Boston Acoustics Horizon MM226 Multimedia 2.1 Speaker System (Midnight)
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Product Description

MM 226 is a complete 2.1 system with two satellites, a 6-1/2-inch subwoofer and 200 watts of total system power. Enjoy outstanding performance with the deepest bass response wherever and however you use them. Compact enough to fit around any computer system or monitor - Boston's MM 226 system adds real excitement to your ever-expanding digital life.

  • Three-piece system with 200 watts of total system power for great sound and powerful bass
  • Second stereo input ideal for use with any iPod or other portable media player
  • BassTrac audio processing for rich clean bass at any volume
  • High-output dual 2-inch drivers and on 6.5-inch subwoofer, includes control pad
  • Midnight color with onyx grille

Customer Reviews:

  • Simply Amazing.
    I have always been a fan of Boston and have had several of their products in the past. I currently have a Boston Horizon Solo clock and now the MM226. These speakers have phenomenal sound quality and pitch. Thumping bass, good lows, full and rich mids, and excellent highs.

    Good looking, excellent price. Just an all around great product....more info
  • Best bang for the buck by far...
    I never realized how much I loved my old speakers until (thanks to a vacuum cleaner accident) I was forced to replace my Altec Lansing ATP3's. Say what you will about the Altec Lansing's downward firing mid-range, they have a very rich sound and full mid-range that most other speakers lack. I researched other (2.1) multi-media speakers in this price range for almost 2 months and essentially narrowed it down to the Logitech Z-2300, the Boston Acoustic MM226 and the updated version of my old speakers the Altec Lansing VS4121. I briefly considered the Bose companion 3 (Series II) but the price quickly disqualified them, especially for my needs (Home-Office).

    After reading the numerous reviews of the Logitech Z-2300, and finding them for $100 (with free shipping) I thought how could I go wrong, but quickly returned them after just 2 days. They're good (VERY LOUD) but I guess too much of a good thing is still a bad thing (they rattled my monitor even with minimal bass). I just like listening to music while I work (I have rather diverse tastes in music) and want to hear everything the music has to offer (from the cymbals to the background vocals). I boxed up the Z-2300s for return and immediately ordered the speakers I should've bought in the first place; the MM226s.

    My test for speakers is to listen to them without ANY equalization and unfortunately the Z-2300s had a gaping hole in the midrange. The MM226's on the other hand came closest to the "accuracy and fidelity" I was seeking. With minimal tweaking (equalization) I was able to achieve the sound I desired rather easily. I don't know why this info was so hard to find, but lists the Frequency response as: 35Hz to 20,000Hz. On bass-heavy songs the bass can distort, but again it's nothing that can't be overcome with a slight tweak. They look good (very professional), they don't take up a lot of space (the subwoofer is slightly wider than the ATP3), and sound very good. I have to admit I wasn't `wowed' the way I was when I first heard my ATP3s, but I am quite satisfied with my purchase (even with the cost of returning the Z-2300s added in). I think New Moon stated it best "If you want a good range, from deep lows to crisp highs with a decent midrange, and you're looking for accurate sound reproduction, these speakers are for you!" Easily the best speakers on the market right now, especially for the price. ...more info
  • Was pleased until control box failed after 2 weeks.
    I enjoyed the Boston Acoustics speakers for two weeks, and then whenever I turned the system on, after a few seconds, one of the channels reverted to a continuous buzzing sound. After several calls, I was told that the control box potentiometer had probably failed. It is now at their repair center in Syracuse. I hope this is not an indication of my future experience with this speaker system....more info
  • A great upgrade to older systems, without breaking the bank
    It takes an amazing feat for me to write a review on any item, but I am quite impressed...

    I used these to upgrade from a 4 year-old 2.1 Cambridge Sound System and am very happy with the results!
    The sound is remarkable from audio to television programs to movies. Clarity, definition and spacial response is on-point. The wired remote with headphone jack and MP3 adapter is a feature the high-end units need to offer with their computer sound systems (especially the headphone over-ride).
    Fit and finish are professional and this unit could sit on any desk or shelf from the advanced user to
    the pro-am audiophile or videophile. (On a stingy budget!,,,) (Which I am both!)

    1. Slim design of the desktop speakers takes little real estate on the desktop and delivers great high and mid sound. Should you use an app like iTunes, PowerDVD or IDVD, the audio will be remarkable and you will enjoy outstanding audio media to a great extent. No lag in sync and crystal clear sound.

    2. The setup is very easy and straight-forward with a minimal manual that anyone can follow. Installation was finished in 30 minutes, which included removing the old system.

    3. It looks good on your desktop! I also like the MP3 adaptor on the remote which feeds directly to the
    speakers. Plug in an iPod, Sansa or other media device without syncing, no USB required!. Great when friends come over to play music for a party! I don't think anyone else has that feature on a PC speaker
    system either.


    1. The subwoofer is rather "muscular" But in it's defense, it does sound good and is adjustable!

    2. If you have a limited shielded wiring infrastructure, you may need to invest into a few
    ferrite adaptors for the audio cables (at Radio Shack for 2 bucks a piece), to cut the interference. Worth the effort, on your next trip to the mall or a few pennies on Ebay.


    I got these from [...]. Well worth the WOOT!. I suggest all of you visit or other discount sites on the daily for deals like this. (Vice $180.00 at others...)

    Boston Acoustics has a great product in this gem. If you are looking for great sound and willing to
    hunt for a great price, or have a little change, this is for you.

    You will be satisfied as I am on deals like this! Again, about it's fit and finish, I think it will last as
    long as my old system or even longer, with still great sound....more info
  • You can hear them from Boston, and I'm in Detroit!
    In all honesty, I didn't expect much here. I purchased this trio from [...] with an expectation of mediocre at best. Boston has done some pretty awful things since they decided to go mainstream as opposed to being the elite, wonderful company that they were.

    So that brings us to the larger than expected box that arrived at my work a week ago. I unwrapped the 2.1 system and (to my delight) started to set up a very solid set. The sub enclosure isn't nearly as tupperware-esque as it looks in the pics. In fact, it makes a pretty good foot rest at my desk. I guess the point of this paragraph is: solid and appealing construction.

    Sound? WOW. Kinda like Shamwow without the annoying guy. This speaker system is amazing for the average Joe, Joe the plumber, or Joe Jackson. Sound quality is astonishing once dialed in. Mess with your equalization settings on your PC or MAC and you will be really, REALLY surprised with not only the volume but also the quality and faithful reproduction of the cheap mp.3s I have on board.

    Summary - buy this. I will most likely buy at least one more set for my home PC. Thank you BA for making my workstation a happy place to be again....more info
  • Fantastic sound at great price
    I was lucky to come across these speakers here last week when they were being offered for only $49.98. They retail for $179 so I knew this was a bargain I couldn't pass up. The speakers arrived in one week, were simple to set up and sound fantastic. I didn't know computer speakers could sound this good. Rich, full, warm, clear, crisp...all these things and more.

    I turn the bass knob on the woofer down pretty low and it sounds great to my ears, so if you really want thumping bass there's plenty of room to go higher.

    As of today, these same speakers are now a little higher, at $80. Definitely still worth buying at that price. They really do sound like $179 speakers....more info
  • Great System
    I recently purchased a Bose Companion 5, 2.1 system for my iMac. The sound was pretty good from the Bose and despite the $400.00 + price, I was happy with them..... Until I heard the BA MM226 system on my friends computer. In a hurry I felt pretty foolish spending over 6 times as much on my Bose system. We did a side by side comparison of the two speaker systems. While there are noticeable tonal differences between the two, the Bose did not give me 6 times the satisfaction over the BA's. As a matter of fact, during a blind test, I preferred the BA,s! After all, this is only a computer system and for me I simply wanted an upgrade from the computer speaker, something with a little punch and better dynamic range and separation, but not junk either. Well, the Bose system went back and I purchased the BA's and I haven't looked back. Now I have a great sounding system for my computer and about $325.00 back in my pocket. Also, the Bose speakers being wide, took up more space than the much slimmer BA's. I also found the Bose volume wheel to be a bit problematic for me. The BA volume control is a simple knob that you rotate with your thumb and index finger. No trying to rotate a wheel with one finger and having the whole unit slide around your desk. All in all, I feel this is a great value for the money. Sure there are higher end options but for me and what I do at my computer these are perfect. I did get a little hum when I had the volume control positioned alongside my wireless router. I moved it to the other side of my desk and the hum went away. ...more info
  • Excellent desktop speakers for $65
    I was torn betweon the BA speakers and the HK Soundsticks. I chose these because of the good reviews and price, and because the HK's look pretty dated now (think iMac) and would look funny next to my glossy black monitor. The BAs fit well with my desktop aesthetic and no not draw your eye, which is a good thing in my opinion for desktop speakers.

    Lest you think from the above that the look is all the matters to me, my PC is the center of my entertainment universe. I have a turntable on my desk and as well as a digitized library on a home server. For desktop speakers, these are great! The first thing I did was put on Breathe by Pink Floyd when I tested them. They put out more than enough volume for the desktop, have well-balanced bass which can thump your chest if that's what you're into. The only possible weakness is the midrange can be slightly flat if your levels aren't set right between your sound card, software, and the speakers themselves. If you're trying to fill a larger space or you're the kind of audio snob who rips to WAV, your mileage may vary.

    I got these in 4/09 through Amazon, but fulfilled by Tiger Direct for $64.99, shipping included. For that price you cannot miss with the BA MM226. It's a month later as I write this review, and it shows up at $155 on Amazon. I suspect that there may be a different competitive field at that price, but probably overkill for sitting at your desk. Shop around, and if you can get them for under $100 do not hesitate!...more info
  • Amazing sound!!!
    I decided to go with these after looking around and being unimpressed with the offerings of logitech, creative labs, and altec lansing. At the price of $70 that I paid for them, these speakers have no competition. Personally, I think they are still worth buying even at the full retail price of $180. The sound quality is better than any other computer speaker I have heard. I had previously been using a set of logitech Z-4's and the bass is much cleaner and less muffled with the Boston Acoustics'. The mid range is also much better. They simply make all of my music sound so much more pleasant to listen to.
    Some reviewers claimed to experience interference and static, but I have had no such problems. The speakers look great, much better in person than in photos. The only really negative I can think of is that the bass control is on the subwoofer and not on the volume control pod. However, I this not really a big deal....more info
  • Interesting solution to a unique problem...
    I purchased these Boston Acoustic speakers for a different reason than most would: to improve on the pathetic built-in audio of an HDTV set. Our TV sits in a niche above our fireplace in our living room, so we wanted a sound solution that 1) sounded good, 2) was compact and inconspicuous, 3) fits in the niche, and 4) didn't cost an arm and a leg. My wife and I looked at all kinds of speaker systems, including soundbars, but nothing worked for us (the soundbars were too tall and would block the IR sensor in front of the TV). When I suggested using good computer speakers, she said "Are you kidding?!?!?"

    Let's just say she's a believer now, and we love these BA speakers. The sound from the satellites is neutral and they deliver mids and highs effectively without the highs being "harsh." The subwoofer delivers good "musical" bass for its size, although my 5 yr old Altec Lansing sub with half the watts delivers punchier bass, so if you're looking to bump, look elsewhere, i.e. Logitech Z-2300. The sound definition from the BAs well exceeds that of the Logitech.

    Another thing, these BA speakers can fill a room with sound. Our open concept living room/kitchen/dining room area equals ~700 sq ft, and these BAs have no problem filling that area. Now, are they comparable to a full fledged stereo setup like my Denon/PSB/Velodyne system in our family room? No. But for what we needed, these Boston Acoustics are awesome, and I would highly recommend them, even if you want to use them as computer speakers.
    ...more info
  • I bought another one
    I bought a set of these based on the reviews here and I am glad I did. In fact I like the way these sound so much I bought another set for my 2nd computer.

    Being tall and narrow the satellite speakers are the perfect shape to velcro to the side of the HDTV I use for a computer monitor. That gets them about ear level and frees up space on my desk. Maybe it looks funny but movies and music sound great!

    I also like that I can turn up the volume so when I'm not at my computer I can still hear the music elsewhere with no distortion....more info
  • Save by buying White!
    I just bought the white (Mist) MM226 speakers. I was a little hesitant because of the color. It would really stand out with my black 32" Samsung LCD and the black stand. I know that the black version on the MM226 has sky rocketed recently. I went to Boston Acoustics' website and lo' and behold, you can buy the satellite speaker grilles for only $5.00 a pair with free shipping! (On Sale "For a Limited Time Only!") You can select from a few different colors, even BLACK! I'm saving quite a few dollars by going this route. Hope this helps someone with their decision....more info
  • Great for the money
    If you can buy these speakers for $65 the way that I did, you have to be pleased. Great sound and volume for the price and the size.

    PS: Some reviews complain of RF interference. I experienced this as well, but eliminated it by moving the control unit a couple of feet away from my DSL wireless transmitter....more info
  • Big sound from a moderately-sized package
    While browsing for reviews of speaker systems to replace a dead Bose unit, I came across a link for this Boston Acoustics setup which caught me by surprise because I hadn't seen a Boston Acoustics product advertised in years and assumed they went the way of companies like Tweeter. Having owned BA speakers in the past I am familiar with their reputation and quality and, finding myself a bit enamored with the aesthetics of the set up, purchased the set.

    While other reviews made mention of the subwoofer being large, I found it to be average sized. Whereas my Bose subwoofer was very rectangular and thin the Boston Acoustics sub is a bit taller and square. Its size pales in comparison to the much older Altec Lansing ADA880 subwoofer, which is a right monster. I was also pleased by the two speakers (approx 10 inches tall). They offer a more balanced look to my desktop (with a large screen display - the Bose, and other smaller units would be dwarfed by large screens). They also stand very solid. I was a bit nervous that having tall speakers would be unsteady and prone to tip over, but these don't wobble at all.

    The sound quality is very good. I listen to a variety of sources - PC games like Oblivion and Call of Duty, rock music like Led Zeppelin, Audioslave, and Tool, and a few classical pieces (Adagio for Strings, Panis Angelicus, Moonlight Sonata). The bass can be adjusted in your control panel, of course, and via the dial on the subwoofer. The sub produces ample crisp thump. Turn up the volume and you can feel the vibration in your brain and bones. With regard to the volume, this unit comes with a control pod like so many other multimedia systems that features a volume knob, a convenient on/off switch, headphone jack and aux jack.

    All in all I am very pleased with this unit. At both low and high volumes the sound quality is very clear. You can visit Boston Acoustics' website to purchase colored grills to personalize the speakers if standard black is too boring for you. While I live in a house, I think apartment dwellers would enjoy this system because listening at lower volumes is as enjoyable as at higher volumes and the bass doesn't really kick in unless the volume is turned way up or maxed out on the subwoofer. I find it highly configurable for a variety of tastes.
    ...more info
  • Good
    I use my computer speakers to listen while editing audio and video. I don't expect audio perfection, but reasonable quality. I had a Klipsch 2.1 speaker system and was satisfied with it, but after 7 years, one of the satellites died. Of course it happened when I didn't have extra money laying around to buy an expensive replacement. When I started looking on Amazon, these caught my attention because I recognized the brand from years gone by, they had excellent reviews and they were less than $50 ($64.97 delivered price). I ordered them and have to say, I can't believe how good they sound. When I first hooked them up, the satellites and sub didn't seem to be in phase, but there's no way to mess up the plug and play wiring so I pushed the satellites to the back of my desk and put the sub behind the desk. Problem solved. They are the sweetest sounding $50 speakers I've ever heard. ...more info