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With the release of its 11th studio album Revelation, Third Day's Mac Powell, Tai Anderson, Mark Lee and David Carr have hit new heights as Christian music's premiere rock band. Recorded in Los Angeles, the first time Third Day has worked on a project outside of the South, Third Day's signature rock sounds gets an infusion of new energy thanks to the band's new collaboration with producer by Howard Benson (Daughtry, Flyleaf, Hoobastank, P.O.D.).

With his heart on his sleeve, frontman and principal lyricist Mac Powell gives voice to the emotions all believers feel as they attempt to reconcile everyday struggles with the hope born of salvation. Songs like "Run To You," "Born Again," "This Is Who I Am," and the first single, "Call My Name" are like musical stepping stones on the band's creative journey. The result is a new chapter in Third Day's story; it is truly a musical revelation.

Third Day opens hearts and minds with the album Revelation. This Third Day's project kicks off with vocalist Mac Powell declaring 'I'm the son of a good man/I'm the child of an angel,' you don't get the sense the statement is necessarily autobiographical. It's personal yet universal; a reflection of man's never-ending search for his identity. This is their 11th studio album and the band has hit new heights as Christian music's premiere rock band. Recorded in L.A., the first time Third Day has worked on a project outside of the South, Third Day's signature rock sounds gets an infusion of new energy thanks to the band's new collaboration with producer by Howard Benson (Daughtry, Flyleaf, Hoobastank, P.O.D.).

Customer Reviews:

  • Another Gem By Third Day
    Third Day has been one of the premiere bands in Christian music for many years. In 'Revelation' they have put together another great album.

    It is an album with great rock music, a solid Christian message, and superb vocals. Along with Mac Powell's trademark voice, this one features two songs that also contain the singing of Flyleaf's Lacey Moseley. Although they seem like an odd pairing at first due to such different styles, the combined effect certainly works well.

    There are many very good songs on this CD. Some of my favorites include the following: Call My Name, Run To You, Revelation, Slow Down, Born Again, and Take It All. There are no bad songs in this collection.

    I would srongly recommend this for any fan of rock and/or contemporary Christian music. ...more info
  • Greatest Album of Third Day Ever!
    I was eagerly anticipating this album since i had downloaded the single Call My Name back in June. I have to admit that I was a more than a little frustated that Jay Leno on the Tonight Show had a copy of Revelation before I received it. Did any of you watch the Tonight Show? Third Day had to get past all the secular guests firsthand but it was worth it. They rocked the house! I listened to this album yesterday while heading down to Wakefield's Weather Office and found I couldn't stop listening to it! If you think Call My Name is as good as it gets, I recommend buying the whole album. Third Day's creativity and style for each song will blow you away! Robert Randolph really adds a lot of southern flavor to this band and is part of a great new direction for Third Day. I miss Brad Avery, of course, but Randolph has really matched or exceeded the void left when Brad left. Listened to it 3 times already! Must buy!...more info
  • Reminiscent of "Time"
    Here is a link to "Salvation Mountain", for those who think the band ripped off Radiohead's cover.
    Fell in love with Third Day a little late, in 2002, when "Come Together" got me through a difficult period with an ailing elderly parent. Then I had to hear all of the other work. CT and "Time" will probably always be my favorites, but "Revelation" is right up there. I have played "Born Again" and "Run to You" over and over, because of the gorgeous male/female duet. Love how the producer got all the different types of vocals out of Mac, from rockin' to tender. ...more info
  • Great CD
    I usually do not like contemporary Christian music, but I really like this cd by Third Day. I like the songs: This is Who I AM, Slow Down and Other Side. I am thinking about purchasing more by this group....more info
  • Blown Away!!
    If you love rock and christian music you will love this CD. I can listen to this CD at work and no one even knows that it is Christian music that they are hearing. Buy it!...more info
  • Revelation Rocks
    Excellent album. This may be Third Day's best album yet. Music, lyrics and vocals are well done. Love the guest vocals. I listen to this OVER and OVER....more info
  • Radiohead?!?!?
    Am I the only one who thought they ripped Radiohead "Hail to the Thief" with this cover?

    Not only that, but has anyone noticed that the cover art on Jars of Clay's new EP has their band name logo look suspiciously like the "Kid A" font, with a rainbow palette no less?

    I love the the idea of Radiohead getting some dap from these guys, but sadly I think it's just "CCMs" way of totally ripping off something mainstream to try to make it appeal.

    Third Day, as talented as they are, have always felt that way to me. Does anyone remember how their first album came out right after Hootie started blowing up? Sounded a lot like them......more info
  • Wire Returns Dressed As Revelation
    IF you liked Wire you will like this cd. If you were let down by Wire and felt that it tended to push God to the back with its ambiguous and secular lyrics then you won't like this cd as much either. However Revelation is better than Wire in its musical sound efforts and I did find that I liked more songs than Wire. The first half of Revelation was great and I was excited with tracks 1-6, but then it kinda went down hill being hit and more miss in the second half. The second half seemed to be kinda corny and filler songs. In conclusion Third Day again reaches to the mainstream with Revelation as they did with Wire and my guess is it won't work either. If it doesnt work out look for a closer God Centered release next like Wherever You Are. I read in CCM that Wire flopped with most of the fans because Third Day had dropped a lot of the "Christian Lyrics". Revelation does this for the most part with the exception of a few songs notably in the song "Slow Down" where the chorus calls out So Help Me God! Also later in a song they do Thank God For His Mercy and Grace. Other than those songs there, the set up, sound, and type of songs sound like a redo of Wire. Will we see Third Day join the likes of Switchfoot on crossing over? They tried with Wire but with Revelation they might have a chance. ...more info
  • Third Day's Best CD Ever ?
    I was of the opinion that `Third Day' could never surpass their second CD `Conspiracy #5' as it hit on all fronts- musically, lyrics, and vocals. I was hopeful when `Wired' was released as I had heard that the group was returning to it's roots but it really only came close in a couple of songs. Well I believe they did greatly surpass `Conspiracy #5' and then some.

    It truly does return to what I call `good old southern rock and roll'. This is one of those CD's that you can listen to from beginning to end without skipping a track. The music, instruments, and vocals were spot on - it was awesome to hear Flyleaf's Lacey Moseley on `Born again' and `Run To You' and Chris Daughtry on `Slow Down' . What was of even great significance was the lyrics. They hit a chord will all of us in our walk with Jesus Christ - assuring us of his love, grace, mercy and hope. And I believe that Mac Powell would agree that he and the band had to get to this point in their walk with God and have gone through all the ups and downs in their lives to get them to be able to produce a CD like this

    It would be so hard to pick a favorite song on this CD but I would have to say I could narrow it down to two `Call My Name' and `Revelation'

    "It's been so long since you felt like you were loved
    So what went wrong
    But do you know there's a place where you belong
    Here in my arms

    When you feel like you're alone in your sadness
    And it seems like no one in this whole world cares
    And you want to get away from the madness
    You just call my name and I'll be there
    You just call my name and I'll be there

    The pain inside has erased your hope for love
    But soon you will find
    That I'll give you all that your heart could ever want
    And so much more

    You just call my name
    You just call my name

    Call my name, say it now
    I want you to never doubt
    The love I have for you is so alive"

    "My life has led me down the road that's so uncertain
    Now I am left alone and I am broken
    Trying to find my way
    Trying to find the faith that's gone

    This time I know that you are holding all the answers
    I'm tired of losing hope and taking chances
    On roads that never seem
    To be the ones that bring me home

    Give me a revelation
    Show me what to do
    'Cause I've been trying to find my way
    I haven't got a clue
    Tell me should I stay here
    Or do I need to move
    Give me a revelation
    I've got nothing without you
    I've got nothing without you"

    This CD came to me at a crossroads in my life as I am facing several `losses' personally and professionally. But the more I listen to this CD the more I am `letting go and letting God' - assured of his love for me and that He desires good for me in my life in all things and a stronger relationship with him.

    Be a blessing and buy several copies and give this to your friends & co workers & ones you don't really know - as God touches you through this CD just `pay it forward' .

    ...more info
  • Third Day's latest great CD
    I began listening to Third Day about a year ago on the local Christian radio station. I then bought every CD I could find! True to form, this latest is AWESOME! Highly recommended!...more info
  • A strong effort that includes some pop/rock gems
    Third Day is in fine form on Revelation, their first new studio recording since Christmas Offerings (2006). With the departure of guitarist Brad Avery, whose contribution to this project is acknowledged by the band, Third Day is now a foursome.

    From the opening "This Is Who I Am" the band makes it clear that this is a rock album. Don't expect to find any praise and worship songs. Third Day rocks hard throughout the recording, but they sound best when they are in the more moderate pop/rock mode. The melodies are stronger, which makes for better songs.

    The best example may be the title song, which is a pop/rock gem. It starts off as a keyboard ballad that has a beautiful chiming guitar on the chorus. The song captures the feeling of what it's like to lose your way. The chorus is a plea for God to show one what to do. Even Christians lose their way at times. I appreciate the fact that this song and several others give voice to the struggles that are common to us all.

    Another outstanding track is "Born Again," which is a duet with Flyleaf's Lacey Mosley. She also sings on "Run to You." Sadly, the words "born again" seem to carry a lot of baggage in our society. But this is the best song with those words that I have ever heard. This is a beautifully written and performed ballad.

    "Today I found myself searching all these years
    And the man that I saw wasn't all who I thought he'd be
    I was lost when you found me here
    I was broken beyond repair
    Then you came along and sang your song over me
    Feels like I'm born again, feels like I'm living
    For the very first time in my life."

    With it's poignant lyrics, dreamy guitar and peaceful sounds, this may be my favorite song. It's the ultimate soundtrack for making a new start with God.

    "Slow Down" is a great blues rock song. Robert Randolph adds his amazing playing to "The Other Side," but the song is not one of the most compelling.

    In contrast to the songs that give voice to our fallen condition, a number of songs are written from God's perspective, offering love, hope and comfort. The first single, "Call My Name" is a prime example. Drummer David Carr has said, "Sharing God's love with people has always been core to us. We want to reiterate that God loves us." Lyrics like this are comforting to me. When I am hurting, it's the simple truths that mean the most. Third Day has done an excellent job of gracefully weaving these precious realities into a number of these songs.

    "Take It All" is an acoustic song of surrender. I would like to hear more of the acoustic side of Third Day.

    This is a strong collection of songs that with few exceptions I took to immediately. Not having heard much of their previous work, I can't say with authority that this is among their best recordings, but I would guess that it's true. I would not hesitate to recommend this to Third Day fans and fans of pop/rock.
    ...more info
  • Wonderful music
    Great new CD from a talented and inspiring group! Bought as a birthday gift for my husband, he is thoroughly enjoying it and listens to it frequently. Catchy and inspiring music as well as lyrics. A must have for any Third Day fan....more info
  • Hell Yeah
    A longtime fan of rock, including alt rock, classic rock and acoustic folk/rock, Third Day's raspy singer's voice and the band's style fit right into my existing musical tastes. Couple of times Tom Petty, John Cougar came to mind. Revelation is one of the few Christian CDs I've ever bought. "Revelation," and a Kirk Franklin CD, struck a chord from Go. Much like other diverse musicians/bands I'm a fan of, like Marc Broussard, Santogold, Godsmack, Chris Cornell, 3 Doors Down, etc.

    In browsing Christian music, an off-putting aspect is the over-serious and somberness of the music. If you were upbeat before, some of the music can bring you down to a more serious level than you'd like to be in. Like religious services, there are different kinds of music, some more somber than others that may go the way of tambourines, singing, dancing and shouts of joy.

    Third Day's out of the ordinary, transcendent of musical barriers between Christian and Non-Christian music fans. Appeals to fans of acoustic/alt rock.

    If you're into uplifting, joyful sounds with contemporary, relevant themes and appeal, introspection, hope and faith, Third Day's gonna make you feel.

    *Call My Name (shivers)
    *Let Me Love You (soulful)
    *(Take Me to the) Other Side (jam on)
    *This is Who I am (jam)
    *Give Love
    *Caught Up in Yourself (Thank God for mercy...for grace... everything you've got before it's too late)
    *I Will Always Be True
    *Born Again
    *Slow Down (opening like Tom P's "Last Dance with Mary Jane")

    When you or someone you know need an upbeat spiritual boost, Third Day's got the lift up. Or if you just wanna feel some good music. Jam up. ...more info
  • Exceeded my Expectations
    The music on this album exceeded my expectations. The addition of Daughtry and Lacey Mosley from Flyleaf as backup vocals sounds great. I particularly like the modern vibe it gives. Many times I buy a CD from an artist and only end up liking one or two songs. But with this one, I really liked almost every one right off that bat. All you have to do is take a sneek peek listen to tell they're all great songs. Awesome job Third Day!...more info
  • For fans of Thirs day
    All the fans of the band get love this album. ALl the new texts and the new arrangements of the music of third day are on this CD. New revelation at each time you listen them. Powerful texts, music and message to whorshipe the Lord....more info
  • All I can say is FINALLY!
    I had all but given up on Third Day. Their last few album were nothing but boring complacency that tends to settle on a lot of bands after a few releases. In fact, I so expected it that I didnt even bother listening to this album when it was first released since I thought they were done. BUT, haha, Im glad I got around to finally hearing it. The boys are BACK on this album:) They are doing what they do best, southern rock. Hopefully they got their experimentation over with and stick with thier forte' now. Great Album. Perhaps my second favorite of all after their first album. Welcome Back Boys....more info
  • just when you thought...
    Just when you think to yourself, how could these guys out do what they've already done, could they really get any better? Third Day has done just that! I love when a band is willing to reinvent themselves and take risks.
    This new project is unquestionable Third Days best work spiritually, both in music and more so in lyrics. To be a christian and not have this cd in your collection of annointed songs to encourage and minister to you would be to miss out on such a blessing from God, and with Revelation i'm lead for God to show me what to do, because i've asked God to take it all!...more info
  • Revelation it Is
    This CD is excellent! What a way to rock.
    Third day's last CD was so healing but very specifically focused on grieving.
    We have not stopped playing Revelation since we got it....more info
  • By far Third Day's best album
    This, by far, is Third Day's best album. I couldn't pick a single song on this album that I don't like. It's full of wonderful wisdom. Switching producer led to a richer, better sound, and outstanding harmonies. I can highly recommend this album to anyone liking contemporary music, rock, guitars, and/or good Christian music. Can't stop listening to it......more info
  • Third Day "Revelation" CD
    THIS IS AN OUTSTANDING 13 SONG GOSPEL "ROCK" MUSIC CD. IT WAS INSPIRED BY REVELATION MOUNTAIN PARK IN CALIFORNIA (This is a park dedicated to "Revelation" and "Salvation". It is explained in the notes to the CD.)

    There have already been numberous reviews of this CD, so I won't repeat the other information.

    I just want to "endorse it" and give it my evaluation as a 5 star CD. Also, I highly recommend this CD and any of "Third Day's" CD's or DVD's!!!
    They are a great band with a "Rock" beat with a great "Gospel" Message!!!...more info
  • Great CD
    I love this CD! My husband also likes it and has given it to his brothers who are not christian. Mac Powell sounds like Travis Tritt to me and if you weren't listening to the words, this CD could cross to other music arenas. Some of it is soft, some rockin', and part of it just sounds hill billy, but it's all good. This is one CD I don't think I'll tire of too soon....more info
  • What can I say...
    This is the BEST Third Day album. Some will only agree to disagree but I'll say it again this is the BEST work Third Day has ever done to date.
    It's solid....more info
  • Awesome!!!
    I just listened to this cd all the way through for the first time and I loved it. I have always loved Third Day but I think this is my favorite of their albums. This is a definite must have for any Third Day fan....more info
  • Best Third Day since Time, Top 10 of 2008!
    Third Day had me at Love Song, the standout song from their debut album in 1996. I was seeking Christianity at the time and had just discovered my favorite band Jars Of Clay and couldn't get enough of Christian music, also including Audio Adrenaline and Newsboys. The 1990's were key in the development and influence on the Christian music scene and Third Day pioneered Christian Southern Rock, in the same musical style as great bands Lynyrd Skynyrd, .38 Special and fellow Atlanta band Collective Soul. I grew up on those bands and had no trouble enjoying the rock songs from Third Day, Conspiracy No. 5 and the all-time great Time which were all a great mix of rock and worship songs. The 2000's brought Offerings, Come Together and Offerings II and I've enjoyed every album, but I missed that late 1990's original rock album, in particular Time as the songs were so personal and catchy with no filler songs and little repetition.

    Revelation is that Third Day album I've been waiting for since Time. Even though Wire and Wherever You Are have had hit songs like I Believe and Cry Out To Jesus, I've missed that complete album experience. This Is Who I Am and Slow It Down, with guest vocalist Chris Daughtry, start it off with great personal songs and Mac Powell's vocals have never been better. Hit song Call My Name is a highlight and probable Dove Award nominee. For me, the standout songs which make this a complete album are the next group of songs Run To You, one of 2 songs featuring Flyleaf vocalist Lacey Mosley along with one of my personal favorites Born Again. Those 2 songs are great examples of how this album is more diverse and original sounding than I've heard in a long time from this legendary band. The middle section of the album between those 2 songs including title song Revelation and Otherside are also incredible, worshipful and personal and are among the best songs on the album, which is top 10 of 2008 in my opinion.
    ...more info
  • radiohead ripoff
    at least they could have had the decency of acknowledging Radiohead's "Hail to the thief" cover art before releasing this! dear lord with these embarrassing and unimaginative jesus lovers!...more info
  • Wire done right!
    Several years ago, Third Day tried something new. And failed. That something was the album "Wire," which was intended for mainstream crossover by writing more secular-esque songs. I for one did not like the move, but the album has held my attention due to it's musical quality, although in some places even that rubbed off as a bit too aggressive. They righted that ship with "Wherever You Are", but ended up back so far into the CCM stereotype that they (yet again) were limited in their reach to the non-Christian community.

    Darned if you do, darned if you don't.

    But Third Day has the uncanny ability to take what they've learned and apply it 100% to every successive album, from their debut until this album, "Revelation." Thus, "Revelation" strikes the perfect balance of all things Third Day: it has crossover appeal without actually being written and recorded around that goal.

    So what's the album like, you ask? Everything old, nothing new; but when the band in question is Third Day, a "new sound" would grate against my ears with the force of a chainsaw. Songs such as the opener "This Is Who I Am," the rocker featuring Robert Randolph "Otherside," and fast-paced "Caught Up in Yourself" give the album the southern-rock flavor we all crave in a new Third Day record, without going overboard. And while some songs could just as easily be construed as relationship angst, "Call My Name," "Born Again," and "Run To You" should hardly be mistaken as "secularized" by anyone simply because they do not actually use words like "God" or "Jesus" -- they are blatently implied ("Call My Name" is sung directly from the perspective of God anyway). The enjoyable "Slow Down," sung by Mac Powell and Chris Daughtry, does make the solemn vow "So help me God" to underscore the band's point that the world offers no hope for those in need. "I Will Always Be True" is another incredible song from the perspective of God to soldiers serving for America, offering shelter and peace in the middle of such a trying time. In short, there's a lot of substance here for every Christian to love, and a lot for non-Christians to chew on and think about -- precisely what I'd want from a crossover project. In fact, there's far more here than I remember from "Time" or "Come Together."

    Will it work? Only time will tell. But I can't think of a group more deserving of success than Third Day. And even if the "crossover" concept does somehow scare you, note that there are no decidedly secular songs (such as are found on Wire) nor is there one line on this album that will go against Scripture. There is a time and place for music written for church services or pastor's conferences, but Third Day are missionaries to the common man, and "Revelation" demonstrates that with style, grace, and polish....more info
  • Great album, underrated
    This is a great album - I have no idea why the Christian radio stations don't play it more often. They tend to play the same few songs over and over again when there is such good quality material out there like this album provides. The first 5 or 6 songs on this album are all excellent and "radio worthy" in my opinion. These guys just keep putting out quality stuff - not just great, edifying lyrics, but great music - which is VERY hard to find for me. ...more info
  • Fantastic!!
    This album is awesome!! I love Mac's voice!! also, the lead singer of flyleaf and Chris Daughtry are both featured on the cd. Every song rocks!!...more info
  • Great CD
    This is a great CD. A great strength of Third Day and Jars of Clay, and others of this type is that they provide lyrics that are accessible to both Christian and secular fans. I saw one criticism of them, that they were not Christian enough. Music is art, and is, therefore, open to interpretation. I have found nothing unchristian about the lyrics. They may occasionally ask questions, but always lead to hope, and love of one another and God. Mac has a great voice, and I love the band members personalities. They seem to have a lot of fun, and work hard.

    I also saw 4 criticisms of the album artwork. These people have no knowledge of Third Day, or know the reason behind the artwork. You can find out at the band's website. The 4 1-star critiques are baseless and worthless, as well as non-christian.

    Musically, Third Day ROCKS!!

    ...more info
  • Best Ever
    I have all of the Third Day CD's. This one is by far the best. New producer makes a difference. This CD has more grit and far better sound. The messages hit home with the lyrics. Chris Daughtry also sings on the second track, Slow Down. Can't say enough about this CD....more info
  • Awesome, as Usual!!
    Third Day is my favorite band anyway, but I think this album is one of their best! All the songs are very moving, and it has variety to it. It definitely reaches younger fans as well. GREAT JOB GUYS!!...more info
  • Definitely a revelation to me!!!
    This cd Revelation by Third Day spoke to my heart. I rocked, I worshipped, I praised God in a way I never have done outside of church before. It was as if these songs were written just for me... and it will feel that way for anyone who hears this cd....more info
  • where's the originality??
    i guess someones a radiohead fan huh? anyone else see the blatant resemblance between this cover and "hail to the thief" by radiohead? i mean, when i bought the cd i really wished that i had thought of the idea too. but geeez guys... ...more info
  • Awesome...classic southern rock sound...the best yet!
    Third Day is one of the few artists that I still purchase the entire cd instead of individual tracks. And this time they have overwhelmed me...each and every song on this cd. Well done guys!...more info