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World Gone Wrong
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With his songwriting muse on pause, Bob Dylan spent the mid-'90s recording old folk and blues standards with just himself, a harmonica, and an acoustic guitar. Good As I Been to You was the first effort. For the follow-up, World Gone Wrong, he went even further into the dark night of the soul. His voice aged by road-weary experience and informed by lifelong insight delivers just the right pathos to these tales of lost love and existential blight. Tom Paley, one of the original New Lost City Ramblers, popularized "Love Henry," a symbolic tale of a businessman who loses his soul traveling through the halls of corruption. Dylan delivers it as a funeral march and surrounds it with songs of similar sentiment. A modern acoustic blues classic. --Rob O'Connor

Out-of-print in the US. Import pressing of this Grammy Award winning album, released in 1995. Sony / BMG.

Customer Reviews:

  • All Right With a World Gone Wrong
    All those years ago as a school boy in Minnesota, Dylan sat listening to old blues and folk vinyls, playing his guitar and singing along with them. He grew to know them like good friends and became familiar with their essence and soul. He paid special attention to their inflections, timing and feel, so that when he arrived at Greenwich Village and began playing in the coffee houses Dylan had a genuine feel for the music. As he began singing and recording his own songs these songs and artists were part of his secure base, his roots.

    In recording World Gone Wrong Bob Dylan decided to do a tribute to his roots by producing an all folk and blues cd. This is a very stripped down and spare cd. We hear only Dylan's nasal voice, guitar and harmonica and that makes a pretty powerful combination. Stripped of all the other instruments and studio finesse one hears how kinetic and emotional these songs can be with Dylan as a performer.

    In addition to the Dylan's performances are the liner notes which he writes about each song. They are not to be missed. About the title song World Gone Wrong, Dylan says:

    "Strange things are happening like never before, strange things like courage becoming befuddled and nonfundamental, evil charlatans masquerading in pullover vests & tuxedos talking gobbledygook, monstrous pompous superficial pageantry parading down lonely streets on limited access highway."

    The songs themselves are of course wonderful things made more intense with Dylan's nasal voice of gravel and gritl which can be alternately tender, harsh, pain filled, caustic and angry. Ragged and Dirty by Willie Brown is about love, working man style. "If I clean up Sweet Mama, can I stay all night with you." Broke Down Engine a Blind Willie McTell song is intense and powerful.

    In World Gone Wrong a Mississippi Sheik's song we hear Dylan's wonderful nasal voice with the familiar cadence of drawing out the ending notes.

    I can't be good no more

    Once like I did before
    I can't be good, baby
    Honey, cause the world gone wrong

    Other noteworthy songs are Blood in My Eyes, a raw and ragged love song of great depth and caring and Delia, a tender and caring ballad about poor Delia who was a gambling girl and died of a gunshot would. Dylan sings "All the friends I ever had are gone.

    This is perhaps not a typical Dylan cd because it lacks any of his original material. It does aptly showcase how powerful and emotional a performer he is. It also demonstrates his care and respect for the American folk tradition....more info

    Dylan interperts these traditional blues and folk tunes as good as he interperts his own material. My favorites are Blood In My Eyes,Delia and Love Henry, but every song is a gem.
    I would prefer to see him perform these songs solo, than to see him perform his great songs from the 60's. Really!...more info
  • why this is so awful
    I read these reviews and I wonder why peope cheapen all other of Dylans great works, as well as these songs, the blues, folk music and jazz, by saying nice things about this collection and "good as i been to you." The guitar playing is not good, the singing is awful and the songs, well the songs may be good sung by other artists. This is not the blues, not jazz and not good. I love early Dylan, middle Dylan and even late Dylan but not this and not "good as i been to you." If you have all the money in the world and all the space in the world to put another cd you will never listen to, then buy this, otherwise save your money and buy these songs by other better musicians and singers, or other better Dylan cds....more info
  • Inspiration for my New Song:
    Trying to debate whether the 1992-1993 Bob Dylan albums are worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as his classic 60's and 70's albums just seems like a pointless exercise. You have to look at them through the prism of his life as a whole. These songs were arranged both musically and vocally in such a way where you hear the world-weariness in the voice, guitar and harmonica. This is at a time when Dylan was emerging from a creative slump for a short period (as are all his creative slumps). These albums seem to me to be a road map to reclaiming the title of "great artist" that we all know he is. I know Dylan dislikes labels but even he can't argue with that one, he sure acts like he has an ego during his shows, which he richly deserves. (I guess I've ruined my chances of ever opening for him! Hah!!)

    Anyways, please listen to this piece of mine if you want to know why I love World Gone Wrong and Good As I Been to You So Much and check out my review for Tell Tale Signs

    Cheers! Jeff
    ...more info
  • One of Dylan's most underrated recordings, and unjustly trashed....
    Dylan said after he recorded his 2 acoustic solo albums (Good As I Been to You and this one), critics wrote him off, saying he was done. He said it make feel so free and alive in a way he hadn't felt like in years. From now on, he could do just what he wanted. When Dylan toured in the 70's and 80's, he did mostly older material, with occasional new songs. On his current tours, he does whatever he wants for the most part, similar to the Grateful Dead and Phish, who did whatever song struck them at the time. While grunge was exploding, Dylan does 2 solo acoustic albums of old folk and blues standards. That's a beautiful thing. Dylan is always at his best when he follow his own voice. The songs here never date. This album is the better of Bob's two 90's folk albums. I'm not dissing Good As I Been to You (which is great), but this one is tighter, scarier, more haunted. The best songs are Stack a Lee, the title track, Two Soldiers (astonishingly beautiful and sad), Jack a Roe, and Blood in My Eyes. The whole album is magnificent. Thanks, Bob...
    ...more info
  • Really great folk album
    This immaculate 1993 traditional folk release proves something that surely we have all come to realize through the years: you never know what Bob Dylan's going to do. Who would've thought that he would return to doing acoustic folk album with Good As I Been To You, nearly 30 years after he quit writing protest songs and going electric and more introspective? But, where that album was a step back in the (let us say) right direction, this is a far better record. The choice of songs is more obscure, and Dylan's performance, particularly his vocals, is far, far better. Certainly, there are some fairly commonly performed folk songs here - Love Henry, Stack-A-Lee - but, remember, Dylan is doing them traditonally, they way they were done years ago, not the way they're being done now (the latter song, for instance, is certainly nothing like Nick Cave's excellent contemporary rendition.) It is clear that Dylan's voice had began to change (some might say deteroriate) by this time, but, clearly, his vocals on these old tunes is superb - his finest vocals since the late 70's, in my humble opinion. The man sounds alive and crisp, and really into the music - completely more at ease and enjoying what he's doing than he he had been at any time during the 80's. It's a good album. I won't say that it's anywhere near as good a record, or as monumental an achievement, as his best original records are, but this is one of the best traditional folks albums in recent memory. A minor high point in his catalog, and a must for any fan of Bob....more info
  • "temporarily" out of stock
    if it still says "temporarily out of stock" - don't buy it! i waited about 7 weeks and finally found a new/sealed copy on eBay for just over 8 bucks INCLUDING shipping! 5/28/08...more info
  • World gone wrong
    Excellent! I especially liked that Bob Dylan wrote about the meanings behind the songs that he sang on this cd! wonderful! I love this cd! ...more info
  • Positively Perfect
    Bob has done it again, an excellent follow up to his preceeding release, Good As I Been To You. World Gone Wrong take things up a notch, his insight, interpretation, somberness, tiredness and expression silently shout and it it becomes impossible to notice them.

    Ragged and Dirty, he really has a nice arrangement on this rendition, sounds like it is just that way...and Broke Down engine serves in many ways as the centerpiece for the album...not only in regard to the skill of the song but the general mood, message and temperment of the album.

    This is another feather in Dylans cap and a wonderful expression of classic blues tunes....more info

  • A somber and reflective album of folk songs
    World Gone Wrong was Bob Dylan's follow-up to the equally folk/blues-oriented album Good As I Been To You. Like its predecessor, World Gone Wrong consists exclusively of cover songs. While the lack of Dylan originals is always a little disappointing, rest assured that these 10 songs have all been pretty thoroughly Dylan-ized. The words may not be his own, but he brings each song to life with subtly passionate and natural vocals, the raspy overtones of which seem to reflect and magnify the feelings behind the lyrics. These songs are noticeably darker in tone that those found on Good As I Been To You, making it a similar yet very different album, more quiet and reflective. At times, particularly in the haunting final track Lone Pilgrim, Dylan's voice softens to little more than a whisper. It's hard to speak about individual songs, though, because to me World Gone Wrong is to be judged and appreciated as a whole.

    There is more than a hint of nostalgia in these songs; in fact, in their own quiet way they seem to represent a rebellion again modern society; this falls far short of becoming the sort of protest music Dylan produced in his early years, but nostalgia for a world that can never be regained is unmistakably present. Fame and fortune are given a thorough analysis herein and are declared wanting; as Dylan says in the very interesting if sometimes cryptic liner notes, when opining upon the meaning of the song Stack A Lee, "no man gains immortality thru public acclaim." I don't think Dylan really even cares how many people appreciate this album; as always, he records the music that speaks to him, not what he thinks audiences want to hear. Sometimes the short-term results of an album such as this are criticism and less than stellar sales, but eventually, the music is recognized for the greatness that lies within it. It is quite possible that many Dylan enthusiasts will listen to World Gone Wrong, then put it away and forget about it for years, but that's okay. I did that, but now that I have given these ten somber folk songs a second chance to impress me, I am pleasantly surprised at the power this unassuming little album possesses....more info

  • world gone wrong
    Very solid, bluesy. Although probably not a Dylan classic recording, this is entertaining stuff proving once again that Bob Dylan is the iconic American singer/songwriter. Great supporting band. Strongly recommended....more info
  • Dylan Being Dylan
    Dylan is as enigmatic as ever in this offering . He never ceases to surprise. Dylan Fans will like this CD, those unfamiliar with the Master,s works will probably hate it. I personally enjoyed it very much, but I,m a dyed in the wool DYLAN FAN!!!!! ...more info