Polar F6 Men's Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Black Coal, New Design)
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Product Description

Are you getting the most out of your gym workouts? The Polar F6M is the optimal heart rate monitor watch for group exercises like spinning and dance classes. Coded transmission prevents crosstalk with other monitors so you'll get a personalized workout, even in a class environment. More than just a stylish model, the F6 is an excellent exercise motivator. It includes guidance with OwnZone to automatically establish your personal target heart rate zone, and feedback with OwnCal to track your calories and percentage of fat burned, making it a perfect exercise companion. It also displays the time of day! Zone Pointer Fitness Bullets for every ten minutes in target zone Maximum heart rate of total exercise Average heart rate of total exercise Exercise Date SonicLink, exercise data download from wrist unit to Polar web service or SW Polar Precision Performance analysis SW Exercise file info page with date and time Exercise Time (total) Time in target zone Target zone limits Average heart rate of total exercise Calorie expenditure (Exercise/Total/Fat%) Fitness Exercise Diary Heart rate (displayed as bpm and % of maximum heart rate) Visual and audible alarm in target zones Heart touch, button-free operation of wrist unit Heart rate sets - pre-program favorite exercise settings Manual target zone (% / bpm) Automatic age-based target zone (% / bpm) Time of day (12/24h) with alarm Display text in English Polar T31 coded transmitter Polar WearLink 31 coded transmitter (changeable battery) compatible Polar T61 coded transmitter compatible

The Polar F6 heart rate monitor is a great choice for using in large groups where other exercisers might be using wireless training gear that could interfere with your own signal. The F6's coded transmission prevents crosstalk with other monitors so you'll get a personalized workout--even in a class environment. It's packed with innovative training features to help you toward your exercise goals, including:

  • Zone Pointer: A visible and audible feature on the display of your heart rate monitor showing your target heart rate zone and where your current heart rate is within that zone.
  • Polar OwnCal: This feature shows your energy expenditure during one exercise session as well as your accumulated kilocalories during several exercise sessions. You can set daily and weekly exercise goals in terms of calorie expenditure with the OwnCal feature. Because the OwnCal tracks both the energy expenditure during one exercise session and the accumulated kilocalories during a longer time e.g. one week, it helps in achieving both short term and long term goals.
  • Polar OwnZone: This feature guides you through an appropriate warm-up routine and automatically determines a safe and effective exercise heart rate zone--your OwnZone--while taking into account your current physical condition.
  • Polar OwnCode: This technology blocks unwanted signals from other heart rate monitors, ensuring disturbance-free transmission of your heart rate data.

The Fitness Bullets feature shows a bullet on the monitor's display for every 10 minutes spent exercising/training in your target heart rate zone. The Time in Target Zone feature calculates the amount of total exercise time spent in your personal target zone. You can use this feature together with the Total Exercise Time to determine the effectiveness of your exercise program. You can also better assess your training data using the included Polar Precision Performance (PPP) 4.0 software and the SonicLink feature, which wirelessly uploads exercise settings to the software or to Polar's web service.

Other features include:

  • Display of heart rate, exercise time and average heart rate
  • 24-hour clock with day/week indicator and stopwatch
  • Large easy-to-read display with split screen
  • One-year average battery life
  • Water resistant to 30 meters (100 feet)

Manufacturer's Warranty
The original purchaser of this heart rate monitor is backed by a limited warranty that states that this product that the product will be free from defects in material or workmanship for two years from the date of purchase.

About Polar
The first EKG accurate wireless heart rate monitor was invented by Polar back in 1977 as a training tool for the Finnish National Cross Country Ski Team. The concept of "intensity training" by heart rate swept the athletic world in the eighties. By the 1990s, individuals were looking to heart rate monitors not only for performance training needs, but also for achieving everyday fitness goals. Today, the same concept of heart rate training is being used by world-class athletes as well as everyday people trying to lose weight. Polar is the leading brand among consumers, coaches, and personal trainers worldwide and the company is committed to not only producing the best products, but also being the leading educator on the benefits of heart rate based exercise.

  • Automatic/Manual Target Heart Rate Zone
  • OwnCal / OwnZone
  • OwnCode
  • Zone Pointer
  • Full watch functions/Stopwatch/Exercise time/Backlight

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Heart Rate Monitor
    Keep in mind that I am a new user, and am still experimenting with the functions, especially trying to get the correct tightness adjustment on the chest-strap transmitter. This unit might deserve 4 stars if I was more proficient in using all of its features.

    I purchased this heart rate monitor so that I could improve on the results of the cardio portions of my regular workouts (a lot of this is on a treadmill). I wanted a Polar brand because the 2 gyms that I use have "Polar-Ready" equipment, which means that the heart rate measured by this monitor will transmit and display on the treadmills, elipticals, and other machines so that you don't have to keep looking at the watch. I have had varying results on this, mostly positive.

    I belong to 2 gyms. One is a very large gym (Bally's) that has a large quantity of Polar-Ready machines. I have found that the heart rate display on the treadmills that I use jump in and out somewhat, and that the readings on the treadmills don't always match what is being displayed on the heart-rate monitor wristwatch. There is often a delay where one of the devices changes, then the other one matches it in a few seconds, however. Occasionally, it stops reading my heart rate altogether, but always resumes in a short period of time. I am not sure what causes that to happen. It still works relatively well, however. Since I know my own body, I am certain that when the readings disagree, that the fault is on the gym equipment; the heart rate monitor is reading correctly. Even on the worst day, this monitor outperforms the "handrail" use of the treadmills, which rarely ever functions properly.

    In the small gym, which has only 6 machines that are Polar-ready (and they are all right next to each other in a line), the readings are much more stable. In most cases, the readings between the Polar wristwatch and the displays on the machine match almost perfectly (at least with a few seconds between number changes). One interesting note: In the small gym, there are 3 identical treadmills right next to each other (the other 3 machines mentioned are eliptial machines). On one occasion, I was using the treadmill in the middle, and the other two were also in use. My heart rate displayed on the machine I was using, and was also showing up on the machine to my left. It was not displaying on the machine to my right, and all were identical machines. I never did figure that one out! One added note: I also own another wristwatch heart-rate monitor that does not use a chest strap. It does not give continuous monitoring; you must hold down 3 buttons for several seconds to get a reading. I have tried using both at the same time to compare the readings. Result: They were almost dead on, so I have GREAT confidence in the accuracy of the readings.

    It is important to mositen the chest band before beginning your exercise, and to make sure that the chest band is on tight enough. The unit has a LOT of great features, including the option to set your desired heart rate range. It will then keep track of how many minutes & seconds that your heart rate was within those limits. I really like that feature.

    I AM STILL LEARNING TO USE THIS DEVICE, so I might be more critical than I need to be. I DO recommend this product....more info
  • Polar F6
    This product is excellent! It gives me incentive to work out harder while watching my heart rate so I don't over-do it. Would recommend to anyone, especially people new to working out....more info
  • Worth the extra money
    I love this heart monitor. It is precise and never gives me problems. Since I started using it a month ago I have lost almost 10 lbs....more info
  • Works Great!
    Looking to get in shape I researched many of the brand of heart rate monitors out there. Polar seemed to have the best overall reviews so I decided to try the F6. The price might seem a bit high but it should last a considerable while. It is really easy to program and to start your workout, you just press one button and you are off! I haven't explored all of the features yet but so far I am very happy. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that sometimes when I'm on a machine it will flash and incorrect heart rate. But it generally fixes itself within a minute. This is also great for gym classes or working out on your own to see how many calories you burn...more info
  • Great workout tool!
    This is a great product to keep track of your fitness progress, count calories, and weight loss. I wear this every day and it's fantastic to see the calories I've burned. The most difficut thing about getting it set up is to figure out how to sync it. However, once you have it ready to sync to the computer, it's great to see your monthly and weekely calendars to keep you motivated...more info
  • i now know .....
    I now know what my heart rate is. I know how hard to work out, when I can take it easy, when to push myself harder. I can store up to a weeks worth of workouts. It stores, calories burned, HR %, HR during workout, MAX and MIN HR, TOTAL time worked out

    Overall this watch is awesome. The only thing I wish it did was display what time it was up in the corner along with your current workout. It doesn't. The band is a bit uncomfortable after about an hour worth of running/jogging but nothing bothersome.

    ...more info
  • Great watch
    I love knowing what my heart rate is every time I work out. I have always been a walker, but started running to get my rate up. Very challenging. ...more info
  • Works great! My clients love it.
    I ordered this monitor for my personal training clients and they found it easy to use....more info
  • Polar F6
    Received my Polar F6 Men's and Women's Heart Rate Monitor Watchfrom Amazon on July 20th and have been very pleased with it so far. It performs exactly as advertised and I have experienced none of the problems described by a handful of the other owners of this monitor. The plastic chest transmitter is not uncomfortable to wear and I don't think the added cost of the cloth chest transmitter would be necessary for most people. I am a 59 and appreciate the size of the watch face, which I can easily read without having to bring along a pair of reading glasses on my jogs. No problems with Amazon and received my monitor within 5 days of my purchase. ...more info
  • Awesome HRM
    I purchased this HRM 1 month ago and I just love it. This is my first one ever. I learned about it from someone in my spinning class that said, don't bother messing with the $50-$60 varieties. This was her 3rd HRM and she urged me to just spring for the Polar $100 and I would be much happier. I am!!! I find it pretty easy to learn and navigate my way around. I do boot camp every MWF and found another person in class that also recently purchased the same watch. We compared calories burned and they were pretty close. I find this to be more reliable in telling me calories burned verses what the gym equipment tells me. i.e. I use the eliptical at the gym and my HRM shows I burned 150 calories when the machine says 220. I feel that based on my HR, age and weight, it gives me a more accurate account. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a good reliable HRM....more info
  • Excellent device
    Having used the F6 for 6 weeks, I can say that this is a fantastic device. I've never tried anything to make my workouts more efficient or improve the time spent in the "heart rate zone" but have really noticed a difference in the quality of my workouts and the improvement in my stamina since starting its use.

    While I originally bought the device for something that can accurately estimate calories burned and time spent exercising, the feature I value the most is the heart rate alarms. A slow repetitive beep goes off when my heart rate goes below the 65%ile mark, likewise, a quick beep alarm goes off when my heart rate exceeds goal at 80%. At the end of the work out, I'm able to review Time Spent In Zone (65-80%), calories burned, time spent, max and avg heart rate.

    The device works by a "transmitter" worn around the front of the chest to pick up the heart rate and a "receiver" which is the wrist-watch unit. I have heard other products have trouble picking up signal or getting interference. So far, I have had no trouble at all. The transmitter requires some moisture to pick up your heart rate. At the start of the workout, I wet the back of the transmitter and then secure it to my chest.

    As I like to vary my workouts, I was concerned about using the F6 in water, or, having it work well on activities other than running. Rest assured, I swim laps without a problem with the F6. It is waterproof, although the manual recommends not hitting buttons while the device is submerged/wet. I haven't had any problem with that. I love the device biking. It obviously does not have the features of a bike-mounted monitor but I combine it with online fitness mapping like "Mapmyride" .com or "Mapmyrun" .com and I'm able to calculate pace from that.

    I do echo the complaint that there is no easy way to communicate results from the watch to the computer or the web. The watch is supposed to "chirp" and a microphone on the computer should be able to "read" those chirps and transmit that into data... I havent' bothered. Each workout generates maximally ten data points and so far, I have just manually typed them over when I log my rides at Mapmyride....more info
  • Love it
    I love having this! It makes me workout harder to get to where I need to be. There are minor issues, but not bad enough to where I'd stop using this and start complaining. Ya, if I get really sweaty, my band starts slipping down, but it still monitors my rate. Overall, I think this is a great product to own. There are still many features I haven't figured out yet, and I'm having issues getting my info online, only because my computer doesn't have a built in microphone to transfer data.

    The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is for simple things, like the slipping of the band, and the fact that its hard to get the info online. ...more info
  • Exactly what others have written
    This heart rate monitor is better than I expected. It helps one to determine if one is indeed working within the heart rate expected and although it's a bit "large" on a small woman's arm, one doesn't need to really have it on the wrist at all. You can simply have it near the cardio machine of your choice - better yet, the cardio machine picks up your heart rate from the monitor strapped around your chest so you don't even need to have the watch to see how you're doing. Fabulous choice! Buy it....more info
  • Just what I needed!
    I love my Polar f6! It is easy to use and keeps track of everything I need. I really like the stop watch feature when I run outside so I can time intervals and know how long I've been running. I have no issues so far! I use at everyday!...more info
  • great product, easy to use
    Everyone recommended polar for a heart rate monitor when I was looking for one. I received it quickly and it was very easy to set up and customize. Lots of features but not overwhelming. This is the first heart rate monitor I have used and it's been great. The strap is also very thin and I can not even tell that it's on....more info
  • Was happy with this purchase... see edit at bottom.
    I was a bit hesitant to buy this HRM since it was priced high for what I thought I needed. However, after using it for almost a year now, I am glad I did. The chest strap is much more comfortable than the bulky plastic one from my previous HRM and the features of the Polar are nice too. I also think they did a pretty good job on the design of the unit since most look like some sort of Dick Tracy wrist radio and have nerd written all over them (not that I mind being labeled a nerd, but I don't think I need to advertise it). I don't mind wearing this in public at all. Also, the screen is easy to read and most of the information large enough for my waning eyes, which as I get older is important.

    One thing I should mention. I changed the batteries on the transmitter strap recently, but I was still getting an intermittent transmission. I went to the Polar site and one of the things they mention is to wash the strap (not the transmitter itself which snaps off) in warm soapy water. I thought I had been washing it enough after use in plain ol' tap water every so often. However, after using warm soapy water, the transmission improved dramatically with no drops at all, just like new.

    One last thing... another nice feature is the transmitter strap does send a signal to my Elliptical machine, so I can monitor my workout with the Polar device and the onboard elliptical HRM (nice to compare and they do come close), however my other transmitter straps do not send to the Polar wrist device.

    EDIT and UPDATE: My transmitter went and died permanently. I wish I could update my stars. They want $50.00 plus shipping for another transmitter which is just silly since it is obviously a common problem. I went ahead and ordered the top selling Omron HRM (wrist and belt) for around $30. I ended up using the Omron transmitter with the Polar HRM (it looks a bit better) and still have the Omron HRM as backup. I figured even though the Polar transmitter belt is a bit more comfortable, it wasn't worth the extra money to take the chance that it dies again. Polar should be ashamed of themselves. If you don't need the all the extra junk on the Polar, just get the Omron....more info
  • Works Great!
    This heart monitor works just great. I like that it keeps track of how much exercise you get in a weeks time. The only thing that I don't like is that it is difficult to see in the dark without my glasses as the light makes the numerals green. Other than that, I think it is well worth the money. Strap is really comfortable, don't even know you have it on....more info
  • Great product for training
    My girlfriend bought me the Men's F6 for my birthday, so I returned the favor for her birthday. These things are great. We both really like being able to monitor our heart rates, and we like the way it calculates calories burned during the workout. She also makes use of the log that tracks your workouts for the whole week.

    The coded transmitters are a nice feature so we can run together while each using our own F6. She had a little trouble with hers at first, but I think she just needed to adjust the position of the sensor.

    My only negative comment is that the heart rate zones are more annoying than helpful. We both had to set the zone to "intense" and turn off the alarm feature that beeps at you when you're out of the zone.
    ...more info
  • GREAT!
    This product is WONDERFUL!! I've been using it for several weeks and LOVE it!! I thought the chest strap would be uncomfortable, but it is a flexible plastic and isn't a problem at all. This watch makes it fun to exercise. I love seeing how many calories I've burned!...more info
  • Love(d) it
    I have owned my F6 for about a week, and I've really enjoyed testing out its features. It has brought a new awareness to my workouts, and I love having the fantastic feedback with the push of a button. I wish I could have given it 5 stars, but there are a few drawbacks:
    1. I like the clock feature, but it doesn't display in exercise mode. I read another person's feedback about putting the watch near the chest strap so the clock will display for a second or two, which works ok, but I would still like to see a screen where it could be displayed during exercise.
    2. All of the ads I have read say the F6 includes a stopwatch...there is NO stopwatch!! There is a timer, which counts down from a programmed time, which is NOT a stopwatch. This was one of the features I was looking forward to, and I'm really bummed not to have it.
    3. Polar's website is not very user-friendly, and worse, they just made a horrible "upgrade" to their polarpersonaltrainer.com site. One of the F6's selling features was the ability to instantly upload data to the online diary, which was fabulous for a couple of days...until the upgrade. There are many glitches with uploading, and the diary went from fun and informative to cumbersome and frustrating.
    Otherwise, I'm pretty pleased with the F6...and the chest strap is much more comfortable than I'd anticipated....more info
  • A Must-Have if you are serious about fitness
    I have had this watch for almost 3 years now and I will not work-out without it. It does an excellent job of keep track of calories burned, length of workout, percentage of fat-burn, and so forth. I am mainly keep track of calories burned. Oh, and of course it will let you know how hard your are working out. I do run and when my heartrate spikes, I know it's time to slow down, so it's excellent on helping you not over-exert.
    It's also very cool looking and comfortable. Highly recommend it!...more info
  • Great HRM, not a good stop watch
    I have had this watch now for about a month. I have never had a HRM but figured I needed one to improve my training. The HRM functions are great and found really easy to learn. The display is large and the alarms are loud to be annoying which I suppose that is its purpose.

    The only negative is that lack of stop watch function or lap counter. I have grown accustomed to using a Timex Ironman watch as a lap stopwatch. I like the control you to have start and stop, control splits for laps. The typical jogging and training stuff. So I was hoping I can have the same stopwatch function and augment HRM functions. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Once exercise mode begins it continues. Laps and splits are not available. So I have resulted to wearing two wrist watches, the Timex and F6. Don't get me wrong I would not return the F6, I think its great at what it does, but lacks the functions I have been used to....more info
  • Great service
    I ordered the Polar heart monitor as a gift. I received exactly what I ordered and it arrived ahead of schedule. Great service and shipping was free. In fact, the free shipping is why I ordered on-line rather than shop for the product at retail stores....more info
  • heart monitor
    I like it. I haven't had a chance to figure out all the features yet, but I'm not sure if I'll need to use all of them anyway. It's been pretty easy to use so far. The only compaint is that the band that goes around the chest rubs on my skin and I've gotten a little chaffing. But I have pretty sensitive skin, so it's probably more to do with me than the actual product....more info
  • Polar is the only brand for me
    I always get Polar HRM- they last forever & I usually give my old ones to my sisters to use, because they still work. But when it comes to working out, I am a gadget junkie so I have to have the newest model/color. I noticed the biggest complaint by others is battery replacement. I have never had a transmitter quit working & my batteries usually last a good long while. So... when you go to replace your battery, use your local jeweler. He can order the battery if he doesn't have it on hand. F11, he has on hand usually- F6 or F4, may have to order. BUT it always costs me between $10-15!!! And I know he will put it back together well- no leaks. Don't worry about that waterproofing junk- mine have never leaked even after I replaced the batteries. Polar is the best, hands down- & they have great features & are easy to use! ...more info
  • drives me nuts!
    It amazes me how often the device will lose the signal and drop to zero while im doing something as light as walking the dog. Or how it can drop from 153bpm to 40 while I'm running full stride. I think having this monitor has made my workout more difficult and frustrating because it doesn't want to work correctly. Had a good day with it once or twice but all in all if I could return it I would....more info
  • Polar F6 - good heart rate monitor, but....
    I like the Polar F6 heart rate monitor, but, it is a little uncomfortable for me. For women who wear an underwire bra, it is not very easy to wear. Because of the underwire, I have a hard time getting it in the right position, and when I do, it cuts into me because of the bra. I wish there was another place to wear it, or if they could come up with an alternative heart rate monitor design. ...more info
  • Cruel taskmaster
    This heart rate monitor is working great for me for biking. My wife also has one and even when we are exercising close together, the monitors do not interfere with each other. The only problem (or advantage depending on how you look at it) is that it tends to keep me stongly in the pulse rate zone I set for my exercise session - I tend not to exceed or drop below the target heart rate for more than a few seconds with it on. It beeps slowly if you are going too slow, and quickly if you are going too fast, but you can shut this beep off if you want to get an average pulse, but not be constantly reminded how you are doing. I would have like a bit clearer information on how the "own zone" setting works in the manual, but otherwise no complaints...more info
  • Very useful, very motivating!
    I don't know exactly how accurate this device is as far as calories burned, but being able to see the results of my workout makes my routine very dynamic. I'm starting to concentrate less on sets and reps and more on a target heart rate. What's also nice to see is that after working out for an hour my heart rate is elevated by as many as 25 BPM for over an hour after I stop which is burning even more calories than it initially calculates. If you keep the band on for a day you can see how many calories you can burn in just quick exercise sets, like doing 40 pushups and situps after a meal burns over 50 calories and I barely break a sweat. Soldier approved!...more info
  • Better than expected!
    This is my first HRM watch. Arrived in perfect condition and was user-friendly for initial set up. Chest band that comes with is a Medium, but don't be discouraged if you're a large frame, it is much bigger than I need and I'm 5'9 225lbs. Watch is helpful in all aspects of exercise regime. First, it is easy to use and very helpful while working out. I constantly adjust the treadmill to keep my HR in the zone I'm going for on a given day. Second, and most importantly, it reminds you how often you actually work out. You might find that your mind had been playing tricks on you. For instance, I like to think I easily workout three or four times a week, but that really just isn't the case, unfortunately. It's more like twice a week. That sucks, but it's good to know and gets me a little more motivated when I strap this thing on because the first thing I say after I see it's been four days is - "DAM# IT"...what was I thinking....Anyway,this watch is golden. I use it to run for about 45-60 min three or four, wait, no, twice a week. The best thing it's done for my workouts is make them less painful becuase I know exactly how hard to work to keep my HR in the "zone." It's a lot less work than I thought to keep my HR in a good spot for 45min-1hr. Before owning this watch, I worked out way too hard...Great buy........more info
  • totally satisfied
    This is my first heart rate monitor, but I am very satisfied. It is completely what I need for beginning running. I was happy with the service of the seller and I have no complaints or requests.

    ...more info
  • Batteries wear out fast!
    This is my 3rd heart rate monitor in 8 years. I don't know about the people that have them FOREVER, but I've always had to get a new one because my battery dies. I've had 2 POLAR and a MIO. My latest F6 just died. I read a review on this site saying to go check out your local jeweler. So I did. Checked to make sure they actually were familiar with the monitor and knew how to change the battery. They assured me "no problem", took my monitor, replaced the battery, and I paid $12.99. I thought, "great, didn't have to send it to a POLAR dealer and got by way cheaper". HA! Water condensation started to build up and a week and a half later my POLAR monitor is dead. No signal. No nothing. The batteries wear out on these things. I've had this one for 1 1/2 year and use it 6 days a week to work out. My normal battery time for all these monitors has been less than 2 years. Granted, this model is cute and only costs $109.00 so as long as you know you'll have to replace it every 2 years.
    I do like the file feature that you can check out all your workouts and what "zone" your heart rate is in during a workout. I like the simplicity of this model compared to the more expensive ($200-$300) models. I will buy another one knowing that the battery will be dying in 1 1/2-2 years. I use it for spinning, running, gym workouts and classes and strength training.
    I always get compliments on "what a cute watch", so definitely looks better on a woman's hand than the big, bulky black models.
    Overall, I like the model but beware the short battery life....more info
  • Disatisfied
    I purchased this item as a gift for a good friend & the item did not activate & does not work! Very embarassed as I have ordered products through Amazon & have been happy with the products. Please advise what I need to do. My friend has tried calling Polar customer service & there is a 30 minute wait each time ! Please help..

    Thank you...more info
  • Not the HR Monitor for me.
    Objective portion:
    - The documentation is poor. This is not a serious issue, as we are all used to fiddling with digital watches to make them work.
    Subjective portion:
    - Unacceptably poor results. The harder I work out, the worse it gets. I am excersizing to lose weight by riding a non-stationary bicycle. I have worn the monitor during each of my last six workouts. On only one of those days did I experience an acceptable performance. Today was the worst. I rode in the T2 (hard) zone for 70 minutes. I am certain I was either within or above my target zone for 60 minutes. At the end of that session, the watch recorded a "time in zone" of one minute and four seconds. For most of the session the watch was showing a silly rate, like 40 or 30. At other times when my HR goes over the upper limit, the watch seems to get latched there for some time, then drop to 00, also for an extended time.

    I have read, followed and reread all the instructions and recommendations provided by the manufacturer. I have also read all the reviews in this forum. While it might not be fair to say this is a bad product, it clearly is not compatible with my body, excercise program and environment.

    I cannot tell if the problem results from poor contact with my HR or a problem in the radio transmission. Suggested improvements:
    1. a diagnostic mode that could clarify between transmission and detection errors;
    2. a user replacable battery (doh!);
    3. make it easy to switch between several preset HR limits in a single session.

    The watch is going back for a refund. I am now looking at a very limited selection of wired monitors.

    ...more info
  • Love it
    I really like my new heart monitor. I bought a Polar brand because it transmits the info to all the machines I use at the health club that I belong to; this makes staying in my zone very easy. The only thing I would improve on it is I would like to also be able to see what time it is while I'm still exercising. When you have it in exercise mode, you can't view the current time....more info
  • Polar F6 Women's Heart Rate Monitor
    Purchased the Polar F6 heart rate monitor watch for my wife to use during her Jazzercise class. She has used it for about 3 weeks as of this reporting and finds it very helpful in monitoring her cardiovascular system during her exercise routine. She especially likes the color (Pink Coral; a typical woman's preference. Others in the class have another Polar model that is black in color, purchased through the Jazzercise franchise owner, that has less functionality but cost the same to purchase. The delivery process was flawless....more info
  • Great HR monitor for the money!
    Love this heart rate monitor. Easy to use and logs my workouts. Just wish I could see the time while I was working out. It is a watch, but I can only see the time when it is not in exercise mode. But that might just be me not knowing how to use it....more info
    I use this heart rate monitor for my Bikram Yoga class. I think its accurate and comfortable to wear. However, I have the alarm sound turned to off and also the heart rate alarm turned to off and the stupid thing keeps beeping in the middle of my class!

    This is a yoga class and requires quiet. I called Polar customer service and they weren't of much assistance, besides telling me to ship it back to them (at my own expense, of course).

    Other than the beeping issue, I do like the monitor and feel its pretty accurate. I just wish it would shut-up....more info
  • Pretty and Motivating!
    This HRM is great because it fits my style and it is very useful. It calculates your "own zone" to make sure you are working out at your own peak levels, not just some generic guideline. It is comfortable! I thought I wouldn't like the chest strap but when I am working out I can't even tell it is there. It is very motivating to see the calories burned adding up as I work out. A HRM like this is a must for those interested in getting the most of their workout. ...more info
  • Good first-time purchase for a HRM
    I haven't owned a HRM before, and decided to purchase one to make improvements in my bicycling goals. It's a recommended purchase. Since purchasing it, I've noticed very quick improvements once I based my training on suggested heart rates that I monitored with this HRM.

    The unit comes with a chest transmitter that has a strap for a "medium" chest. I have a 48" chest, and after extending its buckle to the maximum it fits just right. If you have a chest diameter of more than this (where it is attached to the chest) you will need to purchase a larger strap. I've seen the straps for sale and they are less than $10. The strap seems to stay in place for most of my exercises, although I've had to adjust it a couple of times when it began to "ride down" my chest.

    I've also discovered the T31 transmitter that comes with this unit also works with a lot of cardio machines you find in gyms. So this is very handy... you don't have to look at the HRM itself all the time, but you can keep an eye on what is reported on the cardio machine equipment. That was a nice "extra" I didn't expect.

    The HRM unit itself had all the basic features I was looking for. I think it's a great "first monitor" if you've never had one before. It's enough to accomplish any immediate goals you have and will make you think about other features you may want in more expensive HRMs. I've found it sufficient for my purposes.

    The menus take a little time to learn, but within a day you'll have it. One thing I have wished for on the HRM is that it seems you can only be monitoring for a single "zone" during an exercise session. I have 3 zones I want to include in my exercise program, so I have to manually change the zone limits each time I want to train in a different zone. That's a hassle for me... how many of you can remember all your zone limits?

    One one thing I have wished for on this HRM is the ability to delete old logs. They stay until they finally fall out of a time range. When I first purchased the HRM, I had 3 "play sessions" to learn how it works. Later I accidentally turned on the HRM when I was going to the gym. This created 4 "fake training sessions" that I cannot remove in the history log. Whenever I upload my training sessions to Polar's personal trainer web site, these "fake sessions" show up each time and I have to manually delete them. It would be great to be able to remove these directly from the HRM itself and not have to do this each time.

    Anyway -- I still recommend it. It's a great first purchase of a HRM....more info