fine for years on my computer. I also use a separate antispyware program. Now Trend Micro has forced an upgrade, because Trend Micro won't supply virus and trojan patterns for the 2006 version anymore.

    Let me say something nice about the 2009 version first: It's quick to scan and doesn't appear to slow my system down.

    But I use a 2003 version of Norton/Symantec System Works; it's very important to me that I have this software on my machine. When I tried to activate my new Trend Micro software, I couldn't, and now I can't update patterns. Trend Micro told me it was because I still had Norton/Symantec Antivirus on my computer. I told Trend Micro tech help that they were simply wrong. Then Trend Micro tech support said you have to remove all Norton/Symantec software in order to activate Trend Micro Internet Security 2009. I told Trend Micro tech support that under no circumstances would I remove Norton/Symantec System Works 2003 from my computer because I use it frequently, and it is really important that I keep it on my system. Trend Micro has not gotten back to me with a fix.

    Long story short, this Trend Mirco software will not work well on a computer that has Norton/Symantec System Works installed, and Trend Micro pretends that it can simply ask a customer to remove important software in order to fix Trend Micro's failures. This is a highly arrogant position for Trend Micro to take.

    Added May 6th, 2009 (a few weeks after the above paragraphs):

    Virus and Trojan pattern updates failed to download even after I managed to activate Trend Micro 2009--how is still unclear. Some weeks later, in early May 2009, after Trend Micro's tech support refused to answer my emails, I called Trend Micro and they said send us some new and different system logs because we understand the Norton Software that we said couldn't be installed at the same time is a system utility. After a few hours, Trend Micro got back to me with a suggested solution: I needed to remove my Webroot Spysweeper to allow Trend Micro 2009 to update. After I pointed out that this should have been a suggested solution a month ago, I removed Webroot's Spysweeper, and Trend Micro Internet Security 2009 STILL REFUSED TO UPDATE PATTERNS. Clearly there is something very wrong with the update and activation process for this software and Trend Micro doesn't know what the problem is.

    Also Trend Micro, insists that Internet Explorer has to be the default web browser. I use Firefox 3 and refuse to use IE for daily updates. That Trend Micro would demand--yes that's the right word--the use of IE suggests that Trend Micro is not serious about providing software services. IE is considered a joke, and is last on the list of browsers considered acceptable for a PC running Windows.

    Avoid Trend Micro Internet Security 2009.

    Added May 8th, 2009

    As a test, with Trend Micro 2009 installed, but still unactivated/updated, I set Internet Explored (I run IE8) as my default web browser, and now IE will not connect to the web; IE's connection diagnostic test claims that my computer doesn't have any network hardware. This IE problem occurs even though I am connected to the internet and I can surf the web using Firefox and/or Opera without trouble. Trend Micro claims that I have been referred further up in the technical help department, but in 48 hours no one has contacted me about this huge problem. Trend Micro missed something big when engineering the 2009 version, and it is not clear to me that Trend Micro plans to fix the problem anytime soon.

    I don't know if an earlier version of IE--say IE7--would connect properly, but it is not my job to answer such questions. Happily, because of Norton System Works, I can revert my hard drive to a configuration running Trend Micro 2006--a configuration where all browsers connect to the world wide web.

    And finally for this section of the update: I had Trend Micro 2009 installed on a backup copy of my hard drive. I followed Trend Micro's suggestion and ran Trend Micro's debug tool kit, which comes with the 2009 version. Running that tool kit killed the backup hard drive. I'm sure glad it was only a backup copy where I could test out suspect software, but now I don't have a backup of my C drive, so I have to buy a new hard drive if I want to replace the one broken by Trend Micro's tool kit. It's very rare for me to have killed a hard drive. I did it once 6 years ago. ...more info
  • Had to manually configure it
    I have Trend Micro Internet Security installed on 2 Vista machines at home. This is what we use at work (Federal Aviation Administration), so I thought it would be OK. Well, 2 weeks ago, in trying to call up the control panel, all I got was a white window (on both machines). After spending 20 frantic hours thinking I had a virus, it turned out to be TMIS itself. I finally went to their web site, searched on my problem & found no fix, so I contacted the company. They returned the next day with a fix, but it bothered me that I had to manually reconfigure software that had previously worked OK, and that I came within an inch of thinking I had to reformat both my drives to fix the problem. Currently, a new problem has emerged where the program hangs up trying to install the updated definitions file. It's caught in some infinite loop. In all good faith, from their web site & my own experience, I cannot recommend this software to anyone with less than a BS in computer science. I have a Ph.D. with a minor in computer science, and this software has me spending massive amounts of time just keeping it running. Their web site lists a litany of individual problems. While I applaud their trying to deal with these problems, the fact that there are so many indicates to me poorly written code. So, be prepared for sudden, frightening problems that it's up to you as the consumer to diagnose and spend a lot of time & heartache fixing....more info
  • So far, so good....
    First, a little background:
    I had been using Trend Micro for the past three years and had decided to try another product. I found TM to be too resource intensive, bogging down my system. It also let a trojan infect my PC in the spring and I had to use another product to detect and remove it. Neither strong selling points for renewing my subscription.

    The Amazon Vine offered the new, streamlined TM offering a few weeks after I had switched to another product. It had been getting very good reviews, effective, less resource hungry etc. so I decided to give it another try.

    The install was effortless (be aware, Trend Micro does NOT play well with many other AV/Anti-spyware products), updates to the source engine and virus database downloaded without a hitch. The interface is slightly streamlined from the earlier incarnation and set-up was fairly easy.

    I have not noticed a marked improvement in boot-up time (the box claimed up to a 40% improvement I believe), sadly I had uninstalled my old version some weeks before, so I was unable to do a side-by-side comparison. There does seem to be some minor improvement on system drag however, I'm not seeing the periodic 60-80% CPU drain that I was seeing before.

    It's only been a few weeks so far, and I have had no issues yet. There are many other other AV products available, ranging from free to quite expensive. Testing done by PCMagazine shows that they all do a pretty good job protecting your computer and price does not necessarily indicate effeciveness (check out their website for details).

    So, do I recommend Trend Micro? So far, yes, with minor reservations.

    If you're not comfortable messing around with your computer and want a one-stop product for protection, TM is a good choice.
    If you are more comfortable, there are other, less expensive products that you may want to look into.

    As far as my experience, time will tell how well it will work for me. I will provide updates as experience warrents.

    No matter what product you choose, PLEASE be sure to protect your system with some firewall/AntiVirus product....more info
    In early April '09, I bought a brand new laptop from Best Buy, a Dell Studio 17'', with Windows Vista 64bit. It had Trend Micro pre-insalled on it with a year subscription paid, and it destroyed my laptop. When I first booted up my PC, I got everything updated, mainly Windows first. I never bothered with Trend Micro until after I was done transferring all my content from my external hard drive onto this PC. So after a couple days had passed, I tried to update Trend Micro.

    What happened was that when I clicked "Update"; everything on my entire computer instantly disappeared and it shut off. During the shut down screen, it said "Applying Updates, 2 of 3..."

    I was confused, because it only does an update during shut-down if it's a Windows update, not software. A little nervous, I waited. It shut down, and it booted back up again. To my dismay and unbelievable frustration, I got a blue-screen, containing this error message: "IRQHL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL_THAN"

    Having no idea what that meant, the blue-screen clicked off, and it went into the Windows Repair mode. I hit repair. It took 20 minutes for the repair mode to tell me that Windows couldn't be fixed, that I needed to do a system restore. So I did, and it failed. So I was back at square one, angry as ever. Every time I hit "Start Windows Normally", it would result in the blue screen. So in a mood of hopelessness I called Dell. It took me a full HOUR to even get to someone that could help me, because after the initial waiting, then transferring, then waiting, then giving him my info, it was a while.

    Me and the Dell tech went through everthing step-by-step, and (to make a very, very long story short), we eventually got it started, but by doing nothing progressive other than restarting the laptop several times and playing with the BIOS. It started, and a strange thing popped up on the right hand corner of my screen when it loaded into the desktop: It was a warning message from Trend Micro stating that the last update was corrupted, and it reverted back to a previous state, and that it wasn't going to go through an update process until a correct update could be applied. (Don't remember the exact wording, but that was it in a nutshell)

    So it dawned on me that Trend Micro had to be the issue, because I do nothing wrong on my PC that would cause me to get a virus otherwise. All I did was load my music and personal files on, I'm not careless.

    So me and the Dell tech went to the Dell website and installed the new BIOS update, and I also removed Trend Micro completely from my PC. The tech said it was likely that the Trend Micro update, or something relating to it in general, was the likely cause of it corrupting files within windows. I don't know how, but ever since the removal I haven't had a problem since.

    I've since then bought Avira AntiVirus, which is fantastic.

    I've heard reports of Trend Micro releasing bad updates in the past (Google it), especially ones that froze computers with Windows XP w/ SP2. Never Vista, but after this experience I'll never use Trend Micro again, just from the simple fact that they have a history of rotten updates.

    I hope this review was helpful, and I hope I didn't get anything wrong, but this was my experience, hoping to possibly save someone else from the potential hazard....more info
  • Never again
    After dealing with Mcafee and Norton, thought Trend Micro HAD to be better, wrong again. I experienced all the problems the other reviewers , including poor virus protection and inability to use e mail.
    In desperation am trying a paid version of cyber defender....
    of course, they all give themselves ***** reviews....more info
  • Works great. Less sluggish than previous version.
    This is my third version of Trend Micro internet security. My last one (2006) really seemed to slow down my old computer. The new one seems much better (especially at boot up). Trend Micro has never let my computer be infected or damaged....more info
  • Simple and efficient security software
    I installed this software on my wife's laptop and it's been running smoothly for a few months now. It seems to do everything that Norton did and provides a nice, simple interface for users to configure and make changes - you can choose which features to use and which to turn off. The only issue we've had with it was a few weeks in when windows firewall and the firewall that this software provides were butting heads. If I turned one on the other complained. I'm not sure what the issue was but it was eventually resolved and the software has been running smoothly since. This is a cheap alternative to Norton and is even simpler to setup and run. Each software pack can be used on up to three computers which is nice....more info
  • Easy to Use
    I'm not too big on security software and recently saw the Trend Micro commended by Consumer reports. The program is easy to navigate and has been working like a dream. It's found nearly four times the amount of trash than my trial for McAffee.

    Another big plus is that I can install this on three machines, perfect for the home and family....more info
  • Good product, user friendly
    Good product and user friendly. One inportant work of caution, if you have Norton Anti-Virus currently on your computer, completely remove it. The Norton uninstall utility only diables some of its features. The Tech support at TrendMicro were nice and helpful. I would advise calling them on the phone to help with this. ...more info
  • A really nice product that I've been quite happy with
    I have Trend Micro's Internet Security on one computer at home and Bit Defender on another. I have to declare myself thoroughly delighted with both of them. I knew Trend Micro from 8 or 9 years ago when I got to know it as a free online system scanner. I used it several times to rid myself of pesky viruses that McAfee could not deal with.

    The specific thing I like about the Trend Micro is that it really doesn't slow the system down at all, while providing apparently great protection (I've had no virus problems that I'm aware of). Some antivirus programs I've used really slow the computer down and make looking at pages on the Internet a drag. But the Trend Micro has been almost invisible.

    I have been very happy with the feature whereby it clears out the malicious cookies that are downloaded onto my computer through surfing the Internet. Each day it deletes spybots and data miners without my prompting it.

    If you are looking for a very fine internet security program I can definitely recommend this one. My assessment is based on only one month of use, but that has been a completely incident free month....more info
  • Three stars on hope and generosity
    I allocated the stars on this product on the hope that it will prove itself. I entered this three days ago and so far it works well. I may write a new review in a few months after it has a chance to prove itself....more info
  • one month and virus free
    It works and did not slow down my 2 gb ram 2.13 GHZ core 2 duo computer running XP SP3. The loading times are significantly faster than McAffee, which took 1.5 to 2 minutes to set up the firewall before I could even surf the web. It still takes 50-60 seconds to load the firewall after startup, and that is why I gave it a 4 stars.

    It automatically deletes the tracking cookies on your computer after each scan, which is nice. Future versions should feature automatic tracking cookie blockers. It also ID's suspicious websites before you visit and allows you to change your mind.

    Update- Trend Micro's monthly newsletter recommended a registry cleaner. I ran the trial version and start up time is under 30 seconds again. This suggests that start up slowness from other AV programs can be solved in a similar way....more info
  • Works great!
    We needed two programs, since we have laptops for the kids' home school work, and this only has a license for three computers, this is comparable to the other program we're using, it doesn't slow things down and works fine. The kids hate it since it limits their internet so it must be doing something right!...more info
  • Worst than a waste of money. This program IS a VIRUS
    Trend Micro Internet Security I've worked with a number of Internet Security programs over the years, but this one is the worst. My computer kept giving me a blue screen, and no adjustment to program would help. It was not until I completely uninstalled this worthless program did I regain the use of my computer. ...more info
  • Too Much Trouble
    Although it was not obvious at the time, this software corrupted files each year it was installed for the past 3 years. In 2006 it conflicted with Windows Explorer, Music Match Jukebox and Install Shield. In 2007 the ability to use email was lost. Earthlink support was unable to diagnose or to correct the problem via remote assistance. When the internet service was changed to Road Runner, the internet connection was disrupted. A clean install was necessary to correct the problem. In 2008 there was a conflict with Roxio and the computer crashed. Another reinstall was necessary. In the same year Casale Media installed a piece of spyware that Trend Micro could not eliminated. SuperAntispyware had to be added to get rid of the spyware. This year Avast Home Edition was installed for free. A msconfig was done to reduce the number of programs at startup. The computer is running faster. No lockups as with Trend Micro. So far so good....more info
  • Does The Job
    This came right when my subscription to Norton ran out so I was very happy to give it a try. It installed easily with no problems at all, the software also seems to be fairly user friendly. In the past I've used McAfee, Norton, and Avg and in my opinion this program seems to be just a little better....more info
    Unfortunately, after 10 years of using TrendMicro's PcCillin & Internet Security, I have come to the conclusion that they just don't care.
    The product has become technically less efficient, more bloated and resource intensive even though it is still superior to some other name brands.
    It's as if they started out to beat McAfee & Symantec, then realized they no longer had to be really good as long as they could beat their competitors (just barely).
    A jaded and disingenous stategy if there ever was one.
    And customer service, once noteworthy, is now a frustrating and pathetic joke.
    It does their customers absolutely no good to contact representatives who neither know nor comprehend what needs to be done.
    Whatever value TrendMicro once represented, has been forsaken for an inferior product that results from a cynical and greedy stategy of high volume customer acquisition.
    Sounds sickeningly familiar to the Microsoft horror story except that I doubt that group ever had any notion of excellence from the start.
    But it's a similar story... Big, fat, greedy & mediocre!!!
    What a disapointment.
    What a waste....more info
  • Buyer Beware
    I did a lot of research before buying this program and found that it had good reviews. I ordered TrendMicro and then downloaded the trial version so I would have protection while I waited for the disk to be delivered. The trial version worked fine. Installed fine, scanned fine, etc. When I got the disk, I uninstalled the trial (which was advised) and then was never able to install the disk. From then on I was getting blue screens, unrelated programs not working, etc. I spent over 4 hours on the phone with TrendMicro and they were unable to help me. After sending them some type of log, I am still waiting over 2 weeks for a call back. So I assume some of the issues I have now may be that I got a virus in the time its taking them to call me back.

    I finally called Dell today and after 2 hours on the phone they determined that it did so much damage to my computer that I have to do a reformat. So now I'm out $45 for the program and $50 for the Dell support to get my computer fixed.

    So don't be fooled by the trial version. I hope they fix whatever issues they have with this program so no one else has to go through what I have been through....more info