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Pandigital 10.4-Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame with PanTouch
List Price: $249.99

Our Price: $104.99

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Product Description

Life can be described as a series of moments shared with the ones you love. It's the moment of admiration from all as you walk down the aisle on your wedding day. It's how your baby's face lit up the room at the sight of their first birthday cake. Perhaps it's the bittersweet feeling of a graduation; proud of the past, anxious for the future, but celebrating the present. It can even be that long, overdue getaway that you have been planning for so long that you thought it would never happen but are glad it finally did. These are only some of the memories that stay fresh and vivid in our minds forever but at the same time, are hard to capture. Pandigital understands this. Digital photo frames by Pandigital make sharing not just one moment, but all the special moments in your life easy. Every instant, every sensation, every experience can now be beautifully displayed in any room of the house or office. Laugh as the slideshow highlights all your fondest memories. Sigh when "your song" is played in the background. Reminisce over forgotten videos of your children, perhaps long-since grown up. Pandigital makes it all possible. User Interface PanTouch 6-in-1 Memory Card Reader Media card formats CF I, CF II, SD, MS, MS Pro, MMC, XD, Micro Drive, USB Drive Image formats JPEG Video formats AVI Audio formats MP3 512MB Internal memory - Play images, video and audio from the 6-in-1 card reader or the 512MB of internal memory USB 2.0 port / Mini USB Port Bluetooth compatible Controls 5 Buttons - Left, Right, Enter, Exit, Setup Headphone jack Real-time clock Calendar with Clock and Alarm Programmable On/Off Image Rotate/Resize Playback Mode(s) Slideshow, Single Picture Speakers Stereo Dual-Volt AC power supply Plug & Play Compatibility - Windows 2000 and XP

  • 10.4-inch TFT LCD screen with 400:1 contrast ratio
  • 1,024 x 768 pixel HD resolution with 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Built-in 512 MB flash memory; supports CF, SD, MS, MS Pro, MMC, xD, Micro Drive, USB drive
  • Turn album pages with a simple touch; Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible
  • What's in the box: Photo frame with black and espresso wood, remote control, AC adapter, USB cable, owner's manual, quick start guide

Customer Reviews:

    I have seen these things all over. Finally broke down and bought the Pandigital 7" frame. I LOVE it. I take pictures of everything. The slideshow feature is what I use all the time. Found it to be very easy to use. If you can use a computer you can use this thing. Instructions were a no brainer. Beautiful picture quality. Everything that I was hoping it would be....more info
  • Love it!
    Easy to set up. Image is super crisp. Offers many options. Will highly recommend it....more info
  • Great Frame - When it worked...
    I got the 5.6" version of this frame for Christmas, worked great, easy to use, has lots of options on it, really enjoyed it... but it died after 6 months... (since they only come with a 90 day warrenty, I was out of luck for a replacment). ...more info
  • Great digital frame
    Got it 2 days ago. set up so simple and display pictures so nice. have no problem at all. not test all the features yet but recomment this frame due to display. I love this frame....more info
  • Stunning display on this frame
    OMG!!!! This frame displays a jaw droppingly GORGEOUS picture, I have Brookstone and Sony frames which are good frames, but this Pandigital is in a class all of it's own. The resolution is almost twice tha of my 10" Brookstone. Shots of flowers have amazing color and look so real you can almost reach out and touch them. I just inserted my USB flash with as high as 14 MP images, turned on the frame, and marveled what a nice job this frame does displaying pictures. It's big and bright and has a wide viewing angle.

    The only minor gripe I have is you can't completely close the cover over the the card slots if you use a longer sized USB flash drive....more info
  • Devil is in the details
    This review is about the Pandigital 8" DPF, model PAN8056W02T, with the PanTouch feature and 1 Gb internal memory.

    I might have given this two and a half stars if I could have. To be fair, the picture quality is excellent, and after all that's the most important thing. Also, with a reasonable 4:3 aspect ratio (800 x 600) this frame lends itself to normal and pleasing picture formats, unlike the bizarre ratios offered by some manufacturers. The simple black (brown included too) frame is tasteful if a little dull and will fit well with a wide range of room decor.

    That's the good stuff. Unfortunately for me, this is one of those products with a bunch of annoying little problems (some are "features") that ruin otherwise good performance, and I'm returning mine to the store.

    I can forgive the fact that the remote just flat didn't work. Maybe it's just the battery.

    Much more annoying is the fact that the designers have decided to display a digital clock on this unit that can't be turned off. Sorry boys, I know it's small and not very intrusive, but it wrecks my pictures. It's particularly annoying that though the unit can be set up in portrait mode--and that's how I use it--the digital clock can't be rotated, so it's a sideways annoyance. Bad, bad idea. Here's a good design guideline for future DPF designers: when the customer is paying $130 for a picture frame, NOTHING should appear on the display except what the customer chooses to put there.

    Setup is manageable but much more confusing than it should be; thanks to the silly touch screen feature, you have three separate means of input, a useless redundancy that actually makes the unit harder to use. The PanTouch feature is OK for managing slideshows, but switching between slideshow mode and the more basic setup mode is very confusing. Personally, I'd rather just have a decent software setup interface for use on a PC, which would mean plugging the unit into a computer but would allow more natural and powerful menus without all the button-pushing and menu layering.

    I make an issue of setup because, amazingly, if you unplug this unit after setting the clock it will revert back to factory time--that's right, though pictures are nonvolatile, the clock settings are not. Power outage? Moving your frame across the room? Want to plug into your PC to load some pictures? You'll have to reset time and date every time.

    A final annoyance: though you can set slideshows up for slow, medium, and fast speeds, you can't set the actual length of time a photo is displayed. Pandigital's idea of a slow slide change rate is about 15 seconds. Mine is about 60 minutes.

    I know I'm being persnickity, and if you're rolling your eyes at what I consider bad features, add two stars to my rating, because as I say the display quality is excellent. However, if you want full control over how your pictures look and you want a minimum of setup hassle, I'd recommend looking elsewhere. ...more info
  • Stop working in 45 days - company didn't honor warranty
    I received as a Christmas gift and it stopped working 45 days later. (The gift was purchased two weeks before) When I called the company to arrange for a repair they told me that it could have been made over a year ago and therefore wouldn't honor the warranty. When I asked to speak to the supervisor he all but accused me of trying to cheat the company. I would not deal with these people. Their product is lousy and their ethics worse....more info
  • Excellent and fun photo frame
    I just recently got one of these as a gift and i absolutely love it! It holds two 4x6 prints plus a 5x7 print and has a 7 inch digital photo frame.

    The digital frame is loaded with features including calendar, alarm, slideshow, and my favorite, scheduled on and off time

    It was an absolutely great gift and i really enjoy using it here at my desk at work

    only reason i didn't give it a full 5 stars is because the quality of the digital frame could be a little better.
    ...more info
  • Died after six months of use
    Mine died after six months of continuous use. It started making a buzzing sound and each image is partially garbled. It might not be a big deal but the device only has a 90 day warranty! It also suffers from a poor user interface and documentation....more info
  • Good gift item
    I bought 2 of these for my parents for christmas and I was pretty pleased with how easy they were to setup as I preloaded some images on them. I can't really think of anything bad to say about them. Good digital frames for the money....more info
    Do not buy this item from PRICE BREAKER! It is cheaper in price, but the company is a scam. They gave me a digital frame which isn't the model depicted through Amazon. It does not even have the wi-fi feature, however it did have 1 GB of internal memory rather than the 512 MB listed. The picture is excellent, better than I thought it would be. All photos seem to be compatible from my Canon digital camera. It even plays video clips which look awesome! I'm glad I bought this. Would have gave it five stars, but I didn't get to really rate the wi-fi since Price Breaker sent me a different model....more info
  • Horrible
    Picture quality is horrible. Darks are way too dark and light colors look over-exposed. the remainder of the picture is just really grainy. Customer service was contacted and was no help at all.
  • Beware!
    I received the 10.4 frame as a a gift. The automatic on/off did not work & after many calls to tech support I was asked to send it to them. It was found to be defective (I had to call them at least 3 times to get this info)so I was told they would send me a new one. It took almost 3 months and half a dozen calls to get this accomplished. The new one came in a huge box with no packing at all. The automatic on/off does not work on the it either. When I called I was told that the warranty was no longer in effect--even though it was a new frame, the warranty only applied to the original one. I could not get a manager to speak to me. After spending $35 to sent the original back & my daughter's $200 for a defective frame, plus absolutely no customer service--I would not recommend any Pandigital product. ...more info
  • Low Resolution. Dim and Very Limited Angle Viewing
    - Low price
    - Includes a remote control.
    - Accepts a number of memory cards. Has USB for flash thumbrdrives (don't tell me you don't have one)
    - Play mp3 music for slideshow presentation
    - You can adjust the time how long you want to view each picture on a slideshow

    - Not a pretty interface
    - You may need to edit most of your pics to brighten them to make it acceptable for viewing
    - Can't see the pics if you change your viewing angle
    - Low resolution. Pics looks muddy.

    The deal killer is the picture quality. Nice gift but won't buy it for myself....more info
  • Loved It
    I bought this for my mother for her birthday and loaded some of her favorite vacation pictures of the family into it. It has plenty of memory, the black frame looks good in her home and the pictures are clear. It is generally on "slide show" but has other settings....more info
  • Love this thing
    I bought this Pandigital for my mother as she wanted it for Christmas. I researched a bit and purchased this model from the Amazon reviews. Well, she's had it a month and she loves it! Real simple to set up and use. The pictures are brilliant! I also picked up a 32 GB thumb drive to have the ability to display more pictures. I'm going to be picking another one up for the bride soon. Would highly recommend....more info
  • constant errors with "No Photo Files!" error
    the 10.4" PanTouch model keeps getting "No Photo Files!" errors when I load new set of images on memory card (many SD/CF cards tried). Slideshow would start playing for a few minutes until I think it encounter a JPEG file it does not agree with. Then it constantly fails back to menu screen with the error "No Photo Files!". Afterwards, the frame will no longer see any picture images from the card. I have to remove it and insert the card. Then it would find the images again and plays the slideshow then repeats the error.

    The problem is that the Frame does not give you a more detailed error of which Image files are causing the frame to error out. PanDigital support website was not helpful and they have not release updated firmware.

    It is a shame since the display very good at 1024. I do hope PanDigital tackle this issue with a firmware update. ...more info
  • Great photo frame-IF you find the right model
    I agree with the previous writer who found his first experience with this product terrible. Following his advice, I compared the two models at Macy's. Both models were on display and there was a definite difference in picture quality between the 5 Volt (Model 602-W) and the 9 Volt (Model 602-B), the 602-B being far sharper and with greater color intensity. I've since noticed most Pandigital models on sale use a 9 Volt AC adapter. If you can find the 602-B on sale, it's a very good value. The one drawback is the 6 " screen is small for any photos of more than a couple of people. It's great for closeup shots. If this is for a desk or similar place where it will be viewed closely, than it's worth seeking especially for it's price. My dad will be getting one for Father's Day with 100+ photos of his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren on a running slideshow. Happy shopping....more info
  • Very nice frame
    This is a very nice digital photo frame. You just have to get used to knowing where to touch to get to the different menu items. But It does everything you'd want out of a photo frame for a decent price. Downloads from chips are easy and the picture is good. ...more info
  • No Memory Stick Duo Support - Incorrect Packaging
    I bought this digital frame for use with my father's Sony Memory Stick Duo and Sony camera. This frame is one of the few that claims to support this format. However, the product does not work this way. The customer service rep explained to my father that in spite of the statements on the web, box, and package inserts, the device does not actually support this format....more info
  • Programmable on/off failure
    Picture quality is great, customer service is not great, and firmware is defective.

    If you don't want to use the automatic shutoff then you will probably love this product. So far, it is the only firmware problem I have found. This doesn't mean there aren't others; it is just the only one I know of.

    If you set the slide show time change to 60 seconds or greater, the time of day clock will not update. This will result in the failure of any programmed on/off time.

    Programmable on/off would be a great feature, if it worked. You probably don't want it running at night when sleeping and you probably want to change what pictures are displayed during the day. For example, suppose you want to change the picture every hour and you also want to turn off the digital frame between 11:00 PM until 7:00 AM. This is supposed to be programmable and happen automatically, but it will only work if the pictures change every 30 seconds or less.

    I called customer service. They are aware of the problem and gave me the only solution for the slide show function (automatically changing pictures); change the picture every 30 seconds or don't use the clock and the automatic on/off. They also told me that exchanging the product with another one would not help since the defective firmware is still being sold. I am supposed to call back in 2 weeks and see if they have a solution. I'll update this rating then.
    ...more info
  • Works as advertised
    Bought this frame for my mother who is in a Nursing Home. The continuous loop of pictures has really brightened her day. The USB interface works well for downloading pictures. My only frustration is some pictures don't seem to stay re-oriented once I've changed them -- Probably operator error....more info