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Cradlepoint MBR1000
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Product Description

The MBR1000 includes both wired- and wireless WAN interfaces to provide the ultimate flexibility in Internet connectivity for your enterprise. Particularly suited to failover/back up applications, the MBR1000 is a perfect high-performance fail-safe backbone for any business where up-time is critical. Equipped with 2 USB ports and 1 Express Card slot, the unit allows a backup cellular modem connection that can be equipped with a router data plan. With this, cellular charges only apply when you need it - when your wireline is down - allowing your business to be continuously connected. You can even use your data-capable handset, smartphone, or even a Blackberry as a backup even if you dont have a modem account set up yet!

  • Travel Router

Customer Reviews:

  • MBR1000
    With one Sprint broadband card and the Cradlepoint MBR1000 I had two computers running, with internet access, in short order. You can split the connection with as many computers as you want. The setup and instructions are simple and clear. It's a great tool....more info
  • Good Product, Best Price Around
    We were looking for a 3G wireless router that would serve our desktop, laptop and our daughter's laptop next door. Her house is +/- 200ft away and the signal will reach about halfway inside her home. Likely relocating the router to our attic, letting the signal travel through less walls and electrical wiring will strengthen the signal to travel farther. The installation is easy. A tech support guy at verizon recommended this brand and this price was unbeatable. Shipment was quick and efficient....more info
  • Worth EVERY Penny!
    I did not want to spend so much for a router. I absolutely refused to pay more than 100.00. I have to admit this was simple and easy to set up. It was so simple we actually take it with us on trips and we can set up in hotels and use multiple laptops with one connection. I would spend the money and buy this again, it will pay for itself....more info
  • Works great with Sprint BroadBand Card!
    I bought this to use with my sprint broadband card, to make my 2 laptops and 1 desktop wireless.

    I am a technophobe, and was worried about getting this to work for me. It was so easy to set up,even i couldn't mess it up.
    It is as fast as what i have at home,and i love it!
    The best is that i can easily move it to another office,and set it up when i need to....more info
  • Cradlepoint MBR1000
    - Set up was quick, only took a few minutes
    - Using an AT&T Sierra Wireless 881U USB device throughput average 284-300 Kbs up-link and down-link due to the remote location
    - Interfaced to an IMAC, VISTA PC, SAMSUNG Blue Ray Disk player (BD 2550), Apple time capsule and also bridged with a LINKSYS WRT600N using DD-WRT Linux firmware to an XP PC, XBOX 360, and a LINUX/Windows 98 PC
    - Solid performer, easy to configure, and has many options including MAC filtering
    - WPA/WPA2 seems to work more efficiently than other routers I have owned
    - Security is tight. If you are using MAC Filtering and you plug in an unknown into the Ethernet port (attempt a backdoor), it seems, as it should, to shutdown the whole net. To me that was impressive since I have not seen a router do anything but an attempted block when I tried that in the past. Admittedly I am a novice and may be misreading what the router is doing, but I have done this twice with the same results.

    ...more info
  • CradlePoint MBR1000 works great with Aircard 595U
    I bought the CradlePoint MBR1000 5 months ago to provide WiFi access for my Sierra Wireless 595U with Sprint as my ISP. I simply love love love this router. It offers all the functionality that you would expect from a high end router, much ore than a standard Tomato firmware upgrade, including customizing transmit power, virtual server configuration, even an OpenDNS content filtering option. Best of all it's dead easy to use and operate. Check the CradlePoint website and make sure it supports your wireless card, and if it does all you should need to do is plug and play. I set up a WPA2 network with all the trimmings in less than 10 minutes. The GUI is also very slick, intuitive, easy to use, and includes extensive explanations for every option and an excellent help section. I haven't had a single problem with this router, which for wireless routers is the highest recommendation anyone can give. Even the price is understandable considering all the time you save by owning a router that doesn't suck. ...more info
  • Very Poor Support
    The 1000 works wonderful. Easy to use. Mine stopped working using 2 different laptops. Direct connecting great. After 4 days and 2 phone calls. Support doesn't much have an idea. Tried both laptops at another 1000 router. Works perfect. Support just acts like they don't care to even try.
    If it works its wonderful....more info
  • Not for an average consumer, but is excellent
    This product requires a firmware update included in the box. This is what I forwarn the inexperienced user who wants a simple install. The software will auto-boot with your portable laptop, and if not present requires a removal from the start up program launch program folder. You can do so manually withtout error messages this way.

    Once set up. The unit performs very well. Signal level at any significant distance is not that great. If you had an N card in your portable device might help, but I doubt it. N is ok for line of site with N units at all equipment if you are looking for max bandwidth. The hype for N doesn't mean you will get what is promised. This N router is ready for the future and seems to be industrial type of gear from what I have witnessed so far. Documentation is light. Good luck if you want to learn more about the unit. This is one of two reasons I did not rate it a 5. I lump this into user friendliness.......more info
  • Cradlepoint MBR1000
    The MBR1000 does exactly what Cradlepoint says it will do, and I will say that it provides a great 300mbs consistantly. I'm one of those people who is held captive by lack of good high speed internet. Comcast comes within 1000ft of my home but refuses to wire any further unless each house on the block pays them $2800 each to lay the lines, ditto for AT&T supplying DSL.
    So in order to get a decent internet speed I had to use the Verizon WiFi setup which required the MBR1000 to provide service inside my house. The MBR is set up for very nearly every WiFi USB modem you can think of and the list is constantly being up graded unlike with Kyocera's products....more info
  • Love my new router
    This was too easy, I followed the instructions to upgrade to the latest version and when I plugged my new USB Modem in it worked without issue. I programmed it to turn off the modem when its not used and it works flawlessly. The setup of this router is pretty self explanatory, and you won't have to be a rocket scientist to get it up and going. ...more info
  • Cradlepoint Router
    Am very pleased with the operation of the router. I had an initial problem connecting but talked to an IT person who was courteous and helpful. The IT was in Utah and spoke English rather than being in Bangaladesh and speaking Hindu. A refreshing surprise!...more info
  • Ideal for Sprint EVDO
    If you are using Sprint EVDO for your home network - this is the ideal router. The setup is super easy, the config pages are easy to follow and the range is amazing! I can pick up the signal from the router close to a quarter mile away! The only downside is the antennas cannot be replaced, but the range is amazing as it is. Highly recommended for Sprint EVDO....more info
  • Works with Huawei EC228 - Zero Config
    I have the Huawei EC228 EVDO wireless internet "card" (it's actually a USB device) from Alltel. If you ask Alltel for a router, they sell you a Cyfre router that doesn't support 802.11n, has only 1 LAN port, and costs $299. Looking for an alternative, I took a chance on this Cradlepoint MBR 1000, even though the EC228 isn't on it's device compatibility list. Not only does it work great with the EC228, it required zero configuration... plug it in and go! I haven't tested range or performance with the 802.11n yet, but I'm so impressed by its seamless operation with the EC228 that I'm giving it 5 stars right now.
    ...more info
  • Great with Sprint! Easy Set-up.
    After looking around at every mobile broadband router available, this is the only 802.11n model that would work with my Sierra AirCard. After downloading the latest firmware, I simply slipped my card in and was on the net. Configuration was simple and straightforward. There is even a wizard to guide you through the steps. One caution. No matter which router you choose for your cellular card or to hang off your phone. Read the device compatibility list. If your device isn't on it, don't waste your time ordering it. It won't work. The MBR1000 is exactly what it was advertised to be and works great!...more info
  • Perfect! Great signal coverage!
    Perfect! I just plugged it in, plugged in my USB cell modem (Alltel UM-150), followed the startup instructions and had a wireless network in 10 minutes. Signal covers the entire 2500 sq. ft. house, upstairs and down, which is amazing because our floor plan is not open, (I think it was a "stealth" house plan designed to frustrate people like me who use wireless everything). There are lots of options for expanding the network. I like the internet driven setup pages. I had trouble with a laptop connecting (the issue was with the laptop's wireless card, not the router), but I was able to connect with the included network cable and solved the wireless connection problem. Nice Unit!...more info