LG 42LG30 42-Inch 720p LCD HDTV
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Product Description

Like all LG products the LG30 series are as aesthetically stylish as they are technologically advanced. Slim, sleek and sophisticated - the LG30 series will enhance your sense of style.

  • LCD HDTV features Clear Voice technology which enhances dialogue sound quality with swivel stand and energy Star rated
  • 720p Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080p with 3x HDMI v 1.3 digital inputs with swivel stand
  • Invisible speaker system for richer more balanced sound & a polished look
  • LG Simplink allows for convenient control of other LG products using HDMI connection
  • 12,000:1 Dynamic contrast ratio

Customer Reviews:

  • Garbage
    Please learn from my mistake and don't buy this TV! The picture quality doesn't hold a candle to my old fashioned Sony 27-inch. The swivel stand is weak and shaky and the audio is too low at full volume. In my opinion anyone who gives a thumbs-up to this TV is either too easily satisfied or infatuated with the fact that the picture is bigger than their old set. The dark colors fade into each other and you can never adjust the picture to get it just right. Unless you're in a straight line in front of the set at all times the picture is dark and extremely disappointing. Do yourself a favor: if you want real quality buy one of the better plasmas or save up to buy a higher quality LCD set. Trust me on this, "entry level" or not no one should throw away their money on this junk. You've been warned! ...more info
  • My Feeling
    I Had A Little Problem??? With Just The Shipping,,,I Have Never Delt With A Company That Was So UnderStanding,and Helpful...I Wish More Companys Ran Thier Buss...Like That...Such Pried.....As For The Product,,,,I'm Speechless.....Thanks Agian For All You Have Done.....

    Maurice,, From Pa...more info
  • Great Television !!!!
    Great TV. Great picture. Looks just ask good as 1080. Can't tell the difference.
    Looks great on dvd with upconverted box.
    Great TV for the money....more info
  • Good TV but cant get the video and audio just right!
    I purchased this TV a few weeks ago. Overall I think its a good TV but I do have a few problems with it. I have a 42inch Panasonic plasma as well and when you put both of these side by side I do like the panasonic more.

    The picture quality on this TV is good but when I am watching HD programs from Comcast sometimes the programming doesn't look HD. I am not sure why this is happening. Blu ray movies on the other hand look spectacular I play them off of my PS3 which looks amazing on this TV so it makes me think that there might be something with comcast. When playing SOCOM Confrontation on PS3 there are some minor video problems, One being that every now and then the TV will freeze up for a second or 2 which makes me feel like the game is lagging when I think it is really the TV trying to catch up with the video. Also I am using the original video settings for this tv which other reviewers say are horrible. other reviewers say that once the TV is calibrated properly it looks 10x better, I am yet able to figure out the correct calibrations... If anyone has any please E-mail them to me Nathanj89@yahoo.com

    The Audio:
    The audio is different from other TVs of this size. I personally found it to be off when I first took it out of the box but then you get used to it. The biggest problem I have had with this audio is when playing Playstation 3 games. When playing SOCOM Confrontation on this TV it is fine when there are 1 or 2 gun shots. But when there are lots of explosions or even lots of rapid gunfire the Television lags in when the gun is firing on the screen and when the gunshot sounds are coming out of the audio. This is something I cant figure out and I am working to try to fix.

    Again if anyone else has this TV and has optimal settings or knows how to correct any of there problems please dont hesitate to email me!

    THANKS!...more info
  • Great Entry-Level TV Great Price
    We have had this TV for a week now and for the price I'd have a hard time believing you can find a better entry-level LCD. Picture is fantastic, sound is above average, multiple hdmi inputs and the video settings are easy to configure. ...more info
  • Really Nice Entry Level.....
    Upon further review,I really like this LCD.Plenty of inputs and 3HDMI'S,so don't be confused.There's not a lot of feedback as of yet on the 42lg30.I've used calibration settings for the 42lg50(AVS FORUM)with great results,and a little personal tweaking.Not to upset 6500kelvin.

    As with most LCD's there is some backlight bleeding on darker scenes and off angle veiwing is a bit washed out on my set.Prompting me to return the first set.Both sets were about the same PQ-wise (great)HD cable and Philips 5982 upconversion dvd player.Let me tell U this is not your everyday 720p LCD.WELL....GO GET IT!!!! ...more info
  • All I can say is wow
    The picture is fantastic couldn't be happier. I was concerned about buying a TV in this price range but it is as good as the much more expensive TV's I've seen.
    Directions in the booklet aren't that good, however the cd is much more detailed and has shown me everything I need to know.
    My sister has already purchased one based on what she saw with ours. I would recommend it to everyone....more info
  • Great TV at a great prive
    Pros: great picture quality colors are great and picture settings are good out the box, got it for $698.99 cant beat that. The picture is excellent with the component and hdmi cables. Shows blue ray, games, and hddvd in 1080p.

    Cons: none really. I do wish i could play movies off the usb port it can only play music and pictures.

    ...more info
  • Great Value
    Secondary TV for the residence - priced right, and the process is absolutely the easiest and most beneficial I can imagine. Whole thing took only a couple of days and everything works properly. This is our new process for all our needs - as we can manage it...more info
  • Good for the price
    I was debating between this and similar Panasonic TV for a while, but ended up choosing the LG. A couple weeks later, the price of the Panasonic went down, but I stuck with this set. The speakers being at the bottom of the TV is not an ideal situation. The picture is not as amazing as on my smaller ViewSonic 32-inch TV, but it works well as an HDTV. The QAM tuner is nice feature. SDTV doesn't look as bad on this TV as it does on lot others I have seen....more info
  • Impressed
    Very impressed. My roommate recently moved out and took his 50" Samsung DLP with him. Fortunately, this TV was not only cheaper, but also MUCH higher quality than the Samsung. The entire Southern wall of our apartment is a sliding glass window, and this TV shows absolutely no glare. The viewing angle is amazing! The contrast is beautiful - I have never seen a TV that looks this sexy.

    I would STRONGLY recommend this TV to anyone looking for a 42". 720p looks 100% the same as 1080p for this size TV - you'd be paying more solely for bragging rights (but anyone who knows better will be laughing at you).

    My only complaint about this is the speakers. For any AV input, the speakers are plenty loud and I set the volume to 15 out of 100. However, for cable the sound is greatly diminished and I have to turn the volume up to 60 or higher. You don't want to be using a T extensively at near maximum volume because the speakers will eventually tear. I have some loud computer speakers, but unfortunately there is no Audio Out jack that size on this TV, just the red/white RCA cables jacks. No problem though, I'll just have to throw down a few bucks for a conversion cable.

    Overall 5+++ stars. I bought this TV from [...] with an amazon card I simultaneously opened. I got 6% back just from using the card, and $[...] off my first purchase, so the TV only cost me around [...]. Shipping was free, and [...] got the TV here in less than a week in perfect condition....more info
  • Great TV for the money!!
    We bought this TV about a month ago for $749. We have only owned Sony or Toshiba so we weren't sure what to expect from LG. Well, we didn't need to worry! The TV is great. It is very user friendly - switching between TV and DVD player is very simple. The picture itself is great! We have not had to make any changes to the factory settings. We have no problems seeing the picture even from extreme side angles. This TV is on our lanai so there is a lot of natural light but the picture never looks washed out. The sound is average but then again we are used to a Bose surround sound system with our TV in the family room. We would recommend this LG to anyone who is looking for a good quality TV at a reasonable price. ...more info
  • Great Quality LCD TV - Best In It's Price Range
    I purchased this model after extensive research and viewing comparible models at my local Buy More (or was it Best Buy?). This particular model was side by side with a 42" plasma and I could not tell the differance. Initially I was leaning towards Plasma because of it's reputation of less motion blur and better viewing angle, but I have to say that that reputation is outdated. I saw no motion blur in fast action sequences and the picture quality did not change until I was almost direct beside it.

    What made me choose the LCD was the much lower power consumption of the LCDs (2 cents per killowatt hour vs. 9 cents for for the Plasma) and the brightness since it will used in a room with south-facing windows.

    Whan I used it during a bright afternoon, it was even easier to view than the old 32" CRT TV. The LCD screen seems more non-reflective than the old glass CRT screen.

    Sound-wise it is excellent. I'm an old-school audiophile who enjoys good sound, and this sounds great with just a smidgen of bass increase in the settings. Since the sound is reflecting from the table-top and the wall behind it, the sound pacement can really matter. If for instance you wall-mount this model, the sound quality may be less pleasing and may require auxiliary speakers - that's probably true for for ANY flat screen TV.

    All in all I'm extremely pleased....more info
  • Great Picture Weak Audio
    Easy set up and TV looks great. For both HD and non-HD programs the picture quality is great. I found the audio to be really weak, not loud enough and reverb at higher volumes; I guess that is to be expected with tiny speakers that cast the sound out of the bottom of the tv and not outwards toward the viewing area. ...more info
  • Excellent TV!
    This is the 2nd LG monitor/TV I own and see absolutely no reason not to buy LG again. Picture is excellent, even with non HD programming. Of course the quality of your non-HD programming depends on the feed... so thats really negligible.

    If you're looking for an excellent mid-range priced HDTV then this is the one to get. ...more info